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Chapter 343 - A Slaughter

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 343: A Slaughter

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    “Konoyarou! Who dares to trespass on our land?”

    Before the family lord Yukishiro Chio and Kitaniwakawa reacted, one of the lesser leaders of the Yukishiro family slammed the table and shouted furiously.

    Among the thousand or so residents of the quiet village, only a small portion of that population were members of the Yukishiro family. However, nearly all the other villagers worked for the family. Some of them were servants, and some were guards. The Yukishiro family also kept an armory in the village in case of violence. Yukishiro family had lorded over this village for over a few hundred years and had accumulated over time many weapons, including heavy firearms.

    It would be difficult if not outright impossible for the Japanese police to enter the village by force since they would have to get past the villagers first. Such was the accumulation of power and influence of the Yukishiro family that they dominated the Kyushu’s underground world. It was absurd to think that anyone would try to barge into the village by force.

    “It was Yukishiro Sa and a young Chinese man.” The servant hurried to put in.

    “This is… Impossible!”

    Swells of exclamations rose in the room, and even Yukishiro Chio’s face colored a little.

    They were just talking about Yukishiro Sa and thought that she must have succumbed to Yukishiro Yasuo and his guards. However, Yukishiro Sa had turned the situation around and come to hunt them down instead.

    “It seems that the mighty fighter from China is with her. ”

    Kitaniwakawa spoke out as he slowly rose to his feet and started off toward the entrance. His hand clenched tightly around the handle of the infamous Uchigatana called “Edge of Thousand Peaks”

    “Fret not, with Kitaniwakawa on our side, no one from China would harm us.” The leaders of the Yukishiro family calmed themselves down and filed out of the room behind Kitaniwakawa.

    Kitaniwakawa was one of the four greatest Kendo Grandmasters in Japan. He was the protector of the Yukishiro family. As long as he was still alive, so would the Yukishiro family.

    The development even stirred Yukishiro Chio. He struggled to stand up and with the help of a young servant girl, he caught up with the big group.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan stood in front of the village entrance, linking his hands behind his back as he watched the group of distressed young men.

    The Yukishiro village was built like a fortress. Large wooden stakes and fences marked the perimeter of the village. Signs of ancient earthen ramparts were still visible here and there. The tall wooden fences were either cracked or chipped and had definitely seen better days.

    When Chen Fan and Yukishiro Sa first showed up, no one seemed to take notice of them.

    The small village was the Yukishiro family’s base of operation and it was not uncommon for the villagers to find strangers walking about. Some of those visitors were politicians from the cities, some were lords of other great families.

    However, when Chen Fan smashed open the gate, the loud noise stirred up everyone.

    Countless young and able hands rushed out of their humble village houses, carrying all kinds of weapons: kitchen knives, blades, baseball bats, pitchforks, you name it. The Yukishiro family had built this village and had the most fervent support of the ardent villagers.


    Yukishiro Sa was made uneasy by the sight of a few hundred strong mob carrying all kinds of weapons.

    She knew Chen Fan was a Grandmaster, but she was not sure if Chen Fan could hold himself before so many attackers. Some of them even wielded guns. Even if the situation was safe for Chen Fan, it was perilous for a girl like her.

    “Follow me.”

    Chen Fan waved hand and walked forward. Having exhausted any other options, Yukishiro Sa dug in and followed Chen Fan closely.


    A man who looked like a leader made a gesture and a throng of young men with menacing tattoos on their arms came at Chen Fan. These men were cannon fodder even when Chen Fan had just reached Foundation Establishment level. They were doubly-dead since Chen Fan had reached the Ethereal Enlightenment.


    Chen Fan flicked a finger cursorily and sent out an azure-colored Blade Auras from the tip of his finger. The Blade Aura was charged with True Essence and grew in length until it was a few meters long. Chen Fan shot out two fingers, where the Blade Auras launched out and made a slicing motion in the air.

    The Azure Blade Aura traced a ten-meter long semi-circle.

    The Azure Wood Qi Blade was so sharp that it could cut through metal as if it were butter. Not even the deadly Blacksnake could survive its attack much less these ordinary humans. In a blink, a few dozen attackers who got caught by the Qi Blade had their bodies severed in half from the waist.

    “Ah!” “Ah!”

    A peal of heart wrenching wails come from the village entrance.

    These Yukishiro family’s henchmen didn’t die immediately and they howled in agonizing pain as they struggled to hold on to the ebbing life.

    Those mobs who had acted slow and weren’t caught in the deadly Qi Blade froze in their tracks, cold sweat sliding down their backs, and faces looking horrified.

    Did they see a lightsaber coming out of this young man’s fingers? Was he a Jedi? He had killed a few dozen men with a single sweep of the hand, was he a human or a superman? Although these men served a powerful family and had their fair share of dealing with deadly fighters, they had never seen anyone so terrifying.

