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Chapter 338 - Illusion Form of A Demon God

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 338: Illusion Form of A Demon God

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    Chen Fan seemingly grabbed nothing but the air but the motion caused a ghastly shriek to sweep across the room.

    It was evident that the shriek was not any ordinary sound made out of vibrations of air. It seemed to have bypassed the ear and pierced directly into one’s soul, like the wild chantings of beasts from hell. Its cadence and tone were imbued with evil and chaos.

    “Ah! What the hell is that noise?”

    Many of the guards were taken aback by the sudden noise that seemingly came out of nowhere. Many of the guards threw down their weapons and ran away. Even Yukishiro Sa was confused by the strange noise coming from her own body.

    “Your tricks are pathetic”

    Chen Fan snorted with disdain and stamped the ground with one foot. Suddenly, an azure-colored light shot out from his eyes and formed a hand as it flew at Yukishiro Sa.

    “Get out now!”

    Chen Fan shouted at the top of his lungs.

    Yukishiro Sa’s body started to shake uncontrollably. She felt a force was being pulled out of her body.


    Yukishiro Sa let out a painful cry as her body convulsed violently. The guards who were brave enough to get close and peeked through the cracks in the wall saw Yukishiro Sa’s body was covered with a web of a mysterious tattoos.

    The tattoos were nearly invisible at the beginning, but as the hand made out of energy qi clenched the girl, the ink started to surface onto the girl’s naked skin, revealing one small patch of a much larger pattern. It looked like an image of a ghost or Demon.

    “Arrgh! Arrgh!!”

    As Yukishiro Sa’s howling became louder and more agonizing, wisps of dark smoke rose from the ink and they converged in the air, forming a vivid image of an Oni. It had a horn on its forehead, two large fangs set on each side of a long slithering green tongue. Scraggly and matted hair hang from its hair, covering the gaping eye at the center of the nightmarish configuration.

    As soon as the Oni revealed itself, it struggled to get away.

    “Just an Illusion Form, you won’t escape me.”

    Chen Fan snorted as the azure light in his eyes burned more fiercely until it reached out seven meters away from his feet. The azure fire lit up the surrounding area and forced the Oni out of hiding. Soon the Oni had its back against the wall and was forced to reveal itself again in the form of a swirling dark ball of smoke.

    “Come over here.”

    As soon as Chen Fan produced the yellow-skinned gourd from his pocket, the puff of dark smoke flew into the yellow-skinned gourd. The Fruit of the Void Dimension Vine was a precious Dimension Altering Dharma Treasure. It would have no problem containing a Divine Soul. Once the Divine Soul was concealed inside the Dimension Altering Dharma Treasure, not even a Connate Spirit level cultivator could have registered its presence using Divine Will.

    Chen Fan had also noticed that the owner of this illusion Form was only at the Divine Sea state. The energy in this illusion Form was much weaker than that which was encased in the golden statue. The divine soul in the golden statue might have belonged to a perfected immortal, but the creator of the Oni was not even remotely close to that state.

    “What is going on?”

    Yukishiro Sa struggled to get up and asked feebly. Her face was colorless and lips blue. She looked like she had just recovered from a terrible sickness.

    Chen Fan didn’t reply. He traced a circle in the air using a finger.

    A Qi energy shot out from his finger and sliced open Yukishiro Sa’s shirt.

    The girl was suddenly fully naked in broad daylight. Feeling embarrassed, she shriveled up as her heart raced in her chest.

    “Is he going to do me now? It’s not that I don’t want to, I’m just too tired.”

    Even as Yukishiro Sa thought wild thoughts, she noticed a tattoo with vibrant colors appeared on her shoulder. She traced the colorful lines and noticed that the ink had covered all over her body.

    After a while, she finally noticed the tattoo was a snarling One Horn Oni King

    “What is this?”

    Yukishiro Sa was seized by shock and surprise and even forgot to cover her body up. Luckily, her guards were disciplined and well trained elite guards. They lowered their heads as soon as the girl was stripped of her clothes, scarcely daring to peek at the girl. Ancient family clans such as the Yukishiro family upheld their tradition fiercely. Whoever dared to lay their gaze on Yukishiro Sa would have his eyes gouged out and fed to the dogs.

    “It’s a small trick of the Divine Soul, likely that of a Demon God. in order for the demon to possess a human with his illusion form, it first needs to choose a proper vessel, preferably a virgin with pure Yin type body. It needs to tattoo a spell on the chosen one’s body using a mix of ink and pigeon blood. This tattoo was invisible most of the time, and would only show up when the host became excited or unhinged. Otherwise, the tattoo is a medium for the demon.”

    Chen Fan picked out a shirt and a jacket and layered them over Yukishiro Sa’s body as he explained slowly.

    Although Chen Fan had not reached the required level to possess another human with his Illusion Form, he didn’t need to anyway. He could simply attach a divine will onto his target in order to manipulate or monitor the target. This Oni’s method was unnecessarily complicated. He had to find a virgin of pure Yin body and had to painstakingly tattoo that huge image of himself onto the host using the correct mixture of blood and pigment. It was too complicated and inefficient.

