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Chapter 360 - Red Sparrow’s Warning

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 360: Red Sparrow’s Warning

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    Under the shadow of the Tokyo Tower, cars filled up the parking lot by the entrance to Shiba Park. Two columns of men in black suits flanked on either side of the path that led toward the tower. Everyone around the path looked to the young boy in a black outfit in surprise.

    “Who is he? I have never seen him on Tv before.”

    “Is he the son of the United State’s president? Or the heir of the British prime minister? Why are these political and business heavyweights coming to welcome him?”

    “The current president of America is a black man, that young man is clearly Asian…”

    As the tourists murmured to each other, those from China were more perplexed than those from other countries. They had head Erika’s words and learned that the young man’s name was Chen Beixuan. But who was Chen Beixuan anyways?

    “Is he the son of the richest man in China?” Someone speculated.

    “Bullshit, didn’t you saw the owner of the Mitsui Group? He controls ten times more wealth than the richest Chinese businessman. I think the young man had to be our nation’s leader, no other person in China would be important enough for the Japanese to roll out the red carpet. That being said, most of our nation’s leaders were in their sixties, Chen Beixuan is too young for that.” Someone else put in.

    The ones that spoke out were ordinary tourists from China, among them were also many martial artists from China. They kept their silence and looked at Chen Fan.

    They had flown all the way to here from China to bathe in Chen Beixuan’s glory and witness the momentous fight. Chen Beixuan had finally arrived, and the battle would begin soon.

    Ai Jinqi and her travel companions were still struggling to grasp reality. Ren Hao was a high-level manager of a public firm in China, so he knew the power and influence wielded by Mitsui Yuto and the Mitsui Group. Even Mitsui Yuto’s inferior counterpart at Toyota would receive a hero’s welcome whenever he traveled to Zhong Hai. He would be received by the mayor of Zhong Hai personally at the airport.

    However, all those mighty tycoons only got to stand at the sidelines, waiting for the real star to show up.

    Who was Chen Beixuan? Was he the heir of some kind of discrete super-rich family no one ever heard of? Or was he the son of a director at the Central Bureau? The thought gave Ren Hao a shiver. Although he had no clue who Chen Beixuan was, he knew one thing for sure: he shouldn’t have mocked him earlier.

    Suddenly, Ren Hao’s face paled as he felt Chen Fan’s searing glance on his face. Chen Fan didn’t notice him until he caught a glimpse of Ai Jinqi’s tall and glamorous figure. Chen Fan paused a second and then came over toward the Chinese couple.

    “Mr. Chen Beixuan, Takemiya Sensei is already waiting for you inside the Tokyo Tower. We have closed this area off and no one would interrupt you two.”

    Erika spoke to Chen Fan with all the seriousness she could muster. However, Chen Fan didn’t even spare her a look and walked straight toward the side of the road. Erika’s face darkened and anger spilled out from her eyes.


    She cursed in her mind.

    “Hum? How come this man is Chinese?”

    Takanori Suke could speak a little Chinese and therefore, he was taken aback by the revelation. He was a chauvinistic Japanese nationalist and had always considered Chinese people inferior to Japanese. In his mind, only a political heavyweight from American or European countries were worth a reception involving the leader of the Mitsui Group.

    Even when he was pondering, he noticed the Chinese young man came over to them with an attractive woman with purple hair. The young man greeted Ai Jinqi as if they were old friends.

    Takanori Suke gaped in disbelief.

    How was that possible?

    All the while, Chen Fan started chatting with Ai Jinqi.

    “What a coincidence. I didn’t expect to meet you here in Tokyo.”

    “Just so! Can you believe it? This is our third time running into each other.” Ai Jinqi replied excitedly. She could feel the surprised stares and gapes of many Japanese tycoons and political top dogs. Takanori Suke and Sister Xu were both rendered speechless, trying to come to terms with reality.

    She was unaccustomed to so much attention suddenly thrown at her and let her ego bloat however uncomfortable she felt.

    Ai Jinqi batted her brows as she stared into Chen Fan’s eyes. Already, lights flickered in her eyes. Chen Fan was no longer just a potential romantic fling partner she encountered during an oversea trip, he had turned into a mystery that compelled her to unravel.

    Was he a super-rich in China who had been staying low profile? Or was he the son of a bureaucrat at the center of power?

    Many speculations surfaced in the girl’s mind. However, Chen Fan only wanted to say hi simply because he had recognized her and was compelled to do so after running into her for the third time.

    “If you are here for the Tokyo Tower, you better leave now. Something bad is going to happen.” Chen Fan gave Ai Jinqi a thoughtful look and walked into the park with his hands linked behind his back.

    All the while, he didn’t even give Ren Hao a single glance since he was as insignificant as an insect to the North Mystic Celestial Lord.

    Ren Hao heaved a sigh of relief, but her nervousness was quickly replaced by anger after having received no attention at all from Chen Fan.

