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Chapter 364 - Annihilate Everything!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 364: Annihilate Everything!

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    The True Martial Thirty-Six Forms was a fighting technique used by the True Martial Sect’s disciples when they were at Foundation Establishment level. Most of them would have abandoned this True Martial Thirty-Six Forms once they reached Connate Spirit and Golden Core Levels since by then, they would have numerous powerful arts and Dharma Treasures at their disposal.

    However, there were a few physique refinement cultivators who didn’t give up on the True Martial Thirty-Six Forms and cultivated even after they had entered higher levels. Some of those cultivators had used the True Martial Thirty-Six Forms and defeated Connate Spirit level opponents while they were still at the Qi Refinement level. After all, this sansho technique was created and refined by generations of Perfected Immortals of the True Martial Sect and its true power was immeasurable.

    Of all the thirty-six forms, the most powerful ones were the seventh, fifteenth, twenty-first, twenty-eighth and the thirty-sixth forms. Mastering each of those forms would greatly boost the cultivator’s power. The seventh form: Mountain River Cut, for example, was more powerful than the combined might of all the six forms before it and the same went for the fifteenth form: Wheel of Sun and Moon.

    Powerful as the Wheel of Sun and Moon might be, it also consumed a great amount of energy. Chen Fan wouldn’t be able to use this form if he hadn’t reached the mid-stage of Ethereal Enlightenment level and had gained the Azure Thearch Longevity Body.

    “Donn Donn Donn”

    As the inconceivable phenomenon occurred in the sky, a miniature version of the sun and the moon appeared in Chen Fan’s both hands. In the void dimension, the sun and moon rose and set countless times around Chen Fan in a timeless loop.

    Life and color drained from Takemiya Hiro’s face after he had seen its power with his own eyes.

    Takemiya Hiro had cultivated over a hundred years and it was the first time he had ever seen any martial arts technique like it. This was not martial arts, it was a divine spell, a Divine power! A sense of urgency and threat rose inside of Takemiya Hiro as he had never felt before.

    Instinct told Takemiya Hiro that Chen Fan’s attack would outright kill him. It was even more deadly than the hypersonic punch.

    Takemiya Hiro was confident that he should be able to hold himself while under the attack of the Hypersonic punch. However, the same could not be said about the unimaginable power of Chen Fan.

    He snarled like a cornered animal as a white light surged in his eyes.

    He summoned a tsunami of Soul Energy from within him that was much more belligerent and potent than that of the One-eyed Naga King. The Soul Energy had a similar breadth and depth like Chen Fan’s and it as deadly as that of Lord Susano. However, as a rouge wave of Soul Energy smashed into Chen Fan, Chen Fan stood still without flinching. He stood like a stubborn rock deeply rooted on the beach that had withstood thousands of years of storm.

    Plus, Chen Fan was not just any rock, he had the stately and imposing quality of a mountain.

    “Ancient Sword Art, The Ultimate Enlightenment, Cut of Army Breaking! ”

    Takemiya Hiro folded his hands as a Blade Qi grew from the middle of his two palms. He swung the blade qi up above his head, letting the silvery light pierce through the air and shed onto everything around it. The light increased its intensity by the second and quickly surpassed the brightness during his last attack. By then, Takemiya Hiro could readily unleash the same amount of energy that had taken him a while to muster before he reached Immortal state

    One key benefits of reaching Immortal State was to sense the sea of Primordial Essence. This ability would allow the cultivator to harness the Qi in the surrounding area in order to supplement his own Qi. That was why Hiro was able to amass so much Qi Energy so quickly.

    Takemiya Hiro had not fully entered the Immortal State and his ability to harness the Qi was limited, but it helped him greatly nonetheless.

    “Shu!” “Shu!” “Shu!”

    Wave after wave of ruinous Blade Qi swooped down, threatening to tear a hole in the reality itself.

