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Chapter 326 - General Major of Cang Dragon Uni

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 326: General Major of Cang Dragon Unit

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    “This is getting richer by the moment.” Boss Fu exclaimed while holding the ivory fan. “Su Family, Nin Family, Tang Family, and Ji Family, it was as if that was not enough, now Lou Jinhui got involved. Even the richest man in Jiang Nan Province, Zhang Donghai would have to capitulate to such a force.”

    “Just so! Both Nin Family and the Tang Family were top ten families in Zhong Hai, the Su Family was the most prominent family in Jiang Nan Province while Ji Family’s lord was a governor of another province. I didn’t even mention Boss Lou yet. If Chen Fan didn’t have the backing of Li Wuchen, he might as well be dead by now.” Someone beside Boss Fu lamented.

    “Boss Fu, do you think the boy’s fate is sealed?” Boss Li asked with furrowed brows.

    “Why of course!” Boss Fu grumbled. He then put on a cold smirk and said: “Unless you believe in the rumors that say he is a bastard son of a bigwig at the center of power. Otherwise, he is doomed.”

    “I couldn’t agree more.” Boss Li heaved a sigh and said.

    No one, not even a miracle could have saved Chen Fan now. Lou Jinhui’s involvement was the final nail in the coffin. Even if Chen Fan was Li Wuchen’s direct kin, he should be thinking of backing down. Lou Jinhui alone should be enough to deter Chen Fan even without the threat from all the other families.

    Fang Mingde was sitting by the entrance. He had heard the unnerving development inside the great hall and was shaken to the core. His body shriveled up and suddenly looked a few years older.

    Around him were other sons-in-law of the Su Family.

    Su Family had many branches and had enough in-laws to form a league of its own. The circle of in-laws was a breeding ground for bragging and showing off. Fang Mingde had always been the one who bragged about his daughter and showing off his wealth. However, his daughter’s mistake had turned the situation around and made him into a laughing stock among other in-laws.

    “Hehe, this boy is a joke! Did he think that the Su Family would let just anyone into the family?”

    “Little Nine has made a mistake. It’s important for us to forge an alliance with the Ji Family. She had recklessly ruined everything.”

    “Humph! We all know that the root cause is. If her parents had paid attention to her upbringing, she would never bring a man to the family gathering.”

    Many people looked at Fang Mingde gloatingly as they criticized the girl. They didn’t even care to turn down their voice or mask their smirks. The embattled Fang Mingde lowered his head and heaved a sigh.

    “Xiao Fan, I was in your spot twenty years ago, but I was able to get a hold of myself and man it out. You are much more capable than me, if you are able to stay low and work hard for ten-twenty years, you would be able to crush the Ji Family with ease. Why do you have to act up now when the odds are against you?”

    Fang Mingde lamented.

    When Fang Mingde married Su Susu, he was just a son of a farmer, he had to endure much more contempt and disdain than Chen Fan. However, he had turned that unfair treatment into motivation and transformed himself from a nobody to a multi-billionaire. However, his achievement still seemed mediocre in the eyes of the Su Family leaders.

    Fang Mingde knew that Fang Qiong and Chen Fan were his last hope in getting the family’s recognition, but little did he expect Chen Fan to cause so much trouble as soon as he arrived at Wu Zhou. He had humiliated the Su Family, injured Nin Yuze and beaten up Zhao Baofen. Worse, he even played a hero and claimed responsibility for all the things he had done.

    Chen Fan had grossly underestimated the pressure these families could exert. He needed to back down now before Zhao Baofen and Qiao Luoyin joined their forces. Once that happened, even Li Wuchen would not be able to save Chen Fan’s hide.

    Even as Fang Mingde thought to himself, he heard a wave of commotion come up from the entrance.

    He looked over and saw a couple walked through the threshold. The man had a large frame and was wearing a tank top despite the cold winter wind. The girl looked attractive, but half of her face was concealed behind large sunglasses. Some young generation of the Su Family recognized the two right away.

    “Isn’t that Zhao Baofen and Qiao Luoyin? Are they coming after Chen Fan as well?”

    “That’s it, Chen Fan is dead.”

    Fang Mingde’s face suddenly paled as his heart sank to the bottom.

    Meanwhile, inside the main hall, even as everyone expected Chen Fan to give in at any moment, Chen Fan looked around the room and said: “Is that all?”

    “What do you mean?” Ji Luochen asked in confusion.

    “I mean is that all the help you can find?” Chen Fan shook his head and said: “Ji Luochen, you have disappointed me. I gave an entire day to investigate my background and ask for help, but this is all you got? I expected better from you.”

    Chen Fan realized that he had overestimated the Jis and Sus abilities.

    The Su Family at the most was a merchant family clan with a fair amount of influence in politics. The so called three hundred years of tradition and reputation were simply a clever branding that meant nothing. Their overall power ranked below the top thirty in China. Most real political heavyweights in China, such as the Wang family, were located in Yan Jin. Despite the Su Family’s title as the number one family in Jiang Nan Province, they were at the most on par with the Zheng family of Hong Kong or the Loong family.

