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Chapter 319 - A Blatant Insul

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 319: A Blatant Insult

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    Su Peng didn’t seem to register the awkwardness in the air as he carried on his introduction.

    “This is the young lord of the Nin Family from Zhong Hai. I am sure that everyone here knows that the reputation of the Nin Family of Zhong Hai is on par with that of the Zhu family and Tang Family. Young Lord Nin is also one of the Four Young Lord of Zhong Hai, together with reputable names such as Tang Jianfen and Zhu Yuntao.”

    Many young hitters of Wu Zhou looked to Nin Yuze with a great measure of admiration after hearing the introduction.

    The Zhu and Tang family of Zhong Hai were both prestigious families that rivaled the Wei Family of the North Bank, Qiao and Song Family of Jin City. To be listed as the equals of these families’ heirs was a telltale sign of the Nin Family’s power.

    “Brother Peng you think too highly of me. Don’t believe in those titles such as the Four Young Lords of Zhong Hai, that’s nonsense.”

    Despite his humble words, everyone knew Tang Jianfen and Zhu Yuntao as mighty and influential young lords of Zhong Hai. People gave them the title of Four Young Lords of Zhong Hai not because they want something to talk about after dinner —such as the title of Four Young Lords of Capital City—they gave them the title as recognition of their outstanding ability and talent.

    Su Peng cracked a smile and went on with the introduction.

    “Little Nine, this is Mis Qiao Luoyin from the Qiao Family of Jin City. She is the daughter of Lord Qiao.”

    A surprised murmur rose among the crowd after Su Peng and spoken.

    “She is Qiao Luoyin!”

    The girl was wearing large sunglasses, revealing only half of her face. However, the curled lush lips and her pointy chin suggested breathtaking beauty behind the large pair of shades.

    Beauty aside, her family background also made many guests jealous. The Qiao Family was one of the largest family clans in Jin City. Lord Qiao had dominated the political landscape of the province for over ten years and by now, his status in the government was even higher than Gao Tianmin, much less Qin Hua. So much so, the governor of the province wouldn’t carry out any of his political wills without the support of Lord Qiao.

    “I have heard people list her and Tang Yifei as the two Princesses of Jiang Nan Province.” Some people murmured.

    Much like the Tang Family, the Qiao family relied heavily on its female members in its day to day operations. Qiao Luoyin had more say in the usage of the family wealth and investments than most of her male elders.

    “Sister Qiao.” Fang Qiong was one of Qiao Luoyin’s admirers, so she came up to Qiao Luoyin and greeted her.

    Qiao Luoyin nodded slightly. When her gaze landed on Chen Fan, a hint of doubt flashed across her face.

    “Uh? Why does he look so familiar?”

    Su Peng then introduced a brawny man behind Qiao Luoyin. His name was Zhao Baofen, Brother Bao.

    Brother Bao wore only a tank top and a pair of camouflage pants and blood red boots despite the biting cold in the air. He was ripped and his skin was covered with scars, giving him the appearance of a battle-hardened veteran. He stood still like a heavy buddha statue while tearing a drumstick off of a roast chicken with his bare hands. Despite his strange outfit and uncouth table manners, no one seemed to mind him.

    In the end, Su Peng walked closer toward a young man at the head of the table and announced his name with great measure of respect.

    “Xiao Qiong, this is Young Lord Ji, Ji Luochen.”

    The young man’s toned body was encased in a bespoke suit from an Italian tailor. His sideburns and small beard were meticulously trimmed, adding his glinting eyes, he looked like a powerful leader.

    “He is Ji Luochen?”

    Fang Qiong was taken by surprise as her gaze landed on the young man. Ji Luochen connected her eye contact with a half-smile. Fang Qiong shivered a little and then moved closer toward Chen Fan. Seeing the girl’s reaction, the light smile on Ji Luochen’s face froze. He quickly covered his ugly frozen smile with the rim of the wine cup, pretending to take a sip; however, he was not able to stop the glinting menacing intent in his eyes.

    “Tsk… tsk… Ji Luochen, Nin Yuze, and Qiao Luoyin are all here. I need to get some popcorn. This is going to be a great show.” Many people who were aware of the drama marveled in their minds.

    Many young generations of the Su Family looked at Fang Qiong and Chen Fan gloatingly.

    The Su Family had strict rules and most young adults of the family still had to sneak out of the house to party with friends. Therefore, when Fang Qiong had brazenly brought a husband back to the family clan, everyone was shocked and most elders of the family felt that the family name was desecrated.

    United by a common enemy, the Su Family members in the room would not change their minds about Chen Fan regardless of his family background, neither would they accept Fang Qiong’s unorthodox and reckless behavior. Even the Ji Family Lord had to ask the Su Family formally to secure the marriage proposal, what made Chen Fan so special that he could simply show up and ask for Fang Qioing’s hand?

    Both Su Susu and Fang Qiong had underestimated the stubborn minds of a traditional family.

    “Little Nine, grab a seat.” Su Peng said as he gave Chen Fan a glance. Feeling slightly guilty, he said stoically to Chen Fan: “You too.”

    “Thank you, Brother Peng.”

    Fang Qiong cracked a smile and then nodded.

    Even as the two were about to sit down, Nin Yuze suddenly rose to his feet and shouted: “Wait!”

    “We haven’t got introduced to this gentleman with Miss Fang yet.”

    Fang Qiong was already in her seat. She gave Nin Yuze a cold glare and said: “He is my fiance Chen Fan.”

