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Chapter 339 - Godfiend of Dark Mis

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 339: Godfiend of Dark Mist

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    As soon as Chen Fan captured the Illusion Form into the yellow-skinned gourd,

    An angry and pained scream shot out from a shrine in Kyushu island. This scream didn’t seem to pass through air, instead, it shot right into the mind of people nearby.

    “Oh no. Lord Susano has awakened. What is going on?”

    An old man was meditating in a deep recess of the shrine, wearing an Onmyoji outfit that was completed with a tall black hat. His hair and beard were all as white as snow, face lined with wrinkles.


    The wooden door swung open and a middle-aged man barged in: “Father, Lord Susano is angry, he has already killed three priestesses.”

    “Don’t panic!”

    The old man slowly rose up and refuted the middle-aged man.

    The old man was enlightened by the way of nature and it showed in every movement he made and every syllable he spoke. His eyes were as deep as the deepest ocean in the world, full of wisdom and mystery. If any Chinese cultivator was here, he would be surprised to see a Perfected Cultivator of Dharma Cultivation standing before him.

    “Yes, father, I apologize.” The middle-aged man quickly lowered his head and apologized.

    Although he was the son of the old man, he had to tread carefully before the leader of the Chizuru family, a renowned Onmyoji master of Japan. He has the ability to commune with the Ghost Spirits, talk to the deceased and control souls and spirits. Even the cabinet ministers in Japan had to talk to him with the greatest respect.

    “Follow me.”

    Chizuru Masahiro waved his large loose sleeve, motioning his son to follow him. He then walked off toward the center of the shrine where the statue of their god was placed. The middle-aged man trailed behind the old man fearfully.

    As soon as they made it to the main hall, they were greeted by a bloody scene.

    A large statue was set at the center of the somber and dark hall of the shrine. This statue depicted an image that was nothing like that of a Bodhisattva or Celestial Lord, instead, it was a hideous Oni. Its face contorted with a devious grin and its body was covered in dark glinting scales. He looked like a demon that crawled right out of hell.

    This was the Demon God of the Susano Shrine: Lord Susano.

    On a normal day, this main hall was a sacred ground where priests and priestess tended the incense and sacrifices on the altar. However, there and then, the hall was a bloody mess. A large shadowy figure three-meters tall, filled up the empty space of the hall. The figure had only one eye with a twisted horn on its forehead. Its body was covered from head to toe in black scales just as the statue was.

    The large dark shadow held a priestess in both hands, and with a slight jerk, it had torn the girl’s body in half. Blood spilled out from the body, raining down onto the already bloody floor. Body parts mixed with shattered furniture that was strewn all over the ground.

    Despite the horrid sight, Chizuru Masahiro only furrowed his brows slightly and bowed.

    “Lord Susano, what has made you so angry?”

    The Godfiend turned around its misty form and snarled at Chizuru Masahiro. Then a booming voice came up in the old man’s mind: “I can see it… My Illusion Form is no more… China… Someone in China had ruined my Illusion Form… find him… SMASH him….”

    A tsunami of roiling Soul Energy filled up the large hall.

    The middle-aged man behind Chizuru Masahiro was suddenly attacked by a bout of headache and dizziness. He staggered and almost fell to the ground.

    Chizuru Masahiro narrowed his glinting eyes and asked: “Do you mean the little girl from Yukishiro family? Yes, she departed for China a few days ago. That being said, it would take at least a Perfected Cultivator, if not one in the God Reining State to detect and destroy your Illusion Form”

    “Could there be a God Reining State Immortal Master in China? That’s impossible.”

    The Onmyoji Master shook his head.

    “I don’t care… fine him and smash! NOW!” The Godfiend roared out his anger.

    Although he was nothing but a ball of dark smoke, he had the ability to manipulate physical objects with incredible strength. He smashed the altar made out of a hunk of solid oak into wood pulp. The dark mist froze the air around it, making icicles form on the frosted ground.

    “Yes, my Lord.” Chizuru Masahiro lowered his head obediently.

    Satisfied, the Godfiend of Dark Mist lost its form and became a plume of dark smoke before it returned to the statue.

    An envious light flashed in Chizuru Masahiro’s eyes.

    Although he was a mighty Onmyoji Master, he couldn’t help but feel jealous of the Godfiends Dark Mist’s power. The Godfiend of Dark Mist was gravely injured before, but his power was still extraordinary.

    “This is the power of the Immortal State. Even if his flesh had perished, he could survive in the physical realm as a Ghost Spirit.” Chizuru Masahiro lamented in his mind. He was already in his eighties, but this Demon God of Dark Mist had existed even when his ancestors were still alive. By now, the Demon God of Dark Mist had survived over a few hundred years.