    “Divine Soul Possession? Pure Yin body? Medium?”

    Yukishiro Sa was confused by the jargon. However, she had understood one thing from Chen Fan: someone had tattoed that image on her without her ever noticing it.

    The thought gave Yukishiro Sa goosebumps.

    It was impossible to pull it off without the consent and help of Yukishiro Sa’s parents. Did that mean her family was in on this as well?

    “Yes, it’s exactly like what you think.” Chen Fan flicked a finger and said: “Only a person of pure Yin body could withstand being possessed by a Divine Soul. If the demon had possessed other innocent people, he would quickly lose body temperature, and his blood pressure would drop to zero. In the end, he would die of soul energy depletion. Even with a pure Yin body, most hosts would not live past twenty.”

    Yukishiro Sa was terrified by what she heard.

    She was going to turn twenty this year and her birthday was in a few months.

    “Then why me?” Yukishiro Sa asked in a shaky voice.

    “In China, it’s called Divine Soul or Evil Ghost, in Japan its called Shikigami, or Oni the Demon God. Overseas in Europe its called Evil Spirit. They are the different names of the same thing. As soon as a powerful Spirit Body possessed you, it would require a medium to feel what you feel and see what you usee, living vicariously through you. You will become its host that does its biding unwittingly.” Chen Fan shrugged and then said: “But it also came with some benefits. Your ability to see through other people’s minds, for example, was one of them.”

    The more he talked about it, the more liveliness drained away from Yukishiro Sa’s face.

    She was Japanese and had grown up listening to stories of Onmyoji, Shikigami, and Onis. However, the thought of being possessed in real life and the possession initiated while she was only a kid made Yukishiro Sa’s stomach churn. Yukishiro Sa was convinced that the leaders of the Yukishiro family were involved in her being possessed by the ghost.

    Suddenly, all those strange things that didn’t make sense to her before became clear.

    However incompetent her father was, her grandfather would never let a sixteen year old girl inherit the seat of power under Japan’s fiercely traditional society. She didn’t always have the mind-reading ability. When she was five years old, she had a bad fever and passed out for three days. After that, she found out she had gained the incredible ability of mind-reading.

    Even the mighty Grandmaster Kitaniwakawa had always supported her unequivocally with a great measure of respect. That had always puzzled her. Why would someone much more powerful hold her in such high regard?

    The thought of her grandpa’s knowing glance and Kitaniwakawa’s rarely calm expression gave Yukishiro Sa goosebumps.

    After years of experience in leading a powerful family, she had strengthened her will and sharpened her focus. Therefore, she managed to quickly gather herself. She turned around and kneeled before Chen Fan.

    “Master, your most loyal servant at your service.”

    Yukishiro Sa finally had a moment of epiphany. Let it be her grandpa, her father or Kitaniwakawa, they had only used her as a tool to their own benefit. Her family was no longer a safe haven for her, instead, it was the source of her nightmare. Chen Fan was the only person she could fall back on now.

    Chen Fan was the number one Grandmaster in China and was the third most powerful warrior on the Dark Roll. As long as she has his support, no one would dare to harm a hair on her.

    “Very well, you are smarter than I thought.”

    Chen Fan had seen through her mind and nodded.

    He felt the hidden energy inside of Yukishiro Sa the moment he walked into the Ginza Club. He probed the energy with Divine Will and realized that it was an illusion Form of a Demon inside the girl. The owner of the Illusion Form was a powerful being of the Divine Sea level. However, judging by the feeble power of the Illusion Form, Chen Fan wagered that the owner of the Illusion Form was badly injured. The Illusion form was so weak that it lacked means of breaking out of Yukishiro Sa’s body and had to rely on the tattoo to perceive its surroundings.

    That being said, Chen Fan couldn’t pass up the opportunity of capturing a Divine Sea level Demon God Oni.

    Chen Fan recalled that he had obtained the Primordial Ghost Flute from the Young Master of the Ghost Witch Sect, and at that time, he couldn’t refine it into a Dharma Treasure because he lacked proper material. But there was no better material for this job than this Demon Spirit.

    “Master, I have seen a picture with the same pattern as my tattoo. It was a painting in the Yukishiro family’s Shrine.” Yukishiro Sa gritted her teeth as vengeful light flickered in her eyes.

    “Very well, I will go to Japan with you. But you need to come with me before we leave.”

    Chen Fan waved a hand and said. He was not even remotely scared of a Divine Sea level Demon God, but he still needed to prepare for the battle. Although the Demon God was weakened by a serious injury, it was of Divine Sea level and could not be trifled with.

    “The Spirit Herbs in the Green Dragon Grand Array are ready for harvest. It’s about time for me to reach the mid-stage of Ethereal Enlightenment.”

    Chen Fan thought to himself as his eyes shined an expectant light.