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Chapter 345 - Bring Down The Yukishiro Family

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 345: Bring Down The Yukishiro Family

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    At the last moment of his life, the old men knew that there could only be one person in China who could summon a Dragon with a wave of the hand and kill a Kendo Grandmaster in one strike. He must be the most powerful Grandmaster in China, the third deadliest person on the Dark Roll: Chen Beixuan.

    However, the moment of epiphany came too late for Kitaniwakawa.

    Although he stood his ground before the whirling blade dragon for a few seconds, the Wind blades quickly gnawed through his Four Righteousness Protection Aura and into his flesh.

    Kitaniwakawa excelled in blade techniques and possessed powerful internal force. However, Physique Refinement was not his strong suit and he was no match against the onslaught of a dozen or so wind blades. The sharp edges easily sliced through his flesh, bones and churned his entrails around like a grinder. He had to muster all the remaining True Energy inside of him to utter his last words.

    Kitaniwakawa was dead!

    The Kendo master who had presided over the Kyushu and Shikoku area was killed by Grandmaster Chen Fan with one strike. A few top leaders of the Yukishiro family who were lucky enough to survive the ordeal stood like statues in utter disbelief and shock.

    “How is that possible?” Yukishiro Kōichirō murmured to himself.

    He was one of the leaders of the Yukishiro family who had survived. People around him were all sliced and diced into pieces. Yukishiro Kōichirō wished that he could have died like his brother, Yukishiro Takeshi so that he wouldn’t have to bear the weight of defeat.

    Chen Fan possessed such terrifying power that he might as well be the devil himself. Who would have thought that such a godly power could exist in the real world? The Yukishiro family didn’t, and they had to pay the price for their oversight.

    By then, Yukishiro Chio had finally shambled his way to the scene of the aftermath. He was staggered by what he saw and if not for the assistant of the servant, he would collapse to the ground.

    “Grandpa, nice to see you again.”

    Yukishiro Sa inched forward, passing the dead body of Kitaniwakawa. She dislodged the Edge of Thousand Peaks from the ground and examined it.

    The edge of the Uchigatana was ruined by countless chips. The body of the blade was covered with dried blood coated with fresh blood. Yukishiro Sa didn’t mind the messiness and she carried the Uchigatana with both hands, as she walked toward her grandpa, eyes burning with hatred and vengefulness.

    “Yukishiro Sa, what are you doing? I am your Grandpa.”

    Yukishiro Chio chided with a booming voice. However, he couldn’t hide the panic and fear in his eyes.

    If it was a few years ago, Yukishiro Sa would have already knelt on the ground obediently to let her Grandpa’s rain castigation and preaching on her. However, most elites in the Yukishiro family were dead, and Yukishiro Sa no longer feared the old man.

    “You offered me to a Demon God, and let it possess me. Didn’t you?”

    Yukishiro Sa brought the Uchigatana around and tilted it upright. It was the starting stance of a Kendo attack, most Japanese, including Yukishiro Sa, had learned it during Kendo classes.

    Seeing the girl had learned the dark secret about herself, Yukishiro Chio gave up the condescending timbre of his voice. “Yukishiro Sa, my granddaughter, we had no choice. Grand Onmyoji Chizuru had demanded our offering personally, we couldn’t defy Lord Susano’s order.”

    Yukishiro Sa’s face was hard and cold. The old man’s words seemed to have passed through her with no effect. She slowly brought the Uchigatana above her head.

    Yukishiro Chio trembled in fear and started to beg for his life. However, his pleading couldn’t mollify the roiling anger inside of Yukishiro Sa. The old man was the Lord of the Yukishiro family, yet he was seen as insignificant as an insect.

    “Yukishiro Sa, spare his life, I have a question for him.”

    A voice came up behind the girl.

    “Yes, Master.” Yukishiro Sa lowered the Uchigatana and bowed to Chen Fan.

    Yukishiro Chio finally registered Chen Fan’s presence. He looked at Chen Fan with great trepidation. This was the man who had broken Lord Susano’s spell and killed everyone in the Yukishiro family, including Kitaniwakawa. Messing with him was the biggest and the last mistake of the Yukishiro family.

    “Honorable Lord, ask whatever you wish, I will tell everything.” Yukishiro Chio put on a pitiful face and he looked up at the young man while kneeling before him. He then said humbly and hopefully at the same time: “My lord, my family’s assets are worth over trillions of Yen, and our influence spread over the entire Kyushu underground world. We have branches in both Fukuoka and Kumamoto Prefecture. I will offer all those to you for free. Tell me, do you desire young fresh starlets or classy hot-wives of politicians? One word from me, I can order them to crawl under your sheets and warm your bed.”

    Yukishiro Chio was a cunning old fox, and he quickly realized that he would be safe if he could placate Chen Fan.

    Yukishiro Sa was not a threat to him if he was under Chen Fan’s protection. Chen Fan must have helped Yukishiro Sa because of her beautiful charm, but it wouldn’t be difficult for the Yukishiro family to find someone even more attractive than Yukishiro Sa as her replacement. He could even force the most popular actress in Japan to spend an intimate night with Chen Fan if the old man wanted to.

    “No need, I have better options. ”

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and lowered his hand until it was an inch away from Yukishiro Chio’s head. Suddenly, an azure light shot out from Chen Fan’s eyes as he channeled Divine Will into the mind of Yukishiro Chio. The groveling smile on Yukishiro Chio froze on his face, as his body went into a seizure. As the old man’s body struggled to hold the sudden assault of Divine Will, he felt immense pressure in his brain, as if it was about to explode from inside.

