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Chapter 327 - He Is Chen Beixuan

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 327: He Is Chen Beixuan

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    Information about the Cang Dragon unit had a much higher level of clearance needed than those of other Law enforcement units. Although most people had heard of the Cang Dragon Unit, they had no clue where they were stationed at or their leader structure. Ji Luochen was a close friend with Zhao Baofen, and he only knew that Zhao Baofen was promoted to vice-captain but knew nothing of his exact responsibilities in the team.

    However, one fact that everyone knew was that the commander of the Cang Dragon Unit was its Head Sergeant.

    It would take at least a General Major to fill the role of the Head sergeant, and this position was often served for those whom the Military intended to groom as a future leader. No one had ever thought that Chen Fan was the Head Sergeant of the Cang Dragon.

    “He is not even twenty years old.” Su Peng managed to squeeze out a few words from his throat.

    It was extremely shocking to everyone that someone less than twenty years old could have earned the rank of General Major. Unlike other special units that mostly worked in the office, the Cang Dragon Unit consisted of battle hardened warriors, therefore, past leaders of the unit were all veteran generals that wielded incredible authority respect. The fact that the military assigned the position to a teenage boy shocked everyone.

    “No wonder Li Wuchen is his staunch supporter and got rid of Gao Tianmin for him.” People murmured to each other.

    Although Gao Tianmin’s rank in the government was slightly higher than General Major, Chen Fan was not just any General Major. Since the Cang Dragon was a crucial piece in the military’s operation, Chen Fan’s rank of General Major carried much more weight than others. Plus, Chen Fan’s young age compared to other General Major spoke loudly of the Military’s unwavering support and Chen Fan’s unimaginable power.

    Chen Fan ignored Nin Chendong, Tang Jianfen, Ji Luochen, and Su Zhengde’s incredulous glares; he looked into the soldier’s eyes and said lightly: “You finally found out who I am?”

    “Yes, sir! I know now, Sir!”

    Zhao Baofen’s body was straight like a jack pine, and his booming voice echoed in the hall.

    “Then do you realize your mistake yesterday? Cang Dragon members only serve the nation’s benefit, not that of your cocky friends.” Chen Fan snorted.

    “Yes, sir. I apologize, sir! I will accept your discipline, sir!” Sweat trickled down from Zhao Baofen’s face as he hurried to answer.

    Zhao Baofen was enamored by the powerful Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise and the Physic Refining Pill ever since he joined the Cang Dragon. After he learned both were the brainchild of Head Sergeant Chen, Zhao Baofen was deeply impressed and was in awe of Chen Beixuan’s power. His admiration toward Chen Beixuan was further reaffirmed after Cang Dragon defeated the Dragon’s Fang during a recent military tournament. However, Zhao Baofen only knew the Head Sergeant Chen as Chen Beixuan but didn’t know that he had another name until recently.

    Last night, Chen Fan’s slapping his face was a wake-up call. He hurried back to the base and found out that the man who he had a run-in with was the Head Sergeant Chen that he admired so much.

    “You are grounded for ten days and I strip you of all your ranks.” Chen Fan said coldly.

    “Yes, Head sergeant!”

    Zhao Baofen turned around and started off without any hesitation.

    Zhao Baofen would have acted up if anyone else other than Chen Fan told him that he was stripped of his hard-earned ranks. However, Chen Fan’s words were commandments to him, and he wouldn’t protest even if Chen Fan decided to kick him out of Cang Dragon.

    Zhao Baofen had served in the Cang Dragon and therefore he knew Chen Fan’s power and influence in the Military very well. His fame had reached another height just recently after Cang Dragon defeated the Dragon’s Fang led by Ye Nantian.

    Ji Luochen stood in between Zhao Baofen and Chen Fan and watched Zhao Baofen leave the room without even saying a word to him.

    It was as if Zhao Baofen didn’t even know him. Zhao Baofen had brought with him an explosive piece of information and then was gone before the implication of the information fully set in.

    “Master Chen of Jiang Bei was a General Major!”

    This news detonated the intense atmosphere in the room. Many guests rushed to the entrance of the main hall to take a peek at the Head sergeant of the mysterious Cang Dragon.

    “Old Fang, your son in law is impressive.”

    “Indeed Old Fang, you and your wife hit the jackpot!”

    “I told you guys already that little nine is a smart girl. She wouldn’t settle with a no account.”

    Suddenly, the in-laws surrounding Fang Mingde changed their attitude and started to congratulate Fang Mingde. A broad smile finally broke over Fang Mingde’s face as he marveled at the sudden turn of events.

    Meanwhile, the Su Family, Nin Family, and the Tang Family were all shocked and struggled to grapple with reality.

    Su Susu glared at Chen Fan in disbelief while Fang Qiong’s eyes were lit up with glee. She batted her lashes and inched closer toward her boyfriend. She suddenly felt that her childhood friend had already grown up to be her idol.

    “Is that your final trump card?”

    Su Xiao glanced at Chen Fan surreptitiously as she thought to herself.

