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Chapter 351 - Invincible?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 351: Invincible?

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    “Lord Susano is dead?”

    Violet recoiled and murmured to herself.

    The turn of events was a devastating blow to the priests. Lord Susano was their god. Their devotion had driven them to serve Lord Susano while Lord Susano also reciprocated their servitude by making his subjects a formidable force on Kyushu Island.

    So powerful was Lord Susano, that not even Chizuru Masahiro nor Genkaza Takeda dared to defy the Demon God. He had unimaginable power at his disposal and was as deadly as an Immortal State cultivator. Yet, such a godly existence was killed by Chen Fan with one punch. They found it hard to come to terms with such reality.

    “He broke the hypersonic barrier, he broke the hypersonic barrier! I have finally seen it with my own eyes.” Genkaza Takeda ‘s eyes lit up with surprise and excitement. It was as if he had discovered a new god.

    He has heard that the most powerful Grandmaster in China, Master Chen Beixuan, had used the same technique to kill Buck the Diamond and Lei Qianjue and rose to fame. He was soon ranked number three on the Dark Roll and was thought to be able to rival an entire army.

    Genkaza Takeda had believed none of that.

    Breaking the hypersonic barrier would be too taxing on a mortal’s body. It was absurd to think that Che Beixuan’s flesh was as tough and durable as fighter jets.

    However, after seeing the incredible move with his own eyes, his previous doubts evaporated.

    If this belligerent blow landed on him, he might as well be dead.

    The plume of white mist didn’t dissipate until Chen Fan had pulled his hand back. Then, and only then, a deafening squall swept across the shrine. It sounded like an enormous sheet of paper being ripped in two, and the soundwave blew away anything that wasn’t nailed down to the ground and shredded them into pieces.

    He killed Lord Susano with one punch.

    Chen Fan’s power, such as it was, as proof that he was the most powerful man in China.

    Already, Yukishiro Sa was beaming from side to side and cheering for Chen Fan’s victory. Chizuru Masahiro let out a grunt and disagreed: “No, this can’t be. Lord Susano shouldn’t be so easily defeated. ”

    Lo and behold, as soon as the old man finished his words, something inexplicable happened.

    A flurry of dark mist rolled toward Lord Susano’s severed head like the dark clouds before a thunderstorm. The mist propped Lord Susano’s head and lifted it into the air. Below the severed head, darkness swirled and turned until the outline of a body slowly formed.

    It started with a rough-hewn outline of a torso, then limbs and neck. In the end, a layer of glinting scales appeared over the boy.

    In a few brief moments, Lord Susano’s body reappeared in its full glory. He didn’t look like he was injured at all. It was as if Chen Fan’s deadly attack had no effect on him whatsoever.

    Yukishiro Sa’s voice froze in her throat as the cheering of the priests came up all around her. A broad smile broke over Genkaza Takeda’s face. Violet also smiled, faintly if not perfunctorily as a hint of disappointment flashed in her eyes.

    Chizuru Masahiro ran his fingers through his long white beard and said: “Chen Beixuan celebrated too early. Lord Susano’s power was built on hundreds of years of cultivation. He will not be easily defeated. As I said, he is invincible within this shrine.”


    Seeing the fully recovered Lord Susano, Yukishiro Sa was gripped by despair.

    anyone would despair when faced against an invincible opponent.

    “Lord Susano, Chen Beixuan can only use the hypersonic punch once.” Genkaza Takeda shouted a tip at Lord Susano.

    Lord Susano spoke with a hoarse voice.

    “Chen Beixuan, I shouldn’t have overlooked your ability. I had never thought that you were capable of delivering so much damage. You have outranked all the Martial Artists I have ever met when I visited China. What an impressive physique, no wonder they call it the Treasure Body of the Earth Level Deity.”

    The Demon God chortled as he fixed his hot gaze on Chen Fan’s body. His eyes burned with the fire of greed like an ember.

    Lord Susano was convinced that Chen Fan possessed the Treasure Body of the Earth Level Deity after seeing Chen Fan’s unbelievable power.

    The body of a normal person would be crushed by its own speed and momentum while reaching Hypersonic speed, and only the body of an Immortal could have withstood such pressure.

    “However deadly your attack is, I can not be defeated as long as we are within the confines of the shrine. Sure, your punch is powerful, but how many of those punches can you use on me?” Lord Susano asked menacingly.

    He had gone over Chen Fan’s profile countless times and knew that Hypersonic punch was one of Chen Fan’s most powerful moves. In addition, he also knew that the usage of such taxing attacks were very limited.

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and furrowed his brows as he regarded the new body of Lord Susano.

    He had used the hypersonic attack and killed both Lei Qianjue and Diamond Buck with ease, so he didn’t expect the Demon God to recover from the blow so thoroughly and quickly.

    Unlike Lei Qianjiue, Lord Susano didn’t exist physically in this world. He existed solely as a combination of Soul Energy and Divine Soul. This energy could be reshaped after being fragmented with only very small losses. Lord Susano had harnessed a great amount of Soul Energy over the centuries, and therefore he could regenerate his body almost indefinitely.

