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Chapter 350 - Kill With One Punch

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 350: Kill With One Punch

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    Outside of the inner sanctum, everyone was shocked.

    They had thought that it was Chen Fan who got kicked out from inside, however, after seeing Chen Fan sauntering over the threshold linking his hands behind his back, they knew they were wrong.

    “This is… Impossible!”

    Genkaza Takeda could only stare.

    Lord Susano had survived over hundreds of years and had unimaginable power at his disposal. Even though Genkaza Takeda was a mighty warrior himself, even the thought of rising up against Lord Susano gave him a sense of dread.

    However, Chen Fan had knocked him out of the sanctum. How powerful exactly was Chen Fan?

    “So this is why he is the most powerful martial artist in China?” Genkaza Takeda murmured in astonishment.

    Violet trembled uncontrollably. If Chen Fan was able to defeat Lord Susano, who was a god to Violet, he should be able to do away with the rest of them with greater ease.

    Chizuru Masahiro’s face grew dark and heavy, but calm.

    “Don’t worry, Lord Susano could unleash 120% of his power as long as he stayed within the perimeter of the shrine. He is invincible here.” Chizuru Masahiro said.

    Despite his words, his voice lacked confidence.

    Even if Lord Susano was invincible, Chen Fan’s power had caught him by surprise. For the first time, he doubted that Lord Susano was able to gain Chen Fan’s body. It had become evident that they couldn’t let Chen Fan out of the shrine since no one out there could stop him but Lord Susano who was bound to the shrine.

    Chen Fan could take his time to dismantle Lord Susano’s operation outside of the shrine, picking off his associates one after another, causing a huge headache for Lord Susano.

    In contrary to the other’s reaction, Yukishiro Sa’s face was lit up with glee.

    “Master, SUGOI!”


    A maddening howl came up from behind the large rock, it sounded like a roar of some hellish demon.

    From the crushed rubble, the outline of a man emerged from the ball of mist. The thin old man’s face was contorted with anger and two balls of flames burned in his eyes. He shouted in a deep hoarse voice: “Chen Beixuan! You are making me MAD!”

    “I will cast your soul in the fire after I am done away with you, and let it burn for a hundred years!”

    So saying, the thin old man took a step forward.


    A force ripped open his flesh like tearing open a paper bag. Everyone watched as the thin old man grew a head taller until he was about two meters tall.


    The old man took another step.

    This time, muscles on the old man’s body burgeoned, making his body bloated. A layer of dark scales appeared on his body.

    Third Step, fourth…

    When he finished the seventh step, the white-haired hunched-over senior was gone. In his place stood a three-meter tall, green face monster. It had one horn on his forehead and one eye below it. Two large fangs jutted out from under his lip and were as sharp as the glinting black claws on his paws. His entire body was covered from head to toe in thick scales.

    This was the true form of “Lord Susano”.


    Lord Susano threw both paws together, making them clank while spilling sparks in the air. A dark mist loomed around him, and his single eye glowed with an orange incandescent light as if there was larvae inside.

    “Chinese boy, do you really think that old shriveled up man was my true form? Now I am going to teach you a lesson, and show you the power of a Demon God.” Lord Susano’s lips didn’t move, but his voice reverberated across space and lodged itself into everyone’s mind.

    Ever since he had shown his true form, he started to use soul energy to communicate.

    All the people around him, except for Chizuru Masahiro and Genkaza Takeda could not remain unaffected by the sound in their head, the others all doubled up due to the pain in their brain.

    “Is that so?”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and cracked a slight smile.

    The Azure light in his eyes surged as a flood of Divine Will rushed out of his body, clashing with Lord Susano’s soul energy. This was the first time Chen Fan unleashed all of his Divine Will at once.


    The two great forces collided and created a huge blare in the Void Dimension. It was like two rough waves in the ocean crashed into each other. As soon as the dark mist came into contact with Chen Fan’s gleaming Azure-colored energy, it let out a screech that sounded worse than nails on a chalkboard.

    Under everyone’s watch, the dark mist rose up and threatened to swallow Chen Fan. Chen Fan shot out an Azure Qi Blade and hacked at the dark wave. The Qi blade chewed through the dark mist with some effort, but it was able to slice the dark mist into half in the end.

    “What an impressive Soul Energy!”

    Lord Susano almost blanched.

    He prided himself on his soul energy which he had been strengthening over the hundred years. However, Chen Fan’s Divine Will was even more potent than his Soul Energy. The comparison of the soul energy of an ordinary martial artist, Lord Susano and Chen Fan would be that of Tofu, a block of wood and a sharp dagger.

    It might take some effort to hack a block of wood with a dagger, but it was doable. However, a block of wood wouldn’t do anything to a dagger.

    That was exactly the case when Lord Susano’s Soul energy collided with Chen Fan’s Divine Will.

    “What a powerful soul energy.” Chen Fan exclaimed as greed flashed across his face.

