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Chapter 371 - Kill The Demon Gods

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 371: Kill The Demon Gods

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    “This is… Impossible!”

    Violet gaped at Chen Fan in disbelief. Karasutengu was a Demon God, a very powerful and ancient one while at it. So powerful was Chen Fan that he could not only fight back while being besieged from all fronts but also land a killing blow on Karasutengu.

    Worse yet, Chen Fan had killed his opponent with such ease that he didn’t even have to use the Hypersonic punch, and neither did he use the otherworldly art of Moon and Sun. Chen Fan had used only his soul energy.

    Demon Gods were all Divine Souls, as a result, they might not measure up to the Immortal State cultivators in terms of divine powers and Martial arts abilities. However, they possessed unmatched soul energy The fact that Chen Fan was able to kill one with his soul energy meant that Chen Fan’s level of attainment in soul energy cultivation was much more advanced than a hundred year old Divine Soul.

    Violet’s shock was shared by everyone else, including, Six-Armed Demon God, Kurome and Yamamizuki.

    They had bet their lives on the use of soul energy, thinking it must be superior to Chen Fan. However, they had never thought that Chen Fan was capable of unleashing the terrifying “Blade of Divine Will.”

    The sight of the unstoppable deadly blade had given the Demon Gods an urgent sense of threat.


    A mad and furious roar came up, the severed body of Lord Karasutengu merged together and became one again. Although the power of these Demon Gods was mediocre at best, the most annoying thing about them was their ability to revive themselves. It required repetitive beatings to eventually wear out their revival abilities.

    Before Yamamizuki had the time to celebrate the return of his comrade, he sensed something was off.

    Many people had seen it too. Despite the fact that both halves of Karasutengu’s body had gone together, a silvery groove remained where the two sections met. Try as he might, Karasutengu couldn’t remove the line and complete the healing process

    “Shoot! That blade was able to permanently harm his Divine Soul.”

    Lord Kurome shouted in panic.

    These Ghost Spirits were made out of Divine Souls and were susceptible to Dharma Artifacts that dealt extra damage to the Divine Soul. Chen Fan’s hypersonic punch might be fast, it dealt only physical damage and therefore posed little to no threat to these Demon Gods. However, the fact that Chen Fan’s Blade of Divine Will was able to harm Karasutengu’s Divine Soul had unnerved these Demon God.

    “Let’s attack at the same time. We can’t let him leave here.”

    Yamamizuki shouted as a wave of deadly energy emanated from the four Demon Gods.

    They had joined forces with the intention to remove a future threat. However, there and then, they found themselves watching each other’s backs for survival. They couldn’t afford to let Chen Fan get away from this engagement. Only together they might have a chance of striking Chen Fan down. If they had to face Chen Fan one by one, they might as well be dead.


    Six-Armed Demon God attacked.

    All six of his arms brandished whatever strange weapons it wielded, there were blades, swords, Sun Disc, Vajra, a shield just to name a few as he closed in toward Chen Fan.

    Although this Demon God was formed by a Divine Soul, its weapons were real and powerful dharma artifacts. Each and every one of them was refined by Six-Armed Demon God over hundreds of years and was a deadly force to be reckoned with.

    The Dharma Artifacts released waves of powerful energy that surrounded Chen Fan in the middle.

    Yamamizuki grumbled as the two green vines wrapped around his arm morphed into two scaly snakes that were a dozen meters long. These snakes’ slithered their tongues and they attacked Chen Fan with a great measure of unpredictability

    Both snakes were Fey Beasts that Yamamizuki had fed for over hundreds of years. They had extremely durable scales that could withstand the hacking and slashes of blades. Their fangs were filled with deadly poison that was extracted from Yamamizuki’s Malic Qi. This venom could not only melt any mortal flesh, but could also erode the soul and spirit of its victim.

    Meanwhile, Lights beamed out from Lord Kurome’s eyes and came down on Chen Fan.

    Although Karasutengu was injured, he also grabbed his golden staff and hacked at Chen Fan from above.

    Suddenly, four Demon Gods acted in unison and their motion stirred up a powerful storm. Countless ghost spirits that wandered the darkness started to become agitated as if they were cheering for their champions.

    Despite being surrounded, Chen Fan readily called back the Blade of Divine Will, stomped the ground and shouted: “Blade, arise!”

    The thirty centimeters-long silvery blade suddenly increased its length and grew to a meter long. Its scintillating body lit up the darkness around it, scaring the evil spirits and drove them scurrying away.

    Chen Fan shouted again and the long silvery Blade Auras flew out, it’s glowing edge traced a streak and created a long arc in the darkness, like a shooting star. It’s Blade Auras rippled across space as it whooshed toward the Six-Armed Demon God.

    Even as Six-Armed Demon God steadied a shield before him, Chen Fan’s Divine Will had already landed on him. His shield was forged using a cold iron he had found deep in the ocean floor, but it did nothing to stop Chen Fan’s attack. The Blade of Divine Will passed through his shield as if it was non existent, and landed on the shoulder of the Six-Armed Demon God. In a blink, the powerful demon god from the Shrine of Hell was also severed in half.


