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Chapter 307 - The Su Family of Wu Zhou City

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 307: The Su Family of Wu Zhou City

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    Su Susu, Fang Qiong’s mother, and Fang Mingde’s wife.

    In Chen Fan’s past life’s memory, she was the producer and deputy director of a Tv station responsible for overseeing the production of all kinds of shows and dramas. Under her leadership, the Tv station had grown its influence significantly, and a few shows that aired on the station were extremely successful. Therefore, even the director of the station respected her greatly.

    Su Susu didn’t wear her usual charm of a tender woman of Jiang Nan Province, instead, she had worn her hair up with a pair of black-rimmed glasses. She was in a business suit and looked stoic and stern.

    The first thing that came out of her mouth was

    “Are you seeing my daughter?”

    “Yes.” Chen Fan nodded readily.

    In Chen Fan’s past life, he would definitely need a moment to muster enough courage to admit under Su Susu’s questioning glare. However, Chen Fan was a different man now and had gone through enough by now to face the challenge.

    “I disagree.” Su Susu said, clear and simple.

    She waited a moment for Chen Fan’s reaction but was disappointed by the lack of it. She furrowed her brows and asked: “Why don’t you ask me why?”

    “I don’t need to. I already knew you would oppose it.” Chen Fan shrugged and said nonchalantly.

    He had heard all of the reasons that he was not a good match for her daughter.

    Let it be family background, personality, talent and looks, Chen Fan was no match against Shen Junwen in his past life. However this time, Shen Junwen was already dead and the Chen family of Jin City was thriving better than ever. Jin Xiu Group had grown rapidly after the huge injection of investments from Chen Fan. Chen Fan was interested to know what excuses Su Susu would find this time.

    Su Susu gave Chen Fan a surprised look.

    She remembered Chen Fan as a shy and reticent boy, but she found it hard to reconcile her recollection of the boy with the confident, strident, and proud young man. This time, she had also picked up the unmistakable disdain and contempt that she had previously missed.

    She paused a moment and then plastered on a softer look.

    “Xiao Fan, I have known you ever since you were a child, so I know you have a good upbringing and good parents, especially your mom. More than a few of my friends at Zhong Hai have told me about Jin Xiu Group’s inspiring business ventures. She had predicted the rise of the housing price even when everyone was selling off their properties, fearing a real estate bust. Now the market had turned around and Jin Xiu Group is going to cash in and become a heavyweight in the industry. When that happens, your mother’s achievement would have far surpassed that of Uncle Fang.”

    Su Susu went on. It was evident that she had spent a fair amount of time investigating Chen Fan’s family.

    The year was 2009 and the property market had just started to heat up. From there, the value of real estate would surge every year and remain high for decades to come. Zhong Hai was a top tier city and was the first to react to the rising market and was also the most profitable. Wang Xiaoyun made the first step in the right direction before anyone else did and was bound to have a spot in the future of the real estate industry.

    “But…” Su Susu was finally ready to attack. “Chen Fan, do you know the story between Uncle Fang and me?”

    “Only a little. I know you are from Wu Zhou City and Uncle Fang was from Chu Zhou City. You two met at university.” Chen Fan replied.

    In his past life, Chen Fan knew very little about Fang Qiong ‘s family since Xiao Qiong had never liked to talk about it.

    “I am from the Su Family of Wu Zhou City.” Su Susu said calmly.

    “Su Family?” Chen Fan furrowed his brows as he recalled something. “You mean the Su Family of Jiang Nan Province?”

    The richest man in Jiang Nan Province was Zhang Donghai. Ever since he created the Donghai Group, he had remained on the top ten list of Chinese rich list. Donghai Electronics was sold not only in Jiang Nan Province but also all over China.

    However, that was what appeared on the surface. Many old men in Jiang Nan Province would remember an ancient family in the province that was as powerful and wealthy as Zhang Donghai.

    It was the Su Family of Wu Zhou City.

    The Su Family can trace their lineage to the Qin dynasty. Then, they ran a textile shop that produced silk and cloth exclusively for the emperor himself. They had a monopoly over the supply of fabrics in the forbidden city for many generations. Even during the chaotic civil war, the Su Family was able to remain wealthy and powerful.

    The famous Chinese nationalist entrepreneur, Zhang Qian had even visited the Su Family to borrow a large sum of money to kick off his textile business. It spoke loudly of the Su Family’s influence and power.

    After the PPC was established, some of the Su Family members were able to become high-level government officials. Even when the political moment was generally hostile towards rich people in the 60’s the Su Family of Wu Zhou City was still able to thrive, much less now. Their influence could be felt in every link of the textile production in the ’80s. Later, they left textile businesses and ventured into the finance and banking business. The board director at the Chamber of Commerce of Wu Zhou was the family lord of the Su Family. Even if Zhang Donghai had to bow to him respectfully and call him brother Su.

