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Chapter 322 - Rise to Power In Wu Zhou

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 322: Rise to Power In Wu Zhou

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    Chen Fan let go of Fang Qiong after they walked out of the room. He said apologetically.

    “Sorry for crashing your family party.”

    “No… I should be sorry, Xiao Fan.” Fang Qiong closed in and leaned on Chen Fan. She said with a hint of disappointment: “I had never thought that my family would oppose so strongly of our marriage. They were my cousins, but none of my cousins were on my side. I wonder if our family bond really meant anything to them.”

    “Yea, and screw those family rules, they are just excuses to mask their disdain.” Chen Fan snorted, “If I were the president of the United State of America, they would have fought each other to lick my boots.”


    Despite herself, Fang Qiong blurt out a light laughter. She hit Chen Fan on the chest and complained: “Don’t be so gross.”

    “It’s the truth. They looked down on me back there and thought that I am not worthy of being part of the Su Family of Wu Zhou City.” Chen Fan shrugged and said: “Little did they know that the Su Family is nothing compared to my power.”

    Chen Fan’s voice was calm, however, his seemingly indifferent expression emanated a strong sense of pride and honor that Fang Qiong had never seen before. He looked like a god who presided in the heaven above the sky, looking down on the bustling mortals.

    “Ah, right, are you sure you sure you won’t get into trouble for breaking Nin Yuze’s arms and legs?” Fang Qiong suddenly remembered something; her face turned black and asked concernedly. “Maybe we should skip the Birthday banquet tomorrow and go home instead. I don’t think the Ji Family and the Nin Family would come all the way to Jin City to look for us.”

    “Don’t you worry. Your husband’s power is beyond your imagination. I can get rid of the Nin Family with a flick of a finger.” Chen Fan said with a proud smile.

    Despite the concern inside of her, Fang Qiong kept her silence.

    She was smart enough to know that once her man had made a decision, she should support him no matter the consequences.

    “Don’t worry Xiao Fan, I will be right here with you no matter what happens.”

    With that thought in mind, the girl inched closer to Chen Fan. Huddling together, the two walked forward against the chilly wind of the winter night.

    What had happened at the Su Family banquet quickly spread into the ears of all Su Family members.

    Meanwhile, inside the Su Family’s main hall, the lights were still on and many family leaders, including the Old man himself, were having an emergency meeting.

    “This is ridiculous!”

    Su Zhengde rose to his feet and slammed the table. He glared at Su Peng sitting beneath him and shouted: “You are the oldest brother, how could you let them start a fight during the banquet? He even broke the limbs of Young Lord Nin? Where are the security guards? He is just one person, what are other people doing? Just watching?”

    Su Peng was quiet and lowered his head in embarrassment.

    Su Qian couldn’t help but put in: “Dad, it’s not my brother’s fault. Chen Fan is a menacing brute! You have to see it for yourself. He broke Young Lord Nin’s arms and legs because of a small disagreement. Even the vice captain of Cang Dragon Zhao Baofen couldn’t stop him. He is Master Chen after all, who would dare to stand in his way?”

    “Wait. Master Chen? What do you mean?” Su Zhengde asked in confusion.

    “He is the infamous Master Chen from Jin City.” Su Qian muttered. “Rumor had it that he presided over Jiang Bei and not even Xu Ao dares to defy him. The Sheng family had a taste of his power and now the Sheng family is history. Who in their right mind do you think would oppose him?”

    “Master Chen of Jiang Bei?”

    The announcement shocked everyone in the room.

    The destruction of the Sheng family was still a recent memory, and the leaders of the Su Family knew the seriousness of the incident more clearly than anyone else. They knew that even the Sheng family’s benefactor, Gao Tianmin had got into trouble, trying to avenge the deceased. He was removed from his post in Jiang Nan Province and reassigned to another province.

    “Little Nine’s childhood friend is Master Chen of Jiang Bei?”

    Everyone looked at each other in fear and shock.

    They had been each other’s childhood crushes and one grew up to be a drop-dead gorgeous, while the other a powerful hero. Long separated they have been and now the two young loves were finally united and wedded: It was almost too good to be true.

    “That makes so much sense now. No wonder Little Nine would defy her parents’ will to get the marriage certificate with him.” A Su Family elder nodded and said.

    “Fifth Uncle, what do you mean?” Su Zhengde was riled up by the remark. “Even if he is Master Chen, he is still a thuggish ruffian. The Su Family had withheld our moral bearing and high standard for three hundred years, and I would never agree to marry one of our girls to such an unsavory character.”

    Embarrassment crawled all over Fifth Uncle’s face. He murmured something to himself and then was quiet.

    The fifth uncle was a good friend of Fang Qiong’s grandpa, however, neither of them had any say in the family business. Their third brother, Su Zhengde’s father was the backbone of the Su Family, therefore, Su Zhengde and his branch wielded unchallenged authority in the family, so much so that he could even fling back at his elders.

    “That’s enough. Zhende is right.” Su Yangzhi, the oldest man in the room nodded and said: “Our family had survived three hundred years. Although we are mainly a mercantile family, we always kept a close eye on our reputation and moral bearing. What Little Nine had done was indeed inappropriate. Plus, Chen Fan’s savage actions spoke loudly of his character. I don’t care how powerful or influential he is, I don’t want him in our family.”

