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Chapter 331 - Su Yanghao’s Regre

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 331: Su Yanghao’s Regret

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    Meanwhile, inside the Su Family’s residence, everyone watched the development unfold with disbelief.

    Just one moment ago, Chen Fan had his back against the wall under the pressure from the alliance of powerful families. Everyone was convinced that not even Li Wuchen was able to prevent his fate of being thrown behind bars. The list of crimes he had committed meant that he would have to spend the rest of his life in jail.

    However, a moment later, Nin Chendong was kneeling before Chen Fan, begging for forgiveness. Tang Jianfen was dead and the Ji Family also capitulated to Chen Fan’s power. Director Xue hid behind the elders and tried to distance himself from the hot mess as far as possible.

    The seemingly unstoppable alliance was destroyed by Chen Fan with ease.

    Even then, Su Susu and Fang Mingde still found it hard to come to terms with reality. Meanwhile, the tycoons of Wu Zhou were stupefied by the outcome. Chen Fan had brought three prominent families from Zhong Hai and Jiang Nan Province to their knees. Once the news of what had happened here got out, it would blow everyone’s mind.

    Some might not even believe it if they didn’t hear it from a legitimate source.

    A less than twenty years old teenager forced the Ji Family, Nin Family and the Tang Family to bend their knees?

    He was only nineteen, a first-year university student. People simply couldn’t imagine what he could achieve once he graduated from university. In ten years, there would be no one in entire China that could stop him from doing what he wants.

    The thought of Chen Fan’s incredible power suddenly evoked a strong sense of regret in Su Yanghao’s mind.

    When Su Yanghao told him that Chen Fan was Master Chen of Jiang Bei for the first time, he had already considered approving Little Nine’s marriage with him. However, the ire of the Ji Family of Zhong Hai made him hesitate a little too long. Before he could make up his mind, he had heard the news of Chen Fan mutilating Nin Yuze and crashing the Su Family’s party.

    From then on, Su Yanghao had thrown the idea of accepting Chen Fan out of the window.

    He had proven himself to be an arrogant, savage and sadistic young man, and the Su Family would never accept him as one of them. When Chen Fan finally showed up with Fang Qiong, he openly insulted the Su Family and pointed out its weakness in front of everyone. Although Su Yanghao conceded that Chen Fan’s criticism had hit the mark, he couldn’t stomach a youngster dissing his life’s work. In a fit of anger, he decided to remain silent when Su Zhengde opened fire at Chen Fan.

    He was convinced that as long as the Ji Family, Nin Family, and the Tang Family stuck together, they could eventually force the young man into submission. However, he had grossly underestimated the young man.

    “With Chen Fan’s help, the Chen family might be able to dominate China in ten years.”

    “We have lost our opportunity of gaining Chen Fan’s support. The Su Family is doomed once I pass away.”

    Regret and sorrow gnawed at Su Yanghao’s mind. He regretted not believing in his intuition, silencing Su Zhengde’s hostility and rejecting the Ji Family’s request. If he had done all that, the Su Family would have gained the most useful ally.

    With Chen Fan’s help, the Su Family would remain in the seat of power in Jiang Nan Province for at least a few more decades.

    The missed opportunity made Su Yanghao heave a long sigh of regret.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan looked at Ji Shoujuo without paying any attention to Ji Luochen. “I can spare his life as long as you are willing to pay something in exchange. Name your offer now.”

    Life ebbed away from Ji Luochen’s face. The embarrassment from the humiliation was slowly killing him from the inside.

    Ji Shoujuo pondered quietly for a moment and then a light came up in his eyes. He took a step forward and whispered something in Chen Fan’s ears.

    Chen Fan was taken aback at first, and then he locked his eyes with the old man and nodded.


    Ji Shoujuo finally let out a sigh of relief.

    The exchange filled everyone’s mind with questions. What was the price that the Ji Family offered? What could have satisfied the cold-hearted Master Chen’s thirst for revenge?

    Qiao Luoyin was close to Chen Fan, so she had heard the old man’s offer. She gasped under her breath.

    “What a sly old fox!”

    However, she nodded in approval at the old man’s offer. Chen Fan must not care for worldly possessions such as money and fame. After all, he already had an abundance of them. Although the Ji Family was not as strong as the Nin Family or the Tang Family financially, they were much more well connected than most other families with government officials.

    That connection was what the Chen family lacked the most at this stage.

    Ji Shoujuo’s price was too tempting for Chen Fan to refuse. The Chen family desperately needed a benefactor in the appropriate level of government. Li Wuchen was useful but he was overqualified in helping Chen Fan’s uncle and father further their careers.

    After Chen Fan and Ji family had reached a deal, Mr. Qu finally remembered something.

