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Chapter 312 - A Turn of Events

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 312: A Turn of Events

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    Su Susu heaved a sigh after Fang Qiong was back in her own room. She bent double and hugged her knee close to her chest as she reflected on what had happened. Fang Mingde asked curiously: “What is going on? I thought Chen Fan is pretty good. Don’t tell me you can think of anyone better.”

    “He is not just pretty good, he is too good to believe.” Su Susu said quietly. “The last time we saw him was six years ago and he was just a little boy. But suddenly, he has become this infamous Master Chen of Jiang Bei. Can you imagine what had happened to him during these six years?”

    “Er…” Fang Mingde hesitated.

    His wife’s words hit the mark, Chen Fan’s change and transformation were unbelievable.

    They watched as Chen Fan grew up so they knew Chen Fan very well. However, it had only been a few years, Chen Fan had transformed into a completely different person, like the carp fish in Chinese Mythos that jumped over the Dragon Gate and suddenly turned into a dragon.

    Fang Qiong was too elated to think clearly, but Su Susu was thinking for her.

    She had seen many things in her life and if life had taught her anything, that was to plan for the worst.

    “Other things aside, there are so many secrets behind the fall of Sheng family that are unknown to us.” Su Susu cracked a cold smile. “Chen family and Sheng family’s paths never crossed before. However, the Chen family suddenly started to compete with the Sheng family on the East Mountain Meadow project and instigated the conflict. Worse, Sheng Ronghua and his entire family were killed under suspicious circumstances, and their mansion was burned to the ground with a dozen sheng family members in it.”

    “Are you saying that Chen Fan did all of that?” Fang Mingde asked under his breath with fear.

    “I am not sure, neither do I know if he had cast some kind of spell or curse on the Sheng family members. However, what I’m trying to say is that we know practically nothing about our future son in law. It worries me if we marry our daughter to him right now.” Su Susu shook her head.

    “Susu, you are overthinking it.” Fang Mingde protested. “Chen Fan might have changed to a point that we no longer know him, but we know his parents very well. We have been friends for over twenty or so years, and do you really think their son is going to be a conniving thug?”

    Su Susu kept her silence, but the knot on her brows loosened a little.

    She never liked Wang Xiaoyun, but she was impressed by the couple’s moral bearing.


    Fang Mingde suddenly remembered something.

    “What’s going on? “Su Susu chided.

    Fang Mingde let out a wry smile and said: “I have something that I meant to tell you. But I almost forgot about it because of Xiao Qiong’s marriage. ”

    Then he plastered on a mysterious look and then said: “Not long ago, I was at Wu Zhou for business and so I visited your old man on my way. The Old man mentioned that he wanted to introduce a suitor for Xiao Qiong, it was the son of one of his old colleagues. Since I didn’t know anything about Xiao Qiong and Chen Fan, I agreed to let Xiao Qiong go on a date with that boy. But now…”

    After hearing that, Su Susu’s mind was filled with questions.

    The lord of Su Family had been a vice governor, although he was not directly in charge of things, the position was prestigious nonetheless. Every holiday, many leaders of the Jiang Nan Province would visit him with many gifts. The Su Family had also remained strong and thrived thanks to the Old Man’s reputation and illustrious past. Without him, the Su Family would never be called the number one family in Jiang Nan Province.

    The old man’s colleague would have to be at least a Minister of a province.

    “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Su Susu gave Fang Mingde a glare.

    Fang Mingde shrugged and smiled wryly.

    This was supposed to be great news for the couple, after all, if the Old man didn’t care about Xiao Qiong, he would never bother to arrange a date for her. They knew that the Old man wouldn’t introduce just anyone to Xiao Qiong, so the young man must be the son of either a super-rich family or a powerful one.

    However, their daughter had spoiled everything by getting a marriage certificate. There was no way they could explain the situation without seeing any raised eyebrows.

    “Did the Old man say which family is he from?”

    Su Susu kept her hands close to her chest and asked with furrowed brows.

    “I think he is from Zhong Hai. The Old man said that he was one out of million among the teenagers in Zhong Hai.” Fang Mingde recalled, and then he gave Su Susu a glance. “Are you going to eat your words again? Xiao Qiong and Chen Fan had already got the certificate. Plus, whoever this young man is, do you think he would be as powerful as Gao Tianmin? Even Gao Tianmin was no match against Chen Fan, much less a young fledgling. Chen Fan is the best you can find, I tell you.”

    “I know.” Su Susu brushed her husband off annoyingly.

    She folded her arms and paced back and forth in the living room.

    After a while, she paused and then said.

    “Hold off contacting Wang Xiaoyun for now. Let’s go and meet the Old Man himself. Regardless of who Xiao Qiong would choose, the marriage would have to be approved by the Old Man anyways. ”

    “It’s going to be the Old Man’s birthday in a few days. I worried that if we tell him right now, we are going to spoil his mood.” Su Susu hesitated.

