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Chapter 317 - The Ji Family Arrived

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 317: The Ji Family Arrived

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    It wasn’t until they were out of the Su Family garden that Chen Fan asked with a taut face.

    “Who is the Ji Family of Zhong Hai?”

    Fang Qiong glanced at Chen Fan cautiously and said “That’s the family my dad told you who had been asked by my third grandpa to arrange an engagement with me. They never told me about it, and I will never agree with it. Don’t worry about it.”

    “I wouldn’t allow it. You are my woman now.” Chen Fan shot out an arm and clutched the girl into his arm. He then said with a great measure of gusto: “Not even the president of the United State of America can take you away from me, much less the Ji Family of Zhong Hai.”

    Chen Fan knew from the outset that Fang Qiong would not agree.

    In his last life, Shen Junwen had tried to have his way with her for decades and followed her all the way from middle school, high school all the way to university and graduate school. In the end, Fang Qiong finally gave in under tremendous pressure from her family. Although the Ji Family of Zhong Hai was much more powerful than Shen Junwen, it was still no thread to Chen Fan. Chen Fan was a much more powerful version of himself in this life and if he was really riled up, he wouldn’t think twice about killing the entire Ji Family.

    The vitality serum was only the tip of the iceberg of what was under his sleeve. He had much more valuable bargaining chips that he could throw at the negotiating table.

    “Who is your woman? Let go of me. We are in front of everyone.” Fang Qiong tried to push Chen Fan away but to no avail, so she gave up and huddled closer into Chen Fan’s arms.

    This intimate interaction was seen by many people nearby.

    Fang Qiong was the apple of the Old man Su Yanghao’s eye, therefore everyone recognized her right away. Seeing her flirting with a young right at the doorstep of the Su Family manor, the crowd suddenly boiled over.

    Although the marriage alliance between Su Family of Wu Zhou City and the Ji Family of Zhong Hai were only in its inception, many servants of the family had already heard rumors about it. Therefore, everyone was shocked to see the girl flirting with someone else so blatantly in public.

    Those who had a sharp mind registered the seriousness of the event, so they rushed back into the manor to report what they saw to their master.

    Meanwhile, inside the Su Family Manor’s Great Hall.

    This hall was first built a few hundred years ago and was burnt down and rebuilt a few times throughout history. Every furniture and decoration in this hall were ancient relics that had a story to tell.

    In the great hall, Old Man Su sat at the head of the table and was enjoying a cup of tea with a few guests.

    Su Yanghao was already in his nineties, but under his snowy white beard was an energetic face. He was the backbone of the Su Family of Wu Zhou City and without him, the family would fall apart very quickly.

    Even though his birthday was still one day away, guests had already come in droves. Most guests were greeted by third-generation youngsters while the second generation focused on the more prestigious guests. Only the most heavyweight guests had the honor of being received by the Old Man Su himself while they arrived. These guests were some of the most powerful men in China.

    “Brother Ji, It has been years since we can sit down and enjoy a cup of tea quietly.”

    Su Yanghao lifted a China cup and swirled the supreme-grade Longjin Tea inside. This tea was made from leaves of the four hundred years old tea bushes at the Lion Mountain and was picked when the leaves were the tenderest: a short two-week window in early April before the spring rain. Its fragrance was sublime.

    “Just so. ever since I was retired, those youngsters kept on pestering me. But I am finally getting old and useless now, so I can sit down with my old buddy and enjoy a cup of tea in peace.” The other old man said. He was in a traditional outfit made out of rich fabrics.

    Below them were Su Yanghao’s brothers, as well as the current Family lord of the Su Family: Su Zhengde. They nodded their heads ingratiatingly from time to time.

    Old Man Su rarely received any guests personally, and it was even rarer to hear him call anyone brother. It was evident that Lord Ji was even more powerful and influential than Su Yanghao.

    Everyone at the main hall knew that the old man in the traditional outfit was Ji Shoujuo of the famous Ji Family of Zhong Hai.

    Back in these two old men’s prime, Ji Shoujuo was not nearly as successful in the government as Su Yanghao, however, he was a renowned economics scholar. As one of the founders of the Business School at Huaqin University, he was directly involved in designing the economic structure of the new China. He had many successful students, and many of them became either minister-level officials or the richest men in their areas. In addition to his successful students, Old Man Ji also sired an outstanding son who had already made himself a provincial governor. In the future, he might even get promoted into the central political beau.

    His provincial-governor-son and many successful students had created a halo on top of the Ji Family and made it even more influential than the Su Family.

    “Brother Su, I wager that this young damsel here is one of the two precious prizes of the Su Family, isn’t she? ”

    Ji Shoujuo’s eyes landed on a girl standing in between the two old men. She was in a red long sleeve dress. Her wrist flexed elegantly as she topped up the tea for the old men.

    The girl was in her early twenties and had an extraordinary face and breathtaking body. Her skin was smooth and pale, but not lifeless. Her expression was relaxed, if not too much so, and reminded the old man of a portrait painted by the famous scholar painter Tang Yin of the Ming Dynasty. Her movements were as fluid as the water and carried a scent that was more pleasing than that of the tea.