    Based on his family records, this Demon God used to be the first Onmyoji to have reached God Reining State. He quickly dominated Japan with an iron fist, and even the emperor himself feared him. Before he was killed, he ordered the construction of the Susano Shrine to host his Ghost Spirit. After he passed away, his Ghost Spirit fed on the faith and worship of priests in the shrine. Chizuru Masahiro’s ancestor was one of this Onmyoji master’s disciples and he and his descendants were ordered to guard the shrine.

    Other than his family, many other families sought protection under the powerful blessings of the Lord Susano.

    After Chizuru Masahiro walked out of the main hall, he turned around and ordered his son: “Contact the Yukishiro family ask them what has happened to Yukishiro Sa. Also Bring the message to Lord Kitaniwakawa, tell him I need to see him.”

    “Yes, father.” The middle-aged man answered with a shaky voice.

    He knew better than anyone the power at Chizuru Masahiro’s disposal. As long as he was in charge of the Shrine, he could lord over the Kyushu island like a king.

    After the middle-aged man left, Chizuru Masahiro paced back and forth in the lobby and turned his thoughts inward.

    “Who did it? Who could destroy Lord Susano’s Illusion Form? Could there really be an Immortal State cultivator in China? The only one I know has been living in seclusion for over a decade. Or was it another Demon God just like Lord Susano?”

    Chizuru Masahiro pondered.

    However, he didn’t feel threatened by the potential opponent. With the power of Lord Susano and the resources in Kyushu under his disposal, he could easily handle an Immortal State cultivator.

    This was the twenty-first century now, and there were many more ways to deal with a cultivator than before.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan had returned East Mountain and started to prepare for his leveling up.

    It had been half a year since the time he reached Ethereal Enlightenment. Within these six months, he had been consuming Essence Qi every waking moment. The Azure Thearch Longevity Art was one of the most sacred Divine Arts from the Five Elements Immortal Sect. It allowed Chen Fan to absorb Spirit Qi from any living plant or tree. Therefore, even though Chen Fan couldn’t carry the Spirit Gathering Array with him, his cultivation went on unhindered.

    In other words, he was a walking Spirit Gathering Array, channeling Spirit Qi from his surroundings all the time.

    Ideally, Chen Fan would find a virgin forest that had no distractions and cultivate there. However, Chen Fan couldn’t simply give up his life and hide in seclusion for years on end.

    Therefore, the easiest way to go about it was to construct the Green Dragon Grand Array. Once he harvested the spirit herbs, he would turn them into spirit pills that would further his cultivation.

    “Clack-Clank, Clack-Clank.”

    Yukishiro Sa had changed into a white samurai outfit and wore her hair in a short ponytail. Her pristine beauty made her look like an anime character. She followed Chen Fan as the two started up the mountain.

    Yukishiro Sa was curious why Chen Fan brought her here before they left for Japan.

    However, she kept her questions to herself. She knew that she had to rely on Chen Fan to survive. The Demon God and her family wouldn’t let her get away with escaping the grip of the Illusion Form.

    “We are here.”

    Chen Fan paused after they made it to the top.

    The mountain range around here was surrounded by heavy mist.

    Yukishiro Sa looked around and could vaguely trace out the outlines of mountains. They formed a circle and at the center was a flat low ground that was covered by an even thicker mist. However, from time to time she could see the low valley was filled with wild grass and dead trees.

    Why are we here? Was there a hidden base somewhere?

    Yukishiro Sa was confused.

    “What do you see?”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and asked lightly.

    “Master, I see only an empty valley.” Yukishiro Sa answered with great respect.

    “Oh? What about now?” Chen Fan let out a smile and stomped the ground as he shouted under his breath: “Clear!”

    Suddenly, an incredible sight revealed before Yukishiro Sa.

    The clouds and the misty started to churn and roil and from the middle, it was split into half by an invisible force. Chen Fan shouted again, and the two sections of the clouds parted revealing a broad path seemingly made out of the mist.

    This misty avenue stretched over a few hundred meters from under their feet to the low lying valley.

    The girl looked down at the valley from the lip of the path and she was stunned to realize the valley was far from empty. It was filled to the brim with all kinds of exotic plants and trees. Around her, the mist had condensed into fine rain droplets with a faint azure undertone. The rain and the moisture hanging in the air above the valley like a giant cotton blanket.

    At the end of the path, deep in the valley was a mansion of exquisite design and exceptional craftsmanship.

    “Is.. is this where the Sages live?”

    Yukishiro Sa was shocked.

    Sages were a common element in Japanese folklore. They all said to live in otherworldly places that were isolated from the mortal world. Without the stress and clamor of the real world, they could cultivate a few hundred years without aging the slightest.

    Yukishiro Sa had always thought sages were the stuff of legends, but what she was seeing right now had proven her wrong.

    shock and disbelief had rendered her speechless.

    “Don’t be silly, this is my man-cave, not the Immortal abode of Sages.” Chen Fan was amused but the girl’s reaction. Then he ordered her: “Follow me this way.”

    Chen Fan took a step forward and landed on the misty path.