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Chapter 330 - Subjugate the Ji Family

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 330: Subjugate the Ji Family

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    “Nin Yuze had set a trap. He invited me to dinner and provoked me into a fight in front of everyone so that Zhao Baofen and his guards could break my legs and arms. I only gave him a taste of his own medicine. Do you think that is not fair?”

    Chen Fan flicked a finger and locked his chilling glare onto Nin Chendong.

    Cold sweat trickled down from Nin Chendong’s forehead. He managed to put on a smile and said: “Mr. Chen, those are your own presumptions.”

    “Uncle Nin, that is not a presumption. Yuze had told me and everyone his plan ahead of time. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Baofen.” Qiao Luoyin put in.

    Nin Chendong was suddenly at a loss for words.

    He, like everyone else, had seen Zhao Baofen’s utmost admiration for Chen Fan. Even if the girl was lying, Zhao Baofen would unequivocally stand with Chen Fan. Plus, Nin Chendong knew that that was something his son would do. Nin Chendong had lived as a spoiled brat ever since he was a child and had done many horrible things such as what he planned to do to Chen Fan. He had always been able to get away with it, but this time, he had picked on the wrong person.

    Mr. Qu gave Nin Chendong a knowing glance, willing him to stop arguing.

    Nin Chendong had his back against the wall and finally was about to give in.

    He was smart enough to pick up the nuance of Mr. Qu’s glance: it was a wake up call for him, Mr. Qu was trying to save his life. Qiao Luoyin had said that Chen Fan had killed the Old Man Zheng and robbed him of his wealth yet nothing had happened to him. If Chen Fan could do that to the Zheng family, he could easily do that to Nin Family. The memory of what had happened to the Sheng family also came rushing into Nin Chendong’s mind. It had happened only a few months ago and the details were still vivid in his mind.

    With that thought in mind, Nin Chendong finally gave in and bowed to Chen Fan

    “Mr. Chen, the fault is with the Nin Family. My Son was foolish enough to challenge you and brought his undoing to himself.”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and didn’t offer a reply.

    Seeing Chen Fan’s reaction, he recalled rumors about Chen Fan’s unforgiving personality and his ruthless methods. The fear of harming his family’s well being spurred him to drop his knee and kowtow to Chen Fan.

    “Mr. Chen, please forgive me, forgive the Nin Family. Please let us live.”


    Everyone gasped.

    The lord of the Nin Family knelt before a twenty years old young man and apologized? This was unheard of. Fear and shock flickered in Su Ze and Su Peng’s eyes.

    The moment they saw Nin Chendong dropped to his knee, the full extent of Chen Fan’s power finally set in. If Chen Fan was able to bring the lord of the Nin Family to his knees, he would never consider the Su Family a worthy foe.

    “Your son tried to harm me so I made him remember the lesson for the rest of his life by breaking his legs and arms. Do you think that is fair?” Chen Fan asked slowly.

    “Yes. I think it’s more than fair.”

    Nin Chendong pressed his forehead to the ground and said with a shaky voice.

    He admitted that he was afraid of Chen Fan. No one would avenge the Nin Family if Chen Fan decided to unleash his fury. He wouldn’t count on the Tang Family, that was for sure.

    Nin Chendong could not afford to take any risk while facing a terrifying foe who would slaughter an entire family without blinking their eyes. As for his son, the little shit was still alive and might even fully recover given time. Even if his son had died from complications of his wounds, Nin Chendong had still a few bastard sons he could call upon.

    “As for you, Tang Jianfen.”

    Chen Fan switched his gaze from Nin Chendong to Tang Jianfen.

    “Master Chen, it’s a misunderstanding.” Tang Jianfen’s body tensed up as he squeezed out a smile.

    He regretted ever getting involved in this hot mess. He was here only for Lord Su’s birthday but jumped the gun when he heard the Ji Family and the Nin Family’s plan against Chen Fan. He aided the two families during the confrontation and tried to get back at Chen Fan for refusing him the sales right of Spirit Water.

    Little did he know that one year ago, Chen Fan was just a local force at Jiang Bei, one year later, he had become a mighty figure in entire China. If Tang Jianfen knew in the beginning, he would never even dare to come to Wu Zhou, much less conspire with the other families against Chen Fan.

