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Chapter 306 - Aftermath

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 306: Aftermath

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    Under the Kunlun mountain’s frozen range was a secret military base.

    Construction of the base started ten years ago and by now, it had made significant signs of progress. It has a one-level structure on top of the mountain range but it went deep down into the earth. There were at least a few hundred soldiers stationed at the base and a squad of air force personnel for air support. Rumors among the public believed that this was a research base for long-range missiles.

    Inside the meeting room of the underground base, a group of people sat around a table and were carrying out a discussion.

    All attendees of the meeting were in military uniform and Red Sparrow was one of them. As soon as she returned to the base, she changed into a handsome looking military officer uniform. If she stood side by side with Yu Qin, the two looked practically the same. What was even more surprising about her uniform was the one star on her shoulder badge.

    In addition to Red Sparrow, a few men with the rank of General Major stood still and gazed at the one who sat at the head of the table.

    The man at the head of the table was a middle-aged man. He wore a pair of glasses with scratched metal frames that definitely had seen better days, an old suit with faded colors. He looked calm and scholarly like a typical member of the intellectuals during the eighties in China. On his shoulder badge was two-stars, indicating his rank of Lieutenant General

    Although the man had neither Dharmic powers nor martial powers like most other people at the table, everyone looked at him with a great measure of respect and admiration. He was the Director of the Special Case Department and he represented China in the International Underground World.

    “Comrade Yu Nan, be careful what you say next time. I remind you that Chen Beixuan is the Head Sergeant of Cang Dragon so he is one of my men. I can tell what you are trying to do, you are trying to take him out of my team.” The man with glasses knocked on the table and said.

    “But, Director Xiao —” Red Sparrow protested.

    Director Xiao remained calm and said: “You have broken the rules and so, you should apologize to Grandmaster Chen personally. The Military Headquarters and Li Wuchen have already talked to me about it. I hope this is the last time.”

    “I just gave him a warning, Is Li Wuchen for real?”

    Red Sparrow’s face was contorted by anger.

    As the main member of the Special Case Department and a General Major, Red Sparrow was granted little restrictions on her actions due to the fact that she was of the highest ranking in the department other than the minister and a few deputy ministers.

    “Be respectful, young lady.” Director Xiao pulled a tight face and said: “You are talking about Li Wuchen. Let it be rank or age, he is way ahead of you. Even if you see him in private, not as an officer, you should still call him Uncle with respect.”

    “Fine…” Red Sparrow lowered her head but anger burned even brighter in her eyes. She clenched her fist and tried to channel all of her resentment towards one person.

    The rest of the attendees, including a few deputy directors, White Tiger and Black Tortoise all tried to suppress the snickers on their faces.

    Red Sparrow was spoiled by the Director because she was a girl. This was the first time she got to taste his no-nonsense reprimand and her peers wagered that she should turn it down a notch from now on.

    “As for Chen Beixuan’s high ranking on the Dark Roll, I think that is something worth celebrating.” Director Xiao said. “General Chen Beixuan is the Head Sergeant of the Cang Dragon and therefore a member of the military. Sooner or later we will ask for help from Li Wuchen or Chen Beixuan, it’s never a bad thing to have a powerful ally. Plus, he will add another one to the list of Dark Roll members in China, making it four in total. That would make the imperialists at the CIA think better to mess with us again.”

    Everyone nodded in agreement.

    “Of course, the ranking of the Dark Roll also reflected our weakness in collecting and assessing Grandmaster’s abilities. We are in the same country as Grandmaster Chen, but we knew him less than the CIA did.” Director Xiao knocked on the table with a knuckle and said: “CIA wouldn’t list him at the third spot for no reason. I figure that Olga, being the sole survivor, must have told the CIA some details that we are not aware of. Those details are the key to the CIA’s decision in replacing Zeus with Grandmaster Chen.”

    He then furrowed his brows and said.

    “Zhentang, did azure dragon reply to our message? He was the only other person present at the battle beside Olga.”

    A man sat beside Red Sparrow straightened his back and announced. “Boss went out of the country right after the battle was over, saying that he is going to take over the Dark Totem. However, right before he left, he told me that he also agrees Chen Beixuan is the most powerful man under the Immortal State and he said Chen Beixuan has broken the hypersonic barrier with his own body.”

    “Broke the hypersonic barrier?”

    Many attendees who sat closer to the head of the table looked at each other in fear.

    Chen Fan’s exact power had been the main contention among the leaders of the department. After all, no one from the department was present while Chen Fan fought Lei Qianjue and no one had witnessed his ability to use Hypersonic Punch. Most analysts had only anticipated a Lei Qianjue in or around the mid-stage of Internal Force cultivation. To their surprise, after a decade of hard word, Lei Qianjue was able to make it onto the Dark Roll and become extraordinarily powerful.

    There had been one recording of the fight, but due to the weather, the video footage was too coarse to be anywhere meaningful.