    Nin Yuze let out an ugly grin and looked to Su Peng.

    Su Peng was suddenly at a loss for words. As the eldest member of the Su Family, he should stick up for Fang Qiong. However, Fang Qiong’s reckless action didn’t sit well with him. He also understood the importance of the marriage alliance between Su Family and Ji Family; it would push the fame of the family to a new height.

    However, Chen Fan’s involvement had spoiled the family’s plan and made himself a public enemy of all Su family members, including Su Peng.

    “No one in the Su Family has heard of your fiance before.” Su Qian put in.

    Fang Qiong’s face suddenly turned black.

    “Indeed. The Su Family is old but proud and strong. We have followed strict family rules ever since they were set in the Qin Dynasty. Any suitor of the female family member had to ask for the family elder’s approval and blessing. Without it, the marriage is forfeit. Little Nine, you are part of the Su Family despite your last name, so you need to adhere to the family rules as everyone else.” Another young man said with a heavy voice.

    His name was Su Ze, he was Fang Qiong’s Second Big Brother. He was one of the most outstanding members of the third generation Su Family.

    People in Wu Zhou called him Second Young Lord Su after his elder brother. However, he was even more well connected and generous than his elder brother. His name was heard even in other cities such as Zhong Hai and Lin City. Among the younger generation of the Su Family, Su Ze was the most outstanding male heir, and Su Xiao was his female counterpart.

    “Second Big Brother…” Fang Qiong pulled a long face after hearing her cousin’s castigation.

    She didn’t receive blessings from her family members for her marriage, neither did she expect such fierce opposition. None of her cousins’ had even so much as smiled at her ever since she arrived. Su Peng seemed to be the most lenient, but Su Qian and Su Ze seemed to want to kick Chen Fan out of the room there and then.

    Even as the heirs of other families watched the drama unfold, another voice came up.

    “Fuck the Su Family. Since when did I, Chen Fan need your permission to date anyone?”

    The remark startled everyone as they looked toward the speaker. They saw Chen Fan standing languidly, hitching his thumbs in his pocket and looking arrogant as ever.

    His words had made all the Su Family members pull dark faces.

    Su Family of Wu Zhou City had thrived for hundreds of years and never had it been humiliated by anyone in such a disrespectful way. Seeing the speaker was a young man, Su Ze let out a cold sneer and said: “How arrogant. Do you think the Su Family of Wu Zhou City is a pushover? Let me remind you that this is Wu Zhou, not Jin City.”

    Chen Fan snorted lightly and didn’t reply.

    He walked over to the table and pulled out a chair to sit down. He was surrounded by Fang Qiong’s family members and therefore he didn’t want to confront them physically. After all, such altercations would put Fang Qiong in a very difficult spot.

    Seeing Chen Fan didn’t reply, Su Ze snorted under his breath and left it at that.

    His big ego had made him believe that Chen Fan was not worth his time. However, he had made up his mind to report the incident to Grandpa and persuade the old man to bar Chen Fan from ever setting foot into the Su Family.

    Even as Chen Fan was about to sit down, Nin Yuze grabbed his arm and stopped him. He asked with a raised eyebrow: “Hey you, haven’t you heard? You are not a member of the Su Family, so get off this table.”

    Fang Qiong could no longer hold back her anger. She slammed the table and glared at Nin Yuze: “Nin Yuze, what is the meaning of this?”

    “Miss Fang, you are Young Lord Ji’s fiance, so I won’t argue with you.” Nin Yuze cracked a smile and replied with great measure of leisure. He then locked his eyes on Chen Fan and threatened him.

    “Sir, please remove yourself from the table, or I will call the security guards.”

    The hall became quiet as everyone looked to Chen Fan and Nin Yuze, scarcely dared to breathe.

    It was evident that Nin Yuze wouldn’t let the matter slide today, and everyone was curious about how Chen Fan would react to such provocation. Despite Su Ze’s calm appearance, he became slightly worried.

    He knew that Nin Yuze had planned to instigate a fight with Chen Fan from the outset. When that happened, Zhao Baofen would have an excuse to beat up the young man.

    Su Peng knew Zhao Baofen’s power very well. He excelled in Mixed Martial Arts and was able to fend off attacks from ten adults at the same time. His background was even more impressive than his personal strength. He had been a lieutenant in a special force unit and was handpicked by his leader to join the Cang Dragon Unit as a Vice-Captain. Chen Fan wouldn’t stand a chance when he had to face against him.

    Lo and behold, Zhao Baofen lowered the drum sticks and tensed up his body, ready to strike.

    “Ji Luochen, Nin Yuze, Zhao Baofen and Qiao Luoyin.”

    “All four of them were back by overwhelming forces that could subjugate the combined might of Chen Fan with ease.”

    Su Peng heaved a sigh and kept his thoughts to himself.

    He was still angry with Chen Fan for spoiling his family’s important marriage alliance, so he had no reason to help Chen Fan.

    What would he do? Will he back down or fall into the trap? If he dared to mess with Nin Yuze, he might as well be dead.” Su Qian looked at Chen Fan gloatingly, waiting for the show to start.

    Ji Luochen sipped his wine distractedly as if he was removed from the tense situation.

    Suddenly, Qiao Luoyin let out a quiet gasp as she suddenly remembered something.

    Everyone watched as Chen Fan cracked a smile. “Are you picking a fight with me?

    “well, as you wish.”

    After he said that, he shot out an arm. His skin was smooth and pale as if it was made out of white jade.