    “Humph! Even a Mighty figure of a Soul Formation state who had nearly indestructible Primordial Essence in the void dimension could be killed, much less a Ghost Spirit of Divine Sea level. You are too full of yourself.” Chen Fan’s brows unfurrowed as he let out a sneer.”I want to find out exactly how many times can you regenerate your body.”

    After Chen Fan had said that, he shot out a fist as his body flickered in and out of view.


    Another crack of thunder came up in the void dimension. It turned the air into fluid and ripped it apart from the middle. From the gap of vacuum, a plume of white cloud rose and was blown in all directions by a wild gale. Trees and rocks that came into contact with the white mist exploded violently.

    In a blink, Chen Fan had covered the ten-meter distance between him and Lord Susano.

    This time, Lord Susano was prepared. He let out a booming snarl as he thrust both paws forward at Chen Fan, trying to grab him and rip him into pieces using the sharp claws. However, Lord Susano was a wee bit too slow.

    The speed of sound is 340 meters per second, and Chen Fan had come up to his target in less than 0.1 seconds. Before the dark claws had time to close in on Chen Fan, Chen Fan’s fist had already made its way through Lord Susano’s chest.

    The impact caused a huge explosion right from Lord Susano’s chest. Just like last time, the Demon God was blown into pieces, save the head that was still intact.

    The mighty Lord Susano was killed twice by Chen Fan.

    “The second punch!”

    Chen Fan pulled his hand back and watched as dark mists converged toward Lord Susano’s head and in a heartbeat, regenerated Lord Susano’s body without a scratch. Lord Susano asked haughtily: “Chen Beixuan, you can’t kill me. How many times do I need to tell you that?”

    Chen Fan did not pay any attention to Sunano’s words. He narrowed his eyes and thought to himself:

    “If my guess is right, both the speed of regeneration and the solidity of the body was inferior to last time. Although he has powerful Devotion Energy, he could not regenerate indefinitely as he had claimed. ”

    Although Lord Susano looked just like how he used to in the eye of Yukishiro Sa and others, Chen Fan and picked up the signs of slowing down in the rate of regeneration. Plus, the new body of Lord Susano was ever so slightly fainter, and less substantial. It was evident to Chen Fan that Lord Susano was not invincible.

    When Lord Susano was still fuming and blustering, Chen Fan thrust out a hand and stomped the ground again.

    “Third Punch!”

    A deep thunderous rumbled across the shrine and there was more coming.





    After Chen Fan had unleashed the ninth Hypersonic punch, the entire shrine became pin-drop silent. Those who shouted out their victory earlier gaped at Chen Fan with astonishment. Genkaza Takeda shuddered in fear and said: “Impossible! The information I gathered showed that Chen Beixuan could only use Hypersonic Punch once. How come he used it so many times in a row and still no sign of exhaustion?”

    Using the Hypersonic punch once was one thing, using it non-stop many times in a row was another.

    Just like a hypersonic fighter jet, after operating under hypersonic speed once in a mission, it would have to return to the hanger and to be examined. The hypersonic speed would put great strain on the structure of the jet and increase its chance of failure. However, Chen Fan had already reached mid-stage of Ethereal Enlightenment and had further improved his physique by leaps and bounds from his already impressive condition. By then, reaching hypersonic speed was a walk in the park.

    Chizuru Masahiro’s face paled the most compared to the others.

    Even those who lacked the most basic training in Dharma Spells could register the palpable decrease in Lord Susano’s rate of regeneration. When his form was shattered by the ninth punch, it took Lord Susano a few minutes to put himself together again. Worse, Lord Susano’s body seemed to have lost its substance and looked almost translucent.

    By now, it was evident to everyone that Lord Susano’s claim of invincibility was just a bluff. He would eventually perish the moment his Essence Qi was finally spent.

    Lord Susano realized that his ruse was blown so he snarled out his desperation and anger.

    He tried to counter Chen Fan’s attack, but Chen Fan’s movement was simply too fast for him. As soon as his body was reformed, Chen Fan’s next fist would have already landed on him. Although Lord Susano knew many powerful spells, without the time to cast them, those spells might as well be useless.

    “How many more punches can you take?” Chen Fan looked at Lord Susano contemptuously. “You are merely a lowly Divine Soul. Invincible? Humph. I want to hear you say that after I take you as the Primordial Spirit of my Dharma Treasure.”

    Lord Susano finally gave in. He turned into a puff of dark cloud and flew into the inner sanctum.

    Even as he ran away, he shouted out a command: “Swarm him! Kill him!”

    Chizuru Masahiro hesitated a second but eventually threw himself at Chen Fan unwillingly. Suddenly, the entire shrine was filled with hundreds of assassins and warriors alike. Some of them even had guns.

    Yukishiro Sa’s face darkened and looked at Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back, his face was glacial.

    He was going to turn this place into a blood bath.