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Chapter 370 - Blade of Divine Will

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 370: Blade of Divine Will

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    The Dark Sky Curtain hovered over an area the size of a football stadium. Within the folds of the back curtain was countless howling, snarling, crying, and screaming ghosts. The four Demon Gods stood at four corners of the bleak world like pillars. They had trapped Chen Fan and Red Sparrow in a deadly situation.

    Chen Fan was unfazed while confronted by four Overlords who were only half-step away from Immortal State. He linked his hands behind his back and stood proudly. On the contrary, Red Sparrow was scared and started to waver.

    Red Sparrow was a super soldier from the Special Case Department in China. However, Red Sparrow was far from a seasoned warrior since China’s peace and prosperity meant she hadn’t partaken in any tough battles, much less facing four Demon Gods at once. She wagered that even if she was with Azure dragon or Ye Nantian, her fate was sealed.

    “These four Demon God presided over their own territory and were not quite at peace with each other. Why did they decide to put down their centuries of bad blood and gang up on Chen Beixuan?”

    Red Sparrow’s mind raced.

    Most people with high-level clearance would be familiar with the secrets of Japan’s six shrines. Each of them hosted a Demon God who used to be Immortal State cultivators a long time ago. However, they had been fighting against each other for so long that they might not even remember why they were still fighting. They were harmless most of the time since they were too busy fighting against each other, and also because they were confined to their own shrines.

    Nothing like what happened today had ever happened. For these Demon Gods to come out at once required the Divine Artifact “Dark Sky Curtain”, these remaining five shrines must have been conspiring against Chen Fan for a long time. But why? Chen Fan hadn’t done anything to them. Did they come to avenge their old rival Lord Susano?

    Lord Kurome seemed to have registered Red Sparrow’s confusion, he grinned and then said: “Chen Beixuan, do you really think that we have no idea of what you are up to?”

    “You want to kill me on your way to Shikoku. Yes, I and my peers are not on good terms but this is a matter of life and death for all of us. We have to band together in order to defend ourselves.”

    Lord Kurome, Karasutengu and Yamamizuki all let out ugly grins.

    Having lived hundreds of years had given them enough wisdom to let go of their differences during time of crisis. They quickly forged an alliance to quell Chen Fan before the latter could make a move on them.

    “How did they know of our plan?”

    Red Sparrow was taken aback.

    Many people believed that Chen Fan had entered the Immortal State ever since the fight against Takemiya Hiro and therefore, the rest of the shrines should be of no interest to him. However, these Demon Gods were still able to correctly guess Chen Fan’s next move.

    “Could it be…” Red Sparrow’s face changed colors as she shot a surprised glare at Chen Fan.

    “Violet.” Chen Fan uttered a name calmly.

    Chen Fan and Red Sparrow had traveled under aliases and not even the Japanese Intelligence department knew of Chen Fan’s movement. The only other person who knew of his plan was Violet, and she must have snitched to Lord Kurome. Red Sparrow was a patriotic Chinese woman, and therefore she would never help the Japanese.

    As soon as Chen Fan spoke the name, he looked to a dark corner and said: “Am I right, Violet?”

    From the darkness, a curvy figure emerged. Her hot body was wrapped in a tight black overall. The style of her clothing was a parody of her purple hair, violet eyelashes. She was holding a Kodachi in one hand.

    “Lord Chen Beixuan.” Violet bowed slightly and greeted Chen Fan.

    Red Sparrow’s face turned pale and then she hissed at Chen Fan.

    “Chen Beixuan! I told you to stay away from this Japanese B-with-an-itch. She was the leader of the Fuji Ninja Clan for god’s sake! Don’t you know what ninjas are like? They are despicable unscrupulous sons of bitches. I knew you have fallen for the honey trap the moment I saw your stupid gaze on her face.”

    Chen Fan didn’t reply.

    Violet lowered her head and said softly.

    “Master, regardless of how powerful you are, you will leave for China once you are done here. But I can’t. As soon as you are gone, these men behind me will first pick on me and my clan. Plus, Ninjas were never known for our high moral bearing, we only followed the strongest, and sadly, that is not you.”

    Chen Fan said lightly: “I understand. But how did you remove the spell I cast on you?”

    When Violet surrendered to Chen Fan, he had planted a golden flame inside of her to keep her in check and make sure she didn’t turn on him.

    “The lord at Ise Grand Shrine helped me remove it. That Lord also tasked me to bring the Dark Sky Curtain here to assist the other four Demon Gods.” Violet let out a smile. “That Lord I am talking about, he also said that even if you are able to escape the four of them, he will hunt you down and kill you personally.”


    Chen Fan snorted, then a smile broke over his face.”Violet, why do you think I disclosed all my plans to you?”

    The question caught the attention of the demon gods.

    Violet and Red Sparrow were also taken aback by the question.