    “So the Su family’s wealth goes back three hundred years. No wonder Sheng Junwen was so dead set on marrying Xiao Qiong.”

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    The Sheng family was able to rise to power in Chen Fan’s last life not purely because of luck, but also the backing of the Su Family. Adding on Shen Junwen and Sheng Ronghua’s unscrupulous methods, they had made themselves one of the richest families in China.

    “My father’s family was an offshoot of the Su Family. We are not liked by the old man.” Su Susu stirred the coffee with a small silver spoon and then said: “Proving myself before the other family clan had always been my dream, so I have worked hard ever since I was little.”

    “That is why you have chosen Uncle Fang. You think he has potential.” Chen Fan said.

    “I chose between Mingde and your father. Your father is better in terms of family background, personality and even talent, but he is too..stubborn. I would never live a good day of life if I had chosen him.” Su Susu said calmly.

    Chen Fan was as taken aback by the revelation.

    He had never thought that the relationship between his and Fang Qiong’s parents could be so complicated. No wonder every time they went to visit the Fangs, his father always looked embarrassed or something.

    “I chose Mingde and he didn’t disappoint me. He became a tycoon in Jin City and made my father proud before his family clan. The old man at the family clan had even taken a liking in Xiao Qiong because of how well we have done.” Su Susu confided in Chen Fan calmly. However, a hint of sorrow and wistfulness crept onto her face.

    Chen Fan knew that even that nuance of expression was a show put on for him.

    Her real personality was more shrewd, cunning and unscrupulous than his parents and her husband.

    “But Ming De Group is still a far cry from the Su Family. Su Family and amassed huge fortune over the last three hundred years and my husband simply couldn’t compare. Therefore, all of my hopes and bets are one Xiao Qiong.” Su Susu shook her head and then locked her eyes onto Chen Fan. “Do you know what I mean?”

    Chen Fan paused a second and then nodded and said. “Yes.”

    Su Susu was the exact same as his mother Wang Xiaoyun. They both wanted to do something to prove themselves. The Wang family, the Su Family, Jin Xiu Group and the Ming De Group, they were all the same.

    However, Wang Xiaoyun had carried her dream by herself and didn’t let her husband and son shoulder it. On the other hand, Su Susu first had wished that her husband could make her dream come true, failing that, she went on to unload the burden of her dream on to her daughter.

    To some degree, these two women presented the two typical choices facing Chinese women.

    One choice was to be independent, and the other was to rely on their husbands and children.

    Chen Fan found it hard to blame Su Susu. She was a much better wife and mother than Wang Xiaoyun but Chen Fan was also aware that Wang Xiaoyun was the stronger one.

    “Our two families have been friends and have similar financial backgrounds, so in theory, you are the best match for Xiao Qiong. However, the Su Family nor I could allow you to waste away my daughter’s life.” Su Susu’s eyes glinted and locked onto Chen Fan. “We have planned everything out for Xiao Qiong. After she was done University, she will go overseas to attend graduate school. After that, she will return to China and run the family business.”

    “The Su Family lacked talents in her age, and adding on the fact that she was the old man’s favorite grandchild, she was very likely to take over part of Su Family’s business. By then, she needed someone strong to support her, and that someone is not you…”

    Su Susu said bluntly. “Let it be personality, talent, academic achievement, I can’t see anything good in you.”

    Chen Fan was unfazed by Su Susu’s sharp criticism.

    “That is why you had chosen Shen Junwen?”

    Su Susu was taken aback at first and furrowed her brows. But she quickly gathered herself and said indifferently: “Shen Junwen is history now. I knew that your family had been rising in power after defeating the Sheng family. However, even the Jin Xiu Group was nothing in the eyes of the Su Family.”

    Su Susu rose from her seat and gave Chen Fan a long hard look.

    “You can not imagine the power of a hundred-year-old family.”

    After she said that, she snatched up her handbag and walked off.

    It wasn’t until Su Susu had made it to the door, did she heard Chen Fan’s calm reply.

    “Auntie Su, what if I tell you that I am already powerful enough to bring down the Su Family? Will you marry Fang Qiong to me?”

    Su Susu stopped and turned around. “If that is true, I will kneel down before you and beg you to take my daughter’s hand.”

    Shen then turned around as a cunning smile appeared on her face.

    “But that will never happen.”

    After that, Su Susu pushed the door open and disappeared.

    Chen Fan sat quietly in the coffee shop, reflecting the conversation he just had with Shen Junwen. There had been one question that chafed his mind in his past life and he was never able to get an answer. Why would Su Susu choose Shen Junwen when Jin Xiu Group was not any less powerful than Wan Rong Group?

    But the question was answered today.

    Su Susu had treated her daughter as the only way to her own salvation. She gave her the best education and had tremendous hope for her. Her daughter was meant to bring honor to the family, but not to waste her life away alongside Chen Fan.

    “What a shame, your mortal eyes can not see my real power.”

    Chen Fan let out a mocking smile.