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Chapter 365 - I Am Invincible In This World

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
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    “How is that possible?”

    Many Japanese Martial Artists and Grandmasters were stunned by the turn of the events. They gaped at Chen Fan as the latter descended upon them like a sage. He walked on nothingness so naturally that people started to think there was invisible stairs in the air. Chen Fan had defied gravity and the laws of physics. Such ability should only exist in high tales and legends.

    So unthinkable were Immortal State Cultivators’ power that they could levitate while walking.

    “Why do I only see Chen Beixuan? Where is my Sensei? Where is Sword Sage?” Kurokawa Sho suddenly felt a chill down his spine as his mind reeled. He had finally lost hold of his calm and tranquil state of mind in which he had always prided himself.

    The development had taken the air out of Erika and the others.

    Chen Beixuan’s appearance meant that the battle was finally over, and unlike what they had expected, the victor of this momentous battle was the Overlord from China: Chen Beixuan.

    Some Japanese Grandmasters who still had some wits about them had already started to contemplate the unthinkable implication of this battle. Chen Beixuan had defeated the Sword Sage of Japan on Japanese soil. This meant the Chinese Martial arts community had finally surpassed its Japanese counterpart and would pin the Japanese Martial artists under its thumb for years if not decades to come.

    The Japanese Martial artists found it nearly impossible to reconcile Chen Fan’s power to his young age. How powerful would he be in fifty years? It was not unlikely that he would have already reached the peak of the Immortal State during that time. Meanwhile, who in Japan would rise to challenge him?

    Mitsui Yuto and the political heavyweights’ faces were taut with worry and concern.

    The Chinese economy had just surpassed Japan and the same thing happened in the field of martial arts. Does it mean that the once mighty nation of Japan had lost its touch and the glory days were already the things of the past?

    Did Takemiya Hiro’s defeat at the hands of Chen Beixuan mark the beginning of a new era?

    The audience from China didn’t overthink their victory as they were too busy cheering for their champion.

    “I told you so. Grandmaster Chen had never lost a fight since he has risen to power. No one is his worthy opponent, so what does a good-for-nothing old man in Japan mean to him?”

    Someone announced firmly.

    “Humph! You had told me that Grandmaster Chen is going to lose.” Guo Xiaomang gave the speaker a hot glare. The young man was from the Xin Yi Sect, he blushed and scratched his head embarrassingly.

    However, no one was in the mood to dwell on the young man’s faux pas right now.

    The Chinese audience swarmed toward Chen Fan while Red Sparrow regarded the young man as many emotions—shock, disbelief, and surprise—roiled inside of her. She had turned over Takemiya Hiro’s profile many times and had concluded that he was perhaps one of the strongest beings on the earth. Most other Super Overlord could at the most drag a fight with him into a draw and beating him was nearly impossible.

    Chen Fan really had won?

    He was barely twenty years old, yet, he had defeated the hundred-year old Sword Sage, Takemiya Hiro?

    Was he the one in ten thousand years Martial arts prodigy who had the inner ability to master any martial arts?

    The strong emotions in Red Sparrow became more complicated, there was a hint of regret and remorse.

    Suddenly, a booming voice shot through the crowd.

    “Chen Beixuan, where is my master?”

    Kurokawa Sho pressed tightly against the blade hitched at his waist as he glared at Chen Fan. A wave of overbearing Qi Energy radiated out from within him. Most Chinese Martial Artists were affected by the deadly energy. Some were startled, and some blanched. Those weaker martial artists even staggered a few steps backward.

    These Chinese Martial Artists were from major sects in China. Only a few of them were leaders of the sects, and most of them were young heirs and disciples. They had at the most reached the peak of Internal Force cultivation. On the other hand, Kurokawa Sho was one of the four deadliest Grandmasters in Japan, a powerful warrior of the mid-stage of Transcendent state. No wonder these Chinese martial artists couldn’t handle his outburst of power.

    “How dare you speak to me like that?”

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes, and waved a hand, sending an invisible, but powerful pulse of energy toward Kurokawa Sho. This plus of energy swooshed across the Void Dimension and kicked up ripples of airwaves. When it blew past the lawn, it racked the grass and left a dark path of turned soil.

    Seeing the immense power that had churned out from Chen Fan’s seemingly random attack, many martial artist onlookers were stunned. However heated the battle was at the top of the tower, they weren’t able to see the actions with their own eyes, save the destruction of the Tokyo Tower. It wasn’t until they saw Chen Fan lash out at another opponent did they gain a deeper insight on Chen Fan’s true power.


    Kurokawa Sho grumbled and then unsheathed his blade.

    The light spilled down from the body of the gleaming blade. Everyone registered a flash of light and then saw Kurokawa Sho was already at Chen Fan. He threw himself at the young boy, lifting the blade high above his head, against the wind and hacked with abandon. A three-meter long Blade Aura also appeared along the sharp edge.

    The three-meter long blade auras were made out of condensed energy. It fell straight down like a waterfall and splashed onto Chen Fan’s invisible Qi Energy.


    The impact sounded like a small explosion. Kurokawa Sho was able to hold up to this title as one of the four deadliest Grandmasters in Japan. His counter-attack had blocked Chen Fan’s Qi Energy. However, the explosion caught him by surprise as the shock wave knocked him back a few feet. His hands had grown so numb from the impact that he nearly dropped the blade.

    “He is… incredible!”

    Kurokawa Sho exclaimed in his mind.

    Only then did he catch a glimpse of Chen Fan’s terrifying power. Although his counterattack had blocked the wave of Qi Energy, the impact numbed his hand as he had never experienced before. Chen Fan’s energy was so overwhelming that it felt like a ten-meter tall tsunami, and when the blade landed on it, it felt as hard as a boulder that made out of ten thousand tons of granite.

