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Chapter 336 - Only Three In China

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 336: Only Three In China

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    Chen Fan didn’t want to interfere at first.

    After all, the whole ordeal seemed like some drama between a disgruntled couple: a family matter. However, Yukishiro Sa’s despicable methods didn’t sit well with him. She had kidnapped Liu Xiaojin, taking her life hostage in order to claim the wealth of the Qi family.

    Based on Qi Wangsun’s conversation with the brawny man, it was evident that his father was a mighty figure in Northern China. He must have been struck by some unforeseen event and was forced to accept Yukishiro Sa’s blatant blackmailing in order to relieve the immediate danger. With Yukishiro Sa’s help, the Qi family could at least last at another twenty or so years. If he refused, they might have to face their undoing right away.

    In the end, Chen Fan decided to get involved. He didn’t do it just to help Qi Wangsun, he was also deeply curious of the hidden energy coursing through the girl’s body and wanted to find out more about it.


    The thunderous clamor roared inside the room as a ring of white smoky Qi Energy erupted from the tip of Chen Fan’s finger. The Qi Energy quickly spread outward, widening the ring. Qi Wangsun was staggered by the shock wave, losing his balance, he stumbled back a few feet until he fell to the ground. Meanwhile, Meng Zhong was able to remain seated amidst the powerful blast, but he was unable to open his eyes against the flow of energy.

    The window screens were made out of paper and the shock wave tore through them, letting energy pass through the holes with hoarse wheezing sound. Kawakami Gensai who had launched himself up in order to land a blow on Chen Fan suddenly froze in the air as if they were in a movie and someone had pressed the pause button.

    Buddha used to say: “A flicker of the finger takes sixty fleeting moments, each contained nine hundred fleeting instances of life and death.”

    Chen Fan had flicked his finger and paused the wheel of time. Time had lost its meaning, people in the room felt an eon had passed until they heard the next movement. A loud clank.


    Under everyone’s shocked gaze, Kawakami Gensai, who was still pinned in the air was suddenly dealt a blow that sent his body flying backward for a few meters. He smashed through the wooden wall behind Yukishiro Sa, thudding onto the ground and continued rolling for another twenty meters until he fell into the pond in the garden outside. His renowned wakizashi, the Mahaprajnaparamita was snapped in half.

    A deadly silence fell over the room.

    No one had ever thought that Chen Fan could defeat the belligerent warrior with only a finger. Qi Wangsun was deeply impressed. He knew that his roommate was a powerful martial artist, but not to such a striking degree.

    Meng Zhong’s face turned dark. Although he didn’t know the full extent to Kawakami Gensai’s power, he was sure he wouldn’t be able to handle the attack he used on Chen Fan. However, Chen Fan had reflected the attack with a flick of a finger. How powerful exactly was Chen Fan? Peak Internal Force cultivation? Semi transcendent? Or… was he a Grandmaster?

    Meng Zhong was dumbfounded.

    Yukishiro Sa was shocked by the development.

    Kawakami Gensai was Kitaniwakawa’s disciple, a renowned Kendo master who was undefeated at Kyushu island. Yet, he was easily crushed by a seemingly ordinary-looking teenage boy with a flick of a finger. What was going on?

    “What a shame. We have the best sake and the best Mocha, why couldn’t we enjoy them peacefully?” Chen Fan heaved a sigh and walked over to Yukishiro Sa. The tea she had prepared was still steaming hot. Chen Fan picked up a cup and poured its contents down his throat. “I don’t know the name of this tea, but it’s one of the best I have ever had on earth.”

    He then closed his eyes as if savoring the sweet aftertaste of the tea. After a while, he finally spoke again.

    “Since Lao Qi didn’t want to accept this marriage, why don’t you just give up.”

    Yukishiro Sa was the queen of the Kyushu underground world and was not easily scared. She quickly gathered herself, and said in a cold voice: “Sir, I want to remind you that it was his father, Dongsheng San who had proposed this marriage alliance.”

    “Indeed. My friend, thank you for your help, but you are not really helping. Qi family is in danger. Even as we speak, Yang Qinhu is drooling over himself, preparing to feast on the Qi family. We need Yukishiro family and Grandmaster Kitaniwakawa’s help! ” Meng Zhong rose to his feet and announced.

    Although he was still not sure how powerful Chen Fan was, he was convinced that Chen Fan’s power wouldn’t exceed that of Yang Qinhu.

    At Chen Fan’s age, at the most, he could reach the Semi transcendent level. Even that achievement would make him a one in a hundred-year talent.

    Qi Wangsun sat on the futon as his face hardened. He finally let out a wry smile and said: “Boss, thank you. But Meng Zhong is right. I am a member of the family, and I can’t just sit around while watching my family falls apart. As for Xiao Jin… I am sure she will find someone better than me; someone without a hot mess on his hands.”

    After Qi Wangsun said that, he walked over to Liu Xiaojin and untied her.

    Liu Xiaojin started to cry louder now; her face was drenched in tears. Although she was still grappling with what had happened, she knew that Qi Wangsun was about to leave her.

    “Sir, now your friend had already made his decision, would you please stay out of it?” Yukishiro Sa had regained control of the situation. She scanned Chen Fan from head to toe with deep admiration.

