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Chapter 323 - The Birthday Party Begins

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 323: The Birthday Party Begins

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    As soon as Ji Luochen walked out of the ICU, his face turned gloomy right away.

    Resources such as Lou Jinhui should be reserved for the moment of life and death instead of being wasted on such trivial matters. It was public knowledge that Master Chen was on very good terms with the Wei Family of the North Bank and because of that connection, even Gao Tianmin was forced to be removed from his post. Therefore, Ji Luochen wagered that only someone as powerful as Lou Jinhui was able to bring down Chen Fan.

    “Where is Baofen? Is he alright?” Ji Luochen turned around and asked his assistants.

    The Zhao family’s influence was only a couple notch less than that of the Ji Family. If the two families were not related, Zhao Baofen could have very well stayed out of the mess and avoided being beaten up by Chen Fan. In other words, Ji Luochen owed Zhao Baofen a big one, and therefore, Ji Luochen needed to show his commitment to avenging Zhao Baofen in order to mollify her auntie who got married to the Zhao Family.

    “Lord Bao didn’t even finish his examine. He rushed out of the hospital while mumbling such as ‘Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise’ and ‘Head Sergeant’. He said he needed to return to the Cang Dragon unit right away.” The assistant said under his breath.

    “Why does he need to go back to the base at this hour? Does he have any urgent task?” Ji Luochen murmured to himself and changed his focus back to Chen Fan. “I ordered you to investigate Chen Fan’s background thoroughly. How did you fail to find out that he is the Master Chen of Jiang Bei?”

    Ji Luochen gave his assistant a hot glare.

    This man was positioned to be Ji Luochen’s temporary assistant during his stay in Wu Zhou. His actual position was a manager of a company owned by the Ji Family. He was unnerved after being castigated by Ji Luochen as sweat started to slide down his forehead.

    “Young Lord Ji, we did found out his identity, but it was already too late.”


    Ji Luochen snorted and left it at that.

    After all, the Ji Family was not in the business of intelligence gathering and therefore, it would take a while for the assistant to gather enough information through other informants. That being said, Ji Luochen was not deterred by the difficulties.

    “I need you to further your investigation, focus on Chen Fan and the Wei Family of the North Bank and its benefactor, the Xiao family. I wager the Xiao family must be involved in the removal of Gao Tianmin from the seat of power. No one else would have that much authority to pull that off.”

    Ji Luochen main focus and concern was Chen Fan’s threat to them in the political realm.

    However incredible Chen Fan’s personal strength and his Dharma Spells were, Chen Fan would not be able to harm the mighty Ji Family using them. Unlike the Sheng family who was a purely mercantile family, the Ji Family was also a heavyweight in the political landscape. They were protected by powerful men in the government who were powerful enough to make Chen Fan think twice before he resorted to violent means. If Chen Fan dared to make a reckless move, he would have broken the fragile balance in the power dynamic and became a public enemy in China. Therefore, it was the utmost importance for Ji Luochen to find out the exact power of Chen Fan’s benefactor.

    Gao Tianmin was one of the top five most powerful men in the provincial government, and even Lou Jinhui would have to think twice before making a move against him.

    As for the dark side of Chen Fan’s background, the one that dealt with the Martial artists, and Spellcasters, it was too removed from Ji Luochen’s life for him to take it seriously. Ji Luochen had presided in his own circle of elites for many years and had formed his mindset about how the competition was won. In his mind, they were won with connections, wealth and influence, and rarely did personal strength come into the equation.

    The next day, the Old Man Su’s birthday party was finally about to start.

    Although the Su Family was extremely wealthy, so much so that even the wealth of the richest man in the province, Zhang Donghai might pale in comparison. However, the old man had made it very clear from the get-go that he only wanted a modest and intimate party. Therefore, the banquet set in the Su Family’s residence had only a hundred round tables to accommodate about a thousand guests.

    The spots are limited and therefore the seats were quickly taken up. Only the most reputable influential people in the Jiang Nan Province got a seat at the table. The rest of the guests only got to drop off their presents before they had to head back home.

    When Fang Qiong and Chen Fan arrived at the Su Family residence, they found out the parking lot was filled to the brim with luxurious cars.

    The license plates indicated they were from all over China: Jin City, Wu Zhou, Jiang Zhou City, and even those from Zhong Hai, Dong Jiang Province, and Tian Nan Province. A few cars with Yan Jin City’s license plates caught Chen Fan’s attention. Those were special plates issued to government officials.

    Rumor had it that a secretary of a really important political heavyweight had also arrived to pay tribute to Old Man Su

    “Xiao Fan, maybe we should wait until the next day when everyone is gone.” Fang Qiong hesitated as she stood by the entrance. Her hands held tightly onto Chen Fan’s arm.

    She had spent a sleepless night at the executive suite of the Shangri-La Hotel. In the end, she decided that it was a bad idea to let Chen Fan walk right into the trap. The combined might of the Nin, Zhao, and Ji Family would be deadly to anyone, including Master Chen.

    Although Fang Qiong still didn’t have a handle on the full extent of Chen Fan’s power, she was well aware of the Tang family’s influence. Hearing people comparing Chen Fan and Tang Yuanqin made Fang Qiong convinced that Chen Fan’s power should be on par with Tang Yuanqin who was definitely couldn’t withstand the combined force of the three families.

