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Chapter 346 - Fi Ji Ninja Clan

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 346: Fi Ji Ninja Clan

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    When Chen Fan entered the Yukishiro family, he didn’t care to cover up his tracks, instead, he swaggered through the main entrance and killed over a few hundred villagers including Kitaniwakawa. No one could cover up such a brazen crime while there were hundreds of witnesses.

    he shocking development didn’t stop there as more surprising events transpired. Yukishiro Chio was dead, and Yukishiro Sa returned and reclaimed the seat of power in the Yukishiro family. It might not convey any meaningful message to a stranger, but members of the Yukishiro family knew that it was a telltale sign that the powerful man who had destroyed Lord Susano’s Illusion Form was behind all these developments.

    Meanwhile, inside a deep recess of the Shrine, three men sat in a circle.

    “Who is he?” Yukishiro’s family didn’t last more than one day.

    Chizuru Masahiro sat at the head of the table with a pair of glinting eyes.

    This Grand Onmyoji was in his nineties, and already, his body started to wear out. However, his Dharmic power was still strengthening each day. His eyes were two deep pools of darkness, that were filled with mystery and perspicacity.

    “The Yukishiro family had over a hundred fully armed guards and even we couldn’t just barge into the village directly without weakening the guards first. However, he was able to annihilate the Yukishiro family and even killed Kitaniwakawa with a spell. I heard that he is a Perfected Cultivator from China. Could he be from the Heavenly Master Sect or the Wu Dang Sect?”

    A man in a samurai outfit said with furrowed brows.

    He sat on his folded legs, keeping his back tight and straight. His body projected a great measure of impetus and resolution that made him comparable to Chizuru Masahiro

    Any Japanese martial artist would know that the two sitting in the small alcove were two of the most powerful overlords in Japan. The middle-aged man was even more reputable than the late Kitaniwakawa.

    “Heavenly Master Sect? Wu Dang Sect?” The two names not only stunned Chizuru Masahiro but also awakened memories of a bygone age.

    “Impossible. Ever since Kunlun’s rise in power, these ancient sects all retreated into seclusion. The Chinese government wouldn’t allow them to make an appearance among the public again.”

    Chizuru Masahiro shook his head and said.

    “Who is he then? Over thirty years, I have never heard any powerful Dharma Spells master in China. The only one I could think of was Zhou Daoji, but he was killed in a battle.” The middle-aged man said with his brows furrowed.

    “Lord Chizuru, Lord Takeda, based on my information, I dare say that you are both wrong.”

    The third attendee of the secret meeting was a middle-aged woman wearing tight black overalls. She had a spinner body with curves at the right places, they were wrapped tightly in her outfit like a ripened fruit, waiting to be picked. Her long violet hair tumbled down beside her cheeks, and her eyes were cold but incandescent at the same time.

    “Oh? Violet, who do you think it is then?”

    Chizuru Masahiro was taken aback and he asked.

    There was a hint of salaciousness in the middle-aged man’s eyes, making his gaze almost an ogle.

    Violet’s appearance was not top-notch, but she was foxy and seductive. Even the cloying scent from her body was sexually charged and would stir the most pious man’s wildest imagination.

    However, both middle-aged men knew that she was a black widow and would murder any man who dares to open up to her with her venom. Although the middle-aged man was a powerful martial artist, he did not dare to risk his life for a taste of her alluring but deadly beauty. At his level, there were plenty of fish for him in the sea.

    Violet cracked a faint smile and produced a picture which she laid on the table.

    On the picture was a black-haired young man of extraordinary appearance who stood derisively with his hands behind his back. He was surrounded by a bloody scene of strewn around body party and weapons. The picture was taken when Chen Fan stormed into the Yukishiro family complex.

    “My little spider had risked his life to take this image. He told me that his young man killed over a hundred people in the Yukishiro family; nearly all the elite forces of the Yukishiro family were killed, including Kitaniwakawa. That old fool was killed by him with one strike.”

    Violet explained.

    The timbre of her voice was pleasant to the ear, like the soft purring of a kitten.

    “He is so young.” Chizuru Masahiro and the other middle-aged man grimaced.

    Although they had heard from their sources that the perpetrator was a young man, they didn’t expect to see a teenager. The man in the picture was not even twenty.

    “Curiouser and curiouser! Since when did China produce such a young and powerful Perfected Cultivator? Something is off.” The middle-aged man’s face turned into a heavy anvil as he shook his head.

    “Maybe he was not a Dharma Spell user at all.” Violet cracked a seductive smile.

    Her smile filled the entire room with a sexually charged energy that robbed the two men of their attention.

    “Not a Dharma Spell user?” Chizuru Masahiro asked in surprise. “He is young, powerful and is from China. Do you mean—”

    Chizuru Masahiro paused and his face blanched. His wizened face colored a little before he blurted out a name.

