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Chapter 311 - The Truth Revealed

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 311: The Truth Revealed

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    Gao Tianmin was one of the most powerful men in the province. If he got a cold the entire province would shiver. Even the benefactor of the Chen family such as Qin Hua or Wei Changsong would have to tread carefully around him.

    Plus, Gao Tianmin was only in his forties, the prime age for a man to reach even further. He might be able to climb the ladder of power and reach the position of a provincial minister. However, three months ago, he was assigned away from Jiang Nan Province and no one had heard what had happened to him. Many suspected that he had messed with the wrong person and his demotion was retribution.

    Fang Qiong asked in confusion.

    “Dad, why is Gao Tianmin involved in this?”

    Su Susu pulled a dark face and said: “Did Gao Tianmin get demoted because of…”


    Fang Mingde nodded as fear flickered in his eyes. “Brother Binsheng had told me that Gao Tianmin had always been a staunch supporter of the Sheng family. Without him, Sheng Ronghua would never be able to get the East Mountain Meadow project.”

    “After Sheng family fell apart, many people, including the Song family thought that Gao Tianmin would take action. However, before anyone could see that, Gao Tianmin was taken away by the higher-ups. From then on, the Song family issued a clan wide order to never mess with Master Chen. Brother Binsheng showed me the picture to give me a heads up to be careful around Chen Fan.”

    The information Fang Mingde had just disclosed was top secret amongst the elites of the city.

    Other than a small group of elites, no one knew about the ins and outs of what had happened to Sheng Ronghua or Gao Tianmin. They were beyond most people’s reach and if they didn’t come out and clear the air, the public would never know what really happened.

    “But… that’s Gao Tianmin!” Su Susu muttered with a pale face.

    “You are right, he is Gao Tianmin.” Fang Mingde nodded, his words echoed the shock on Su Susu’s face.

    Sheng Ronghua and the Sheng family were businessmen and in his title such as the richest man in Jiang Bei were just empty words in the eyes of the really powerful men. However, unlike Sheng Ronghua, Gao Tianmin was a real heavyweight in Jiang Bei.

    Even the combined might of Sheng family, and the Chen family were a far cry from the clout of Gao Tianmin.

    At the very most, Chen Fan was just a boss among the unsavory characters in the underground world. One word from the Great World could land him behind bars for years. That was why the Old Man Wei didn’t think that the Chen family would rely too heavily on Chen Fan, instead, their hope was in Chen Zhenxin and Qin Hua.

    As for the Su Family, they had earned their influence and wealth by providing their service to the emperor of China.

    However, Chen Fan had not only got rid of the Sheng family, but he had also uprooted its benefactor, Gao Tianmin.

    It was evident that there was an incredibly strong force backing Chen Fan’s action.

    “Brother Binsheng told me that Chen Fan had the backing of the military headquarters. He told me that Li Wuchen was really impressed by this young man.” Fang Mingde spoke under his breath.

    “Li Wuchen?” Fang Qiong had never heard that name before. However, Su Susu’s face had further paled and she asked her husband with a quiet and cautious voice: “You mean The Li Wuchen?”

    Fang Mingde didn’t reply; he simply nodded.

    Waves of strong emotions rose inside of Su Susu.

    Li Wuchen was one of the most powerful men in the Chinese military, a provincial officer such as Gao Tianmin simply couldn’t compare.

    Even the Su Family had to treat Li Wuchen with great respect. Li Wuchen had visited the Su Family a few times, and each time he did, the Old man himself had to receive the old soldier at the entrance. If Chen Fan had the support of Li Wuchen, he must be extremely talented and capable.

    But how could that be? Chen Fan is only, a less than twenty years old teenager

    If he was able to catch Li Wuchen’s attention when he was only twenty, how successful would he be when he reached thirty or forty?

    Su Susu suddenly remembered her conversation with Chen Fan at the coffee shop.

    “what if I tell you that I am already powerful enough to bring down the Su Family?”

    Although it didn’t seem to be the case, in twenty years or so, his achievements could very well surpass the Su Family. She suddenly realized the huge potential in this young man and he was a much better candidate than Sheng Junwen. Shen Junwen and his father might not even be able to surpass the Su Family in their lifetime, but that would not be the case for Chen Fan.

    With that thought in mind, Su Susu felt a pang of regret.

    “Was I really wrong about him?”

    She lowered her head and murmured to herself.

    By then, Fang Qiong’s heart was already filled with joy and delight. She had no idea when Chen Fan came to be the Master Chen of Jiang Bei, and neither was she aware of the details of the relationship between Chen Fan and Gao Tianmin or Li Wuchen, all she cared about was that her husband was not just an ordinary spoiled brat, he was a diamond in the rough.