    “My Name is Su Xiao. Nice to meet you Grandpa Ji.”

    The woman in the red dress cracked a smile and then greeted Ji Shoujuo with a slight bend of the knees.

    “Haha! What a fine damsel! If not because I have already made an agreement with your Grandpa Su, I would definitely fight against all the rich and powerful in the Wu Zhou City to have you in my family.” Ji Shoujuo let out a peal of laughter.

    The young man stood behind Ji Zhouzhuo cracked a smile. He examined Su Xiao from head to toe approvingly, but a flicker of deeper desire flashed in his eyes.

    Such a drop-dead gorgeous from a powerful family must have an elite upbringing. It showed on her face, in her voice and in her every movement.

    Let it be Ji Shoujuo or the young man behind him, they both knew that Su Xiao was the real prize of the family. However, Old Man Su had already made it clear many years ago that he would only offer his blessing to the marriage if the groom was from the most renowned family in China.

    She was the direct descendant of Su Yanghao and was extremely attractive, and her elite upbring completed the dream package. She could marry any of the most powerful families in China, such as those in Yan Jin. Even the Ji Family might fall short in comparison with those real political and financial heavyweights who presided at the center of power.

    With that thought in mind, Ji Shoujuo cracked a smile and then changed the topic

    “Brother Su, I have already brought my grandson here, where can we meet your grandniece Fang Qiong?”

    Su Yanghao gave his family a glance.

    Fang Mingde and Su Susu rose to their feet in embarrassment. Even though they tried to make it here as early as possible, when they arrived, it was already too late to inform Su Yanghao about Chen Fan. Su Susu was suddenly at a loss for words and fumbled to improvise a reply.

    “Third Uncle, Mr. Ji… Xiao Qiong took her time on the road, so she might be late. I will bring her to you tomorrow.” Su Susu heaped smiles onto her face and said.

    Su Yanghao furrowed his brows slightly and didn’t press on.

    He liked Fang Qiong even when she was a little kid. She was independent, feisty and determined. Su Yanghao had even thought of letting Fang Qiong takeover the Su Family when the second generation started to retire. Unlike Su Xiao, who would be married off to another family and offer limited help to the Su Family other than the marriage alliance, Fang Qiong was someone the Su Family could actually rely on.

    That was why he took it upon himself to propose the marriage with the Ji Family. Both families were not only of similar background and social status, but the Ji Family could also help Fang Qiong to solidify her position in the Su Family. However, the old man had kept that thought to himself so far. He didn’t want Fang Qiong to become the point of contention and envy among the second and third-generation family members.

    “I see.” Ji Shoujuo nodded and was quiet.

    Even as everyone thought that was the end of the episode, a sultrily dressed woman made her way into the main hall and snorted.

    “She was just here. I have seen her at the entrance.”

    “Xiao Qian, watch your mouth, we have a guest here.” Su Zhengde pulled a long face and then refuted.

    “It’s true. I have seen ninth sister.” Su Qian lifted her chin and said even more stridently. “She is with a man and she calls that man husband. How old is she? 19? That’s gross!”


    Everyone was shocked after hearing Su Qian’s words.

    Su Zhengde and the others’ face suddenly looked overwrought as they looked to the two old men.

    Ji Shoujuo and Su Yanghao were both seasoned and wise old men, they have seen much more shocking and contentious moments than this. So both of them kept a calm face as they processed the information. However, Ji Luochen who stood behind Ji Shoujuo already started to look troubled.

    “Xiao Qian, are you telling the truth?”

    Su Yanghao asked slowly.

    “Of course Grandpa. You can ask Xiao Lin as well. He saw them with me.” Su Qian insisted, her eyes were two balls of gloating flames.

    “Little Nine, your good days are finally numbered!”

    As the eldest sister of the third generation, she liked to order everyone around. However, Fang Qiong always stuck out like a sore thumb and flaunted her authority. That had been the source of Su Qian’s ire for many years and it festered to the point that it became this over the top revenge plot.

    Su Zhengde and the others looked at each other with fear.

    Some of them were still not convinced since the rivalry between Su Qian and Fang Qiong was a public secret.

    Suddenly a youngster stormed into the hall, Su Zhengde shouted at him.

    “Slow down, Xiao Qi. What’s the hurry?”

    “Grandpa, Uncle, I have seen ninth sister hugging and kissing another man. I thought Grandpa need to know.” The young man scratched his head and said.

    This time, a troubled look flashed across Old Man Su’s face.

    Su Qian could be lying, but it was unlikely that both of them were.

    “Did Little Nine really bring a man home? That will disappoint me greatly.”

    Everyone looked to Fang Mingde and Su Susu, some were worried for them, some gloating. Despite the stoic expression on Su Yanghao’s face, everyone knew that the Old Man was miffed. Without a proper explanation, Su Susu’s family would have to pay dearly for this foolish act.

    Su Susu was suddenly frozen in her chair, unable to speak.