    Ji Family packed a slightly heavier punch than Su family in the political realm, however, their influence was a far cry from the Lee Family of the Samsung Group. Chen Fan could even dictate the life and death of Li the Family and the Hong Sect, much less the Ji Family.

    As for the Nin Family and the Tang Family, Chen Fan didn’t even care to consider them opponents.

    Even the Lu family of Lin City that he had toppled a while ago was a more formidable foe than the two families. The Lu family presided over the Tian Nan Province and owned tens of billions of assets. The Nins and the Tangs simply couldn’t compare.

    Chen Fan had expected them to find out his real strength, but now he realized that he had overestimated their ability. His identity as the General Major of Cang Dragon Unit and his ranking on the Heaven roll were both top secrets of the military and the martial arts world. Ji Family had no one working in the military nor the martial arts field, so they would never have heard of the name of Chen Beixuan. Tang Yuanqin learned of his true power because Tang Yuanqin was a martial artist and was well connected in the field.

    The Zhengs had learned of Chen Beixuan’s name because Chen Beixuan had kidnapped Zheng Anqi under that name.

    However, no one in the Ji Family, Nin Family and the Su Family would have known his second name. Their focus had always been in the political realm; a step in the wrong direction.

    “What do you mean?” Ji Luochen furrowed his brows as suspicion danced in his eyes.

    He found it hard to believe that Chen Fan didn’t give in after he had Lou Jinhui on his side.

    “I mean you are too weak.” Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and walked over to Su Xiao. He took away the teacup from the girl’s hand and started to sip on it.

    “You!” Anger contorted Ji Luochen’s face as he grunted vehemently.

    He didn’t expect Chen Fan to resist when his fate was already sealed.

    Even Su Yanghao shook his head and lamented Chen Fan’s stubbornness. Any reasonable person would give up the fight and apologize sincerely, for a start, before mending the situation. Chen Fan’s cocky reaction would only further provoke his foes.

    Life had drained away from Su Susu’s face and Fang Qiong’s grandpa, Su Yangren also heaved a sigh of disappointment and shriveled in his chair.

    He had expected to count on the boy to earn some respect in the family, but his hope was crushed when the situation went out of control. If Chen Fan was defeated by Nin Family, Fang Qiong would be forced to marry into the Ji family. HIs branch would forever be a laughing stock in the family clan.

    Su Xiao furrowed her brows slightly.

    Even as everyone was convinced that Chen Fan’s fate was sealed, she somehow felt hat the boy still had some tricks up his sleeve. Otherwise, Chen Fan would not have the nerve to enjoy a cup of tea at this moment of life and death.

    “What is he hiding that could trump Lou Jinhui?”

    Su Xiao could not think of anyone else who wielded more authority than Lou Jinhui.

    Fang Qiong kept on looking at Chen Fan, willing him to back down but to no avail. Even as Chen Fan was going to further provoke his foes, the couple had made their way to the main hall.

    As soon as Ji Luochen saw the brawny man, a broad smile broke over his face: “Baofen, Luoyin, you two are finally here. You nearly missed out on a good show.”

    Su Susu abandoned all hopes after she heard the names.

    The combined might of the Nin, Tang, Ji, and Su families were already too much to bear, the involvement of Zhao and the Jiao family would only worsen the situation irreversibly. She doubted even Li Wuchen himself could face such pressure unfazed.

    Fang Qiong took a deep breath as she dug in for a difficult struggle.

    She took a step forward and grabbed Chen Fan’s hand and squeezed it.

    If she would die today, she wanted to die together with Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan held on to her hand and gave her a comforting look. Fang Qiong smiled back, she was prepared for the worst.

    Suddenly, Zhao Baofen walked past Ji Luochen and came up to Chen Fan. Under Ji Luochen’s confused gaze, he straightened his back and soluted to Chen Fan.

    “Soldier Zhao Baofen reporting to Head Sergeant.”

    Suddenly, a confused silence fell over the room.

    No one knew what was going on as they stared at Zhao Baofeng in confusion.

    “Head sergeant? What does he mean?” Tang Jianfen asked.

    Since when did Master Chen become Zhao Baofen’s sergeant? Wasn’t Zhao Baofen a member of the Cang Dragon? Was Chen Fan also—

    Before Tang Jianfen could finish the question in his mind, a girl answered it for him.

    “He is the Head Sergeant of the Cang Dragon”

    “Am I right, Mr. Chen Beixuan?” Qiao Luoyin walked slowly toward Chen Fan and removed her sunglasses, revealing her wide and sparkling eyes. They were filled with respect, admiration, and curiosity.

    The great hall suddenly became pin-drop quiet.

    Ji Luochen was so shocked by the turn of the event that he could only stare.