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Chapter 344 - Kill With One Move

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 344: Kill With One Move

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    “You are a powerful individual in China, why do you kill these innocent people? Do you have any shred of conscience in you?” Seeing the results of Chen Fan’s brutality, even Kitaniwakawa couldn’t hold back his anger.

    The faces of the Yukishiro family leaders were flushed red. Over a hundred dead bodies piled before them and each one of them was an elite guard that took a lot of time and resources to produce. The family leaders would even moan the loss of any one of them, much less so many of them at once.

    “Grandmaster Kitaniwakawa, please help us get rid of this vile criminal!”

    Yukishiro Sa’s uncle, Yukishiro Kōichirō shouted vehemently.

    “And kill Yukishiro Sa as well. She is a despicable traitor who had lead this man to us. I want her dead!”

    Another uncle of Yukishiro Sa, Yukishiro Takeshi snorted derisively.

    Chen Fan didn’t answer Kitaniwakawa’s question, just simply flicked his finger again to shoot out a gust of wind blades.

    Chen Beixuan was the North Mystic Celestial Lord, a mighty figure that stood at the peak of this universe. No one shall question his motives, and neither did he answer to anyone.

    Kitaniwakawa watched as the two-meter wide energy wave glowing with incandescent azure whizzed across the village with enough force to cut through metal. The old man slowly pulled out his blade, from the old and beat up looking sheath. Although he didn’t arrive in time to save any lives, he saw Chen Fan unleash his attack and the gruesome aftermath. The dead bodies and firearms abandoned by their users told Kitaniwakawa that there was going to be an uphill battle ahead of him.

    Kitaniwakawa dared not to let his guard down after sensing the immense power of his opponent.

    The handle of his blade had already faded due to repetitive use and the lacquer on the sheath also flaked off here and there. However, no one dared to overlook its deadliness. Because it was the infamous Edge of Thousand Peaks.

    It was one of the best blades in present-day Japan

    Kitaniwakawa had traveled the entire Japan with this blade and eventually made his name at the Kyushu and Shikoku region. He was a mighty Kendo Grandmaster who was feared even by Chinese Martial arts Grandmasters and Thailand Mixed Martial Arts Masters.


    Kitaniwakawa completely unsheathed the blade in a smooth and steady fashion.

    Suddenly, a sharp silvery flash shot out from the blade, nearly blinding everyone around it. The leaders of the Yukishiro family who had stood right next to the Kendo master felt a wave of icy Blade Qi bite into their faces like a sharp knife.

    “Such power! No wonder he is the most powerful Kendo master in Japan.”

    The leaders of the Yukishiro family exclaimed.

    “Humph! Yukishiro Sa, get ready for your punishment.” Yukishiro Takeshi’s lecherous look sank its sharp hook into Yukishiro Sa’s elegant face.

    Yukishiro Takeshi had been eyeing his niece for a long time, but never put his lewd incestual thoughts into action due to the girl’s position in the family.

    Yukishiro Sa’s face paled after seeing the involvement of the Kendo Master.

    Although Chen Fan had proven his unimaginable abilities numerous times, including blocking the bullets of a dozen guns firing at point-blank, he had to face the invincible Kitaniwakawa. Could Chen Fan really survive his attack? If Chen Fan was killed, she might as well end her life before she could be treated as a plaything.

    As a member of the Yukishiro family, she knew the vile nature of her uncles and elders.

    They were a bunch of sadistic savages.


    Kitaniwakawa’s One Cut, the same move executed by Kawakami Gensai appeared before Chen Fan once again. However, Kitaniwakawa’s execution was much more powerful. The silvery Blade Aura lanced upward and then bore down on the Wind blades from above.

    The Wind blades shattered the Blade Auras and the shock wave from the impact swept across the room, taking a few more innocent souls before it finally subsided.


    Leaders of the Yukishiro family shouted out in elation.

    They had just seen Kitaniwakawa’s attack melted Chen Fan’s Wind blades. It was evident that Kitaniwakawa had the upper hand in this fight. Already, many leaders had started to think of ways they would torture Chen Fan. They wished they could chop Chen Fan into pieces and feed this arrogant fool to the dogs.

    Meanwhile, in Yukishiro Takeshi’s mind’s eyes, he saw himself straddling on top of his beautiful niece as he did unspeakable things to her. The thought gave him euphory.

    However, no one seemed to have noticed the gloomy expression on Kitaniwakawa’s face.

    His palm was still numb after the impact with the Wind blades. What unnerved him the most was the fact that the Blade Auras still had a huge amount of energy left in them after traveling such a long distance. He couldn’t bring himself to think what would happen to him if he had to take the brunt of the force at close range.

    “I have never heard of anyone in China at this age could have possessed the same amount of power as an S-Level Overlord or a Perfected Cultivator. Does he work for the Special Case Departments? I know Red Sparrow is a woman and White Tiger is a Physical Refinement master, so he must be either Azure dragon or Black Tortoise. Or is he neither?”

    Kitaniwakawa’s mind raced and he became more and more agitated.

    He was misled by Chen Fan’s ability to unleash Wind blades to think that Chen Fan was an Extraordinary One such as Zoro the Thunder King.

    Kitaniwakawa’s heart sank to the bottom. The warriors of the Special Case Department in China were all forces to be reckoned with. Azure Dragon, in particular, ranked top ten on the Dark Roll. The other three were all more powerful than late-stage Grandmasters.