    Although she was as adamant in marrying Chen Fan a few moments ago as she was now, she was slightly disappointed after her mother had talked down about her lover. After all, all girls dreamed of marrying a powerful man that was praised by everyone around her.

    This was the same kind of sentiment that parents had about their kids. A wife hoped their husband would succeed as much as a mother would want her kids to succeed.

    This was a human’s natural feeling and no mortal could avoid it.

    “Honey, I think you have not only misjudged Chen Fan but you also nearly missed a diamond! My daughter seemed to have a higher perception than you do and was able to tell that Chen Fan was not just any ordinary young man.” Fang Mingde rubbed his belly as a smile broke over his face.

    Knowing how powerful and influential Chen Fan was lightened up his mood.

    Who wouldn’t want to have a capable son-in-law?

    He had set his standards high and thought that only the Minister’s son was a good match for his daughter, but things turned out better than he had thought.

    “Dad, stop! You!” Fang Qiong lowered her head in embarrassment.

    “You called him husband just a minute ago, why are you embarrassed now?” Fang Mingde let out a peal of laughter. Embarrassed, Fang Qiong punched her dad without using much force. Fang Mingde stopped laughing immediately as he knew that his daughter has thin skin. If he kept on mocking her, she might as well throw a fit.

    “Mom, what do you say now?” Fang Qiong lifted her chin high and looked at Su Susu like the victor.

    After a night of protesting and pleading, Fang Qiong felt she had finally won the argument.

    Su Susu didn’t reply, instead, she simply snorted.

    She had used all the excuses to separate the couple. Although Chen Fan had never proven his ability and talent before her, his incredible status in the province spoke loudly for him.

    Master Chen of Jiang Bei and shaken many cities by toppling the Sheng family and getting rid of Gao Tianmin. He also got the approval of Old Man Wei and Li Wuchen. He was so powerful that even the Su Family had to take him seriously. Although the Su Family was not afraid of Chen Fan, neither did they want to mess with him. However influential and powerful the Su Family was, it was not a good idea to rile up not only Chen Fan, but also the Wei Family of the North Bank as well as Li Wuchen.

    “He is much more successful than Shen Junwen. With his help, Xiao Qiong would have a much easier time in the future. I don’t think the Old Man at the Su Family would disagree with her decision to marry him. After all, no one in the Su Family’s second and third generation was even remotely comparable to Chen Fan.”

    With that thought in mind, Su Susu’s face finally softened a little.

    “Fine, I am not against your marriage.”

    “Really?” Fang Qiong’s eyes lit up with joy. She nearly jumped out of her chair.

    “However, you are too young and it was reckless to get married now. I mean, we haven’t officially met him as your boyfriend yet, and neither did his parents meet you as Chen Fan’s girlfriend. What made you think you can act on a whim?” Su Susu scolded. “By the way, neither of you had your IDs with you. How did you get this certificate? Did Yaoyao’s uncle help you out?”


    Su Susu blushed and lowered her head as she pleaded her case, however, this time her voice was devoid of rancor.

    “At the very least, we need to meet with his parents and talk everything through, iron out the details and set up an engagement. After that, we will talk about marriage.” Su Susu folded her arms and said coldly.

    Fang Qiong stood quietly in the corner of the room and had turned into a shy kitten.

    Her mother had arranged everything for her ever since she was a child. If not because of her love for Chen Fan, she would never have thought of defying her mother. After her mother had made a compromise, her courage to protest also faltered.

    “Fang Mingde, contact Chen Gexin and Wang Xiaoyun in a couple of days. Tell them that we will host an engagement banquet first. They are both too young for marriage, so the wedding should be postponed until they graduate. We are a decent family and so my daughter will behave herself and not let the rumor spread.”

    “No problem, honey.”

    Fang Mingde rubbed his hands in excitement as he nodded.

    He always liked Chen Fan and the boy’s illustrious achievements only made him feel good about his sound judgment.

    After they were done talking, Fang Qiong was about to go to her own room. However, her eyes were fixed on the wedding certificate.

    Su Susu noticed what her daughter was thinking, so she said: “Go back to your room now. I will keep the certificate for you, I won’t get rid of it, I promise.”

    She paused and then let out a smile. “Do you really think this piece of paper means anything? If anyone brings up the fact that neither of you had an ID, this certificate would be forfeited.”

    Fang Qiong didn’t know what to say but her face was flushed red.

    “Don’t worry, I will help you complete the paperwork. Don’t worry your pretty head about it.” Su Susu heaved a sigh and said.

    “Thank you, mom.”

    A kittenish smile surfaced on Fang Qiong’s face, making her look as cute as a button.

    “Don’t act like a child, you are married now.”

    Su Susu shook her head helplessly.