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Chapter 321 - I Am Soley Responsible

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 321: I Am Soley Responsible

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    Chen Fan didn’t ask Qiao Luoyin how she had recognized him.

    As the leader of the Qiao Family of Jin City, Qiao Luoyin must have seen his picture before. However, Chen Fan wagered that Qiao Luoyin had to use her imagination to fill up the difference between the picture and his real-life appearance. Zhou Qinya had helped Chen Fan spruce himself up and therefore, he looked very different from his photo in a good way.

    “Yes, that’s me.”

    Chen Fan picked up a decanter and slowly poured the contents into a China cup.

    No one spoke a word as they stared at the young man in shock and disbelief.

    “Master Chen of Jiang Bei.”

    He had single-handedly killed the entire Sheng family, and even in Wu Zhou, people talked about his legendary deeds. In those stories, he was an ambitious and mighty warrior. To everyone’s surprise, Chen Fan was an average looking teenage boy in real life and looked nothing like how he was painted in colorful stories. Even Qiao Luoyin found it hard to reconcile the teenage boy to the image of an overbearing martial artist.

    Sweat glided off of the guard captain’s forehead as he felt lucky to not make the wrong move.

    If he rushed into the situation, he might as well be dead now. He was a good fighter in the eyes of ordinary people, but his strength was a far cry from that of Master Chen.

    Su Ze and Su Peng glared at Chen Fan with disbelief.

    “No wonder LIttle Nine would choose you. She was always so stuck up and full of herself, and I was right to think that she would never settle for just anyone. She had chosen a good one!” Su Peng put in.

    Meanwhile, Su Qian was on the edge of her seat.

    The young man was the infamous Master Chen of Jiang Bei!

    Most people in this room were nobody once they were stripped of their family heritage. However, Chen Fan was able to surpass his grandfather’s achievement before he even reached twenty. His achievements would take a normal person twenty if not thirty years to accomplish.

    In other words, Chen Fan was on a different level than most people in this room.

    Only the Su Family Lord Su Zhengde or the Nin Family lord was able to sit down at the same table with Chen Fan as his equal.

    “Why is she so lucky? Before Master Chen she had Sheng Junwen fawning all over her. Now Shen Junwen is dead, but she caught the attention of Master Chen. Was she wearing plot armor or whatnot?” Shen Qian looked to Fang Qiong. Her eyes were green with jealousy.

    Chen Fan didn’t mind what other people thought of him.

    After he poured himself a cup of wine, he raised the cup gently.

    The china cup suddenly became airborne and levitated above the table and slowly rose to Chen Fan’s mouth. Everyone watched in disbelief and even Fang Qiong was taken by surprise. It was the first time she had seen Chen Fan use his Divine powers.

    “Everyone talked about Master Chen’s powerful Dharma Spells, and today I have finally seen it with my own eyes.” Ji Luochen managed to hold back his shock and poured a cup of wine for himself and gave Chen Fan a toast.

    “Let’s drink in the name of Master Chen!”

    He was born into a prestigious family in Zhong Hai and had seen Dharma Spells in action a few times.

    However, all those casters he had met before were in their fifties with white hair and snowy beards. They also lacked Chen Fan’s ability to summon the spell on a whim. Instead, they relied on their Dharma artifacts and required long preparation to cast a simple spell.

    Chen Fan didn’t even spare him a glance as he poured the contents of the cup down his throat.

    A pang of anger flashed in Ji Luochen’s eyes, but it was quickly masked by him. He also drank the wine, but instead of putting down the cup, he played with the cup in his hand and asked Chen Fan with interest.

    “Master Chen, do you know the background of Nin Yuze?”

    “What is it?”

    Chen Fan casually poured more wine and replied distractedly.

    Ji Luochen scanned the crowd and then raised his voice a few notches. “His father is Nin Chendong, one of the richest men in Zhong Hai. He is the owner of the Dong Chen Group and has tens of billions of assets. His grandpa is Nin Zhongshen, a retired high-level official from Zhong Hai. He was retired, but still very influential.”

    “He is Nin Chendong’s only son and the only grandson of the Old Man Nin. Master Chen, how are you going to explain your actions to the Nin family?

    After he had said that, Ji Luochen looked to Chen Fan with a faint smirk.

    His words had also made everyone realize the serious consequences of Chen Fan’s actions.

    Zhong Hai was one of the biggest cities in China, and a high-level official in its city hall was of the same rank as a provincial governor. Without such a solid family background, Nin Yuze would never be listed together with Zhu Yuntao and Tang Jianfen as the Four Young Lords of Zhong Hai.

    “Oh, really?”

    Chen Fan took another gulp of the wine and his expression didn’t change the slightest.

    However powerful Nin Family was, they would be dwarfed when compared with Gao Tianmin.

    If Chen Fan was able to topple the mighty Gao Tianmin, he should be able to quash the Nin Family with ease.

    “Of course Master Chen might not think highly of Nin Family, but what about the combined might of the Nins and the Zhaos?”Ji Luochen asked with a mysterious smile.

    “Zhao family? What Zhao family?”

    Other people were confused as well.