    Japanese people worshipped power and strength and Yukishiro Sa was not an exception.

    Chen Fan was able to knock out Kawakami Gensai with a flick of a finger, he must be a mighty figure in China. Already, Yukishiro Sa envisioned herself starting an affair with Chen Fan and using their intimacy to bring Chen Fan under her service. Her marriage with Qi Wangsun could only be taken at face value, it was just a matter of formality, a contact that held little feelings. Qi Wangsun was weak, and so was his family. Yukishiro Sa would never let him touch her.

    “You mentioned Yang Qinhu. Is he the number twenty on the Heaven roll, the so-called Yang Qinhu of North-Eastern China?” Chen Fan ignored the girl’s question, instead, he looked over at Meng Zhong and asked.

    “Indeed. Do you know him?” Meng Zhong was taken aback and nodded.

    He was an internal force user and was familiar with the Heaven roll.

    “Tell Yang Qinhu that Qi Wangsun is my friend, and the Qi family is under my protection.” Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and stood haughtily.

    “You will protect the Qi family?”

    Meng Zhong asked with a mocking voice.

    Qi family is a prominent family clan in Northern China. If not because they had to face Fu Hai and Yang Qinhu on both fronts, they would never be in such a dire situation. Many of Qi Dongsheng’s powerful friends tried to mediate between Qi Dongsheng and Yang Qinhu, but to no avail. What made this teenager think that he could deter Yang Qinhu?

    “My friend, I have seen what you could do and I am deeply impressed. Don’t get me wrong, but do you know who Yang Qinhu is and what he is capable of? Do you know what a Grandmaster means? There are only a handful of Martial artists who could compete against him in the entire China, and even less who could deter him with just a warning. I can only think of three who could pull that off.”

    “Oh? Which three are you thinking about?”

    Chen Fan asked nonchalantly.

    Qi Wangsun had relieved Liu Xiaojin from her bondage. He spoke softly to comfort the girl and looked up at Chen Fan.

    He was curious about the secret world of martial arts. Meng Zhong had never mentioned anything to him since he was not a martial artist. He couldn’t pass up the rare opportunity to listen to the conversation.

    “The first one is Lord Hua, Hua Yunfeng who presides over Zhong Hai.” Meng Zhong extended one finger as he started counting.

    “Hua Yunfeng of Zhong Hai?” A hint of fear flashed across Yukishiro Sa’s face “He is indeed a force to be reckoned with. The Hua Family has been at odds with some factions in Japan for decades, and so far the Hua Family was able to gain an edge in all conflicts.”

    “That’s impressive.” Qi Wangsun exclaimed in his mind. He had heard of the Hua Family before and knew that the current family lord was Hua Qinxion. However, Qi Wangsun had never thought that Hua Qinxion was not only a business tycoon like his father but also a deadly warrior. He was even feared by many Japanese clans.

    “The second is the so-called God of War, General Major Ye Nantian.”

    Meng Zhong extended a second finger.

    “Ye Nantian?” Yukishiro Sa was suddenly seized by a pang of distress. Ye Nantian and the Dragon’s Fang units were famous across the world. They dominated the entire Asia with an unequivocal edge in their might and power. As a Japanese, Yukishiro Sa felt both fear and admiration toward Ye Nantian.

    “He was the paragon of power in the Chinese military and used to be the strongest man in China. Even reputable warriors in my home country admir him deeply, some even consider him the incarnation of Oda Nobunaga.” Yukishiro Sa said slowly.

    “Holy shit!” Qi Wangsun was shocked.

    He had already heard of Ye Nantian and knew that he wielded incredible authority and respect in the military. However, little did he know that Ye Nantian was a Martial arts Grandmaster. He must be extremely deadly to be able to deter Ye Nantian with a verbal warning.

    “Brother Meng, Who is the third one?”

    Gripped by the shocking details, Qi Wangsun asked.

    “The last one was number one on the Heaven Roll. His name is Chen Beixuan, the Curmudgeon Chen.”

    Meng Zhong extended the third finger as he spoke with great measure of respect.

    “Master Chen Beixuan. Of course, that’s him. He was the strongest man not only in China but also in the entire Asia.” Yukishiro Sa said. Her face was serious when she said Chen Beixuan’s name as if she was evoking the name of a god.

    She had heard of Chen Beixuan’s deeds in Japan, that he had killed four Grandmasters in a row, that he had defeated Theseus the Phantom, that he was ranked number three on the Dark Roll. Each and every achievement of Chen Beixuan tugged at the girl’s heartstrings.

    She dealt with her business in the underground world, and the Dark Roll to her was a list of the most revered men and women, the pride of the underground world. The Dark Roll itself was more authoritative than any other lists, such as the Assassin’s List, or the Bounty Hunter List.

    Those who could make it onto the Dark Roll were all Super Overlords that dominated the underground world.

    Even the most powerful Kendo Grandmaster in Japan, Erika was ranked at the bottom of the Dark Roll. For a while, it was difficult for Yukishiro Sa to wrap her mind around the immeasurable power of Chen Beiyuan.

    “What? Chen Beixuan?”

    Qi Wangsun was stunned. He turned his head and looked at Chen Fan stupidly.

    “Didn’t Chen Fan use that name before?”