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Chapter 320 - Crush The Haters

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 320: Crush The Haters

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    “I hope you can laugh after I break your limbs.”

    Chen Fan’s hands moved with lightning speed and caught Nin Yuze’s left arm in his iron grasp. Then he twisted without using much force.


    Nin Yuze’s arm snapped as it let out a loud loud bone-crunching noise. The arm bent with an eerie angle, looking like the forearm of a praying mantis.


    Everyone was shocked by the development as they stared at Nin Yuze’s injured arm with disbelief.

    Chen Fan had finally got fed up with him and attacked.

    Su Ze, Su Qian and Su Peng were shaken to the core while Ji Luochen dropped the wine cup in his hand out of sheer surprise. Many young heirs from Wu Zhou jumped out of their seats after reality set in. He had attacked Nin Yuze, one of the most powerful young heirs of Zhong Hai. Most ordinary people would be doomed if they even so much as harmed a hair on his body, much less breaking his arm.

    Seeing the situation had gone beyond the point of no return, Fang Qiong closed her eyes, unable to bring herself to see what was going to happen next.

    The reputation of Master Chen was built on top of blood and bones, he would not let these teenagers off the hook easily.

    This was the first day she saw the true power of Chen Fan. However, she was not afraid, she only felt safe and protected.


    Nin Yuze paused a second and then pain shot through his body. He let out a saddening howl.

    He stumbled a few steps and backed into the table behind him. After steadied himself, he held the injured arm close to the chest and glared at Chen Fan. “How… how dare you!”

    He couldn’t believe that Chen Fan would retaliate physically.

    Nin Yuze had presided over Zhong Hai for many years and not even his powerful rivals such as the Tang, Zhu or Hua family dared to harm him physically. However, Chen Fan had broken his arm after being verbally provoked.

    The brawny man Zhao Baofen suddenly became alert after watching the development with an expert eye.

    Chen Fan had snapped Nin Yuze’s arm as if he had snapped a straw. Human bones were dense and tough, and it would require a blow from a hundred-pound hammer to snap the bone and bent it to such a gut-churning shape. However, Chen Fan had done so using only used his bare hands with an effortless tugging motion. How strong exactly was Chen Fan?

    “He is not an ordinary teenager.”

    Zhao Baofen finally concluded.

    Before Nin Yuze could catch a breath, Chen Fan took a step forward and said: “I said I will break all your limbs, not one. Now it’s the second one.”

    After he said that, Chen Fan grabbed Nin Yuze’s good arm and twisted it.

    Everyone heard the loud and clear bone crunching noise that churned their stomachs.

    Nin Yuze’s right arm was broken by Chen Fan. Nin Yuze was overtaken by pain as he screamed at the top of his lungs. Losing balance, he collapsed to the ground, rolling back and forth in agony. The crowd took a few steps back to put some distance with Chen Fan as they stared at the young man with fear and shock.

    “He is crazy! How dare he!”

    Su Qian pointed at Chen Fan with a trembling finger as she shouted.

    “Stop! Do you know what you are doing? Do you know who you are attacking?”

    “Of course I do.” Chen Fan walked closer to Nin Yuze, driving the injured young man to push himself backward with both feet and wiggled his body on the ground like a worm.

    “Don’t! Stop! STOP! My dad is Nin Chendong and My Nin Zhongshen is my grandpa. You can’t hurt me!”

    He screamed, hair fell all over his face, making him look like someone straight out of a psychiatric ward.

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and kept his face calm. He said indifferently: “You have provoked me, now you will have to pay the price.”

    Seeing Chen Fan was inching closer, Zhao Baofen could no longer watch the young man getting hurt. He slammed the table as his body sprung up into the air and landed near Chen Fan. “Stop!” He shouted.

    Chen Fan didn’t even spare him a glance as he stomped on Nin Yuze’s knee cap.

    His foot carried so much power that it would pulverize a granite stone. The force shattered Nin Yuze’s knee cap into hundreds of fragments; rendering it beyond surgical reconstruction.

    Zhao Baofen pulled a dark face and castigated Chen Fan with a cold voice: “Sir, this is enough. Do you want him to spend the rest of his life in bed?”

    “Didn’t he want to do the same to me when he provoked me? The dozen or so bodyguards outside and you, the new member of the Cang Dragon were all biding your time to attack me, weren’t you?” Chen Fan turned around slowly.

    “You know who I am?” Zhao Baofen was taken aback by Chen Fan’s remark. He asked: “Who are you?”

    Zhao Baofen was a relatively new member of the Cang Dragon Unit and before that, he was a veteran at another Special force stationed in Jin City. His strength and metal were recognized by the Cang Dragon leaders and was promoted to the vice-captain soon after he was transferred. Chen Beixuan had left the military nearly a year when Zhao Baofen joined the Cang Dragon and therefore he didn’t recognize Chen Fan. Neither did he recognized Chen Fan’s name since Chen Fan was known as Chen Beixuan in Cang Dragon.

    “You don’t need to know who I am, all you need to know is that I am extremely disappointed in you.” Chen Fan shook his head and stomped Nin Yuze’s the other knee cap. Zhao Baofen had already failed to protect Nin Yuze three times, and this time he couldn’t stand still and watch the young man suffer again.

