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Chapter 329 - You Are Not Worthy

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 329: You Are Not Worthy

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    “There were plenty of good generals, but there was only one Han Xin, the greatest pride of our nation.”

    It was a quote from the Records of the Grand Historian where it detailed the emperor Liu Bang’s comment on the War God Han Xin, his field Marshal. Han Xin was born as an ordinary man but was able to lead Liu Bang’s forces to sweep across China, and lay the foundations of the Great Han Dynasty. The records coined the term “greatest pride of our nation” that was used to describe the most valuable asset of a country.

    The term was used on Han Xin, a legendary figure in Chinese history. What made Chen Fan the equal of such a legend? Since the words came out of one of the most reputable bureaucrats in the government, its credibility was what made the comment so shockingly surreal to others.

    “Our leader thinks too highly of me.”

    Chen Fan replied humbly.

    Chen Fan didn’t expect the leader of the country to hold him in such high regard, simply because of the invention of Vitality Serum and his ability to subjugate grandmasters.

    “I beg to differ with you, Mr. Chen. You have exposed the conspiracy of foreign forces in China and defended our nation’s interest by bringing powerful foes to justice. You are also listed on the Dark Roll published by the CIA. You truly are the pride of our nation.”Mr. Qu said with a gleeful smile. He paused a second and gave Chen Fan a knowing glance. “Not to mention the revolutionary pharmaceutical product you have offered to our country. You have made a huge contribution to our country.”

    ‘Dark Roll? What is that?”

    Ji Luochen asked with indignation.

    After hearing Mr. Qu’s words, no one, except for Ji Luochen dared to raise a question. Even Su Yanghao and Ji Shoujuo had held back their doubts and kept their suspicions to themselves.

    Mr. Qu furrowed his brows slightly and explained.

    “You wouldn’t have heard of it, it is beyond your pay grade. The Dark Roll is a list published by the CIA of the United States. As for the details, it is none of your business. All you need to know is that those on the list are powerful men and women that could easily rival a small country.”

    Mr. Qu’s words shocked everyone.

    Most guests in the room would consider themselves successful members of society, however, Mr. Qu had brushed them off and told them that they Dark Roll was above their pay grade. It invited many questions about the Dark Roll and the exact power of Chen Fan who ranked number three on the list.

    The dark roll was used as a warning to other countries and international groups such as the Hong Sect of potential powerful foes. Such information was meant for the eyes of key bureaucrats in China. The Su Family and the Ji Family were merely local powers and were far away from the center of power at the national level.

    Mr. Qu’s words doused the hot anger inside of Ji Luochen with cold water. At his level, he really shouldn’t talk back at Mr. Qu. Even his father had to speak respectfully with Mr. Qu, much less him. So thinking, he looked to Chen Fan as despair crawled into his mind.

    He had expected to pin Chen Fan under his thumb this time as a circus trainer would to a monkey, but little did he know that the wild monkey turned out to the Son Goku, the Monkey King. One sweep of his magical staff, he could knock out all the families in his way. The situation had quickly turned 180 degrees as Chen Fan started to gain an edge.

    Meanwhile, Nin Chendong, Tang Jianfen, and Su Zhengde were overtaken by dismay and regret. They knew Chen Fan had turned the tables on them.

    Su Qian, Su Zea, and Su Peng were stupefied by the development.

    The tycoon of Jiang Bei, a billionaire in Hong Kong, the number one Grandmaster on the Heaven roll, and the greatest asset of the nation. All these titles added up and forged a formidable foe against the alliance of family clans. Chen Fan’s clout was heavy enough to crush any force in China.

    Many people looked at the teenager standing upright with a faint smile.

    Su Susu covered her mouth and stared at Chen Fan in disbelief.

    She had abandoned all hope but little did she know that the new information brought by Zhao Baofen and Qiao Luoyin had quickly turned the situation around. Mr. Qu’s announcement was the final nail in the coffin that pronounced the defeat of the major families. Even the Su Family who had been flirting with the idea of opposing Chen Fan was embarrassed by their actions.

    These families’ grief and regret were all caused by her son in law. She suddenly remembered what Chen Fan had told her while they were in the coffee shop.

    “What if I tell you that I am already powerful enough to bring down the Su Family?”

    Su Susu had been convinced that the young man was simply bluffing. Even after she learned of his identity as Master Chen, she didn’t expect Chen Fan to be able to bring down the Su Family for at least thirty years if he was lucky. Chen Fan pulled the rug from under her by displaying enough prowess to bring the Su family to its knees.

    However influential Su Family was, it scarcely dared to oppose the Chinese central government.

    Fang Mingde stood at the door and was shaking uncontrollably. His trembling hand spilled wine everywhere, but he didn’t even notice that. He murmured to himself in excitement.

    “Greatest pride of our nation! The greatest pride of our nation!”

    “My son in law was praised by the leaders as the Greatest pride of our nation! That proves that he was the perfect match with my daughter. Who would oppose their marriage now? Who would think he was not worthy of the Su Family’s three hundred years of reputation?”

    After he had said that, he poured the contents in the cup down his throat like a delusional drunk.

    Around him, the other in-laws of the Su Family lowered their heads quietly.

    They said that a good opponent motivated one to work harder; however, when the gap was unbridgeable, the opponent would only inspire despair.

    Fang Qiong stood quietly beside Chen Beixuan. In her mind’s eye, the image of Chen Beixuan and Chen Fan converged into one. Chen Beixuan’s words echoed in her mind: “When the name of Chen Beixuan is heard across China, we will meet again.”

    Was the time now?

    Fang Qiong was seized by excitement.


    The ivory fan was dropped to the ground once again.

    This time, Boss Fu didn’t care to pick it up. Instead, he looked at the young man stupidly.

    “Oh my god. This is rich! He had turned the situation around on a dime just like that! Who would have thought that Master Chen of Jiang Bei was such a fearsome force? He is only nineteen years old, yet he had already claimed supremacy and rose to power. He would be invincible in ten years.”

    The other tycoons of Wu Zhou agreed with fear and admiration.

    They were convinced that Chen Fan’s fate was sealed, but—

    “Boss Fu, who do you think will emerge as the victor now?” Boss Li fiddled with his jade ring and asked with a broad smile.

    Boss Fu’s face flushed red, but he found no words in his mouth.

    Even the leader of the nation was on Chen Fan’s side, The other families would never win this round unless they knew the president of the United State of America or Russia.

    “Hehe, Boss Fu, just wait for a second. I don’t think this is the end yet. Master Chen of Jiang Bei is not a forgiving person and neither is he a pushover. He was quite well known for his lack of tolerance.” Mr. Li cracked a cold smile.

    Lo and behold, Chen Fan turned around and looked at Nin Chendong.

    “You accused me of mutilating your son for no reason. Can you say that again in front of everyone?”

    Nin Chendong’s face turned pale. His lips trembled, unable to form a word.

    Chen Fan’s counter-attack had just begun.