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Chapter 363 - Immortal State?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 363: Immortal State?

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    A golden light surged from Chen Fan’s finger when he executed the seventh form: The Mountain River Cut. The light lanced up at the sky’s dark prison, threatening to pierce a hole through the final barrier between Earth and Heaven.

    The beam of golden energy was not thick but extremely condensed. It’s presence unnerved Takemiya Hiro and fear drove him to back away until he reached the other end of the platform. There was nowhere to go, behind him was a few-hundred-meter fall.

    Back against the wall, Takemiya Hiro was cornered.

    The Japanese Sword Sage snarled at his opponent with the ferociousness unlike ever before. A shining white light beamed out from his eyes as he lifted the blade above his head, forming a line along the tip of the blade to the bottom of his feet. He had become one with the blade, a new level he had never entered, a new domain where all energies collapsed to a singularity inside of him.

    “Ancient Sword Art-The The Ultimate Enlightenment-Cut of Abandoning!”

    The Blade Qi gushed upward a few dozen meters, giving the Tokyo Tower an illusion of gaining more height. Many people had seen the flashing white light at a distance and were all curious about what it was.

    Takemiya Hiro locked his gaze on Chen Fan and took a step forward. sending a tremor throughout the tower.

    He hacked the few dozen meters longe Blade Auras at Chen Fan with abandon, threatening to tear down the tower with it. The collision of the Blade Auras and the golden light caused a huge tremor throughout the Void Dimension. The Tokyo Tower moaned with a deep rumble which was punctuated by jarring squeaks from its joints.

    Even as the two washes of light, one white one gold tangled with each other, Takemiya Hiro let go of the Blade Qi, poured his energy into the blade once again, and closed in on Chen Fan while lifting deadly silvery Blade Qi high above his head.

    This was the real attack of the Cut of Abandoning.

    By now, Takemiya Hiro had channeled all of his power into the blade and attacked with abandon. This was a do-or-die tactic so he had made sure that this was the most powerful strike he had ever delivered in his entire life by committing every single cell of his body to it. Takemiya Hiro was confident that this attack could even kill an Immortal State warrior.

    Chen Fan was unfazed by the sudden attack. He adjusted his tactic unhurriedly as he threw a punch at his opponent.


    The seemingly ordinary punch pierced through the Void Dimension as a ring of white mist suddenly appeared around his fist. Chen Fan’s fist accelerated, then came the boom.

    This was Chen Fan’s infamous killing bow.

    Hypersonic Punch!

    So far, no one was able to withstand Chen Fan’s Hypersonic Punch; even Lord Susano was killed before he had the time to react. Takemiya Hiro knew he had no chance of avoiding the attack, however, he barely had the time to tilt the tip of his blade ever so slightly to point at Chen Fan’s incoming fist.


    The clash between the fist and the blade set off an explosion at the top of the Tokyo Tower that sounded like an air raid. Such was the power of Chen Fan’s hypersonic punch, that not even Takemiya Hiro could have countered it. The moment Chen Fan’s fist touched the tip of Current Breaker, the renowned blade of legendary craftsmanship shivered into pieces. The fist carried on and easily went through Takemiya Hiro’s Four Righteousness protection aura, and landed squarely on his chest.

    The punch had collapsed Takemiya Hiro’s rib cage. Blood spilled out from Takemiya Hiro’s mouth as he was sent flying, over the ledge of the tower, and down.

    Then and only then, the sound of the booming explosion came to the people at the foot of the tower.

    “Creak… Creak…”

    Everyone looked up and saw an unbelievable sight.

    The Tokyo Tower had buckled from the middle by an insurmountable weight. The upper part of the tower slowly slide off its base and fell to the ground. In a blink, the Tokyo Tower was only half the height of it used to be.

    Everyone was stunned by the unimaginable development.

    “No mortal is capable of that.”

    Many people murmured to themselves.

    Although the cloud had blocked their view of the top, they needed no more evidence than the broken tower to know that the momentous fight had reached its climax.

    “Who won?”

    The same question rose in almost everyone’s mind.

    After the dust had settled, a martial artist had noticed a man standing on a beam of what remains of the Tokyo Tower some two hundred meters above the ground. Martial Artists all had good vision and therefore were able to make out a young man in a black flowy outfit against the moonless sky.