    “If I were you, I would just turn down the other young man. Do you really think that boy from Zhong Hai is better than Chen Fan?” Fang Mingde snorted and protested.

    He had never liked the arrogant Su Family. Try as he might to catch up with the mighty Su Family, he had failed so far. Chen Fan, the freakishly overpowered son in law was his only hope to regain his dignity.

    “Don’t be silly. Think about how the old man would feel if we outright turn him down.” Su Susu flung back at him and said: “The old man wouldn’t arrange such a marriage for no reason. He hadn’t interfered in any of the other third-generation Su Family members. Only because he likes and cares about Xiao Qiong, did he get himself involved, trying to help Xiao Qiong get ahead in her future life. Outright rejecting him is as bad as slapping him in the face.”

    “Er… should we bring Chen Fan with us as well? Once the old man sees him, he would understand.” Fang Mingde suggested.

    Su Susu pondered a moment and then nodded her consent.

    “Fine, tell Xiao Qiong to bring that little shit to our home and we will talk to him.”

    Fang Qiong was unable to fall asleep for the whole night.

    There had been too many things going on in one day.

    It was supposed to be their first date, but somehow her mother had found out their plan and threatened Chen Fan before they could meet. She was so riled up by her mother’s interference, that she went to the City Hall and got a marriage certificate with Chen Fan to flout at her mother. She then quickly faltered in her confrontation against her mother, after realizing her responsibility and the implication of her capricious decision.

    However, to her surprise, things turned around at the end.

    Chen Fan turned out to be the Master Chen of Jiang Bei.

    He had transformed from a spoiled brat to a mighty figure in Jiang Bei.

    The transformation was so drastic, that when Fang Qiong first heard of it, she was rendered speechless.

    After the elation and joy finally faded, Fang Qiong was able to cool down her mind and start to reflect on the development and the events that lead to this point.

    “He could have gone to any second tier university, however, he had chosen to come to the third tier colleague at the Business School of Jin City University.”

    “No wonder Sister Yifei had changed her attitude toward him so drastically. She had ignored him the first time she met him, but later, she asked me to bring him to her club all the time.”

    “They always said that Master Chen of Jiang Bei and Tang Yuanqin of Jiang Nan Province were at odds at each other, so I had always wondered why they got along so well. They must have fought at some point and the Tang Family was defeated. The so-called ‘assassination’ that happened in the garden of the Green Vines Club must be one of those conflicts.”

    “Shen Junwen must have been involved in whatever had happened in the garden. He might have been the one who told Sister Yifei Chen Fan’s real identity. That explains why Xiao Fan slapped Shen Junwen on the face and why Sister Yifei was mad at Shen Junwen after the incident at the garden.”

    “No wonder Yaoyao who likes to poke at Chen Fan became so afraid of him. She must know his real power as well.”

    “No wonder…”

    As Fang Qiong recalled what had happened before this, a strong emotion came up in her heart.

    Although she had never seen any of the events in person, she was able to guess what had happened with reasonable accuracy. She even started to suspect that the real reason behind the feud between Chen family and the Sheng family was herself. After all, the two families had never crossed paths before.

    However, what Fang Qiong still couldn’t figure out was how did Chen Fan change from a normal teenager to a powerful cultivator and martial artist in six years?

    “Did Xiao Fan learn those Dharma Spells in these six years or did he know them all the time? “Fang Qiong lay on her belly and propped her head on her palms.

    “Master Chen had risen to fame about a year ago in Chu Zhou City, so something must have happened to Xiao Fan around that time, something miraculous, after a long period of cultivation, he finally transformed himself into the mighty Master Chen.”

    Regardless of what Chen Fan had become, Fang Qiong’s heart didn’t change the slightest.

    She can sense that although they had been separated for a few years, and many things had happened in those few years, deep down, Chen Fan didn’t change. They knew each other ever since they were little, and therefore, they knew each other as thorough and as clear as they knew themselves.

    “I should sleep now, I will listen to his explanation tomorrow.”

    Fang Qiong covered her face with the sheet and managed to fall asleep.

    The next day, as soon as Fang Qiong saw Chen Fan, she asked directly: “Are you Master Chen?”

    “Yes.” Chen Fan nodded readily.

    Chen Fan had never planned to hide his identity from Fang Qiong since he knew that Fang Qiong was surrounded by elites of the city and it was only a matter of time she found out about it.

    “Why didn’t you tell me?” Fang Qiong asked quietly.

    “I didn’t want it to affect you and neither do I want you to see me as Master Chen. I am Chen Fan, your best friend, and your husband.” Chen Fan said calmly.

    The mentioning of the word “husband” made Fang Qiong blush. She lowered her head and said: “My mom wants you to accompany us to Wu Zhou. It’s my great-grandpa’s birthday and she wants you to meet him.”

    Chen Fan nodded and said, “Sure thing”

    He had wanted to meet the Su Family of Wu Zhou City for a while now.