    “Uh? Still alive?”

    Chen Fan muttered in surprise. He didn’t expect Kurokawa Sho to survive his attack.

    Chen Fan didn’t waste any time and attacked again. The second attack sent a tremor in the Void Dimension. The path of the attack looked like a slithering azure snake. It zig-zagged across the air and come at Kurokawa Sho like a flash of lightning.

    The fourth Form: Naga’s Transform!

    The technique was named after the legendary transformation of a Naga into a Dragon. A Perfected Immortal from the True Martial Celestial Sect created this technique after witnessed this transformation. The attack was accompanied by a deep droning that mimicked the sound of a dragon, meanwhile, the azure-colored Fist Qi rammed into its target with the same finality as a meteorite had when it smashed into a planet.

    Kurokawa Sho’s heart sank to the bottom as soon as he saw the incoming attack.

    His last move to block Chen Fan’s attack had exhausted him. Before he could fully gather himself, Chen Fan’s attack was already snapping at his heels. How was he going to defend himself now?

    “Am I going to die?”

    Kurokawa Sho finally gave up his struggle in utter despair.

    Suddenly, a bright Blade Aura came up and amidst the wash of shining light, a nimble figure appeared and landed a blow on the azure Fist Qi.


    An explosion, bigger than the last one erupted.

    The shockwave swept across space and knocked many Japanese Martial Artists on to the ground. The Chinese Martial Artists stood behind Chen Fan who had shielded the shock wave for them.

    “Mr. Chen Beixuan, why waste your time on someone such as Kurokawa San? Sword Sage was Kurokawa San’s Sensei, it’s not his fault to overreact to Sword Sage’s well being. I would expect you to have understood that.”

    The speaker was Erika and she was also the one who saved the Kendo Grandmaster.

    Erika was the most powerful Kendo Grandmaster in japan. The Katana in her hands gleamed like a pool of water under the full moon. The shock wave had staggered her but wasn’t able to knock her down. After she gathered herself, she stood beside Kurokawa Sho, guarding him. She was wearing a white outfit and the features on her face were not only attractive but also lent her a heroic and righteous quality.

    The Japanese Martial artists were shocked by the development.

    In order to save Kurokawa, Erika had to commit everything she had in the defense. It screamed loudly of Chen Beixuan’s unimaginable power.


    Chen Fan snorted and flashed out of view. Then he appeared right in front of Kurokawa Sho with a cloud of mist around him: he had broken the sonic speed again. Kurokawa Sho snarled at Chen Fan like a trapped beat who knew his end was near. Before he was able to lift his blade, Chen Fan had landed a punch on his chest. The blow sent the Kento Master flying, and then Kurokawa Sho’s chest burst from within while his body was still in the air, killing him in an instant. Chen Fan reappeared back at where he had been. To most ordinary people, he might as well have never left.


    A second or two later, the blaring din of the impact finally came to everyone and the white mist—a result of hypersonic movement—finally dissipated.

    “How dare you?”

    Erika and the others couldn’t believe their eyes. Ito Imi and the other Kendo masters unsheathed their blades at once and glared at Chen Fan hotly. They couldn’t believe that Chen Fan had the audacity to kill Kurokawa Sho before all of them.

    The anger aside, they were also shocked and afraid of Chen Fan’s decisiveness and power.

    It took them awhile to realize that they had just witnessed the hypersonic punch, but as soon as the realization dawned upon them, their hearts sank to the bottom of an icy cave. Erika felt a chill down her spine, in her mind’s eyes, she saw Chen Fan use the same move on her, reducing her to a pulp.

    Was he still a mortal with such power?

    Chen Fan was unfazed by the ire of so many Grandmasters. He linked his hands behind his back and said lightly.

    “A lowly Grandmaster should know his place. He should never talk about my business, much less unsheathing his blade.”

    “Oh, as for Takemiya Hiro, he is already dead.”

    Despite the fact that they had already guessed that much, the news of Takemiya Hiro’s death had taken the oxygen out of all the Japanese Martial Artists’ lungs. Lord Kurome had lost his last shred of hope, already, he heard death knocking on his door. Takemiya Hiro was only a half-step away from Immortal State before the battle and he had reached the Immortal State during the battle. Yet, he was still not powerful enough to do away with Chen Fan.

    Kurokawa Sho had only asked a question, yet he was killed for doing so.

    The most powerful Chinese Grandmaster was such an arrogant and ruthless man! Many Japanese Grandmasters squeezed the handles of their weapons, ready to pay the ultimate price in order to teach Chen Fan a lesson.

    Suddenly, Erika turned around and scolded her fellow martial artists.

    “Sheath your blades, now! Defeat is part of life, part of our cultivation. Don’t make a fool out of yourself.”

    The Japanese Grandmasters blushed as they obeyed Erika’s order.


    Seeing the hostility toward him had waned, Chen Fan shook his head and walked out of the Shiba Park with his hands behind his back. Violet hurried to catch up. Red Sparrow gritted her teeth and also followed Chen Fan, trailing a long line of joyful Chinese Martial Artists.

    Their celebratory mood was a stark contrast with their Japanese counterparts.

    The Martial Artists and Spellcasters from other nations shook their heads.

    Once the news about what happened today got out, it would shock the entire underground world in East Asia. Chen Fan had killed the Sword Sage of Japan, who else would dare stand up against him?

    “Chen Beixuan is going to be the most powerful man on earth.”

    An old man lamented.

    The people around him nodded fearfully in agreement.