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Chapter 353 - Kill Lord Susano

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 353: Kill Lord Susano

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    As Chen Fan spread his Divine Will over the entire mountain peak, he noticed that the dark mist that previously loomed over the Susano Shrine had grown significantly larger. Worse, there was an eldritch menace ever so tempting yet terrifying lurking in the dark mist. It cast a spell that deluded the minds of the fighters, make them turn a blind eye on their situation.

    “Mist of Delusion?”

    Chen Fan was not a stranger to such tricks since it was often used by Evil Immortals in the universe to control its subjects. It was evident that Lord Susano was a master of manipulation, without his influence, his subjects would have already thrown down their weapons and ran away.


    Chen Fan stamped the ground and let out a droning that mimicked the sound of a dragon.

    The droning started quiet and increasing get higher both in volume and pitch. In a few seconds, the droning and turned into a deep rumbling of distant thunder. The sound reverberated as it gained more intensity. Those who were under its influence had a vivid hallucination of a real dragon snarling at them. As the sound cleansed the vile grip of the dark mist on people’s minds, the warriors were rendered stupefied and stunned. Some dropped their sword in dizziness.

    “Eight Timbres of a True Dragon.”

    This was a very powerful mystic-art that mimicked the different timbre of a real dragon’s droning.

    True Dragons are the most righteous beings in the universe due to their pure Yang energy. The roars of those True Dragons wandering in the space could cleanse the effects of any evil spells over an entire planet. Chen Fan’s spell had a similar effect and therefore everyone at the Susano Shrine was severely affected by the spell.

    The piercing timbre swirled the listener’s souls, staggering them and knocking them off balance.

    One after another, dark mists rose from these warrior’s bodies as they slowly regained consciousness. When they finally saw the blood bath before them, they threw down their weapons and ran away, screaming.

    After a while, only Chizuru Masahiro, Genkaza Takeda, and Violet were able to stand still and unwavering. Yukishiro Sa was under Violet’s protection so she was safe amidst the chaos.

    Chizuru Masahiro looked at Chen Fan with a dark face while others were taut with fear.

    Chen Fan had killed a few hundred people in a short period of time, however, the bloody slaughter didn’t take even the slightest toll on Chen Fan’s conscience. It was as if he had just squashed an anthill under his boots and walked away.

    For the first time, Chizuru Masahiro started to wonder if Lord Susano could really achieve victory.

    Chen Fan gazed at the statue inside the inner sanctum and didn’t spare anyone a glance.

    “You ordered them to swarm me because you wish to cast an array formation, didn’t you? Do you think that will stop me?” Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and said lightly.

    “Who the hell are you?”

    A plume of dark mist swarmed to the ground from which Lord Susano emerged.

    His look had changed. He was wearing a ceremonial hat and was in an Onmyoji outfit. His face was thin and severe and he glared at Chen Fan: “You are not a Grandmaster from China. Nothing about you, from your Dharma Spells, Divine powers to your energy, is of this time period. Are you some kind of reincarnation of an immortal?”

    Chizuru Masahiro and the others might not be able to see through Chen Fan’s cover, but Lord Susano had lived hundreds of years and had seen many Immortal State warriors. He finally picked up the extraordinary otherworldliness in Chen Fan that had escaped him earlier. What struck him the most was Chen Fan’s divine indifference that screamed a contradiction against his young age.

    Lord Susano was convinced that Chen Fan held a big secret in him.

    “You talk too much.”

    Chen Fan cracked a smile, his eyes were indifferent.

    He reached out a hand and closed his fingers. Suddenly, a few-meter tall palm, made out of Azure energy appeared out of thin air above Lord Susano. It turned the palm down and bore it down onto the inner sanctum. A heavy force weighted on the structure even before the azure light landed on its roof.

    “Yi Wood Connate Spirit Grand Qin Na Hand!”

    Chen Fan’s power had surged ever since he reached the mid-stage of Ethereal Enlightenment, making his attack even more deadly than before.

    Lord Susano’s face colored a little after he saw Chen Fan’s attack coming down on the inner sanctum. He transformed back into a plume of dark mist and flew back into the inner sanctum. A cold voice rose inside everyone’s ears.

    “Chen Beixuan, I don’t care what you are. You have offended me and desecrated my shrine, therefore, you must die!”

    As soon as Lord Susano’s icy threats faded, the floor of the Shrine started to tremble as if there was an energy about to erupt from under the earth. Dark mist thickened and fell over the shrine as a heavy blanket.

    “What is going on?” Violet asked nervously.

    Genkaza Takeda also looked to the Inner Sanctum in confusion.

    Suddenly, realization dawned upon Chizuru Masahiro and the old man put in: “Shit! Our Lord is going to initiate the Yin Yang Grand Array”

    “Yin Yang Grand Array? What the heck is that?” Violet and Genkaza Takeda both looked at Chizuru Masahiro in puzzlement. Chizuru Masahiro hesitated a moment and then let out raspy laughter: “Yin Yang Grand Array is a Dharma Array cast by Lord Susano himself before he passed away. It had been dormant but not entirely inactive since it had been harnessing the Yang energy from the volcanos deep inside the mountain as well as Yin Energies from the Shrine. Once the seal over the array was opened, it would unleash these two deadly elements and cause them to react with each other. By then, the entire shrine would be reduced into ashes while it was caught in between the two elements.”