    Yukishiro Sa lowered her head in awe with Chen Fan’s power.

    Her heart was filled with veneration and reverence towards Chen Fan and had no room for any other thoughts.

    Using the Mystic Art of Soul Searching, Chen Fan learned the details of the Susano Shrine. The Divine Will had overloaded the old man’s system and frayed his mind, turning him into a mindless husk. He left the old man to Yukishiro Sa for her to dispose of him.

    “So that’s the secret of Susano Shrine. It was an Immortal State Overlord’s Divine Soul that they tended every day.” Chen Fan rubbed his chin as he mulled over the information he extracted from Yukishiro Chio’s mind.

    All the while, he was laying comfortably in a luxurious hot spring.

    He was flanked by two attractive young women, both wearing only a thin layer of cloth. Their luscious bodies appeared behind the heavy mist in fits and starts. They were very young, almost too young, but their budding beauty was intoxicating. Chen Fan wagered that both of them were popular girls like Jiang Churan.

    They kneeled on a flat stone and massaged Chen Fan’s shoulders. Fear flickered in their eyes every time they looked at Chen Fan’s face. It was as if they were serving an Oni.

    Chen Fan didn’t pay much attention to the girls, he closed his eyes, trying to focus on planning his next step.

    He was the North Mystic Celestial Lord and had seen the most sublime beauty in the universe. These girls’ appearances were of below-average among all the girls he knew so they weren’t able to pique his interest.

    “Without reaching the Connate Spirit Level, Divine Sea cultivators could live only a hundred and fifty years on average. Even with the help of Spirit Pills that could prolong life, a hundred eighty years was the max. However, after the flesh had perished, the Divine Soul could remain in this world for another few hundred years. The life of the Divine Soul could even be longer if it was supported by the Devotion Energy from his followers. That being said, I am still very disappointed at the power of this particular Immortal State Cultivator. ”

    Chen Fan smiled derisively.

    The other Immortal State Cultivators Chen Fan had met in his past life all possessed incredible Physique and powerful Dharma Artifacts and secret Arts. They would be a headache for Chen Fan at his current level of attainment. However, this so-called Lord Susano’s body had long since perished, and only his Divine Soul remained. Chen Fan had over a dozen arts up his sleeve that he could think of to quash the Divine Soul of an Immortal State cultivator.

    “Internal Force cultivation strengthens one’s force, Transcendent State cultivates Qi, and the Immortal State was all about Divine Soul. At the Divine Sea level, the Divine Soul would fly out of the body and live on its own for a few days. With proper support and nourishment, such as what Lord Susano had, the Divine Soul could live decades if not centuries. However, without a host, the Divine Soul would never exist in the physical realm: that was not real immortality. Therefore, the Connate Spirit level was considered the real starting point of cultivating immortality.” Chen Fan thought to himself as he shook his head.

    Other than the Lord Susano, no one posed a threat to Chen Fan. If not because he wanted to help Yukishiro Sa consolidate her influence in the Yukishiro family, he would have already done away with the Susano Shrine and went back to China.

    Even as he pondered on, soft wet footsteps came drifting through the mist.

    He watched as Yukishiro Sa entered the hot spring. She wrapped in a white towel, revealing her round and soft shoulder, long elegant legs and a breathtaking cleavage.

    She dipped herself into the warm water and waded toward Chen Fan.

    “Master, do you require my assistance?” Yukishiro Sa’s tantalizing body appeared and disappeared behind the heavy mist. She blushed and looked to Chen Fan with a soft gaze.

    By now, Chen Fan was her god. She would even give up her life for Chen Fan, much less serving him.

    “I have never done this before.” Yukishiro Sa lowered her head and said coquettishly.

    Her coy expression and the classy hairdo lend her the enchanting charm equal to that of the concubines of the emperor.

    “How is the family business?” Chen Fan barely spared the girl a glace. He asked indifferently as he tapped a piece of stone.

    Yukishiro Sa was slightly disappointed by Chen Fan’s reply. She answered nonetheless. “No one protested my taking over, thanks to you. My Uncle Yukishiro Kōichirō was the first to voice his support and I have already dispatched men that I trust to rally the other branches. In no time, you will have full control over the Yukishiro family.”

    “Very well. With the Yukishiro family helping me keep an eye on things, I wouldn’t have to worry about that Demon God’s escape.” Chen Fan nodded.

    He was in Japan by himself and needed a local assistant. He didn’t even know where to find the Susano Shrine. Therefore, he had decided to help Yukishiro Sa take over his family in order to leverage the resources of the Yukishiro family.

    “Master, you are a godly existence, Lord Susano is no match against you.” Yukishiro Sa said obediently.

    Chen Fan didn’t offer a reply. He already closed his eyes and started his cultivation.

    The journey of cultivation was long. It took the North Mystic Celestial Lord five hundred years to almost reach the peak, and it would take an ordinary man a hundred times longer. Clarity of the mind and unswerving determination were the two cornerstones of cultivation. Yukishiro Sa waited for a reply that never come, so she looked up at Chen Fan to soak up his godly presence while he was not paying attention to her. Her eyes were filled with admiration mixed with a tinge of infatuation.