    These attacks landed on the already broken tower, severing smaller bracings and truss, and make the entire structure tremble. Takemiya Hiro’s attack had landed on the Tower as a sharp knife landed on a block of soft cheese. In less than half a heartbeat, the Takemiya Hiro’s height was reduced by another thirty meters.

    All the while, Chen Fan stood still unwavering. He narrowed his eyes as the cycle of day and night played in his eyes. The miniature version of the sun and the moon started to increase the size by the second.

    The countless Blade Qi bore down on Chen Fan, however, the deadly Blade Qi simply melted once it touched the powerful Grand Yin Qi and Grand Yang Qi surrounding Chen Fan.

    Seeing attacking from above didn’t work, Takemiya Hiro changed tactic and rained attacks from under Chen Fan. The blows stripped out the steel floor but Chen Fan floated in the air as if nothing had happened.

    “How is that possible? Are you also an immortal state?”

    Takemiya Hiro was taken aback.

    Only those who had entered the Immortal State could float in the air. Some more powerful Immortal State cultivators could even fly in the air for a few kilometers without falling—something Takemiya Hiro could not pull off just yet. However, Takemiya Hiro’s ability to remain airborne, however brief it was, had already made him stood out among other Martial Artists. That being said, he was shocked to see Chen Fan was able to float in the air as much as he did.

    “Do you really think Immortal State is such a big deal? It means nothing to me.”

    Chen Fan cracked a light smile and suddenly rounded his eyes as the silvery moon and blazing sun in either of his hands merged together and so did the sun and the moon in the sky. This had placed an inconceivable amount of strain on the very fabric of time and space. The entire world seemed to be moaning as a deep rumbling noise shot through the sky.

    Takemiya Hiro knew that Chen Fan was on the brink of completing an attack that even he at the immortal state would not be able to withstand.

    The thought made Takemiya Hiro panicked.

    He desperately showered Chen Fan with more attack, summoning a curtain made out of countless Blade Qi to swoop down on Chen Fan.

    “Ancient Sword Art, The Ultimate Enlightenment, Cut of Thousand Birds!”

    “Ancient Sword Art, The Ultimate Enlightenment, Cut of Heretic Breaking!”

    “Ancient Sword Art, The Ultimate Enlightenment…”

    Takemiya Hiro committed all of his energy into the attack and even put his transformation to the Immortal State on hold. A three-meter long white Blade Aura appeared again in his hand.

    This Blade Qi was thinner and much smaller in size, but the energy inside was extremely concentrated. It beamed like a laser, yet it was vaguely translucent. Inside its crystal form was wisps of flowing mist that appeared as quickly as it disappeared. From afar, it looked like Takemiya Hiro was holding a crystal blade.

    Takemiya Hiro lifted the blade with both hands slowly as if the seemingly insubstantial blade was weighed a few tons.

    With every inch he moved the blade upward, the energy grew and multiply in his system. His chest puffed up as blood started to spill out from the wound he got earlier. A few moments later, blood started to well in his eyes and nose. It was evident that he pushed his body to the limit. He had taken in too much energy that his body could handle. However, Takemiya Hiro didn’t heed the signs his body had given him and kept at it until the blade was high above his head.

    Then he hacked.

    “Cut of Gautama Buddha!”

    The attack let out a deep roar. In the Void Dimension, a beam of scintillating Blade Aura shot from one end of the landscape to the other. No one knew where it came from and where it was heading, like a shooting star that streaked the night sky, except that it didn’t disappear.

    The citizens of Tokyo and the martial artists at the base of the tower head the roaring and looked up, but they only saw a flash of blinding white light and nothing else.

    “Who won?”

    Even as they pondered what had happened, they heard a nonchalant voice drifted to them from above.

    “Wheel of Sun and Moon!”

    The Sun and the moon had finished merging and formed a circle with white and red stripes that matched the pattern on Tokyo Tower. There were two vague forms swimming underneath the translucent circle, like the fish of Ying and Yang in a pond of Primordial soup. The two shapes chased each other in circles and appeared spiral outward into the third dimension and intercepted the white Blade Aura, shattered it and continued to spiral upward into the night sky.