    “Then what are we doing here? Let’s go!”

    Violet shouted as her face paled.

    Genkaza Takeda acted first and darted toward the exit without uttering a word.

    “It’s useless. Once the Yin Yang Grand Array was open, the entire Shrine would be under its spell. Only an Immortal State cultivator would be able to break through the entrapment. Just look around you.” Chizuru Masahiro’s face was colorless and lifeless.

    Yukishiro Sa and Violet surveyed around them and noticed that an impenetrable dark smoke had already surrounded them. Through the smokescreen, they saw a ring of burning flame that lapped around the shrine. The fire seemed to be fueled by the dark mist as it burned the brightest where the dark smoke was the thickest.

    The color drained from Violet’s face as she was suddenly at a loss as to what to do.

    Lord Susano had committed everything he had into this fight. If he died in the battle, so would all of his subjects.

    “Chen Beixuan, I didn’t intend to use the Grand Array because once it got started, even I can’t stop it. All the things I have built over these hundred years would turn into dust. But what choice do I have?” Lord Susano’s voice reverberated in the air. “Behold, the power of my hundred-year-old Dharma Array!”

    The Demon Lord let out a peal of laughter as the two waves of energy—the Yin and Yang —crashed into each other, slowly, but unequivocally, like the irreversible passage of time.

    A deep rumbling spilled out from the Void Dimension to the real world, it sounded like two giant stones grinding on each other. Caught in between the two overbearing forces was shrine the shrine and everyone in it. Soon, walls started to crumble under the crushing weight.

    Genkaza Takeda was forced back by two deadly forces.

    “Master, what should we do?”

    Yukishiro Sa looked to Chen Fan distraughtly.

    Seeing the unimaginable Power of Heaven and Earth, Yukishiro Sa had lost all of her hope.

    Chen Fan didn’t reply. His body disappeared and reappeared before Takeda.

    “What do you want? We are all trapped in here. We need to work together to get out of here.” Genkaza Takeda pulled a taut face and asked

    “This is for your sneak attack early.” Chen Fan looked at Genkaza Takeda stoically and threw a punch at Takeda.


    After a tremor in the void dimension, a ring of white mist came up from the point of impact rippled across space.

    Chen Fan’s body might have shaken a little, but it was difficult to tell amidst the dark mist. Meanwhile, Genkaza Takeda’s face was flushed red and then turned purple, dark, until even the darkness on his face ebbed away, leaving an ashen face as pale as snow.

    His lips twitched a little as he struggled to let out a smirk, but the half-smile froze on his face and formed an ugly grin.

    By then, the others finally realized that Genkaza Takeda’s chest was pressed inward. A pulse of energy had reached into Genkaza Takeda’s body and exploded from inside, making the sky rain blood and small bits of body parts.

    Chen Fan had killed a peak level Transcendent State warrior with one punch!

    The mighty warrior of Kyushu, powerful as he was, met a gruesome death at the end of his life.

    Chizuru Masahiro and Violet shuttered as the promise of imminent death gripped their hearts. They had thought Chen Fan was going to deal with them next, but to their surprise, Chen Fan cast around and found the Oni statue in the half-collapsed shrine.

    “You think this pathetic trick can stop me? Get out of there now!”

    Chen Fan shot out a hand toward the statue and closed his fingers as if he was grabbing the statue from a distance. Suddenly, azure energy lanced out from his hand and flew toward the statue. Chen Fan knew that as long as he can find and destroy the “Eye of the Array”, he would get out of here with ease.

    It was clear to Chen Fan from the very beginning that the Array’s eye was the Oni statue. Without it, the Yin Yang Grand Array would disappear.

    When the azure energy landed on its target, dark smoke bubbled from the statue as if it started to rot from the inside.

    Suddenly, the statue let out a saddening scream. Then it crumbled to the floor as it burst into countless pieces.

    Another maddening cry came up in the ruined shrine.

    “Chen Beixuan, I will make you pay for this!”

    A cloud of dark smoke rose from the ruins of the statue and lanced into the sky. It was trying to get away. The Statue and the Dharma Array were what had kept Lord Susano alive. As soon as the statue was shattered into pieces, Lord Susano hurried to escape. He needed to find a host as quickly as possible before the Essence Qi in nature wore out his Divine Soul.

    “You think you can run away?”

    Chen Fan smiled derisively and produced an ancient bone flute from the yellow-skinned gourd.

    The bone flute buzzed as soon as it was out of the gourd and suddenly it flew out of Chen Fan’s hand and after the dark most. Lord Susano noticed the incoming flute and he picked up some speed after letting out a panicked screech.

    However, Lord Susano was not fast enough to outrun the Dharma Treasure made out of the bone of a Connate Cultivator.

    The bone flute plunged into Lord Susano’s back and started to suck the dark substance into its hollow middle. Lord Susano’s furious cry became a heart wrenching scream. He sobbed and begged Chen Fan for mercy, but he got none. After a while, the ball of dark smoke was gone as if it had never existed.

    Chizuru Masahiro and the others watched on with disbelief.

    Lord Susano who had dominated Kyushu for hundreds of years was finally dead.