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Chapter 316 - The Ji Family of Zhong Hai

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 316: The Ji Family of Zhong Hai

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    “What are you talking about?”

    The other two girls were confused and asked the girl in the middle. They were all from Zhong Hai and happened to be on a trip to Jin City, therefore, they were not aware of the power dynamic in the city.

    The woman locked her brows and put in: “I haven’t seen her for two years since I went overseas, the last time I saw her was at Brother Luochen’s party. Brother Luochen showed me a picture of Fang Qiong. The girl in that car looked a lot like the girl in the picture.”

    “I think Sister Qiao is not very far off. She was of the right age and drives an expensive car. She must be Fang Qiong.” The handsome young man at the passenger seat said.

    “If not for Sister Qiao, are going to let her get away with this. How could she do this to Young Lord Ji?”

    “What are you guys talking about? Who is Fang Qiong and why does she have anything to do with Young Lord Ji?”

    The other two girls were even more confused.

    The handsome young man gave them a lazy glance. He was the cream of the crop among the elites of Zhong Hai, therefore, he considered himself too good to talk to these average rich brats. If not for pleasing the girl with the sunglasses, he would never take this brainless baby with him on a trip.

    Despite his contempt, the young man explained patiently.

    “You must have heard that Young Lord Ji’s family is arranging a marriage for him?”

    “Yes, of course. it’s all over my social media. We and my girlfriends wondered where that girl came from? Will she be from Zhong Hai or Wu Zhou?” The topic quickly lit up the two girls’ mood and they started to prattling about the news.

    “The Old Man Su from the Su Family of Wu Zhou had made the arrangement. Young Lord Ji’s grandfather and Lord Su were old friends, and the Old Man Su was so influential that Young Lord Ji simply couldn’t turn him down.” The handsome young man cracked a cold smile and said: “But who would have thought that the girl is a whore”

    “Brother Nin, do you mean that Fang Qiong is Young Lord Ji’s fiance?” The two girls both covered their mouths to stifle a cry.

    “Not yet, they are in the talks. However, since Old Man Su had already spoken, the engagement is pretty much a done deal.” The handsome young man said gloomily.

    The other two girls suddenly became quiet as the weight of the development set in.

    Before they had comprehended the implication of what they saw, they only viewed it as an onlooker. However, as they discovered the seriousness of the event, they were scared.

    They had just seen Ji Luochen’s fiance flirting and fooling around with another man on the highway. Worse, the girl was the Su Family’s daughter so the honor of the Su Family and Old Man Su was also at stake. If the public knew about this, both the Su Family and the Ji Family were both going to lose face.

    The Ji Family was one of the most powerful family clans in Zhong Hai.

    Ji Luochen was also the most outstanding young generation of the Ji Family.

    The Su Family of Wu Zhou City had also enjoyed three hundred years of scintillating reputation, such scandal was bound to mar its reputation.

    “It’s not that bad. They have only started talking about it, and haven’t gotten engaged yet.” The woman in the glasses said.

    “The Old Man Su’s ninetieth birthday is tomorrow, and Young Lord Ji had prepared to bring the engagement up during his birthday.” The handsome young man said with a wry smile.

    This time, even the woman in sunglasses was quiet.

    Everyone looked at each other in confusion and was not sure what to say.

    Finally, the handsome young man produced a phone and said: “I will call Young Lord Ji right now.”

    “We can’t let her off the hook. That bitch cheated on Young Lord Ji!” A cold light flashed in his eyes. “Who would know that the daughter of the Su Family of Wu Zhou City was such a slut.”

    After that, he looked over his shoulder at the brawny man driving the car.

    “Brother Bao, you need to help us with this.”

    The man in camouflage pants kept his hands steady on the steering wheel and said in a deep and cold voice. “I have seen what she has done. Brother Ji’s business is also my business.”

    The woman in sunglasses’ face darkened as she heard the big man’s reply.

    Brother Bao was one of the strongest men she had ever known and was a fearsome warrior.

    His real name is Zhao Baofen and he used to be a veteran in the Law enforcement unit of Jin City. He had been recently transferred to the legendary Cang Dragon unit to be a lieutenant there. He was one of the very few people who could achieve the rank of Lieutenant at the age of thirty. Zhao Baofen’s powerful benefactor aside, his personal strength would make him a force to be reckoned with.

    Fang Qiong was protected by the Su Family, so she might be get away unscathed, but that wouldn’t be the case for the young man with her.

    “Yuze, Baofen, maybe we should think this through? Although I have been away from Jin City for many years I know that Fang Qiong was a decent girl. Even Shen Junwen had courted her many years and nothing bad had come out of that. Could that young man be her brother?”

    The woman in sunglasses asked.

    “Sister Qiao, we have both seen how red her face was. I swear she was fooling around with her lover.” Nin Yuze said with a cold voice.