    Many leaders of the Su Family nodded in agreement.

    Su Susu was sitting furthest away from the head of the table. She looked troubled but was not sure what to say.

    She had just told Su Yanghao the identity of Chen Fan, trying to earn some points for the young man. Then she was hit by the devastating news of what Chen Fan had done at the party.

    “Su Ze, tell us what you see, we want to know everything.” Su Yanghao spoke readily as he pointed to Su Ze.

    “Yes, Third Grandpa.” Su Ze rose up and started to fill everyone in. He tried to sound as objective as possible, but snuck in a few subtle assertions and omitted a few key details here and there to sway the listener’s opinion. For example, he had described Nin Yuze’s rude interceptions while Chen Fan trying to sit down as a “friendly conversation” started by Nin Yuze.

    The longer he went on, the worse Chen Fan’s image was in everyone’s mind.

    “He is so full of himself! How dare he look down on the Su Family! If he is so arrogant before he even marries Little Nine, what an asshole he would be after we have agreed to the marriage? He is going to wreak havoc in our family!” Su Zhengde snorted.

    “Hold on, you mentioned Zhao Baofen. Is he Zhao Xun’s son?” Su Yanghao suddenly put in.

    “Indeed, third grandpa.” Su Ze nodded.

    “I have heard of his name before. He was one of the most outstanding members of the group stationed in Jin City. Due to his excellent performance, he was transferred to the Cang Dragon Unit and was groomed to be the next captain.” Su Yangzhi nodded and said: “I believe that Zhao Xun’s wife is related to the Ji Family.”

    “Hump! Nin Family, Ji Family, Zhao family and us; Chen Fan has made too many enemies. Does he really think that he could survive the combined might of so many prominent families?” One of the Su Family leaders snorted and said.

    Sensing the flaring temper of the Su Family members, Su Yanghao found it difficult to defend Chen Fan. Plus, Chen Fan’s cruel actions didn’t sit well with him either. Therefore, the old man announced lightly: “That will be it for tonight. If the Nin Family and the Ji Family bring the matter up, remember that we remain neutral in this. What do you think Su Susu?”

    Su Susu managed to put on a smile and nodded.

    “Thank you for your understanding, Third Uncle.”

    This was the best outcome she had expected. If Su Family decided to get involved, Chen Fan might as well be dead.

    It didn’t take long before the entire elite class of Wu Zhou City learned what happened at the Su Family’s party.

    Nin Yuze was sent to the best hospital in Wu Zhou to treat his injured limbs. After his condition was stabilized, he was transferred to the bone specialist in Zhong Hai. The incident happened in broad daylight and therefore it was near impossible to contain the spread of rumors.

    Many leaders of the Nin Family rushed to Wu Zhou from Zhong Hai. As they took care of Nin Yuze, they made their intent for retribution very clearly to everyone.

    The development had shocked the entire upper class of Wu Zhou’s society. Everyone watched expectantly for what would happen next.

    On one side of the firing line was the Lord of Jiang Bei, the one who had slaughtered the Sheng family and ended Gao Tianmin’s political career: Master Chen.

    On the other side was one of the most powerful family clans in Zhong Hai: the Nin Family!

    This was a much more dramatic and epic conflict than that between Sheng family and the Chen family. Both Nin Family and Master Chen had unimaginable abilities to change the world. Most people believed that Nin Family would emerge victoriously since they were not fighting alone. The Zhao Family and the Ji Family also lurked behind the scenes, ready to aid the Nin Family.

    Meanwhile, inside the ICU of the Wu Zhou Number One People’s Hospital.

    Nin Chendong, one of the richest men in Zhong Hai stood in the hallway, looking through the glass on the door at his son. Beside him were Nin Yuze’s mother and cousins. A sadness gripped their heart as tears streaked across their cheeks.

    “The doctor said that Yuze will have to be bed bound for the rest of his life. That boy is a cruel coldhearted asshole. How could he bring himself to do such a barbaric thing to another person?”

    Nin Chendong was quiet, but his face was dark and gloomy.

    “Uncle Dong, All this happened because of me. The Ji Family won’t stand by, we will join your fight.”

    Ji Luochen bowed slightly and said in an apologetic voice.

    Nin Chendong managed to squeeze out a smile on his face. He held onto Ji Luochen’s arm and said: “Luochen, this is not your fault. The fault is with Master Chen and his brutality. Yuze is my only son, and what he did to Yuze is devastating to my entire family. I will not let him get away with this, we will fight to our death.”

    “Don’t worry Uncle Dong, my father had already summoned Lou Jinhui of Jiang Nan.” Ji Luochen spoke as a light flashed in his eyes.

    “I appreciate your father’s help. I feel much more confident with his assistance.”Nin Chendong’s face was lit up with relief.

    Ji Luochen’s father, Ji Yuanhong was a provincial governor and wielded enough power to acquire assistance from Lou Jinhui of Jiang Nan.

    “I will see to it that he pays the ultimate price.”

    Nin Chendong cursed under his breath.

    A venomous light glinted in his eyes, making him look like a wounded beast ready to lash out a desperate final attack.