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Chapter 337 - The Deadly Waving of A Hand

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 337: The Deadly Waving of A Hand

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    Qi Wangsun was first acquainted with the name Chen Beixuan when he was visiting Hong Kong from the mouth of the Hong Kong local tycoons. Chen Fan had also told him once to use his other name Chen Beixuan if he was ever in trouble. Qi Wangsun had never taken that offer too seriously, after all, he had been convinced that Chen Fan was just a tycoon in Hong Kong and would be of no use to his problem. By now, he had nearly forgotten the name.

    However, hearing Meng Zhong bringing it up again, Qi Wangsun finally put two and two together and realized that Chen Fan was the number one Grandmaster on the so-called Heaven roll. He gave Chen Fan a confused look and wondered why would he be called Curmudgeon Chen while he was not even twenty years old yet.

    “Would you please tell me, young man. Which one of those three mighty warriors are you?” Meng Zhong rubbed his shiny head and asked sarcastically.

    Yukishiro Sa was amused by Meng Zhong’s question. She sneered at Chen Fan in her mind.

    Hua Yunfeng was in his eighties, while Ye Nantian became famous a few decades ago, so Chen Fan could be neither of them. As for Chen Beixuan, he was the most powerful man in China, a true dragon, he would never even show up alongside with no accounts such as Qi Wangsun much less be his friend.

    “But wait for a second… Tang Yifei told me that Master Chen was studying at a university in Jin City. She also mentioned that he was around nineteen years old, a similar age as this young man… Could it be?”

    The more Yukishiro Sa thought about it, the more convinced she became.

    Even as she looked up at Chen Fan with shock and disbelief, she heard an explosion come from outside.


    The decorative pond outside of the wooden house exploded from the middle as if a bomb was detonated from under the water. A dark shadow flew out of the pond into the air and then it landed heavily on the stairs that led to the wooden house, creating two deep depression on the wooden step.

    It was Kawakami Gensai who had been knocked out of the room.

    He was drenched in water, hair flung tightly on his skin. He glared at Chen Fan with a predatory stare.

    “Bakayaro! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!”

    Kawakami Gensai’s face turned dark with a green undertone as blood vessels popped in his eyes. He let out a deep grunt and spread his feet wide with one foot in front of another. He lifted his palm as deadly energy hardened and sharpened the edge of his hand. With a heavy stomp on the ground, he threw himself at Chen Fan with incredible speed.

    He had never endured such humiliation ever since he became the disciple of Kitaniwakawa. Seized by a pang of anger, he jumped out of the pond, trying to avenge his embarrassment.

    Kawakami Gensai was a peak level Internal Force user. Japanese Martial artists not only cultivated internal force as Chinese martial artists do, but they also paid a lot of attention to strengthening their Physique. Therefore, some moves were extra deadly when performed by Japanese Martial artists. The burst damage from these Japanese Martial artists would exceed their Chinese counterparts. Their martial arts philosophy was very similar to that of a glass cannon assassin. Kawakami Gensai was not an exception.

    His attacks were infused with energy from secret arts.

    As energy poured out from each and every meridian, and qi chambers his heart raced to pump huge amounts of blood throughout his body. Muscles on his body burgeoned and stretched out his wet clothes to the point that it was about to rip apart at the seams. He charged at Chen Fan like an unstoppable train. He infused his hand with energy qi, turning it into a blade and used it to unleash the Kitaniwakawa’s One Cut once again. This time, he didn’t use a blade, but the attack seemed to be even more deadly.

    His hand was brimming with Energy Qi and some access qi had reached down to the floor and carved a line on the wooden planks.

    Kawakami Gensai had unleashed as much power as a semi transcendent grandmaster could. He was very close to being able to project his Internal Force out of his system.

    “Hold on Kawakami san! He is—”

    Yukishiro Sa’s face paled and even as she warned Kawakami Gensai Chen Fan shouted: “Courting death!”

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows and shot out a hand as if he was trying to catch a fly in the air.


    This time, Chen Fan no longer held back his power and sent out a wave of energy that was as ancient as time itself. This invisible force stormed forward and pulverized the wooden wall into wood pulp. Then it went on to annihilate the wooden landing, stairs and took out a few pillars until it reached the decorative boulder set beside the pond. This few-meters-tall rock trembled by the impact from the force.

    The force rammed through Kawakami Gensai’s body like a bulldozer and reduced the Kendo master into a bloody mush on the ground.

    A pin-drop silence suddenly fell over the room.

    Yukishiro Sa, Meng Zhong, Qi Wangsun, Liu Xiaojin and many other guards who were summoned here by the commotion were stunned by the terrifying sight.

    It was as if a heavy semi-truck had plowed through the entire club. It rushed the stone planters, took out wooden pillars, landings, and eventually rammed into the huge boulder, creating a destructive path that extended from under Chen Fan’s feet all the way to the decorative pond.

    How did Chen Fan cause this with a single wave of his hand?


    Those who rushed into the courtyard to protect Yukishiro Sa dropped to their knees and kowtowed to Chen Fan as they would to a god.

    Who else could have possessed such power other than a god?