    “I never liked to explain things to others, so why do you think I would go out of my way to tell you everything? I had planted that ball of fire myself, what makes you think that you can get rid of it without me noticing it?” Chen Beixuan narrowed his eyes and asked a few more rhetorical questions with a smirk.

    “You have betrayed me, but it’s fine. I don’t blame you, instead, I have to thank you for bringing all four of them here. You have not only saved me a number of trips, but also lulled these Demon Gods into a false sense of security that they are willing to abandon their home advantage and come to me.”

    Violet’s face turned black as the smile froze on her face.

    She had never thought that Chen Fan had already anticipated her betrayal and everything she did was part of his plan.

    Red Sparrow was stunned by the turn of events. Did Chen Fan really plan everything? He wanted to use himself as bait to lure all four of the demon gods out? Was he really confident that he could defeat them?

    “Don’t listen to him. He is bluffing!” Lord Kurome snorted as he locked his smoldering gaze on Chen Beixuan.

    “Chen Beixuan, sing whatever song you want, you will die here. You won’t be able to escape four of us even if you have reached Immortal State. We have killed immortal state cultivators before, did I tell you that already?”

    So saying, he took a step forward and shouted: “NOW!”

    Four waves of Soul Energy surged into the dark sky and them plummeted at Chen Fan like four rough waves. Each one of the soul energy pulses was more powerful than that of Takemiya Hiro. The size and volume of the Soul Energy was greater than Chen Fan’s, but their quality was inferior.

    As the four waves of Soul Energies rushed through Red Sparrow’s body, she winced as blood spilled out from her nose. Although she was an Extraordinary one and was as powerful as a top-level Grandmaster, she could not hold herself before these deadly soul energies.

    As the soul energy converged toward Chen Fan, the latter stood still like an unwavering rock jutted out from the sea bed. Meanwhile, Red Sparrow was shaking, and nearly fell to the ground a few times.

    Such was the power of Demon Gods that they could undo a peak level Grandmaster using just Soul Energy.

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and reached out both hands. He then stretched out his fingers like a blooming lotus flower, forming an incredibly delicate Dharma Seal.

    “Soul Refining Art, Form!”

    Chen Fan shouted as a Divine Light shot out from his eyes. These Divine Lights quickly formed Divine Will and was gaining more solidity by the second. In a blink, they had turned into silvery strands. The energy in the air drew these strands up and quickly wove them into a three meter long blade.

    The body of the blade was translucent and incandescent at the same time. The moment the blade was fully formed, an unswerving sense of righteous fury, filled with conviction and ultimate wisdom swept across the space. It threatened to slice open this blasphemous darkness shrouded over the train.

    Physical Manifestation of Divine Will

    Chen Fan had used the same move to subdue the remanence of Divine Soul inside the golden statue. He had only reached Foundation Establishment level and his Divine Will was not nearly enough to solidify in the real world. However there and then, Chen Fan had reached the Ethereal Enlightenment level and the Devotion Energy inside the golden statue had also enabled him to project his Divine Will as far as five kilometers away. Then and only then, He finally managed to execute this move.

    As soon as the Blade of Divine Will appeared, the four demon gods were shocked while Red Sparrow and Violet were still unsure what had happened.

    These Demon Gods were Divine Souls, and they were more susceptible to the power of the Blade of Divine Will. Although Divine Will was barely harmful to these Demon Gods, Chen Fan had forged a deadly weapon out of his Divine Will that could easily destroy any Divine Soul.

    “Shit, let’s move together now!”

    Lord Kurome was unnerved by the development and shouted at his peers. He sent out his soul energy like spreading a web. When his soul energy fell on the train, the steel plates on the outside of the train were lacerated by the sharp strands of the web.

    Any martial artist who saw his move would be very impressed.

    This web was formed by pure soul energy a feat that was unachievable even by Soul Energy Masters. The fact that these Demon Gods could pull it off so easily spoke loudly of their level of attainment.

    Red Sparrow’s face paled after seeing the overwhelming attack of soul energy swooping down on her. She charged up her energy and immolated herself. However, the flame didn’t grant her with any warmth deep inside of her.

    Soul Energy was unpredictable and deadly. She was not confident that this protective flame could shield her from the soul energy.

    Chen Fan pointed a finger at the silvery long blade and shouted.


    The silvery blade whooshed into the air and broke the confinement of the web with ease. It then started to hack and slash at the web of soul energy, destroying it with incredible efficiency. The Demon Gods doubled down on their soul energy and tried to contain the damage.

    Chen Fan pointed a finger again.


    The Blade of Divine Will let out a flash of silvery light as it pierced through the soul energy web with ease. Then It flew out and reached Lord Karasutengu in a blink

    Under Violet’s incredulous stare, Lord Karasutengu, a hulking figure with terrifying scary winds was hacked into two from the middle.

    Chen Fan had killed one of the Demon Gods with only one move.