    “Captain, what should we do?”

    The remaining henchman looked to their leader.

    Bead-sized sweat seeped out of Taro Nakagawa’s forehead as he faltered. He was the captain of the village guard and was responsible for the security of the family lords. All these men were under his command.

    Even as the guard captain, it was the first time he had ever seen anyone as mighty as Chen Fan. He was certain that the only person he knew who could hold off Chen Fan was Grandmaster Kitaniwakawa. But how was that even possible? The young man’s age was probably less than half of Kitaniwakawa’s.


    Even as the rest of the villagers hesitated, Chen Fan took a step forward and hacked at the crowd using Blade Qi.

    The scintillating Blade Qi looked like an Uchigatana and its azure incandescent glow turned into a blurry smear of shadow. The Blade Qi had severed the air and created a vacuum behind. As the air rushed back into the vacuum, it created a violent explosion. The Blade Qi didn’t stop, it sliced through the rest of the villagers as if cutting through butter.

    Chen Fan concluded the confrontation with two short and swift attacks and killed nearly forty elite guards of the Yukishiro family. These villagers had all undergone intense training at Kendo Dojos. Some of them were Karate black belts and some were Aikido masters. Any one of them would have held themselves while facing attacks from multiple fronts. However, Chen Fan had only effortlessly flicked his fingers twice and ended all of their lives.

    Even after being used twice, the Blade Aura was still glowing like a flame in the night sky.

    While Chen Fan was in the Foundation Establishment level, Chen Fan had to struggle to kill Linbao by casting out his True Essence. However, now he had reached the Ethereal Enlightenment level and his True Essence had grown as vast as an ocean. The Blade Aura would sustain a hundred if not a thousand times of repetitive use.

    “Fire! Fire at him!”

    The Yukishiro family members who caught the terrifying sight could no longer remain calm. There was no time to wait for the guard captain’s orders, so they took the matter into their own hands and pulled the trigger.

    Suddenly, bullets came toward Chen Fan from all directions like a metal downpour. He was surrounded by at least a dozen firearms, and other than smaller handguns, there were many submachine guns and heavy machine guns. Many of these guns were made in America and were well known for their devastating damage output.

    These American made machine guns could cut down a large tree, and sever a man in half from the waist. Most ordinary Grandmasters would not be able to escape their death when they were surrounded by these heavy weapons.


    Yukishiro Sa covered her eyes and crouched.

    Everyone knew how deadly modern firearms were and therefore the girl was convinced that Chen Fan’s fate was sealed.

    Yukishiro Sa’s conviction was shared by everyone in the Yukishiro family. They kept pulling the triggers as a fit of violent thrill seized their minds.

    “Die, you freak!”

    Many people expected to see a dead Chen Fan on the ground, body covered with bullet holes.

    To their surprise, what greeted them was a stunning sight.

    Chen Fan’s body was glowing incandescent azure and the light was turning brighter by the second. Soon, the light illuminated the area surrounding Chen Fan, forming a protective shield. Countless bullets landed on the shield and simply bounced off. At each impact, the shield shimmered a little but remained intact.

    “How is that possible?”

    Everyone, including Taro Nakagawa, was stupefied by what they saw. Sensing there was no longer danger about, Yukishiro Sa opened her eyes and was shocked to see countless bullets lodged in the field of glowing light. It was as if the shield was embellished by many bronze flowers.

    “Master really is a sage!”

    Yukishiro Sa exclaimed in her mind as a wave of veneration and reverence rose in her.

    If not for the inconvenient circumstance, she would kneel before Chen Fan and beg to follow him for the rest of her life.

    Meanwhile, the villagers and the Yukishiro family members were stupefied by the turn of the event. Many even let go of their triggers and stood idly, trying to make sense of the situation.


    Chen Fan took a step forward.

    His movement startled his opponents. They cried out for help and ran away, throwing away their weapons to run faster. Try as he might, Taro Nakagawa could no longer rally the routed fighters.

    The young man must be a monster, otherwise, how come he was bulletproof?

    It was already too late for them to run away. Chen Fan flicked his finger with each step he took, sending out wind blades from the tip of his fingers. These wind blades ripped open the air and whizzed toward the backs of the deserters.

    These Wind blades were formed by Essence Qi and was hard enough to cut through metal. They cut into the deserter’s bodies and sliced them into halves from the middle.

    One step, two steps, three steps.

    After Chen Fan unleashed the seventh wind blade after he took the seventh step, the body count in the village had reached the hundreds. The rest of the villagers who looked at the disaster unfold turned tail and ran for home.

    Chen Fan had squelched Yukishiro Chio’s impenetrable fortress as he would to a piece of tofu.

    By then, Kitaniwakawa and the leaders of the Yukishiro family had finally made their way to the village entrance. Kitaniwakawa was shocked by how bad the situation was. He then looked at the young man warily, digging in for a tough fight.