    He puffed his chest out and punched at Chen Fan. His fist stirred up a cold gust that stung the faces of onlookers.

    “Who the heck is he? He is so strong!”

    Su Ze and the others exclaimed in their minds.

    Zhao Baofen’s punch was so powerful that it would outright kill an ordinary man. Even Fang Qiong looked concerned for Chen Fan’s life.

    As soon as Chen Fan shattered Nin Yuze’s second knee, he twirled around and shot out a backhand slap on Zhao Baofen’s face. The impact sent Zhao Baofen flying until his hulking frame rammed into a wall.


    The impact shook the entire room and make the ground tremble.

    Zhao Baofen’s body left a shallow depression on the wall and the colorful plaster on the wall was crushed into flaky powders. Although Zhao Baofen had reached initial success in his internal force cultivation, he was winded and stunned by the blow.

    “Did you use Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise?”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and asked calmly.

    “How did you know?” Zhao Baofen struggled to gather himself and asked in dizziness.

    “Because I am its creator.” Chen Fan put in and then stopped paying attention to Zhao Baofen all together. He turned around and looked at Nin Yuze. He had broken all four limbs of the young man as he had promised. Nin Yuze slumped on the ground motionless; his mind and body were both in shock.

    “There are some people in the world that you should never provoke.” Chen Fan said with a faint smile. “I broke your limbs for blocking my way. I will make you bed bound for the rest of your life. I want you to remember this lesson for every waking moment.”

    By then, the security guards finally heard the commotion inside and they barged in. Stunned by what they saw, they produced batons from their waist and was ready to come after Chen Fan.

    “Stop it!”

    Suddenly, a woman’s cold voice came up.

    The guards were taken aback and their confusion was shared by everyone around them, including Ji Luochen.

    “Luoyin, why are you stopping them?”

    “Indeed, Sister Qiao. This man is dangerous and sadistic. We need to bring him to justice.” Su Qian put in hotly.

    Chen Fan had broken Nin Yuze’s limbs, and no one at the Su Family had seen such savagery before.

    Su Ze and the others nodded in agreement with Su Qian.

    The terrible incident happened on the Su Family’s turf, and if the Su Family failed to offer the Nin family a proper closure, the relationship between the two families would quickly sour. Although the Nin family was not as powerful as Su Family, they would make a formidable foe.

    “Sister Qian.” Fang Qiong called her cousin out in disbelief.

    She couldn’t believe that Su Qian was the first one that wanted to throw her fiance into jail. Neither could she stomach Su Ze and other family members appalling compliance to Su Qian’s cold-hearted proposal.

    The leader of the bodyguards looked to Qiao Luoyin, waiting for her explanation.

    After a while, Qiao Luoyin finally broke her silence.

    The princess of the Qiao Family removed her sunglasses and revealed her breathtaking beauty. She had a heart-shaped face and a pointy chin. Her lush lips were slightly pouty and eyes wide and innocent. It was the face of an angel and one look from her mesmerizing gaze would rob the attention of any young man. No wonder she had to wear sunglasses all the time.

    Her sublime beauty even caught Chen Fan’s attention. He conceded that Qiao Luoyin was more attractive than Fang Qiong before she turned into the Zi Qiong Goddess.

    Everyone watched as Qiao Luoyin let out a sneer.

    “You guys are useless fodder before the mighty Master Chen. Even Zhao Baofen could not last more than one move, you would be courting death if you threw yourself at him.”

    After she said that, she gave Chen Fan an alluring smile.

    “Am I right Master Chen?”

    Qiao Luoyin’s words shocked everyone.

    They looked at Chen Fan in disbelief.

    There could be many Master Chens in the world, but everyone knew that Qiao Luoyin meant a very specific one. He was the one who had shocked the entire Jiang Nan Province; he was Master Chen of Jiang Bei.

    “He is Master Chen of Jiang Bei?”

    Su Ze and Su Peng glared at Chen Fan incredulously.

    Although Wu Zhou was close to Jin City, the elite circles of the two cities were quite removed from each other. Elites in Wu Zhou were closer to those in Zhong Hai and rarely did they rub shoulders with tycoons from Jin City. To most people in Wu Zhou, Jin City was only the provincial capital by name and reputation, but it had little to no influence over other cities in Jiang Nan province.

    Half of Jiang Nan Province’s wealth was located in Wu Zhou. Six out of the top ten richest men in Jiang Nan Province came from Wu Zhou, including the richest man Zhang Donghai.

    Chen Fan’s face was only known to a very few people in Jin City, where he had made a name for himself, even fewer people had known him in Wu Zhou City. Most of them have only heard of his name in passing but didn’t care to dig further since they were too removed from what was going on in Jin City. Of all the people in the room, only Qiao Luoyin had recognized Chen Fan.

    “Are you Master Chen?”

    Ji Luochen was shocked by the revelation. He asked slowly.

    He suddenly realized that the opponent who he thought was as weak as a pathetic worm turned out to be as terrifying as a prehistoric Tyrannosaurus.