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Chapter 315 - A Visit to Wu Zhou

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 315: A Visit to Wu Zhou

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    Master Chen? What Master Chen?

    Who was he?

    Everyone, including Zhou Qinya were dumbfounded by the development. They were so far from the top of the totem pole where Master Chen was, they wouldn’t even put the two and two together even when they heard Master Chen’s name.

    However, the henchmen’s faces suddenly paled.

    They knew how powerful Wei Zipin was and therefore, it would take a great deal of force to make the direct heir of the Wei Family of the North Bank bend down and bow. The only person who could do that must be that mysterious Master Chen of Jiang Bei. The thought that they were brought into a fight against Master Chen made them shiver. The Sheng family manor had only been burned down three months ago, it’s still-warm ashes spoke many untold horror stories about the terrifying power of Chen Fan.

    “I didn’t expect to see you here.” Wei Zipin managed to squeeze out a smile.

    Wei Zipin had never felt more awkward than this. He had never thought that he would shoot himself in the foot. Whatever was done was done, and he could not take back what he had spoken.

    Chen Fan didn’t seem to be too riled up by the run-in.

    He only wanted Zhou Qinya to help him pick out an outfit, and didn’t mean to cause any misunderstanding between the girl and his boyfriend. Chen Fan wouldn’t give a twat about the relationship between Zhou Qinya and Wei Zipin. However, since he seemed to have instigated the incident this time, he was compelled to intervene.

    “I invited Zhou Qinya to pick an outfit for me. Are you going to hit me as well?”

    Chen Fan tilted his head slightly and gave the pale-faced young man a sidelong glance.

    “Of course not. It’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding.” Wei Zipin hurried to bow to Chen Fan and apologized. If anyone else spoke to him with such arrogance and condescension, he would not let him get away with it even if he was talking to the son of Zhang Donghai. As the heir of the Wei Family of the North Bank, he never had to stomach so much humiliation.

    However, he was speaking with Chen Fan, and therefore he had to swallow down the embarrassment.

    His leg was broken by Chen Fan simply because he spoke up against Chen Fan. Afterward, his grandpa warned him again not to mess with Chen Fan. His sister Wei Ziqin and brother Wei Zifang also told him the same thing.

    Therefore, regardless of how indignant Wei Zipin felt, he had to swallow down the pain and keep it to himself.

    “Then buzz off.”

    Chen Fan waved a dismiss as if waving away a fly.

    Zhou Qinya watched in disbelief as Wei Zipin and his henchmen arrived with such hostility but had to scurry off like scared rats. Wei Zipin had also bragged about how powerful and influential he was in the city, that there was no problem in the city that he couldn’t handle with a phone call. However, there and then, he had to run away like a complete loser.

    “Master Chen? Is he the Master Chen of Jiang Bei?”

    Zhou Qinya looked at the young man with disbelief.

    She was not the only one looking. Everyone in the beauty saloon looked toward Chen Fan as if they were looking at a freak.

    Chen Fan didn’t want to waste too much time here, so everyone watched in silence as he paid for his hair cut and went into Zhou Qinya’s BMW.

    “I have caused this inconvenience for you. I will handle it. Don’t worry, Wei Zipin won’t do anything to you once you return.” Chen Fan said calmly.

    “No… no. I am not worried about that.” Zhou Qinya was taken aback by Chen Fan’s words. Then she shook her head and said: “We have broken up. The lunch was the last meal I will share with him.”

    “Oh?” Chen Fan was taken aback. He turned around and looked at the girl: “I thought you two had been together for half a year, why are you break up with him so abruptly?”

    Zhou Qinya let out a wry smile.

    “I don’t know either. Even since I returned to Hong Kong, I felt like I was just awakened from a dream but I can’t recall what the dream was about. Every time I see Wei Zipin, there is a voice deep down inside of me telling me to stay away from him.”

    Chen Fan kept his silence and didn’t reply.

    But he knew precisely what the cause was.

    The art he had used on the girls was a small trick from the Soul Refining Art. It was able to clean all memories of a target and at higher levels, the art was able to reshape a mortal’s soul and re-cast any being into the wheel of incarnation. Chen Fan has only reached the Ethereal Enlightenment level, therefore, he was only able to use the art to erase part of Zhou Qinya and Liu Xiaojin’s memories.

    Unlike Wang Lulu and Liu Xiaojin, Zhou Qinya seemed to be less affected by the spell. Although she could not remember what had happened, the emotion somehow persisted inside of her. Unconsciously, she felt fear and admiration toward Chen Fan and distance herself from Wei Zipin without knowing why.

    With that thought in mind, Chen Fan suddenly felt slightly bad for the girl. He spoke in a softer voice.

    “Don’t overthink. I think maybe you are getting too tired. Get some rest and it will be better.”


    Zhou Qinya replied and kept quiet. Chen Fan noticed that ever since he messed with her memory, the girl’s personality had changed.

    He accompanied Zhou Qinya to the bottom of the girl’s dorm. Before the girl walked up the stairs, she paused a second, wanting to ask something about Master Chen, but in the end, she couldn’t bring herself to form the words and walked away.