    As Six-Armed Demon God fell to the ground, the other three Demon Gods let out angry snarls. Karasutengu flew up and bore down onto Chen Fan using the golden staff. The thick golden staff was made out of hundred-forged Diamond Steel. It weighed a ton and even without Dharmic powers, the weight of the staff could have crushed an armored vehicle.

    However, Chen Fan didn’t even flinch. He threw a punch at Karasutengu also lazily.


    A clap of thunder erupted as if something had exploded.

    Chen Fan’s punch had broken the hypersonic barrier at the last moment before impact and had pulverized Karasutengu. However, his opponents didn’t allow him time to catch a breath as both Lord Kurome and Yamamizuki’s attacks came at Chen Fan right after the impact. Two giant green Fey Snakes flew toward Chen Fan with their bloody mouths opened so wide that it was enough to swallow Chen Fan. Meanwhile, the lights shot out from Lord Kurome’s eyes were also fast approaching.

    Already, these two beams of red light had sliced through the metal shell of the train as it inched closer toward Chen Fan, leaving two black scorched gashes on the metal like the work of laser beams.

    Chen Fan was unfazed by the Fey Snakes and had deflected their attacks with a wave of the hand. However, the Lord Kurome’s Divine Light was deadly even for Chen Fan’s Azure Thearch Longevity Body. Therefore, Chen Fan didn’t want to confront the lights directly.

    Instead, Chen Fan reached out both hands and traced a circle in the air. Suddenly, a wave of Essence Qi converged toward the circle, forming a shiny and reflective surface that was made out of countless tiny dots of light. It glowed a brilliant light that rivaled the milky way. The Kurome Divine Light refracted off from the shiny surface and was unable to penetrate through.

    “Art of the Arcane Light!”

    It was art commonly used by Cultivators to observe the alignment of stars in the night sky, however, Chen Fan had put it to a much greater use here.

    Seeing the Kurome Divine Light was rendered useless, Lord Kurome panicked a little. Suddenly, Chen Fan shot out a hand and grasped something in the air. A deep rumbling sound approached the battlefield from a distance.

    Then a huge glowing hand emerged from the pitch-black sky above and pressed onto Lord Kurome.

    The hand was over three-meters in width and it came down at Lord Kurome with incredible force. It was as if a Primordial Heavenly Venerate had used his Heavenly Seal, that the Spirit of a Deity had lived at mount Tai and hurled it into the east ocean; roiling Essence Qi stirred up huge gusts of wind as it came down on Lord Kurome.

    Lord Kurome only had enough time to let out a panicked shriek and then hurried to detach his Divine Soul from his body.

    Lord Kurome’s flesh was immediately squashed by Chen Fan’s Connate Grand Qin Na Hand. The force in his attack went through Lord Kurome and pressed the train cart flat against the rail.

    How did Chen Fan cause such destruction with a single attack?

    Violet and Red Sparrow were stunned by what they saw.

    The combined forces of four Demon Gods were annihilated by Chen Fan in a heartbeat. Lord Kurome had permanently lost his host. He had been able to walk under broad daylight thanks to his host, but now, he had to huddle inside the shrine and start from scratch, that was if he could even get out of this battle alive.

    “Chen Beixuan, I will make you pay for this!”

    Lord Kurome launched into the sky and revealed his true form.

    He was an ugly monster with hooves and talons. His black hide was constantly burning, as were his eyes. It looked very different than the traditional depiction of a Japanese Oni, instead, he looked like a demon from the western world.

    Kurome opened its mouth to speak, Chen Fan could see the magma was glowing deep in his throat. “I must kill you now for destroying my body. I will set your soul on fire and let you burn for eternity.”


    Chen Fan waved a hand a summoned the Blade of Divine Will. He held it with both hands and hacked, sending a streak of silvery light across the dark sky. It lit up the impenetrable darkness and swirled around Chen Fan.


    Fire spilling out from all places when the silvery blade landed on Lord Kurome. He struggled to block the incoming attack but failed. In the end, the silvery blade sliced Lord Kurome into half.

    “Blade, arise!”

    Even as Yamamizuki was about to sneak away, the Blade Auras swept across space and caught him from behind. With a pained howl, Yamamizuki was dead. The Blade Auras also caught the two writhing Fey Snakes in the process and despite their deadly venom, both snakes disappeared as soon as they came to contact with the Blade of Blade Auras.

    “The third attack!”

    Karasutengu had just reformed his body for the second time and was dealt a blow from behind. The blade went through his shoulder, down to his belly, opening him up again. At the edge of the wound was a thin silvery line that prevented the Demon God’s body from reforming.

    “The fourth attack!”

    Chen Fan shouted again and sent the blade flying toward the Six-Armed Demon God who was still struggling to heal the damage of the last blow. The blade went through Six-Armed Demon God’s half-formed body and sliced it in half again.

    In a blink, Chen Fan had laid low four Demon Gods with four attacks and ended the threat once and for all.

    Suddenly, a deadly silence fell over the entire world.

    Everyone was stupefied by what they had just seen.