    Kitaniwakawa wagered that if his opponent was really that powerful, his priority should be to successfully disengage and flee.


    Chen Fan suddenly found something was amiss. He turned around to look at the old man.

    Although the Wind Blades were of minor strength compared to other spells up his sleeve, even an early-stage Grandmaster such as Lu Tianfen would have to avoid direct contact with the attack. Even if Lu Tianfen was able to hold his ground, the impact would take a heavy toll on his system.

    The fact that Kitaniwakawa was able to take the brunt of the force unscathed meant that his level of attainment was not less than Lin Tatian, a mid-stage Grandmaster.

    “Are you Kitaniwakawa?”

    Chen Fan asked lightly.

    “Yes, may I ask your name?”

    Kitaniwakawa asked politely.

    Japanese culture worshipped the strength and therefore, the old man couldn’t help but respect this young man because of his incredible abilities. Kitaniwakawa had only seen one person in his life who might be this young man’s equal and she was Erika, the deadliest Kendo Grandmaster in Japan.

    “You are not worthy of knowing my name.”

    Chen Fan said matter-of-factly.

    Kitaniwakawa might have been a headache for Chen Fan before he reached the Ethereal Enlightenment. When he had to deal with Lin Tatian, he was forced to use the costly art of Yi Wood Connate Spirit Grand Qin Na Hand. However, by now, Chen Beixuan was already at mid-stage of Ethereal Enlightenment and therefore, defeating a mid-stage Transcendent State martial artists was just a stroll in the park

    Kitaniwakawa remained silent and vigilant, but the Yukishiro family members were miffed by Chen Fan’s remark. In their minds, Chen Fan’s fate was already sealed.

    “I will tell you my name if you can survive one of my attacks.”

    So saying, Chen Fan shot out a smooth-skinned arm and grabbed something with his fingers that glowed a faint azure light.


    The wind came up and countless wind blades appeared in the thin air and converged around Chen Fan, forming a long twisty dragon. The dragon was a few meters long was made out of a few dozen Wind blades. After its form solidified in the air, it charged down at Kitaniwakawa and the people around him.


    The color drained from Kitaniwakawa’s face. He had never thought that Chen Fan’s Dharma Spells could be so deadly. Kitaniwakawa was stunned as this was the first time he had ever seen anyone casting a powerful spell without taking any time to prepare.

    Meanwhile, the leaders of the Yukishiro family were stunned.

    Chen Fan had summoned a dragon that was made out of Wind blades. This was unheard of.

    “I bet that not even the Grand Onmyoji, Chizuru Masahiro could have pulled it off.”

    Yukishiro Kōichirō murmured to himself. His face was pale and lifeless.

    Kitaniwakawa realized that it was already too late to evade the attack, so he hunkered down and charged up his True Qi. Invisible energy blew out from his body, puffing up his sleeves. Meanwhile, he inserted his feet a few inches deep into the ground. With a solemn and heavy expression on his face, he lifted the Uchigatana and raised it high above his head.

    Standing before the snarling dragon of wind blades sweeping across the village toward him, Kitaniwakawa felt he was back at the bottom of the waterfall again with the Edge of Thousand Peaks in his hand. On that day, he had severed the gushing water and became a renowned Kendo master.

    “Kitaniwakawa’s One Cut!”

    Kitaniwakawa shouted at the top of his lungs as he brought down the Uchigatana.

    Blade Aura surged from the body of the Uchigatana as the blade bore down on its target like a bolt of silver lightning. The blinding light threatened to pierce through the very fabric of space

    Kitaniwakawa attacked with abandon. He was confident that his attack should be able to sever an armored vehicle in half. However, halfway through his execution, he faltered as he was stupefied by the terrifying sight of the flying dragon of death before him.


    The Blade Aura and the Wind Dragon collided again.

    The explosion was ten times louder than the last one and the impact sent out countless Wind blades in all directions, killing more bystanders. These wind blades went through their bodies as if they were butter. Rough energy pierced through Yukishiro Takeshi’s chest, leaving a large gaping hole in the middle of his body.

    “Why.. why?”

    Yukishiro Takeshi collapsed to the ground, his eyes were filled with disbelief.

    He was the leader of the Yukishiro family and the manager of the multi-billion corporation. He dictated the local affairs, and brushed shoulders with only the most influential bureaucrats never had he thought that his life would end in such violence.

    Finally, before his death, he realized how insignificant and vulnerable he was in the world.

    After a few exchanges of attacks, only a lucky few remained in the village. The terrifying sight had stupefied them, rendering them motionless.

    “Is he dead?”

    Yukishiro Sa looked into the distance.

    Ever since she was a child, she was convinced that Kitaniwakawa was practically invincible. She might openly defy her father and grandfather, but never Kitaniwakawa. She shivered a little as she imagined what would happen if she came back without Chen Fan. She would have already knelt before Kitaniwakawa, asking for forgiveness.

    After the dust had settled, she saw a man drenched in his own blood while standing rigidly.

    “I know who you are now… but it’s too late.”

    Kitaniwakawa managed a final smile before his head lolled to one side as he collapsed to the ground.

    Kitaniwakawa, one of the four deadliest Kendo Grandmaster in Japan was dead.