    Chen Fan stood there and watched the girl struggling. He suddenly felt guilty.

    However, if he didn’t erase her memory, things will get even more complicated.

    Compared to the calculating Zhou Qinya, Chen Fan seem to like this shy and reticent girl much more.

    What happened to Zhou Qinya and only a side note in Chen Fan’s life. Soon, he was about to begin the trip to Wu Zhou City.

    Wu Zhou was the most developed city in Jiang Nan Province, a city with thousands of years of history.

    Over the thousand years, the city produced countless talents in all fields. The city had tremendous water resources, which brought it wealth and opulence. The Wu Zhou and Lin City were both praised as heaven on earth. Wu Zhou City was also well known for its gardens and silk production, the latter was capitalized by the Su Family of Wu Zhou City and helped it rise to power. By now, the Su Family of Wu Zhou City had shares in over half of all the clothing factories in China.

    Fang Mingde and Chen Fan didn’t leave at the same time since he and his wife planned to visit other relatives. Therefore, Chen Fan and Fang Qiong went toward Wu Zhou by themselves.

    Wu Zhou was not far from Jin City, and Fang Qiong had driven this road many times. She had the windows of her scarlet Audi TT down to let some fresh air in. Chen Fan watched as wind blew loose the girl’s hair.

    “What are you staring at?”

    Fang Qiong rolled her eyes at him.

    “We have been separated for too long, so I just wish to make it up to myself and watch you as much as I can.” Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    “Humph! Don’t try to butter me up. You have lied to me about you being Master Chen for over half a year.” Fang Qiong snorted. Although Chen Fan had already explained everything, the girl would still not let it go.

    No girl would feel happy when her loved one didn’t tell the full story.

    Chen Fan was amused by the girl’s reaction. He shot out an arm and wrapped it around her shoulder.

    “Well, I just don’t want to ruin our relationship with this worldly baggage. Plus, I have told you who I was before, but you simply refused to believe me.”


    Fang Qiong snorted coldly.

    However, Chen Fan’s answer did send a warm and fuzzy feeling inside of her. If she knew Chen Fan’s identity as soon as they were reunited, she might not have fallen in love with him. Even if she did, her motive would be tainted.

    However, Fang Qiong kept those thoughts to herself. She pulled a taut face and said: “I don’t care. You need to make it up to me. If you told me that you are Master Chen, I wouldn’t have to fight my mom to get her approval. ”

    “Yea, yea, of course, waifu. I will make it up to you, my lovely waifu.” Chen Fan lay sideways and rested his head on the girl’s legs.

    Fang Qiong was startled, and she shouted.

    “Get off of me! We are on the highway. And… and… I am not your wife! ”

    “We have already got the certificate, government-issued.” Chen Fan giggled and didn’t move.

    The girl blushed, turning her face into a red apple.

    She had dragged Chen Fan to get the marriage certificate, so when Chen Fan brought it up again, she couldn’t say a word to refute. She tried to push Chen Fan’s head away, but to no avail, so she pinched his cheek without using too much force.

    Chen Fan shook his head in response, making the girl’s steering unsteady. fearing a car accident, the girl gave up and let Chen Fan do whatever he wanted.

    As Chen Fan and Fang Qiong fooled around, a Cayenne drove past and the passengers, a group of teenagers, let out a burst of mocking laughter.

    “Hey, you guys are fucking dope! Pullover or get a room, guys? Haha!”

    Since Fang Qiong had her window wide open, the passengers in the SUV could see the actions clearly.

    Fang Qiong snorted and pressed on the gas. She didn’t want to waste time arguing with these rich brats. She knew these kinds of losers too well: driving an expensive Cayenne that had a special license plate. The more she reacted to them, the more excited they would get. In other words, they were trouble seekers.

    Seeing the red Audi darted away, the man and woman in the Cayenne let out a wave of laughter.

    Among them, an attractive looking young woman with carefully painted face and a pair of Prada shades suddenly furrowed her brows.

    “Is it just me or the girl looked familiar? She looked like the daughter of Auntie Su, Fang Qiong.”

    “Who is Fang Qiong?” The passengers asked.

    There were five passengers in total, two were men and three were women. The driver was a large brawny man with a buzz cut. He was wearing only a vest despite the chilly weather and a pair of camouflage pants. Meanwhile, on the front passenger seat sat a tall handsome looking young man. His straight and long leg would tug the heartstrings of many teenage girls.

    The three girls were all sitting in the back seat. Among them, the one with the Parada sunglasses looked the most aloof. Half of her face was covered by the large shades, and revealing only a pointy chin and a pair of small but luscious lips. It was evident that she was drop-dead gorgeous.

    The other two girls were not as charming as her but they were not ugly by any stretch of the imagination. Their clothing and jewelry screamed loudly of their opulent upbringings.

    “Sister Qiao, do you mean Fang Qiong from the Su Family of Wu Zhou City?”

    The handsome looking young man suddenly remembered something and he turned around and asked the girl.