    Only Su Ze and Su Peng seemed to know what he was talking about as their face suddenly turned dark. They were well aware of the names of the benefactors of the Nin family.

    Ji Luochen pointed to Zhao Baofen who was just being helped to his feet. “This brother of mine had just reached thirty, yet, he had already been promoted to the rank of Vice Captain in the Cang Dragon Unit.”

    “He is a vice captain at the Cang Dragon unit?”

    Everyone was taken aback by the revelation.

    Although the Cang Dragon unit had only less than a hundred members, each and every one of its members were the cream of the crop. Even a normal soldier in the unit would have a bright military career ahead of him, much less a vice captain. He was very likely to be promoted to a rank as high as general.

    Then, Ji Luochen announced something even more shocking.

    “His father was the Lieutenant General in the Military.”

    The crowd in the room boiled over as soon as Ji Luochen finished his announcement.

    “What Lieutenant General?”

    “Could he from the Headquarters?”

    “OMG, that means he was the top five most influential men in the military, right next to Li Wuchen.”

    Zhao Baofen’s identity as the vice captain of the Cang Dragon and his father’s rank of Lieutenant General had both caught everyone by surprise. Some people recalled that there was a Lieutenant General stationed at Jin City whose last name was Zhao.

    Suddenly, Zhao Baofen’s family seemed even more powerful than that of Nin Yuze and Qiao Family of Jin City. After all, both the Nin Family and the Qiao Family could only exert influence in their own city, but both cities were under the military headquarters’ jurisdiction. Zhao Baofen had just reached thirty, and he had already gained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and became the vice captain of the Cang Dragon Unit. If he continued his illustrious achievements, he would become a general in no time.

    “Then there will be two generals under the same roof, that’s impressive”

    Even as people marveled at the Zhao family’s achievement, some looked at Chen Fan concernedly. Master Chen might be able to stand against the Nin Family, but They doubted that he was able to ward off the combined might of the Nin Family and the Zhao family. Worse, both families had the support of Ji Luochen, a member of the most powerful family in Zhong Hai.

    Even the Sheng family and the Chen family would pale in comparison with the Ji Family.

    Fang Qiong felt a pang of distress. Although she was confident in Chen Fan’s power, she knew that not even the Su Family of Wu Zhou City would quell the combined attack of the Nins and the Zhaos. Worse, Qiao Luoyin had not yet chosen her side, and she would very likely join the Ji Family to assist the other two families.

    “So what?”

    Chen Fan remained calm and drank the third cup of wine. He locked his eyes with Ji Luochen and said: “I don’t want to waste my time on you. If you want to have a showdown, I can allow you some time to prepare. Bring all of your benefactors to the birthday banquet tomorrow, and we will settle this once and for all.”

    “That goes the same with you guys.”

    Chen Fan scanned the people around him: Su Qian, Su Ze, Su Peng, Qiao Luoyin and Zhao Baofen.

    “Bring whoever you want, and I will be solely responsible for what happened today, and what will happen tomorrow.”

    Chen Fan finally dropped the wine cup and wrapped his arm around Fang Qiong’s waist and sauntered out.

    The crowd backed away and made a path for Chen Fan. Despite the heart-wrenching howling of Nin Yuze, no one dared to stop Chen Fan or call the police. They simply watched as Chen Fan left the room with Fang Qiong.

    “He is so badass! No wonder he could dominate the Jiang Bei region.”

    Someone exclaimed.

    Without seeing Chen Fan’s decisiveness and gusto with their own eyes, people simply couldn’t imagine that Chen Fan was able to dominate the Jiang Bei region. But after having experienced Chen Fan’s overwhelming demeanor first hand, doubts in people’s minds disappeared. Other than the legendary Master Chen, no one would dare to break Nin Yuze’s four limbs and taunt the combined force of Nin, Zhao, Ji and Qiao families

    “He is too reckless!”

    Su Peng and the others shook their heads and lamented.

    They were impressed by Chen Fan’s illustrious achievements at such a young age, but disapproved of his provocation for a final showdown at the old man’s birthday banquet. They also disagree with Chen Fan’s brutal mutilation of Nin Yuze. Maybe he was able to get away with it because he was the Master Chen of Jiang Bei, but he had to know his limits. On the other hand, today’s event proved that any family, let it be Su Family or Ji Family should take Chen Fan seriously and treat him with respect.

    However, after Chen Fan uttered his final challenged, he had made himself the common enemy of all the prominent families.

    Even if the Zhao family, Qiao Family or Su Family had been still on the fence, Chen Fan had chosen the side for them. That was a foolish move since no individual could have withstood the combined might of so many powerful forces.

    “I wonder what is he going to do tomorrow.”

    Everyone thought to themselves expectantly.

    However, a strange light flashed in Qiao Luoyin eyes.

    She had heard of Chen Fan’s overbearing demeanor while she was in Jin City and what happened today proved that those rumors were right. While she was visiting her BFF at the Tang family, her BFF had told her many incredible stories about Master Chen. If her BFF had told her the truth, then she doubted that Old Man Ji or Old Man Nin could do any harm to Chen Fan.

    “He is the most powerful Grandmaster in China, Chen Beixuan!”

    Qiao Luoyin lowered her head and murmured to herself.