    “A misunderstanding?” Chen Fan narrowed his eyes as a cold light came up in his pupils. “You have shown your vengefulness by trying to get back at me for barring you from joining the business of the Yun Wu Spirit Water. If I let you go today, how would I know that you would never seek revenge again?”

    “I…” Tang Jianfen’s eyes darted from left to right as he tried to find an excuse.

    Chen Fan suddenly rounded his eyes and shouted.


    Tang Jianfen felt an invisible force on his shoulder, pressing him down. Tang Jianfen was just an ordinary man and could not withstand the unimaginable power of an Immortal Cultivator. his knees buckled under the slightest pressure and dropped to the ground. Tang Jianfen supported his body with both arms and pressed his head close to the floor.

    Everyone around Chen Fan could sense overbearing energy emanating from the boy. It weighed heavily on their minds, making their breaths laborious. Chen Fan suddenly no longer looked like a teenage boy, instead, he looked like a powerful deity that could dictate the life and death of mortals.

    “How dare you!”

    Tang Jianfen kept kneeling on the ground and his face was contorted by anger. He muttered curses to himself, as a poisonous light came up in his eyes.

    He was the heir of the Tang Family in Zhong Hai, the equal of Zhu Yuntao and Nin Chendong. He could have anything he wanted in Zhong Hai and never had to endure such insult. Unlike Nin Chendong who was a shrewd middle-age man of great ambition, Tang Jianfen was young and lacked forbearance and patience.

    “Chen Beixuan, how dare you ask me such a question?”

    Eyes bloodshot, Tang Jianfen shouted in a fit of anger.

    “Oh? You don’t like kneeling down? Then die.” Chen Fan pressed his hand down.

    Suddenly, an invisible force Tang Jianfen to the ground until a body shaped impression formed on the floor. There was no more Tang Jianfen, but a mush of rushed bone and flesh that filled up the depression on the ground.

    The room suddenly became pin-drop quiet.

    No one had expected that Chen Fan would kill Tang Jianfen so suddenly without any warning.

    He was the young lord of the Tang Family, one of the Four Young Lords of Zhong Hai. Chen Fan ended his life without a second hesitation in front of all the tycoons of Wu Zhou.

    “So this is the true face of the legendary Curmudgeon Chen.”

    Qiao Luoyin watched Chen Fan’s back from behind, her heart nearly skipped a beat.

    The Su Family was terrified by the development. Tang Jianfen was good friends with Su Qian and Su Ze, yet Chen Fan had killed him as if butchering an animal. Did that mean Chen Fan would do the same to Su Qian or Su Ze without a second thought as well?

    Su Xiao’s eyes were lit up with expectation.

    She was the princess of the Su Family and was the love interest of many talented young men. Some of them were rich heirs, and some were outstanding researchers. However, none of them could measure up to Chen Fan’s decisiveness and dominance.

    Martial arts grandmaster and a member of the Dark Roll. He was born to lord over the world.

    Chen Fan had finally displayed his dominant side using his unimaginable power.

    Ji Shoujuo let out a wry smile.

    “Fine…” Ji Shoujuo shook his head, stood up and bowed to Chen Fan. “I ended up loading a gun and shot myself in the foot. Master Chen, I apologize for not recognizing your power and please, forgive my grandson.”

    Even as he apologized, two-line of tears streaked across his wizened face.

    “Brother Ji!” Su Yanghao exclaimed.

    People around them gasped. They watched incredulously as a ninety years old grandpa bowed to a teenager to beg for forgiveness.

    “Grandpa!” Tears welled in Ji Luochen’s eyes. He was ready to throw himself at Chen Fan.

    “Shut up! Kneel and apologize now!” Lord Ji turned around and refuted.

    Ji Luochen’s face turned dark at first, and then all color drained from it until it was as pale as a piece of paper. He lowered his head, bent his knees and kowtowed.

    “Master Chen, I am sorry.”

    A deadly silence fell over the lake. No one spoke a word as they stared at the shocking development.

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and stood haughtily like an immortal.