    Of all the people in the main hall, only Lord Su, Lord Ji and Director Xue were able to remain calm. The prestige of a General Major was slightly inferior to that of the Ji Family and the Su Family. After all, even Chen Fan’s boss Li Wuchen had to be careful when he was faced with the combined might of all the families in the room.

    However, the revelation did mean that the families could no longer force Chen Fan to his knees as they had planned.

    They had only thought of Chen Fan having a benefactor in the military, but didn’t expect him to be a General Major. If they harmed Chen Fan, they would be riling up the top dogs of the Military headquarters at Jin City. Even the families’ combined force seemed meager before the leaders of the military headquarters.

    Worse, no one could guarantee that Lou Jinhui would be willing to stick out his neck for them to protect them from Li Wuchen’s ire.

    Su Yanghao glanced at Director Xue and already, he noticed a hint of hesitation on Director Xue’s face. Director Xue only intended to show moral support for the families behind the firing line and didn’t want anything to do with the actual fighting. After all, Lou Jinhui didn’t have his skin in the game.

    “That being said, his military service wouldn’t deter the Ji Family and the Nin Family.” Su Yanghao calculated.


    An ivory fan fell to the ground.

    “Boss Fu, you said the boy’s fate was sealed, but he has turned the tables in a blink.” Boss Li smirked as he fiddled with a ring on his finger.

    “Hehe.” Boss Fu looked embarrassed. He picked up the fan and managed a smile. “He is just a General Major. Don’t you forget that the Ji Family had a governor in his family? The Nin Family and the Tang Family both had equally powerful bureaucrats that could outweigh Chen Fan. Sure Chen Fan has gained some edge this time, but overall the odds are still against him.”

    “Oh? would you be so kind as to entertain me with a bet? If I win, I will get that bronze buddha statue you have auctioned from Hong Kong.” Boss Li suggested with a smile.


    Boss Fu calculated the situation and decided that the Ji Family still had the advantage, so his bets are on the Ji Family.

    Meanwhile, the members of the Ji Family finally were able to gather themselves from the shock.

    Old Man Ji spoke first. “I have underestimated Master Chen’s achievements. Or, should I call you ‘Grandmaster Chen’ from now on.”

    Ji Shoujuo locked his eyes onto Chen Fan with a mix of emotions. There was approval, admiration and hostility. Chen Fan had proven himself to be a successful young man, but because of that, Ji Shoujuo was even more compelled to bring him to heel. Chen Fan had achieved such great deeds when he was only twenty, his level of attainment would be immeasurable when he was older. By then, the Ji Family would be far behind Chen Fan and would never have their taste of revenge. Therefore, it was wise to act quickly before Chen Fan grew even stronger.

    With that thought in mind, Ji Shoujuo announced in a low voice.

    “Master Chen, you have broken Nin Yuze’s arms and legs in broad daylight, that was a blatant disregard of law and order. If your supervisor Li Wuchen is here, I would be the first to question his competency in disciplining his subordinates. You are supposed to use your power to serve the country, not to bully the people who you swore to protect”

    The old man’s harsh words caught everyone by surprise.

    Su Susu was unnerved by the old man’s remarks. It sounded like Ji Shoujuo wanted to charge Chen Fan for the most heinous crime so that he would be locked up for the rest of his life. There were many witnesses when Chen Fan mutilated Nin Yuze, and if Ji Family flexed their legal muscles and sued Chen Fan at the court, not even the military could ease the abundant evidence against Chen Fan.

    That could end up with a life sentence behind bars for Chen Fan.

    “You didn’t ask me why I broke your son’s arms and legs.” Chen Fan pointed at Nin Chendong and said: “I wouldn’t touch a hair on him if he didn’t provoke me first. He also planned to break my legs and arms, I’m just letting him have a taste of his own medicine.”

    “Hehe, Master Chen, there is no evidence supporting anything you have claimed. The jury is not going to believe you.” Old Man Ji said with a smirk.

    “Sly old fox!”

    Many people cursed him in their minds.

    However, more people agreed with the old man’s notion that the fault was on Chen Fan. He had injured Nin Yuze even before the latter could carry out his plan. In other worse, Chen Fan’s life was not in danger when he acted against the potential threat.

    With that thought in mind, Fang Qiong looked to Chen Fan worriedly.

    As soon as this matter got into the courts, the Ji Family and the Nin Family would have a huge advantage since league games were up to their ally. They were the masters of distortion, twisting facts and playing with words to their benefits.

    Even as Chen Fan furrowed his brows and was about to act up, Jiao Luoyin spoke up.

    “Lord Ji, General Major is not the only title Mr. Chen has, there is another.”

    “what is it?”

    Ji Shoujuo furrowed his brows as he suddenly felt a sense of dread.

    The girl’s words piqued everyone’s interest. What other title does the young man have that could save him from the besiegement of all the powerful families?

    “Not long ago, Kunlun had updated the Heaven roll that listed all Grandmasters in China. The first one on the list is the most powerful Grandmaster in China, and—” Qiao Luoyin paused a second to clear her throat and then lifted her chin lightly.

    “His name is Chen Beixuan!”