    He turned around and whispered to a man in black. “Inform everyone in that room that Grandmaster Chen’s identity is classified information and leaking the information is a criminal act.”

    “Yes, Mr. Qu.” The man in black nodded.

    He then gathered a helper to make a list of attendees and issued a warning to each and everyone of them.

    After he had finished talking to the man in black, Mr. Qu walked over to Chen Fan with a smile.

    “Grandmaster Chen, I have other matters to attend to, please allow me to excuse myself.”

    “It was nice to see you, Mr. Qu. And Thank you.” Chen Fan nodded and cracked a smile.

    Although Mr. Qu had said nothing during the entire time, his presence projected immeasurable fear into the other family’s hearts, forcing them to concede defeat. Even after Chen Fan had killed Tang Jianfen, the Tang Family still apologized to Chen Fan in part because of Mr. Qu’s presence.

    Although Mr. Qu’s involvement made things smoother, without him, Chen Fan could handle the situation as well.

    However, he might have had to resort to violent means to bring down the other families. It was Lord Su’s birthday party, and Chen Fan didn’t want to let the party end with the loss of people’s life fearing that might upset Fang Qiong.

    “I am more than happy to help. If Grandmaster ever passes Yan Jin, make sure to stop by my place to share a cup of drinks with me.” Mr. Qu let out a peal of laughter.

    Then, he turned around to look at Su Yanghao and said heavily: “Lord Su, you have found yourself an outstanding young man. Don’t waste this opportunity.”

    “Thank you, Mr. Qu. We won’t.” Su Yanghao nodded. Su Yanghao and the other Su family members trailed behind Mr. Qu and nodded their heads ingratiatingly.

    After Mr. Qu was gone, Nin Chendong and Ji Shoujuo both excused themselves and left the embarrassing situation. Director Xue followed suit, but before he left the room, he handed over his business card to Chen Fan and apologized.

    Chen Fan didn’t want to waste his energy in punishing Director Xue since he was sent here to represent his boss. Plus, Director Xue had been cautious in offering his support to the other families and had been quiet ever since he arrived.

    Soon all the guests left the party, leaving only the Su Family members and Fang Qiong’s family.

    “Su Susu, Mingde, I am sorry.” Su Yanghao held onto Su Susu and Fang Mingde’s hands and lamented wistfully.

    “Third uncle, there is no need to say sorry.” Su Susu blushed.

    However, Fang Mingde’s face was lit up with glee. He had been looked down upon by the Su Family for twenty years and finally, he was able to straighten his back, lifting his chin and stand confidently before the other Su Family members.

    “The elders of the family, including me have misunderstood you and Little Nine. We nearly made irreversible damage to you and our family. I have to apologize for what you had to go through.” Su Yanghao said with a guilty face.

    Su Yangzhi and Su Zhengde’s faces were flushed red out of embarrassment.

    They had always looked down on Su Yangren’s branch and Fang Qiong’s family. However, today, they were forced to apologize to Su Susu. The thought of their unwarranted disdain and arrogance made them feel ashamed.

    However reluctant and embarrassing it was, they had to apologize; there was no other way around it as long as Chen Fan was still with Fang Qiong.

    Su Susu felt a warm proud feeling rising inside of her, but it was awkward to feel like that.

    Despite her opposition, in the beginning, she eventually accepted Chen Fan as her son in law. After seeing Chen Fan forcing the Su Family to its knees, she felt joy as well as guilt. She blamed herself for not supporting Chen Fan from the very beginning.

    “Third Uncle, you should say that to Xiao Qiong instead of me.” Su Susu gave Su Yanghao a knowing look and then shifted her gaze onto Fang Qiong.

    “Ah, right! Little Nine, thank you for coming to celebrate my birthday. I really appreciate it.”

    Su Yanghao picked up the cue and looked around at Fang Qiong with a warm smile.


    Fang Qiong finally gathered herself from shock. When she saw the ingratiating smile on everyone’s face, she looked to Chen Fan and then she realized what the Su Family was up to.

    They wanted her to placate Chen Fan for them.

    The girl pondered a moment.

    She came up to Chen Fan and held onto his hand kittenishly, without speaking a word.

    Chen Fan patted the top of her head and cracked a smile.

    “Do you want to have some dumplings with me?”

    “Yes! I want those ones with red bean paste.”

    The two love birds wrapped each other in their arms and slowly made their way to the door. Everyone made way for them with fear and respect. The Su Family watched in dismay as the two left the room.

    “Sigh… I was hoping that Little Nine could save us.” Su Yanghao rose to his feet and lamented. “It’s too late… too late to say sorry.”

    Grief and remorse was written all over Su Zhengde and the others’ faces.