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Chapter 314 - Master Chen, What Brings You Here?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 314: Master Chen, What Brings You Here?

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    The chief patriarch of the Su Family was called Su Yanghao and he was the father of the current Su Family Lord.

    When Chen Fan walked out of the East Mountain Villas, he remembered his grandfather’s warning. “Su Yanghao is almost ninety years old and he cared very little about what he had to lose at his age. However, it was his son, Su Zhengde who you had to worry about. He had always been successful in his career and rarely did he fail once in his business ventures, therefore he must be high on his horses and difficult to deal with.”

    “Although you are the rank of General Major, even Li Wuchen had to show respect before Su Yangshuo, much less you. Remember to turn it down a notch before the Su Family. They are backed by the central government and can not be trifled with.”

    Despite Chen Huaian’s warning, Chen Fan was unfazed.

    Chen Huaian knew that Chen Fan had gotten the position of the General Major at the military because of Li Wuchen’s support. However, little did he know that his grandson was not only a General Major but was also the number one Grandmaster of China and had invented the Vitality Serum.

    Plus, Chen Fan had also served a Lifetime amnesty from his negotiation with Ding Shanxue. In other words, the Vitality Serum alone could have made him more important to the nation than the entire Su Family, without even considering the fact that he was the third place on the Dark Roll.

    The CIA’s Dark Roll was not only a wanted list but served as a warning about the enlisted members.

    Everyone on the list was mighty figures that were capable of wreaking havoc in the country. They were feared by most smaller nations. The closer one was to the top of the list, the more destructive one was. The top three on the list were able to rival an entire modern army. Even a superpower such as China dared not to mess with them.

    However, Chen Fan didn’t tell Chen Huaian about the Dark Roll. After all, Chen Huaian was a law-abiding citizen and might not comprehend the power of the underground world.

    “I better spruce myself up if I am going to meet Xiao Qiong’s family clan.” Chen Fan rubbed his chin and said.

    He realized that ever since he was reborn, he paid little to no attention to his appearance. However, since Xiao Qiong was going to show him to the entire family, he wagered that he needed to look at least half-descent. People might not only laugh at him but also Xiao Xiong if he wore a casual outfit to the gathering. Chen Fan didn’t care what other people thought of him, but he didn’t want to see Fang Qiong being looked down upon.

    Chen Fan pondered for a moment and then called Zhou Qinya.

    “What’s up?”

    Zhou Qinya was taken by surprise.

    She had known Chen Fan for over half a year and she had kept Chen Fan’s phone number. However, Chen Fan had never called her even once. So she had never thought that she would hear Chen Fan’s voice over the phone.

    “I need your help picking out an outfit.” Chen Fan said calmly.

    Chen Fan remembered that Zhou Qinya had helped him pick out an outfit at the Armani outlet and he was impressed by her taste. So he thought of asking help from the girl right away.

    “Buying clothes?”

    Zhou Qinya’s first reaction was to turn Chen Fan down. She had rarely talked to Chen Fan over the last three months and she felt they were not close enough to go out shopping together. However, another voice nagged in her mind and told her to help Chen Fan.

    In the end, Zhou Qinya budged, and so she said: “Very well, please wait for me.”

    Chen Fan waited less than twenty minutes in the downtown mall before he saw Zhou Qinya arrived with her BMW Mini. As soon as Zhou Qinya saw Chen Fan, she felt a rush of strange feelings come over her as a sense of respect and admiration rose in her heart. She felt that she was meeting a powerful man instead of a college student.

    “What is wrong with me? He is just an heir of the Chen family. Why am I so helplessly admiring him?” Zhou Qinya shook her head, trying to shake off the strange feeling out of her mind, but to no avail.

    Although Chen Fan had erased Zhou Qinya’s memory of what had happened at the Cruise Ship, he was not able to erase her feelings deeply embedded in her brain. It was the same as a person’s fear of water once he was drowned once. This fear sometimes even passed down generations, such as cow’s natural fear towards predators.

    “Mr. Chen. What kind of occasion are you trying to dress up for?” Zhou Qinya asked cautiously.

    “I am accompanying my girlfriend to meet her family.” Chen Fan said with a faint smile.

    “Your girlfriend?” Zhou Qinya’s brows knotted slightly as she asked. Her voice was filled with rancor and bitterness. After a while, she managed to gather herself and plastered on a warm smile: “Is that Fang Qiong?”

    Chen Fan nodded.

    Zhou Qinya furrowed her brows and said: “If that’s the case, I suggest you wear something more mature. It’s your first time seeing her family after all. Let’s take a look at the brands over there.”

    Chen Fan followed the fashion expert without a word. He preferred to leave the work to the professionals.

    Zhou Qinya had an opulent upbringing, and therefore, she was well aware of the accent and styles of each and every fashion brand. She had not only picked out an outfit for him but also took him to a top-notch hair salon to finish the look.

