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Chapter 308 - Let’s Get Married Now

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 308: Let’s Get Married Now

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    Chen Fan didn’t have to wait too long before Fang Qiong finally showed up.

    She rarely put her makeup on, and today was one of those days. She was in a slim fit peacoat and matched it with a pencil jean skirt. She had curled her hair into a cascade of dark silk that tumbled down to her shoulder. Adding on her sapphire-colored shoes and a pair of fashionable sunglasses, she looked more attractive than ever.

    Chen Fan had a Deja vu when he saw the girl in sunglasses. It was as if she had grown a few years older and reminded Chen Fan about when he met her again at the class reunion party.

    Fang Qiong walked over to him with an LV handbag and sat down.

    “Was my mom here?” She got right down to the point.

    “Yes.” Chen Fan nodded.

    There was nothing to hide. Chen Fan knew that Fang Qiong was waiting outside of the coffee shop while he was talking to her mother. She must have seen her mother carrying a conversation with Chen Fan and felt reluctant to go in.

    “Did she say that she wants us to stop seeing each other?” Fang Qiong’s innocent eyes locked onto Chen Fan. Her hands clenched tightly under the table.

    “Yes.” Chen Fan nodded and said.

    Then Chen Fan continued. “I told her that I wouldn’t stop.”

    Deep down, Fang Qiong was relieved after hearing it. Her closed fist also loosened.

    She paused a second and furrowed her brows. “Xiao Fan, did my mom talk to you about Su Family?”

    “Yes..” This time, Chen Fan seemed a little hesitant. He leaned over and held onto Fang Qiong’s hand. “Don’t worry; the Su Family is not a problem. Whatever you want to do, I will be right behind you. Whether you want to take over Ming De or Su Family’s business, I am all for it.”

    Fang Qiong didn’t say a word, but she squeezed Chen Fan’s hand a little.

    Despite Chen Fan’s reassurance, she knew that the Su Family of Wu Zhou City was a huge roadblock that not even the Jin Xiu Group nor the Chen family could topple, much less Chen Fan himself. They had accumulated over three hundred years of wealth and influence, and a twenty-year-old boy simply couldn’t compare.

    Fang Qiong grew up surrounded by the Su Family, and therefore she knew the mighty ancient family very well.

    After a while, she looked up with fear flickering in her eyes. She looked right into Chen Fan’s eyes and said: “Xiao Fan, let’s get married.”


    The girl’s words had shaken the Dao Heart of a five-hundred-year-old invincible North Mystic Celestial Lord.

    “I know my mom well. If she has made up her mind, nothing will change it.” Fang Qiong said to herself. “When I was young, she forced my father to work hard to move out of Si Shui County to the Chu Zhou City, and then from Chu Zhou City to Jin City. My father only comes home every month and spends most of his time working.”

    “She also had a master plan for my life. She made me come to Jin City for university. She made me choose an economics major, and made me attend the IELTS class so that I will go out to the US to continue my education. She wants me to take over the Ming De Group and the Su Family. She wants me to be a success.”

    “However, I can’t let her make a decision for me in terms of my personal life. I just can’t.”

    Fang Qiong said firmly with strong conviction.

    The girl looked up, exposing the tender and smooth skin on her elegant neck. “That’s why we should get married now. Let’s get it done with, and she can’t stop us once its all over.”

    “that’s the only way.” The girl said firmly.

    “But.. we barely had one real date?”

    Chen Fan couldn’t believe what was happening.

    In this life, he got to know Fang Qiong for a little over half a year, and during this time, they were practically joined by the hip. They eat, walk, talk, and hang out together all the time.

    In their classmates’ eyes, they act just like a couple. However, both Chen Fan and Fang Qiong knew that at this stage, they were simply soul mates, just like how they were when they were kids. They had hung out together all the time and got teased by the adult who told them to play pretend as a couple. Chen Fan wanted to take things slowly this time and to get married after a few years of getting to know each other. After he helped Fang Qiong finished her life goal, he would leave the planet with her and start the real journey of cultivation.

    “Let’s get married first, and then we will fall in love with each other.”

    The girl announced with unswerving conviction.

    “Don’t you like me?” She asked

    “Of course I do.” Chen Fan answered.

    “Are you willing to marry me?” The girl asked again.

    This time Chen Fan was quiet.

    “You promised to marry me when we were both kids, don’t you remember?” She batted her eyes and looked expectant and nervous.

    Chen Fan was quiet again.

    Of course, he didn’t forget about it, and neither did Fang Qiong. However, just as she said, they were both kids at the time. Fang Qiong had even refused the invitations from Yan Jin University as well as Huaqin University to attend Jin City University to fulfill a childhood promise.

    Chen Fan looked at the attractive girl before him as memories of his past life flooded his mind.

    They were inseparable until junior high, and they met again at university after all these years. However, Fang Qiong’s commitment to their relationship had not wavered at all. Like mother like daughter. Once she had made up her mind, nothing would change it.

    There and then, Chen Fan realized that he was the coward that shriveled before challenges.

    In his last life, Fang Qiong didn’t let go of their bond even when she was under her mother’s most vehement protest. Instead, she proposed to leave Jinlin City with Chen Fan. However, Chen Fan was much less of a man then. Crushed by the unbearable weight of his mother’s death and Jin Xiu Group’s bankruptcy, he faltered and broke up with Fang Qiong.

