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Chapter 341 - To Japan, We Go

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 341: To Japan, We Go

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    January 2009. Inside the Zhong Hai International AirPort…

    The Chinese New Year was just around the corner and the airport was packed with throngs of people traveling in and out of China to be reunited with their families. There was no direct flight from Jin City to Fukuoka, therefore, Chen Fan and Yukishiro Sa had to catch a flight to Zhong Hai first and transfer from there to their final destination.

    “Hi, can you move over a little please?”

    Chen Fan and Yukishiro Sa had booked first-class seats with ample leg room. It didn’t take Chen Fan long to find his seat.

    Next to him was a young couple. The man was in his thirties and he was wearing golden rim glasses and a spiffy business suit, looking like a successful manager at a large firm. The girl was fashionably dressed. She wore a large pair of sunglasses and wore her shoulder-length hair down. Below the waist, she wore K-pop style jeans that wrapped tightly around her breathtaking curves. However, one of her crossed legs extended all the way to the aisle and blocked Chen Fan’s path.

    The girl heard Chen Fan’s voice, she looked up from her sunglasses at Chen Fan, her eyes were brimming.

    Chen Fan didn’t change his appearance back to the usual college no account, instead, he went to Japan as Chen Beixuan. He knew he would get his hands dirty in Japan and there was no point in hiding his identity. Plus, he wanted everyone to know that it was he, Chen Beixuan, who did everything.


    The girl let out a sweet smile and pulled back her legs to make way.

    The young man wasn’t quite pleased by their interaction. However, he kept his annoyance to himself. Chen Fan and Yukishiro Sa found their seats and they sat right across from the couple.

    Seeing Chen Fan had traveled with a young girl with pristine beauty, the girl seemed disappointed.

    The air stewardess honey-coated voice drifted out of the intercom, signaling that the airplane was about to take off.

    Chen Fan sat still with his eyes half-closed as he reflected his past cultivation. The early-stage and mid-stage of the Ethereal Enlightenment level were two worlds apart when it came down to power. At mid-stage, only Chen Fan would have much more Qi Energy at his disposal, but he was also much more proficient in using divine powers. By then, Chen Fan should be able to use some large scale Dharma Spells.

    These large Dharma Spells took a long time to cast, but they were as powerful as weapons of mass destruction. Chen Fan would use these spells to deter the assault of the Japanese army if he had to. However, that was unlikely to happen since Chen Fan’s improved Azure Thearch Longevity Body should be able to help him get out of any hairy situation.

    Before his recent leveling up, Chen Fan had a very rudimentary form of the Azure Thearch Longevity Body. Even using the hypersonic punch just once would be taxing for his body. However, the new Azure Thearch Longevity Body was greatly improved. Not only could he use the hypersonic punch as frequently as he wanted, but the endurance and toughness of his body had also surged to an absurd amount. By then, not even a cannon firing at him at point-blank could have harmed him, much less normal caliber weapons.

    “The Demon God must have sensed his Illusion Form being shattered by me. Yukishiro Sa had told me that both the Yukishiro family and the Susano Shrine were located at Fukuoka. I might have to face the Japanese police and military as soon as I arrive there.” Chen Fan tapped the armrest with a finger.

    He would not be deterred by a Demon God in his prime, much less an injured one.

    This Demon God had existed over a few hundred years in Japan and must have more than just the Yukishiro family under his command. Therefore, Chen Fan was convinced that in order to bring the Demon God to his heels, he would have to first deal with the tycoons of Kyushu island and the Japanese government. To make sure of his victory, he had decided to embark on his journey after he had leveled up.

    Plus, he was already so close to the mid-stage of Ethereal Enlightenment, all he needed was that final dash before the finishing line.

    By then, Chen Fan had finally breached the bottleneck and improved his physique condition. It gave him a level of protection against firearms.

    Suddenly, a clear and musical voice wrenched his thoughts out of his reverie. “Hi, my name is Ai Jinqi. I am from Zhong Hai. Are you guys going on a vacation to Fukuoka?”

    Chen Fan cracked open her eyes and saw the fashionably dressed girl was staring at him with a warm smile. Her long and slender legs were wrapped tightly in her jeans, she looked as hot as a supermodel.

    “My name is Chen Beixuan, from Jin City.” Chen Fan answered distractedly.

    Sensing the coldness in Chen Fan’s voice, Ai Jinqi’s smile faded a little. However, she was an outgoing social butterfly and was not easily deterred. She inched closer to Chen Fan and asked under her breath.

    “That hottie there, is she your girlfriend?”

    She was so close to Chen Fan that he could smell the intoxicating fragrance of her lipstick. It was evident that she was getting a little bit too familiar.

    The girl’s intimate action didn’t sit well with the young man beside her. He pulled a tight face and grumbled.

    “Xiao Qi!”

    “Can you get off my back? I didn’t ask you to come with me! I am just asking him a question, you got a problem with that?” Ai Jinqi rolled her eyes at the young man and said: “Plus, I don’t know you that well, don’t call me Xiao Qi.”

    The young man blushed and grew quiet. His glare became increasingly hostile toward Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan glanced over the couple and gauged the dynamic between them. The man must have fallen head over heels for the girl while the girl didn’t seem to be interested. However, Chen Fan didn’t want to waste his time on them, so he furrowed his brows and replied:

    “No, she is my servant girl.”