    “Chen Beixuan?”

    The name seemed to have cast a spell on the room, turning it pin-drop quiet. The other middle-aged man was disheveled by the revelation as his face turned pale.

    They both looked to Violet apprehensively. Violet nodded her confirmation, which didn’t help to ease their nerves.

    Chen Beixuan?

    The most powerful Grandmaster in China, and also the youngest Overlord to have reached the peak of power.

    Ever since he had risen to power, he had killed a slew of powerful men: Lu Tianfen, Lu Tianfen, Blacksnake, Zhou Daoji, Buck, Zoro, Park Kyung-hwan and Theseus, just to name a few.

    He ranked number one on the Heaven roll in China and number three on the Dark Roll. Even If he was not yet an Immortal State cultivator, he was not very far from it. Only a well-equipped army could bring him to heel.

    Neither of the two men in the room had expected such a turn of the event.

    “How is that possible? Chen Beixuan didn’t start to come under everyone’s radar up until a year ago. The Susano Shrine had never dealt with him before, so why would he travel all the way to Japan to mess with us?” The middle-aged man murmured to himself.

    “Genkaza, did you forget that Chen Beixuan was very close to reaching the Immortal State? What do you think he is after?” Chizuru Masahiro narrowed his eyes as they glinted.

    “You mean… he wanted to gain more power to reach the immortal state?” Genkaza Takeda asked incredulously.

    “What else could have attracted Chen Beixuan here?” Chizuru Masahiro said slowly. “Most Immortal State cultivators in China had hidden from the public. Ever since Kunlun’s rise to power, we haven’t heard a single Immortal State cultivator making an appearance. Therefore, the best way for Chen Beixuan to gain more insight into the power of the Immortal State was to fight the Lords of Japan. This time, he had chosen our Lord Susano. ”

    Chizuru Masahiro suddenly let out a cold laughter. A powerful wave of energy come up and swirled around him. In a blink, these invisible energies seemed to take on physical forms.

    “But Chen Beixuan has picked the wrong opponent. He is not Immortal State yet, so he is no match against Lord Susano.”

    Genkaza Takeda nodded in agreement.

    Although Chen Fan had made a name for himself, they were very confident in Lord Susano’s power. Lord Susano’s power was only a fraction of what it used to be, but he was an Immortal State being nonetheless and would never be defeated by an opponent of an inferior level.

    If Lord Susano was not restricted to the Susano Shrine, he would have already claimed dominance over Japan if not entire East Asia. However, he had to be confined to the Shrine, licking his wounds as he bides his time.

    “Violet, order your man to keep a close eye on Chen Beixuan. I will inform Lord Susano of the threat right away so that he will be prepared. If Chen Beixuan dares to make a move on us, we will teach him a hard lesson.” Chizuru Masahiro said heavily.

    “Yes, Lord Chizuru.”

    Violet bowed.

    From where Genkaza Takeda was sitting, he had a great view of Violet’s breathtaking curves. He couldn’t help but ogle at her for a moment as he lamented the lack of opportunity to dominate such a lovely thing. He, Kitaniwakawa and Violet all work for Lord Susano and with Lord Susano’s approval, he could only watch and keep his lewd thoughts to himself.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan was touring the country with Yukishiro Sa as they made their way to the Susano Shrine.

    The Susano Shrine was located at the top of the Mount Aso quite some distances away from Fukuoka.

    Mount Aso was the largest active volcano in Japan and also a tourist destination for natural hot springs. Many tourists from all over the world flocked to Kyushu just to enjoy the hot spring here. The Mount was situated at the central part of Kyushu in a prefecture called Kumamoto.

    Although Chen Fan was not here for sightseeing, the company of a gorgeous local guide and the breathtaking sight was a refreshing change to his daily routine of cultivation.

    Soon the two arrived at the foothill of Mount Aso. Chen Fan looked up and cracked a smile.

    “What a pathetic worm. He is still following us.”

    He then shot out a hand and grasped the air before him.

    Suddenly, an invisible energy flew out from his hand and landed on a boulder to their left. A puff of yellow mist rose from the rock where the force had landed, and then a dark shadow appeared out of nowhere. It was backing away from Chen Fan.

    However, it was already too late for the stalker to run away. The shadowy figure was stopped in his tracks as a powerful gush of energy trapped him inside. The energy picked him off the ground and moved him toward Chen Fan.

    They two finally got to take a good look at the stalker when he was close.

    It was a midget in a black overall. Despite his childish body, his face looked like a sixty-year-old man. The little figure struggled to break free but to no avail.

    Yukishiro Sa’s face darkened as soon as she saw the man.

    “A ninja from the Fuji Ninja Clan! Why are they here?”