    Even though Chen Fan had absorbed the Devotion Energy in the golden statue, he could project his Divine Will five kilometers outward at the most. However, Lord Susano’s soul energy could cover at least three times more area than his Divine Will. If Lord Susano knew the art of converting soul energy into Divine Will, he might be able to defeat Chen Fan using his Divine Will alone.

    “It was a waste to let you have such power.”

    Chen Fan grunted and then summoned a dozen Wind blades. These wind blades formed a whirlwind and flew toward Lord Susano.

    “That’s the move he used to kill Kitaniwakawa.”

    Violet’s face changed color as she shouted out.

    “Fret not. Lord Susano is not Kitaniwakawa.” Chizuru Masahiro narrowed his eyes and replied calmly.

    Despite Chen Fan’s extraordinary power, he believed in Lord Susano. As long as the fight was contained within the Shrine, Lord Susano could never be defeated. The worse case would be Chen Fan escaping here alive.

    Lo and behold, Lord Susano let out a smirk and thrust his arms into the air.

    The dark mist surrounded him converged toward space in between his out-reaching arms, until they formed a small swirling packet of air. This swirling bundle of air was small in size at first, but as the dark mist was sucked into it, it quickly grew in size until it was as wide as a round table. Lord Susano gave it a push, sending it out on a collision course with Chen Fan’s tornado.


    The impact felt like two mountains had smashed into each other. The earth trembled as loose pebbles fell from overhanging rocks on the mountain slopes; a shock wave quickly followed suit. Chizuru Masahiro and the others started the Four Righteousness Protection Aura to ward off the shock wave. However, those who didn’t have the protection were blown into pieces by the shock wave.


    Violet pulled out her Kodachi and sliced through the incoming energy wave. After a slight hesitation, she deflected another wave of energy for Yukishiro Sa. She was not entirely sure why she did that, perhaps it was because of the nagging feeling that something bad was going to happen to Lord Susano.

    Yukishiro Sa gave Violet a long glance and then looked toward the battlefield.

    The outcome of this fight will determine her fate.

    Meanwhile, the heat was turning up on the battlefield. Chen Fan cast numerous spells at his opponent: Thunder Art, Wind blades, Fire Balls, Green Vines, and Giant Woods. He unleashed his attacks with amazing efficiency and ease, turning him into a tireless turret that showered Lord Susano with deadly attacks.

    “That’s unbelievable! This is the true power of a Perfected Cultivator!”

    Chizuru Masahiro watched on, heart filled with admiration.

    Chen Fan cast these spells with incredible speed and proficiency, yet his movement was unhurried and smooth. Even the most powerful Arcane Finger master of the Southern Sect, Zhou Daoji would be impressed by Chen Fan’s performance. The spell casters on earth needed to undergo drawn-out preparations before they could cast a single spell. Even though the Arcane Finger branch of the Southern Sect was able to cast an array using just hand signs, the casting process still took a while. However, the energy came to Chen Fan so readily and smoothly, that casting spells seemed as easy as breathing to him.

    In contrast, Lord Susano’s movement was becoming sluggish.

    “Bang, bang, bang!”

    Dharma Spells ceaselessly landed on the dark mist one after another.

    Each impact would send out a shock wave that tossed everything into the air and strewn them around the ground.

    Lord Susano was able to counter-attack once or twice, but most of the time, he struggled to defend against Chen Fan’s onslaught. A few times, Chen Fan’s attack made it through his defense and landed on his body. Lord Susano’s body was made out of Divine Soul and Devotion Energy and was nearly indestructible. Even though Chen Fan’s Wind blades were able to make a few ugly gashes on his scaly body, those wounds were quickly healed by the mist.

    Despite his incredible defense, Lord Susano seemed finally fed up with being on the defense side. He roared a few times, and shouted at Chen Fan belligerently:

    “Chen Beixuan, stop your spells and let’s fight like men!”

    “Your energy is limited anyway, and sooner or later it will deplete. But as long as I am in the Shrine, you won’t harm me at all.”

    Chen Fan paused and cracked a smile.

    “Fine, Let’s fight like men. Try to defend this, pussy!”

    Chen Fan stomped the ground with one foot.


    He made a large crater on the floor paved by thick stones. This crater was about a meter wide and had the shape of a giant’s foot, even the outlines of his toes were clearly visible.

    Chen Fan bent backward, turning his body into a loaded spring. Then he let his body bounce back, creating a huge force that propelled him up and forward. A loud blare sounded out and it was accompanied by a plume of white air in front of Chen Fan. He had reached sonic speed.

    In a blink of an eye, Chen Fan covered the distance between him and Lord Susano. His fist reached Lord Susano’s chest and easily went through the scale, into the flesh until it rammed into the chest cavity.

    Lord Susano, still stunned by what had happened, stumbled back to dislodge Chen Fan’s fist from his chest. Suddenly, his chest exploded from inside, spitting watery substance in all directions. The explosion kicked off a chain reaction and his belly, arms, neck all exploded.

    A deadly silence fell over the shrine. Everyone was stunned by the turn of events. Chizuru Masahiro glared at Chen Fan as if he was looking at a devil.

    Lord Susano was killed by Chen Fan with one punch?