    “servant girl?” Ai Jinqi was taken aback.

    The girl was expecting to hear a lover, mistress or wife, but not a servant girl. Who still keeps servant girls in the 21st century?

    “Nonsense, no one has servent anymore. So you mean she is a domestic worker from the Philippines?” The young man sneered at Chen Fan and said.

    “Ren Hao, Did I tell you to speak up?” Ai Jinqi glared at the young man. Ren Hao’s face grew even redder. Although he managed to hold back his anger, he glared at Chen Fan with a ball of fire in his eyes.

    “I am Chen San’s servant girl, a slave if you will.” Yukishiro Sa said readily.

    She looked distant and aloof but was extraordinarily beautiful. Adding on her white peacoat and slim fit pants, she looked as adorable as a princess.

    Despite her gorgeous appearance, she admitted that she was a lowly servant. The revelation was shocking.

    “Wait, are you Japanese?” Ai Jinqi noticed Yukishiro Sa used the term “San” when she spoke. Only Japanese people use that in lieu of Mr. or Mis.

    A drop-dead gorgeous girl from Japan claimed to be Chen Fan’s servant girl. It was unbelievable.

    Ai Jinqi batted her lashes as her eyes shifted from Chen Fan to Yukishiro Sa and then back at Chen Fan as she trying to make sense of their relationship. Meanwhile, Ren Hao was seized by a pang of jealousy when he heard Yukishiro Sa’s confirmation of her servitude to Chen Fan. He murmured with a sour tone: “Is it some kind of sick role-playing?”

    This time, he kept his voice low but the others heard him nonetheless.

    Chen Fan didn’t seem to mind the man’s insult, but Yukishiro Sa gave him a hot glare and chided: “One more word of disrespect, I will throw you off the plane. Do you understand?”

    Although she was just an ordinary mortal, years of experience of running the underground world in Kyushu island created a ruthlessness and belligerence in her voice. Ren Hao was startled by the girl’s tone and decided to keep to himself from then on.

    “Why do you call him Master, if I may ask??”

    Ai Jinqi asked curiously.

    “Because Master is strong enough to save my life. I have sworn to follow the master.” Yukishiro Sa looked to Chen Fan, her eyes were filled with respect and admiration.

    In the beginning, she only felt fear toward Chen Fan, and the fear had also kept her in check. However, after Chen Fan killed the Illusion Form and took her into the Green Dragon Grand Array, the fear in Yukishiro Sa was replaced with veneration.

    He could command not only a dragon but also the elements in nature. If he was not an immortal, who was?

    “Really?” Ai Jinqi’s eyes were lit up with interest and excitement.

    She felt that she was listening to a plot of a soap drama. The mighty hero saved the girl who then offered herself to her savior. The hero appeared to be cold and distant, but was an extremely passionate lover, especially in the night—It was the story arc of most Qidian Novels that have “Handsome CEO” in its title.

    Chen Fan looked cold and distant and fit the stereotype perfectly.

    She pressed on and asked more questions. Although neither Chen Fan nor Yukishiro Sa wanted to entertain her, Ai Jinqi prattled on. Chen Fan offered a brief reply from time to time, and slowly he got a pretty good picture of the chatty girl’s trouble.

    Ai Jinqi was forced to go through many dates arranged by her family and eventually she got fed up and decided to go on a vacation.

    Much to her dismay, one of her arranged dates, Ren Hao, decided to travel with her. She was infuriated but couldn’t find a way to get rid of Ren Hao.

    Before the plane landed, Ai Jinqi held onto Chen Fan and Yukishiro Sa’s hand and was reluctant to part with them. She asked: “Are you here to tour the city? Maybe we can meet again? Can we exchange numbers?”

    “Let’s leave it to our fate.”

    Chen Fan waved a dismissal and left the plane with Yukishiro Sa.

    The disappointment was written all over Ai Jinqi’s face. Ren Hao could no longer hold back his bitterness. “What a jerk! He thinks he is prince charming because he looks slightly better than most people. Humph! Servant girl, I think he is bluffing. Who does that any more? It’s against human rights!”

    “Shut up, you!”

    Ai Jinqi rolled her eyes at him and after walking to Chen Fan, Ren Hao seemed even more disappointing.

    In 2009, Japan was no longer the economic superpower that she once was in the 80s, but the country was much more developed than China. Life in Fukuoka was much better than that in Chinese cities of a similar tier. Walking on the street, Chen Fan was impressed by how clean the streets were and how orderly the people behaved. That being said, In the years that followed in 2009, China had quickly caught up with Japan in nearly all aspects of city development.

    “Master, are we going to the hotel now?”

    Yukishiro Sa asked respectfully.

    “No, they are already here.”

    Chen Fan answered readily.

    “They?” Yukishiro Sa was taken aback at first. Before she wrapped her mind around Chen Fan’s words, a black Mercedes-Benz pulled over beside them. A menacing-looking young man got out of the car and came over to them.

    “My sister, why didn’t you tell us that you are coming back to Japan?”

    The man studied Chen Fan with a scheming glare as he greeted Yukishiro Sa. Behind the young man stood a group of brawny men with compact muscles.