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Chapter 358 - The Final Battle Begins

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 358: The Final Battle Begins

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    “Mr. Chen Beixuan, Takemiya Sensai is the Sword Sage of our country. He is revered and venerated by everyone in Japan. He also has the privilege to not bow to the emperor or the prime minister in the royal court. Please choose your words carefully.”

    Erika was the messenger who sent the invitation. She scolded Chen Fan with a scowl.

    She was wearing a white outfit and carried the infamous katana called “Moon Fang.” Her face was severe but attractive with well-defined lines that gave her a no-nonsense quality.

    “Who are you to question me?”

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and sent out a pulse of Divine Will. He didn’t hold back his power because Erika was a girl. Although Erika was a Transcendent level Kendo Master, her soul energy was weak compared to her internal force. Chen Fan’s Divine Will easily overwhelmed her and sent her staggering back a few steps, face pale as a piece of paper.

    In that brief moment, Erika’s Divine Soul—however insignificant it was—was damaged by Chen Fan.

    The rest of the envoy was shocked after seeing even Erika, the most powerful Kendo master could not withstand Chen Fan’s harmful glance. Ito Imi hurried to mollify Chen Fan.

    “Mr. Chen Beixuan, you are the most powerful Overlord in China and a top member of the Dark Roll. Please forgive Erika’s impudence. Takemiya Hiro used to help Miss Erika in her career and, therefore, she holds him in high regard. It must be difficult for her, please understand.”

    “He could be Takemiya Hiro or Take-me-a-hero, I don’t care. He is not in a position to challenge me. Who does he think I am?” Chen Beixuan grunted and then threw the invitation letter to the table. He sat down in an armchair with a great measure of levity.

    Violet came up to him and massaged his neck while Yukishiro Sa was already working on peeling the grapes for Chen Fan. Chen Fan lolled in his chair, taking in all the joys and pleasures of being served by two drop-dead gorgeous ladies.

    Chen Fan’s reaction didn’t sit well with Erika nor Ito Imi.

    Takemiya Hiro was the most revered elder in the Japanese Martial arts community. Chen Fan’s arrogant reply to his official invitation was a blatant insult to Japan.

    “Mr. Chen Beixuan, you might not be aware of what this fight means.” A stately looking man wearing a suit came up to him and said with a bow.

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and looked around at the man, realizing that he was just an ordinary Japanese man.

    However, the fact that he was surrounded by many powerful Grandmasters and seemed pretty comfortable with himself told Chen Fan that he was a high-level bureaucrat. Even Erika stopped talking as soon as the middle-aged man started speaking.

    “Master, he is the head of the Mitsui Group, their chief executive Mitsui Yuto. ” Yukishiro Sa’s face paled as soon as she saw the man. She came closer to Chen Fan and whispered in his ear.

    Chen Fan was unfazed by the new information, but he was curious nonetheless.

    Mitsui Group was the largest Financial Group in Japan. It was a conglomeration of twenty-five large firms. It was worth over trillions of US dollars. The leaders of the Mitsui Group wielded nearly the same amount of power as the prime minister of Japan.

    Under its corporate umbrella, there were famous brands such as Toshiba, Sony, Toyota, Sanyo, NEC, The Sakura Bank, Mitsui & Co., Oji Paper Company, Mitsukoshi and Toray Industries, just to name a few.

    Mitsui Group was a cross industry giant, it was in heavy machinery, Electronics, Semiconductors, Real Estate, Nuclear Energy, Medical Equipments and many other areas. It held the entire Japanese economy firmly in its grasp.

    So powerful was the Mitsui Group that even the Samsung group of Korea simply couldn’t compare.

    “Mr. Chen Beixuan, the Mitsui Group, along with Sumitomo, Mitsubishi, and Fuji had opened a joined foundation with ten billion US dollar worth of assets as the prize for the winner. I hope you may find it more compelling to join the match.” Mitsui Yuto bowed and said.

    “Ten billion?”

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and murmured to himself.

    Ten billion US dollars was over seventy billion Chinese Yuan back in 2009. That was a much larger pool of wealth than the ten billion Chinese Yuan owned by the Zheng family. The Zheng family claimed to have owned over a hundred billion Chinese yuan, but there was much water in that figure. They owned at the most half that much.