    Yukishiro Sa sat less than a meter away from Chen Fan, and the terrifying turn of events made her shiver with fear. If Chen Fan’s attack was slightly off, she would have met the same fate as the Kendo Master. Chen Fan’s godly power brought out a pang of fear and panic inside of Yukishiro Sa.

    Her heart raced in her chest, feeling as she had just missed a fatal accident.

    Meng Zhong was already rendered speechless. He was staring at at Chen Fan shocked.

    “You… you…”

    Not even the Transcendent Grandmaster he knew possessed such terrifying power. He watched as Chen Fan cast a deadly wave of energy out for nearly thirty meters. Only a handful of Grandmasters in China could have pulled that off.

    His age and godly ability, plus the fact that he was studying in Jinlin City confirmed his identity.

    “Do you know who I am now?” Chen Fan pulled back both hands and looked at Meng Zhong with a long glance.

    Meng Zhong’s mind raced as cold sweat trickled down from his face. In a fit a fear, he lengthened his body a little and then bowed ninety degrees to Chen Fan.

    “I am junior disciple Meng Zhong. It is my honor to meet you, Grandmaster Chen.”

    The thought of being in the presence of the number one Grandmaster in China gave Meng Zhong the jitters. He was only a phenomenal success level Internal Force user, a pathetic weakling in the eyes of the mighty Master Chen. Kawakami Gensai was much stronger than him, yet he was killed by Chen Fan with a wave of a hand.

    One should never disrespect a Grandmaster. He wondered in fear if Chen Fan would take offense in his sarcastic remarks.

    The more Meng Zhong thought about it, the deeper his bow became. He wouldn’t rise up until Chen Fan had told him to.

    “Tell Yang Qinhu that Qi family is under my protection, and Qi Wangsun will make his own decisions about his marriage.” Chen Fan said lightly.

    “Yes, Master Chen.” Meng Zhong answered while continuing to bow down to Chen Fan.

    “Lao Qi, take Xiao Jin and leave here now.”

    Chen Fan waved a dismissal at Qi Wangsun.

    Qi Wangsun gave Chen Fan a look with complicated feelings before he left with a terrified Liu Xiaojin and with Meng Zhong in tow. He knew Chen Fan was powerful and could cast spells, but he never thought that he was any less important than Chen Fan due to the immense wealth he would inherit one day. However, after seeing Chen Fan’s display of his godly power, he was deeply shocked.

    Qi Wangsun finally understood the unbridgeable gap between him and Chen Fan.

    Their difference was not the same as that between the rich and the powerful, it was that of mortal and immortal. At his current level of attainment, Chen Fan might as well be immortal in the eyes of an ordinary person.

    With that thought in mind, Qi Wangsun suddenly felt bitterness in him. Even the joy of getting out of Yukishiro Sa’s scheme and saving Liu Xiaojin couldn’t fill the sudden emptiness left by the disappointing comparison of him and Chen Fan.

    Meng Zhong didn’t dare to lift his chin up until they were a few hundred meters away from the club.

    “That was a close call. Hew!”

    He turned around and found Qi Wangsun’s sour expression and he knew right away what the boy was thinking about right away. He heaved a long sigh and then patted the young man’s shoulder: “Young Master, please don’t overthink it. Grandmaster Chen is not an ordinary person like us. You really should count yourself lucky to have met him. Many people in China dream of meeting him in person.”

    Qi Wangsun managed to put on a smile.

    “We have offended the Yukishiro family… what about Yang Qinhu?”

    “Yang Qinhu can kiss my ass.” Meng Zhong grunted. “The Curmudgeon Chen has given his warning, I wager he would scurry back to North-Eastern China with his tail between his legs. If he ever dares to harm us, whatever happened to Lu Tianfen, Lei Qianjue, Theseus and Park Kyung-hwan would happen to him.”

    Ever since Grandmaster Chen rose to prominence, he had killed more Grandmasters than Yang Qinhu had ever seen in his entire life. He ranked only twenty on the list and was no match against Grandmaster Chen.”

    “Really?” Seeing Meng Zhong’s relieved expression, Qi Dongsheng also heaved a sigh. However, Meng Zhong’s words didn’t make him feel any less uneasy. Meng Zhong made it sound like Chen Fan could pin Yang Qinhu under his thumb with ease, while the Dong Sheng Group and the Qi family had to struggle to defend themselves.

    How far behind was he compared to Chen Fan?

    Qi Wangsun no longer wanted to overstress himself. He hugged Liu Xiaojin and walked home with Meng Zhong trailing behind.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan was studying Yukishiro Sa with great measure of levity.

    “Did you know why I kept you alive after you have insulted me?”

    Yukishiro Sa shivered a little as the color drained from her face. She kowtowed to Chen Fan, pressing her face against the floor. “Lord Chen Beixuan, please spare my life. You will be my new master from now on. I will satisfy all of your desires.”

    The girl looked refined and attractive even when she was begging for her life. Her meek and submissive tone and voice would give any man an ego boost. However, Chen Fan was unaffected.

    “Humph. You have mistaken my desire for something else.” He said heavily as he shot out an arm and grabbed something in the air. Then he shouted: “Come out now!”