    Chen Fan had to soften his hair using a secret art so that the barber was able to use his tools.

    After a busy afternoon, when Chen Fan appeared before Zhou Qinya with his new look, Zhou Qinya’s eyes were lit up with surprise and glee.

    “Great! You look good!”

    Zhou Qinya couldn’t help but fall for Chen Fan’s new look.

    Chen Fan was not ugly by any stretch of the imagination. Both of his parents had good genes and he had not known one day of hunger as he grew up, so he shouldn’t have a single ugly bone in him.

    However, Chen Fan never paid any attention to his appearance and therefore he never knew how to bring out the most attractive features on him. Under the hair stylist’s crafty hands, he suddenly transformed from an average no account to a dashing and spiffy looking gentleman.

    “Mr. Chen, you are super handsome now.”

    Suddenly a pang of regret rose inside of Zhou Qinya. She was not sure what she was regretting, it was as if she had a chance of claiming this handsome man for herself, but now the ship had sailed.

    “But he is just the heir of the Chen family. My boyfriend is much better than him. What am I regretting for?” Zhou Qinya asked herself in confusion.

    She had no idea what she had missed out. The young man before her was not just a heir of the Chen family, he was also the much revered Master Chen who owned billions of assets.

    “Thank you.”

    Chen Fan nodded at Zhou Qinya.

    The manager of the saloon was a woman in a custom-fit business dress and an attractive painted face.

    “Sir, you are so lucky to have such a nice girlfriend. I rarely see any girl take their boyfriends here, usually, it’s the other way around.”

    Zhou Qinya blushed, but she didn’t say a word.

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows and was about to tell the manager that they were not a couple, when a loud harsh voice came up from the entrance.

    “Ah-Ha! I caught you red-handed. I knew something was going on when you suddenly left at lunch. So you went to see your pretty boy, didn’t you? You have been wanting to break up with me over the three months, is it because of this dip shit?”

    People were startled by the voice, so they looked over to the entrance.

    They saw a large group of men file into the saloon and the leader of the pack was in his twenties. He was wearing brand name items of clothing from his head to toes and had a permanent smirk on his pale face. His steps were weak and his voice hollow, it was evident that he was a frequent patron of night clubs.

    Zhou Qinya’s face darkened as as as she saw the man.

    The manager hurried toward the young man and said: “Sir, you are in Jin Ding Beauty Salon, please don’t make loud noises—”

    “Fuck off!”

    One of the young man’s cronies pushed the manager aside before she could finish her sentence. The young man came over to Zhou Qinya and slapped her face without even sparing Zhou Qinya a glance

    “Bitch! How dare you cheat on me?”

    Color drained out of Zhou Qinya’s face. She was so scared that she couldn’t even move out of the way.

    Even as the young man’s hand was about to come into contact with Zhou Qinya’s face, the attack was stopped by another hand. The young man was taken aback for a second and then he heard a voice.

    “Wei Zipin, who gave you the audacity to hit people in front of me?”

    The young man was the Third Lord Wei, Wei Zipin.

    “What the—”Wei Zipin was suddenly seized by anger.

    It had not been a good day for him. Ever since he got hooked up with the campus flower of the Business School, he had been trying all methods to get in between her legs. However, Zhou Qinya was a vigilant girl and so far had turned down all of his sexual advances.

    Worse yet, ever since Zhou Qinya came back from Hong Kong three months ago, she became even more distant with him.

    This made Wei Zipin suspicious if Zhou Qinya was seeing someone else at the same time. so he decided to send out his goons to follow Zhou Qinya. Today, him and Zhou Qinya were having lunch and the girl left in a hurry after she received a phone call. Wei Zipin contacted his goons to follow her.

    After a while, he was told that Zhou Qinya had met up with a young man at a shopping mall. They then went to a hair salon to do the young man’s hair. Wei Zipin stormed to the beauty salon in a fit of anger but he had never thought that anyone had the audacity to block his slap.

    “Who the hell are you? How dare you call our Young Lord Wei by his name?” One of the men asked.

    Although the Wei Family presided in Jiang Bei, Wei Zipin’s Grandfather, the famous Wei Fu was a household name on the south side of the river as well. Wei Zipin’s uncle was the Minister of Justice in the province and therefore, Wei Zipin had a great measure of influence even in Jinlin City.

    “Ya, who the hell are you?”

    Wei Zipin looked over his shoulder and what he saw nearly paralyzed him. Although Chen Fan had a new hairstyle, and new outfit, he would never forget the face of the man who had broken his leg before everyone.

    This face appeared in his nightmares almost every night and even as Wei Zipin thought that he wouldn’t have to deal with Chen Fan in real life again, he ran into him at this very moment.

    Under everyone’s surprised watch, Wei Zipin pulled back his hand and plastered on a humble smile. He said with a mix of fear and admiration: “Master Chen, what brings you here?”