    However, If Chen Fan had unleashed the Hypersonic Punch once again and was witnessed by both Olga and Azure Dragon, the CIA might very well have placed him so high on the Dark Roll. The power needed to wield the hypersonic ability was astronomical and required strength that was beyond most people’s imagination. Therefore, even many CIA analysts were worried that they had underestimated Chen Fan’s power even after placing him on the third spot.

    “Very well then. We should treat Chen Beixuan very carefully. Any action against him must get my director’s approval.” Director Xiao announced.

    It was always better to have a powerful friend than foe. To butt heads with such a potent opponent would not bode well for anyone.

    “But Director, how are we going to make sure that he will cooperate?” Red Sparrow hurried to put in.

    “This is none of your concern.” Director Xiao waved a dismissal. However, Red Sparrow’s question made him think of the shock and disbelief when he first saw Chen Fan’s profile. He rubbed his chin and wondered if it was time to visit the old man at Yan Jin. After all, Chen Fan was technically his Grandson.

    Embarrassed and angry, Red Sparrow pushed her chair back and walked away.

    Director Xiao shook his head as he watched Red Sparrow’s temper flare.

    He had gotten used to it, all Super Overlords have a hot temper.

    The aftereffect of the battle at Jin City lingered for a long time. Chen Fan was finally officially recognized globally as he was put on the radar of many nations’ secret services. He was added to the top of many blacklists around the globe.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan got to enjoy a few days of rare peace and free time.

    After he had killed Theseus, Aid International was shaken to the core. After Chen Fan was listed on the Dark Roll, Grant from Aid International flew to Jin City all the way from Europe, hoping to get an audience with Chen Fan. But he was rejected by Xue Jiao at the door.

    Xue Jiao stared at the old man with an aquiline nose and said.

    “Mr. Chen has made it very clear, from today on, Mr. Chen will cease to work with Aid International in any shape or form. We will look for other partners. As for overseas sales, we might as well do it ourselves.”

    “But we have already signed an agreement. You are breaching our contract and it’s illegal” The old man with an aquiline nose shouted.

    “Then sue me.”

    Xiao Xue shrugged and walked off with a warble.

    She had enough of these companies’ representatives over the month she had to work with them. All of them were on their high horses and looked down on her since she was just an assistant. There and then, the sour face of Grant was the most gratifying thing for her.

    Grant stood still and didn’t move as embarrassment and anger flashed.

    “Sir, do you want me to notice the Justice department and sue him?” His secretary with a large bosom asked as she straightened her black rim glasses.

    “Sue my ass!”

    Grant threw away his cane and shouted at her.

    As the representative of Aid International, he was well aware of the magical effect of Vitality Serum. Many foreign countries would beg Aid International to export such products to their country. If his government sued Azure Talisman Pharmaceutical, the latter could simply refuse to sell the product to the people in his country while the case proceeds in court. This would anger the public who desperately needed such a miracle supplement and be detrimental to the government.

    It might not be a big deal when the Vitality Serum was new to the market. However, as soon as the world discovered Vitality Serum’s effect, the public might protest against the government’s league actions.

    At the bare minimum, this serum was able to pause aging and increase sex drive. These effects alone would make many people fall head over heels for it.

    “So what we do now?” The secretary was startled by his sudden outburst of anger. So she asked with a pale face.

    “What else can we do, we need to beg her to let us in!” Grant took a deep breath and managed to gather himself. He heaped smiles on his face and walked toward Xue Jiao’s office.

    As he got closer to the office, the smile on his face disappeared slowly.

    Ever since he became the representative of Aid International, he never had to endure such humiliation. However, if he messed this up, the board would probably tear him apart.

    However, Grant was bound to be disappointed.

    Ever since Aid International hired Theseus, it was blacklisted by Chen Fan. Chen Fan didn’t retaliate because he didn’t think it was worth his time. However, as soon as the Vitality Serum reached the market, he should be able to deliver a devastating blow to Aid International by carving out most of its profits and putting it into his own pocket.

    As his assistant was being mired in business, Chen Fan was having a great time with Fang Qiong while doing nothing.

    Fang Qiong’s preparation for the opening of her cosmetic company had finally ended. Therefore, the two of them were both free and could afford time for a real date. Although their bond had been strengthening over time, they never confessed their affection to each other. It felt like they were more of BFFs than lovers.

    Chen Fan picked out a formal dress and spruced himself up for the day. When he arrived at the coffee shop, he noticed that it wasn’t Fang Qiong waiting for him. Instead, it was a middle-aged woman wearing a snappy looking suit and a pair of glasses with heavy black rims. She was Su Susu, Fang Qiong’s mother.

    The moment Su Susu saw Chen Fan, a sharp light lit up in her eyes right away.

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes slightly and walked over to her.

    Meanwhile, he conceded that he could not escape the fate of dealing with her.