    “That’s Chen Beixuan.”

    “Where is Sword Sage?”

    “Did Chen Beixuan win the match? That’s impossible”

    Erika and the other Grandmasters of Japan were stunned by the development. The promise of defeat had taken the wind out of Lord Kurome’s sails. His face turned pale as anger and disbelief burning in his eyes. Meanwhile, the Martial Artists from China cheered for the victory.

    Chen Beixuan had won!

    Chinese Martial Arts won!

    Guo Xiaomang hugged her sect brothers in elation. Her cheerful reaction was a stark contrast with the gloomy expression on the Japanese Martial Artist’s faces.

    “Chen Beixuan really is worthy of the third spot on the Dark Roll.”

    A mixed martial arts master from Europe exclaimed.

    The outcome had also taken Red Sparrow by surprise. Did Chen Fan really win? Was he really that powerful?

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan perched at the top of the broken tower, letting the wind tousle his black hair. He didn’t look relieved since the fight was over, instead, he looked even more serious than the beginning of the battle.

    “That pulse of energy at the end… it felt like belong to Immortal Sea level. But It wasn’t exactly the same either. It was improvised as if roughly put together in a hurry. It wasn’t a perfect consummation of the three elements: Soul Energy, Internal Force, and External Force. Is it the so-called Immortal State on earth? ”

    Even as Chen Fan pondered on, a powerful wave of energy gushed out from the base of the tower as if a volcano had erupted.

    Chen Fan flew himself into the air, drifting a few meters away from the tower. He then saw a dark shadow shoot up into the air through layers of steel floorings. After the shadowy man reached the top of the broken tower, he remained floating in the air and let his long loose sleeves flap against the wind. His eyes were dark and incandescent all the same time.

    “Chen Beixuan, I must thank you.”

    The man was Takemiya Hiroa. He floated in the air, as well as in the void dimension surrounding himself with impenetrable Qi Energy. Despite his dusty hair, tattered clothing, broken katana, and the caved-in rib cage, his spirit was high and looked almost jovial.

    “Without your help, I would never enter Immortal State. ”

    “Chen Beixuan, you would never understand the power of Immortal State. I have the power of Heaven and Earth at my disposal. Even from here, I can discern even the smallest movement in the darkest corner anywhere in Tokyo. I can smash you into pulp using the Power of Heaven and Earth.”

    Takemiya Hiro shot both arms above his head as he exclaimed, drunken with his own self-imagined glory.

    His energy surged even as he spoke as if it would keep going forever. It surpassed the Transcendent level so quickly as if an ape had suddenly evolved into a modern human. Let it be Physique, soul energy or Internal force, all aspects of his power grew at an incredible speed. His soul energy gained physical forms in the real world and reached out of his body like tentacles.

    He was completing the transformation into Immortal State. Even though it seemed broken and incomplete compared to the Immortal State Level, he was reaching a similar level of attainment nonetheless.

    Takemiya Hiro pointed a finger at Chen Fan and announced: “I will reward you with a quick death!”

    Joy mixed with excitement glinted in his eyes as a flash of Blade Auras formed by white mists fell down on Chen Fan. This Blade Qi was only ten meters long, but the Qi Energy was extremely condensed. It’s blinding light lit up the dark night as it bore down on Chen Fan with the weight of a mountain. Fueled by the Power of Heaven and Earth, this attack was much more deadly than Takemiya Hiro’s previous killing blow.

    However, Chen Fan didn’t flinch; instead, he cracked a derisive smirk.

    “You are still far from the real Immortal State. Even if you had reached it, you are still doomed.”

    “I will kill an immortal state cultivator today just to prove my point.”

    So saying, Chen Fan reached out both hands.

    “True Martial Thirty-Six Forms, fifteen forms,

    “Wheel of Sun and Moon”

    Suddenly, the sky churned and turned upside down as day and night lost its meaning. In the Void Dimension, blazing sun and a bright full moon both appeared. Then, the citizens of Tokyo watched as an incredible phenomenon in the sky presented itself to them.

    The sky turned a wash of grey making people lose any hold on reality, then the sun and the moon both emerged out of thin air, shining but failing to shed any light on the lifeless greyness around them.

    When the sun and moon rose together, the world would be changed forever.