    Surrounded by the high profile leaders of Japan, Chen Fan walked into the Tokyo Tower. Takanori Suke finally managed to gather himself and asked in broken English: “ you know him?”

    “Why of course, we are friends.”

    Ai Jinqi lifted her chin and said proudly.

    She had overstated their relationship since they had only met three times so far, a far cry from being friends. A groveling smile broke over Takanori Suke’s face. Since Chen Fan was the honored guest of prominent tycoons such as Mitsui Yuto, he could easily use his prestige to strip Takanori Suke of his job in Japan’s extremely hieratical society. Takanori Suke wouldn’t dare to give Chen Fan’s friend a sour face.

    Seeing her husband’s toady reaction, Sister Xu felt disappointed and annoyed.

    She had regretted marrying a Japanese man the moment she landed in Japan but never had that sentiment been stronger than now.

    Guided by many Grandmasters and politicians, Chen Fan finally made it to the inside of the Shiba Park. This park was one of the oldest of its kind in Tokyo. It was praised for its sight during blooming seasons of sakura flowers.

    Inside the park, martial artists from all over the world had already gathered around and were waiting.

    Chen Fan recognized Guo Xiaomang and Guo Xiaomang from the Ba Ji sect. Guo Xiaomang pumped her fist in the air, cheering for Chen Fan in the silent gesture. Guo Xiaomang had already fully recovered from his injury. He was less excited than his Sect Sister, but there was a hint of joy and proud on his face too. In his eyes, Chen Fan represented the nation, and his personal strife was insignificant before national pride.

    Chen Fan continued to scan the crowd and suddenly his gaze paused on a familiar face.

    A girl in a leather jacket and short hair was perched over a tree branch. She connected her gaze with Chen Fan’s and rolled her eyes. Chen Fan recognized her right away, she was Red Sparrow from the Special Case Departments.

    “Why is she here?” Even as Chen Fan pondered the question, he heard Red Sparrow’s voice in his mind.

    “Be careful, Takemiya Hiro is a formidable foe. He is at the least as powerful as top Overlords on Dark Roll. He is only half-step away from reaching Immortal State and is expected to achieve that at any moment during the fight. Have your wits about you, and run if things turn south. You are still young and the future of Chinese Martial arts needs people like you. You will enter the Immortal State sometime in the future, and there is no point to waste your life on a petty duel.”

    Red Sparrow and spoken to him using a secret ar of voice transmission through soul energy.

    Her soul energy was not as strong as that of Chen Fan, so her voice became shaky for the last half of her message. The message finally ended when her voice had reduced to only a thin wisp.

    “Don’t worry, Takemiya Hiro is no match against me.”

    Chen Fan cracked an appreciative smile. Even if Takemiya Hiro was of Immortal State, Chen Fan was confident in his victory. However, he appreciated the Red Sparrow’s warning.

    His reply didn’t sit well with Red Sparrow. Her face grew cold and hard as she turned her face around to avoid eye contact.

    Many Chinese Martial Artists believed in Chen Fan’s victory, but not Red Sparrow. She had seen Takemiya Hiro’s profile and was stunned by the old man’s incredible achievements. He had dedicated his entire life to Martial Artists, a real Sword Master through and through. He had secretly sparred with nearly everyone on the Dark Roll, including those in the top three and was able to end most of the fights in a draw. It was evident that he had held back his strength during a lot of those fights.

    But this was the moment that he would let go of his full power.

    It was no longer a fight between two martial artists, national pride was at stake and he had to go all in.

    Violet watched expectantly as Chen Fan slowly made his way to the foot of the Tokyo Tower. Chen Fan looked up and surveyed the cloud-covered tower. Huaman seemed so insignificant under the foot of such behemoth.

    “Mr. Chen, Lord Sword Sage is already waiting for you inside the tower. ”

    Erika came up to Chen Fan and said with a cold face and a hot glare.

    “I will make you regret it If you even look at me like that. ” Chen Fan grunted. Before Erika’s face was contorted by anger, Chen Fan launched himself a few dozen meters into the sky, fang out his arm as a bird would and glided in the air for a fraction of second until his foot found another ledge of the tower and launched himself up again. He repeated this process a few times and disappeared behind the thick clouds.


    The onlookers blenched after seeing Chen Fan’s moves.

    They had no idea how Takemiya Hiro got to the top, but Chen Fan’s method was unheard of. How could anyone spring a few dozen meters at once as if gravity had lost its effect?

    Despite the roiling anger, Erika was deeply impressed.

    The more powerful she was, the more fearful she would be after seeing Chen Fan’s ability to launch himself into the air without using True Essence. Chen Fan had relied solely on the strength of his muscle and it blew Erika’s mind to contemplate how powerful Chen Fan’s body was.

    Chen Fan quickly made his way to the top of the tower, and he was greeted by a tall and thin middle-aged man on the viewing platform. He spoke out to Chen Fan as soon as he saw him.

    “Chen Beixuan San, I have been waiting for you.”