    Only the owners of Japanese International megacorp could have offered such a large sum readily.

    “Fine, I agree to the terms.” Chen Fan nodded.

    “Three days later, at the highest spot in Tokyo, we will wait for your arrival.”Mitsui Yuto bowed again and then left the room with his cohort in tow.

    Erika gave Chen Fan a vicious stare before she left.

    With her white outfit and cold expression, Erika looked indignant. She had never been talked down by anyone for her entire life. However, she knew that if she acted up, Chen Fan would easily do away with her. She might be able to last a few moments if they chose to fight with weapons, but the battle will soon be over once Chen Fan started using Soul Energy.

    After Mitsui Yuto and Erika left, Yukishiro Sa finally showed some stress on her face.

    “Master, are you really going to fight this battle?”

    “It’s a free ten billion US dollars, why not?” Chen Fan shrugged. As he leveled up, he would require more and more resources to support his growth. The medicine in the Green Dragon Grand Array could support him at the Immortal State at the most. After that, he would have to seek other revenues. That would no doubt require a huge amount of money.

    “But, Mr. Takemiya Hiro is a Sword Sage.” Yukishiro Sa said fearfully.

    In her mind, a Sword Sage was invincible since he was more powerful than any Kendo Grandmaster. Although Takemiya Hiro had retired even before Yukishiro Sa was born, she had heard of Takemiya Hiro’ s name and many of his tales.

    “Is he some kind of big deal?” Chen Fan asked nonchalantly.

    “Yes. When I was just a child, he came to visit the Susano Shrine and sparred with Lord Susano. The battle ended in a draw.” Violet said with a solemn expression.

    “Oh?” Chen Fan raised an eyebrow.

    Lord Susano was nearly invincible while he was within the confines of the shrine. Despite the injury he had sustained, he was still as powerful as an Immortal State cultivator. Chen Fan was able to do away with Lord Susano after he had used the Hypersonic Punch, but for most Grandmasters, venturing into the Susano Shrine would spell their doom.

    The fact that Takemiya Hiro was able to end the battle with a draw spoke loudly of his power. No doubt that he was more powerful than Lei Qianjue and Zhou Daoji. In addition, that was thirty years ago, and Takemiya Hiro’s level of attainment must be improved by now.

    However, the thought didn’t faze Chen Fan. He gropped Yukishiro Sa’s ass and said:

    “Don’t overthink, just do what you do best and give me a massage. I will show you how I defeat your Sword Sage.”

    “As you wish.”

    Yukishiro Sa blushed and replied.

    A light came up in Violet’s eyes as Chen Fan’s levity made her ponder the situation.

    Three days later…

    Tokyo University was a thousand kilometer away from Fukuoka, so Chen Fan had left early. He didn’t end up bringing Yukishiro Sa with him, instead, he chose Violet as his companion. Yukishiro Sa was ordered to guard the fort at the Yukishiro family’s base of operation while he was away.

    Violet was an elite Ninja and was capable of protecting herself. However, Yukishiro Sa was only an average girl and she would be a hindrance than a help to Chen Fan during the perilous journey.

    Many more people had risen even earlier than Chen Fan and headed toward Tokyo.

    They flew in from all over the world after hearing the news about the battle.

    Some of them were from China Mainland, some were from Hong Kong and Taiwan, and some were from Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam.

    This battle was too important to miss. It was a showdown between the Martial arts community in China and Japan. The entire Japanese martial arts community had gathered in Tokyo and as a result, there were over twenty Grandmaster level Super Overlords in Tokyo with thousands more ordinary Martial artists.

    They even had caught the attention of the Japanese police force fearing the potential violence once the match was over.

    Although the police force ramped up security measures, they couldn’t call off the match since the event was attended by the leaders of Japanese financial monopolies and high level bureaucrats.

    As everyone waited expectantly and patiently, Chen Fan finally arrived in Tokyo with Violet unhurriedly.

    “Master, where is the battleground?” Violet asked in confusion.

    “Where do you think it is?” Chen Fan cracked a smile and then scanned the jungle of cement and concrete. At the center was a huge iron tower with red and white strips that stood out among the rest of the buildings.

    There, that was the highest spot in Tokyo.