    Having lost all faith in himself, he didn’t want Fang Qiong to suffer alongside him, and to endure the sneers around them.

    In Chen Fan’s mind, this girl was talented and hard-working. She was meant to rise above others and bask in her own success. Chen Fan didn’t want to ruin her future, and therefore he left Chu Zhou City by himself. The next time he saw Fang Qiong was at the Class Reunion party.

    By the time of the class reunion party, she was already the successful CEO of Ming De Group, and she was about to marry Shen Junwen.

    Chen Fan could never forget the glittering joy and happiness in the girl’s eyes when he first saw her.

    Chu Zhou City knew that Fang Qiong struggled a lot with her decision. Otherwise, she would have already married to Shen Junwen and had kids. Chen Fan knew very well that even then, there was still a spot for him in Fang Qiong’s heart. If he wanted to, he could live with Fang Qiong at the Chu Zhou City. However, Chen Fan didn’t propose such a thing. Disappointed and disheartened, Fang Qiong sought solace in wines and finally got drunk. They hadn’t spoken one complete sentence with each other that night.

    That night, Chen Fan jumped off from the roof of a high rise building. If Cangqin didn’t save Chen Fan, that would be the end of Chen Fan’s story.

    There wouldn’t be a North Mystic Celestial Lord who had dominated the universe for five hundred years, and no songs would be made to honor the love between the North Mystic Celestial Lord and Zi Qiong Goddess.

    “I backed down in my last life, what about now?”

    Chen Fan looked up and connected his gaze with the girl. He then said one word.


    “Really?” The girl’s face was lit up with joy. She rose up from her seat and said: “Let’s go get registered at the City Hall right now!”

    “As you wish.” Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    The two teenagers drove all the way to the Jin City’s City Hall even though they didn’t have any ID on them. All the while, they didn’t speak a word to each other. Fang Qiong made a phone call to Zhong Yaoyao and told her about her decision.

    Once they arrived at City Hall, Zhong Yaoyao was already waiting for them there. She asked with a troubled look: “Xiao Qiong, are you sure you want to get married to him?”

    “Of course!” Fang Qiong said firmly. She walked over to Zhong Yaoyao and held on to her arm. “If you are my best friend, then help me get it done.”

    Zhong Yaoyao hesitated, and then slowly led the couple into an office.

    There was envy and jealousy in her eyes when she glared at Chen Fan. It was as if Chen Fan had stolen her lover away from her.

    Zhong Yaoyao’s uncle was a Director at City Hall. With his permission, the couple was able to get a marriage certificate even without ID cards.

    Fang Qiong walked over to the counter to get her marriage certificate with her chin up. However, Chen Fan could feel the trembling in her hands.

    Marriage was a sacred thing for every girl, the most important event in their lives. Fang Qiong was only nineteen years old, almost too young to bear the consequence of a capricious decision.

    Chen Fan kept his silence and walked along with the girl.

    He knew that once Fang Qiong had set her mind on something, she would never waver. She had stayed with him not only on earth but also when they traveled in space during their Immortal Cultivation. It was he who needed to man up now, not her.

    Unbeknownst to anyone, the renowned Grandmaster in China, Chen Beixuan was married in the little City Hall office. They had only one witness, Zhong Yaoyao.

    After they left City Hall, they went straight to a duck rice noodle joint.

    This was Fang Qiong’s favorite place for duck rice noodles, and she was a frequent customer here while she was in high school.

    After she got the certificate, she felt a heavyweight was off of her shoulder but also more intimate with Chen Fan. She sat closer to Chen Fan than usual and shared her food with him.

    Chen Fan enjoyed the meal with a smile that bloomed over his face. Fang Qiong had never opened up so much to him in the last six months. The two’s interactions didn’t sit well with Zhong Yaoyao. She pulled a long face and chewed on the duck meat as if it was Chen Fan’s flesh.

    Three bowls of Duck rice noodles, 21 yuan in total.

    That was the cost of their wedding celebration.

    Fang Qiong drove Chen Fan to his dorm, and before they parted, she kissed him on the cheek which invited many jealous stares.

    Chen Fan touched the spot where the girl kissed, and he could still feel her moist, lush lips. A smile broke over his face.

    He then linked his hands behind his back and sauntered into his dorm.

    This was the first time he wanted to drink to his heart’s content.

    When Fang Qiong returned home, it was also midnight, but the living room light was still on. Su Susu was wearing a housecoat and sat on a lounge chair waiting for her.

    She glared at her daughter as soon as the latter walked in.

    “Where have you been? Why are you home so late?”

    “You know where I went.” Fang Qiong said lightly.

    “Were you messing around with that boy until now?” Su Susu pulled a dark face.

    “We are not just messing around, and we got married.” Fang Qiong put down her heels and announced the news.

    This was the first time she had the confidence to stand up for her own decision.

    “What?” Su Susu was shocked.

    Fang Qiong walked over to her mother and put the marriage certificate on the table. “From now on, Chen Fan is my husband, your son in law. What you think does not matter; it is already done.”

    She yawned and then walked into her own room.

    Su Susu’s face soured as she slumped on the sofa. Her sharp but manicured nails dug deeply into the fabric of the sofa.