    “Did you mom say anything to you that changed your mind?”

    Chen Fan gave the girl a warm smile.

    “My mom called me yesterday and told me that the Nin Family leaders had already arrived Wu Zhou. Their family lord and made it clear that he wanted you to pay for what you have done.” Fang Qiong hesitated and said: “Xiao Qiong, there is no need bud heads against them right now. Let’s head back to Jinlin City and wait out the storm. My great-grandfather often says that a wise man knows when to take a step back and let go. You are much younger than them, and in ten years, you will be able to deal with them much more easily than you would now.”

    The girl looked tired after missing a night’s sleep. Chen Fan suddenly felt guilty. He wrapped his arm around the girl and whispered in her ears.

    “Don’t worry, your husband is stronger than you think. I can defeat anyone who dares to take you away from me, the Nin and Ji Family are no threat to me.”

    Fang Qiong was caught by surprise by Chen Fan’s sudden embrace. She blushed and nodded slightly.

    “Can you two find a room? Don’t be so dramatic, it is just a birthday party.”

    A woman’s venomous voice rose from the distance.

    Fang Qiong hurried to push Chen Fan away and she saw Su Qian glaring at her from the distance. Su Ze stood right beside her in a dashing formal dress.

    “Master Chen, Miss Fang, please follow me.”

    Chen Fan nodded slightly.

    Chen Fan held onto Fang Qiong’s hand and walked into the Su Family’s residence.

    “Miss Fang Qiong and Mr. Chen Fan of Jin City have arrived. ”

    When the butler called out the couple’s name, people looked to them with different kinds of reactions. Some were surprised, some were excited, and some were gloating at the couple. After what had happened last night, Chen Fan had already become a household name among the elites of Wu Zhou City.

    “Is he the Master Chen of Jiang Bei everyone was talking about? He is so young!”

    “I heard that he killed the entire Sheng family using Dharma Curses. Is that real?”

    “Of course! He was also the reason that Gao Tianmin was removed from his post.”

    Everyone fixed their eyes on Chen Fan, watching and studying him carefully. They had heard so many unbelievable tales about this young man. He had first made his name in the Jiang Bei region, and then he toppled the Sheng family and ended Gao Tianmin’s career. Rumor had it that he was a bastard son of a top dog in Yan Jin city and he was raised by a legendary monk who had taught him powerful spells. Although any rational person would brush off such a ridiculous rumor, rational had always been scarce among the public.

    “Humph! I don’t believe he could topple Gao Tianmin. Not even Lou Jinhui could pull that off, much less a young man such as him.”

    A man holding an ivory fan snorted.

    “Boss Fu, do you have another explanation for Gao Tianmin’s sudden resignation after the Sheng Family’s downfall? But I partially agree with you, it would take someone as powerful as Lou Jinhui to bring Gao Tianmin down.” A middle-aged businessman said with a broad smile.

    “Boss Li, you are right about that! But look at this young man. He is still a green babe in the woods. Do you think he could be Chairman Lou’s equal?” Boss Fu refuted.

    “Ur…” Boss Li was suddenly at a loss for words.

    Although Chen Fan had dominated the Jian Bei region, he was no match against Chairman Luo, the most powerful man in the province. If Chen Fan was a shiny star in the night sky, then Chairman Luo was the blinding sun. He was the de facto ruler of the province, a political heavyweight in China.

    “I think it is a coincidence. Gao Tianmin must have made some mistakes that had caused his fall from grace. His downfall happened to occur around the same time as Chen Fan did away with the Sheng family. Maybe Gao Tianmin’s higher-ups even used Chen Fan as a ruse to make the public believe that the young man was the reason for Gao Tianmin’s undoing.”

    Boss Fu moved the fan back and forth, looking like the legendary strategist Zhu Geliang.

    His listeners nodded in agreement.

    Boss Fu’s explanation was much more convincing than the notion that a young man was able to bring down a powerful bureaucrat.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan and Fang Qiong had followed Su Ze to the main hall. Su Yanghao was wearing a traditional Chinese dress that was vibrant red in color. He was sitting at the head of the table. He was flanked by Su Yangzhi, Su Yangren, and Su Zhengde. Chen Fan found Su Xiao standing behind Su Yanghao, regarding him curiously.

    “Grandpa, Little Nine wishes you a happy birthday! May your happiness be as boundless as the eastern seas and your life as long as the long-lasting southern mountains!” Fang Qiong took a step forward and announced wittily.

    A smile broke over the old man’s face as he was pleased by his grand daughter’s smooth and clever words. However, as soon as his eyes landed on Chen Fan, his smile disappeared.

    “Little Nine, I am sure your grandpa is happy to see you, but who is this young man with you?”

    Su Zhengde gave Chen Fan a contemptuous look.

    “Grandpa, Uncle, his name is Chen Fan. He is my boyfriend.” Fang Qiong lifted his chin and announced firmly.

    Silence suddenly fell into the room.

    Everyone looked over to the couple, they knew things were about to get serious.

    “Little Nine, you are too young to have a boyfriend. Don’t be silly, sent your friend back now. This is a private party, we don’t welcome just anyone on the street.”

    Su Yangzhi put down his teacup and rebutted hotly.

    Fang Qiong pulled a taut face and even as she was about to protest, Chen Fan took a step forward and he said with a smile.

    “I am not only her boyfriend but also her husband, do you have any problem with that?