    “As for Shen Junwen, remember that the Sheng family was already destroyed. Plus, Even Shen Junwen’s father Sheng Ronghua had to talk respectfully to Young Lord Ji, so Shen Junwen is irrelevant.”

    “Young Lord Ji wouldn’t even agree to the engagement if not for Old Man Su’s sake.” Nin Yuze said indignantly. “I have also heard that Fang Qiong was not even Old Man Su’s direct Granddaughter, instead, he was her Great Uncle, a brother to her real grandpa. The Fang family lived under a rock in the Jin City for too many years, and they should feel lucky to be able to marry one of their girls to Young Lord Ji.”

    The car suddenly became quiet.

    The woman in sunglasses wanted to say something but stopped.

    After all, there was no need for her to defend a girl that she barely knew. Even if Fang Qiong was her BFF, she had to worry about the ire of the Ji Family in Zhong Hai. Ji Family was one of the most powerful families in Zhong Hai and was considered more influential and powerful than the Qiao family, Song family, or even the Wei Family of the North Bank.

    Even as Nin Yuze made the phone call to Young Lord Ji, Chen Fan and Fang Qiong had already arrived at Wu Zhou.

    The Su Family residence was located on the outskirts of the city, on the shore of Lake Tai. It took up a huge swath of land and behind its high walls were rooms decorated with traditional Chinese styles. Every piece of furniture in the manor might have over a few hundred years of history. The manor was completed with a typical Chinese garden with a small pond, flowing water, and windy stone bridges.

    “Such Culture and history! Impressive!”

    Chen Fan nodded.

    The old man Su’s birthday was tomorrow so the manor was filled with guests and family members who arrived a day ahead. After they were told that the manor’s guest rooms were full, Fang Qiong looked to Chen Fan awkwardly.

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and said: “Let’s rent a place somewhere else then. Wu Zhou is a big city, there must be plenty of places to stay for the night.”

    Fang Qiong heaved a sigh and gave Chen Fan an apologetic smile.

    Chen Fan had come here as her husband, an honored guest, but he didn’t even have room to stay in the manor. However, before she got a clear answer from the Su Family about her marriage, she was reluctant to nag the Su Family for better treatment. Her mother’s branch was never liked in the family clan and things didn’t start to turn around until her dad’s business became successful.

    Even as Fang Qiong led Chen Fan toward the exit, a voice came up beside them.

    “Hey, Little Nine, leaving already? Nowhere to stay? Just ask your Older Sister me!”

    Fang Qiong’s age ranked ninth among her generation, therefore, everyone in the Su Family called her Little Nine. However, the woman’s voice sounded more like an evil stepmother than a warm welcoming older sister.

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows as he scanned the couple approaching.

    The woman was in her thirties and had an attractive face and an alluring body. Her movements were sexually charged, but her face was cold.

    The man was much younger, sixteen at the most, a high schooler. He gave Chen Fan and Fang Qiogn a friendly smile.

    “Ninth Sister, you are finally here. Who is this?”

    They looked to Chen Fan in confusion.

    Fang Qiong gave the woman a cold glance and then started introducing: “This is my oldest Uncle’s daughter Su Qian, and my fifth Uncle’s son, Su Lin”

    Then, Fang Qiong threaded her arm through Chen Fan’s elbow and lifted her chin and said:

    “This is my husband Chen Fan.”


    Both Su Qian and Su Qian were shocked.

    They looked at the linked arms of Chen Fan and Fang Qiong and then at Chen Fan’s face, and then back at the linked arms.

    Su Qian was rendered speechless and she could only stare.

    Su Qian had watched as Fang Qiong grew up. Although she had never like Fang Qiong, she knew her very well. In her memory, Fang Qiong always thought that she was better than anyone of her age and rarely talked to anyone. She had many suitors, but none was even able to carry out a conversation longer than two minutes with her.

    Therefore, Fang Qiong had pulled the rug from under her when she announced that she was married.

    Su Qian quickly thought of another rumor that had been spreading in the family, and her face darkened.

    “Little Nine, didn’t you know that Old Man had already—”

    “I know.” Fang Qiong cut her short. “That’s why I am bringing Xiao Fan home and explaining everything to Third Grandpa.”

    “But… what about the Ji Family of Zhong Hai…” Su Qian murmured to herself.

    “Don’t’ worry about it cousins. I am going to find a place to stay for the night with Xiao Fan, call me if you want to talk.” Before she was met with more questions, Fang Qiong hurried to leave the manor with Chen Fan.

    Su Qian was still grappling with what she had just learned. Meanwhile, Su Lin was confused.

    “Sister Qian-Qian, what are you guys talking about? What about the Ji Family of Zhong Hai?”

    Su Qian didn’t answer. She stood still for a while, as the shock in her eyes turned into a gloating satisfaction.

    “Little Nine, you think you are better than us because Old man likes you. I really want to see how you can get away with this foolishness this time around.”

    With that thought in mind, she shook his head with a sharp cold smile.