    Takemiya Hiro was frozen into a statue while he was still executing his attack. The white and red spiraling energy had pierced through his body, leaving a gaping hole on his chest that looked like an unblinking eye that stated at the night sky.

    His overbearing Blade Qi and the Four Righteousness Protection Aura both melted as soon as they came to contact with Chen Fan’s Wheel of Sun and Moon. The Wheel of Sun and Moon was an Immortal Art meant for immortal cultivators who specialized in Body tempering techniques. Chen Fan possessed one of the most powerful Body tempering art: the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, and therefore, he could bring out every ounce of destructiveness in the art.


    A powerful Qi Energy rippled in the sky from the point of impact. Looking from afar, it looked like an atom bomb had been detonated in the air. A mushroom cloud high above the ground, looking magnificent and terrifying at the same time. The cloud was so huge that even people in nearby cities had seen it.

    “How.. how is that possible? I have reached Immortal State… I can’t be defeated.”

    Takemiya Hiro’s lips trembled and soon he was unable to form any words. His vital signs were gone but his Divine Soul still kept him alive.

    He couldn’t and wouldn’t accept his defeat.

    He had reached Immortal State and should be invincible from now on, yet, he was crushed by Chen Fan. What’s the point of reaching the Immortal State then?

    “I have told you that I can kill you even if you are of Immortal State.”

    Chen Fan said indifferently as he descended upon the dying man from the sky above.

    Takemiya Hiro’s Divine Soul let out a scream and burst out of his physical form to run away. His Divine Soul was still nascent and was translucent in appearance. It was a car cry from Lord Susano’s powerful Divine Soul.

    Chen Fan snorted and folded his hands to summon a smaller version of the Wheel of Sun and Moon. Then he pushed the wheel toward the escaping Divine Soul.


    The wheel caught up with Takemiya Hiro in a blink and somehow swallowed the flowy form of the Divine Soul into its belly. As the Grand Yang Qi and the Grand Yang Qi started grinding on the Divine Soul, the latter disappeared in an instant.

    The mighty Japanese Super Overlord who had presided over Japan for decades was dead.

    The battel was over, leaving the ruined Tokyo Tower as its sole witness.

    After the dust had settled, please beneath the tower looked up, trying to search for the winner.

    “Who won?”

    Someone asked.

    “Of course the Sword Sage had won. Haven’t you saw his transformation? I think he must have reached Immortal State. That shower of white Blade Qi was the prof. ”

    A Japanese Martial Artist said loudly.

    The other Martial Artists around him nodded in agreement. They had sensed Takemiya Hiro’s incredible surge in power even from afar.

    “If Sensei really had leveled up, we will have more Immortal State cultivators in our country.” Kurokawa Sho sad joyfully.

    Excitement and pride were written all over the faces of Erika and the other Japanese.

    In stark contrast with the jolly mood was the gloomy troubled expression of Chinese Martial arts. No one had thought that Takemiya Hiro could transform mid-battle and snatch their victory from under their nose. It was evident that for the last half of the battle, Takemiya Hiro had reached the Immortal State.

    “I can’t believe Chen Beixuan had lost.”

    Guo Xiaomang murmured to herself as tears welled in her eyes.

    Gao Baisheng pulled a long face and heaved a sigh.

    Even as the Chinese Martial Artists trying to come to terms with their losses, a voice drifted down from above

    “Why the long faces?”

    Everyone looked up and saw a young man in black outfit descend upon them in the air a few hundred meters above the ground. Despite the empty nothingness his foot landed on, his stride was sure and confident. Wind blow through the loss fold of his clothes, lending his appearance even more transcendental quality.

    The Japanese Martial artists were stunned after recognizing the young man. Life and color ebbed away from their faces as if they had just heard the death of their loved one.