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Chapter 304 - Number Three On the Dark Roll

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 304:

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    “The Dark Roll is its abbreviated name, and its real name is called “Most Wanted List For Offenders of the Highest Risk the Underground World,” and it was published by CIA’s special case management department on the internet. The background of the internet is black, and the names of fugitives were in dark red. Therefore, it was called the Dark Roll.” Red Sparrow said patiently.

    Red Sparrow was wearing a tight black leather overall that accentuated her breathtaking spinner body. The highlight of her look was a pair of fit legs, the movement of her muscle under the skin-tight fabric made looked like that of a prowling black panther under its black fur with a lustrous sheen.

    A Super Overlord such as her had long since forsaken the usage of her sexual advantage to get ahead in life. She was powerful enough to earn the respect of even the most powerful man in China. She wouldn’t bat a lash when she saw an ordinary government official. She could have pinned someone as powerful as Tang Yuanqin under her thumb with ease.

    Chen Fan was the only person in the world who was able to make her turn down her pride a notch and lower her head.

    “Dark Moon was updated every three months on a secure but discreet server. Only those involved in the underground world, as well as intelligent agents of major nations, have access to the website. It keeps the recorded of twenty most powerful Overlords on earth.”

    “That Theseus you killed was number twenty on the list. He had assassinated countless leaders and family lords in Europe and was on the number one stop of a dozen country’s most wanted list. His ability to Shadow Jumping had made him the most feared assassin. The International Law Enforcement Unit had tried to capture him for decades but failed. No one had never thought that he would be killed by you.”

    Red Sparrow’s calm voice was laced with a hint of being impressed.

    Theseus was not the most powerful fighter by a long shot, but he was worth the title of the deadliest assassin. His Shadow Jumping ability was much more potent than the abilities of Blacksnake. He was even able to escape the grasp of Azure Dragon a few times, but in the end, Chen Fan had twisted his neck with ease.

    “Even Theseus can be on the number twenty spot? I don’t think this Dark Roll was such a big deal at all.”

    Chen Fan flicked a finger and said in a contemptuous voice.

    “Not all Overlords on the Dark Roll are powerful, but they must be deadly and destructive in their own ways.” Red Sparrow said with a cold smile. “CIA’s Special Case Management Department published this list as a warning to all the nations in the world to steer clear of these bad boys.”

    “Oh? So other than Theseus, who else is on the Dark Roll?”

    Chen Fan was slightly interested, so he asked.

    Red Sparrow furrowed her brows and said: “There are four Chinese people on the list, including you. Ye Nantian is number ten. My boss, Azure Dragon, was number seven.”

    “What about Mr. Chen?”

    Tang Yifei couldn’t hold back her curiosity, so she asked.

    “He wasn’t even on the list just a few months ago.” Red Sparrow snorted. “One doesn’t get onto Dark Roll simply because he won a couple of fights in the streets. Only those real fights against powerful foes matter and will be noticed by the CIA. We knew that he had killed Lei Qianjue and Blacksnake, but those were insignificant fights. Lei Qianjue had been silent for decades but based on the available information; he was of mediocre power. Blacksnake was even worse; he is just an assassin of above-average skills. He might be a threat to those rich and the powerful, but in the eyes of the Super Overlord, they were just meh.”

    “What about now?”

    Chen Fan asked curiously.

    “Now…” Red Sparrow paused a second and said: “CIA is going to update the list again, and I think you will make it to at least top ten if not top five.”

    Chen Fan’s achievement was simply too great to be ignored.

    Even when he was besieged by five Overlords, he was able to kill four of the attackers, including one of the assassins listed on the Dark Roll. This was his greatest achievement yet, and not even those who ranked high on the Dark Roll would be able to pull it off.

    Dark Roll was a list for wanted criminals, and it was also a warning. Each Overlord who had made it to the list enjoyed the greatest level of tolerance in all nations in the world. As long as they stay put and don’t wreak havoc, the government would turn a blind eye on their existences. Only a superpower in the world, such as the US has the gusto to crack down on them.

    “Top ten is not top five?” Chen Fan cracked a contemptuous smile.

    Chen Fan’s reaction didn’t sit well with Red Sparrow. The latter said coldly: “Do you really believe that everyone considered you worthy of the top spot on the Heaven roll? You have never fought anyone on the Dark Roll and what you have done previously was a walk in the park for Ye Nantian or my boss. When the old man placed you at the top of the Heaven Roll, a lot of people felt your that rank was unwarranted.”

    “You have never seen Ye Nantian in action, and therefore you would never understand the full extent of his power. Even my boss commented that if not because of Ye Nantian’s humbleness, his rank on the Dark Roll could far exceed his and made it into top five.”

    After she said that, Red Sparrow snorted and then continued: “If we take all the fighters in my department into consideration, the top ten list of the Heaven roll would be completely different.”

    “Oh? You said that Ye Nantian is powerful, but why did he only make it to top ten instead of the number one spot if not top three?”

    Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    “Top three on Dark Roll?”

    Red Sparrow chuckled.

    She shook her head and explained: “The Dark Roll hasn’t changed for thirty years and even one of the listed members was a force to be reckoned with in the underground world and had countless lives in their hands. Many had even escaped the rage of the US military.”

    “People had suspected that all three of them had already entered Immortal State and therefore they were called the Three Lords of the Underground World.”

    Even as Red Sparrow explained it, fear flickered in her eyes.

    “Immortal State?”

    Chen Fan remained calm and asked stoically.

    Even if they were of Immortal State, they would not pose any threat to him. Chen Fan had reached Ethereal Enlightenment and had many Divine powers in his disposal, including the Azure Thearch Longevity Body. Therefore, he was confident that he was able to defeat them even the Immortal State cultivators with one sweep of his blade.

    “That being said, their Immortal State status just pure speculation and has not been proven yet.” Red Sparrow then shook her head and said: “Regardless, they were powerful and dangerous, that was why the list used the label ‘of High Risk’ on them. It would take at least an entire brigade of elite forces in order to contain them.”

    “But don’t worry your pretty head about them. They are away above your concern. You will rank at the most the fifth on the list.” Red Sparrow said coldly.

    “Is that so?”

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and didn’t offer any more words.

    Red Sparrow was riled up again by Chen Fan’s demeanor, and her temper flared.

    She was not an easy-going person to start with, and the elemental fire energy in her didn’t help to soothe her nerves either. She was easily ticked off by pretentious assholes such as Chen Fan who didn’t finish their sentences and let the other half of his sentence hang in suspense. She wished she could summon a ball of fire to engulf the young man.

    Her chest heaved up and down for a while, and finally, she was able to gather herself.

    “Mr. Chen Beixuan, I know that you are powerful. But please remember this: you are also responsible for the life and safety of your family and friends. Think twice next time before you do anything stupid.”

    “Are you threatening me?”

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and gave the woman an icy glare.

    He used to preside over the universe as the invincible North Mystic Celestial Lord. He used to lord over billions of races, and no one had dared to utter a threat to him, much less directed at his family. Chen Fan was suddenly irked by the woman’s insidious intent.

    “Don’t think of it as a threat; think of it as a suggestion.” Red Sparrow suddenly rose to her feet; her face was lit up with satisfaction. “If you want to live in this country, then you will have to obey the law. General Li could take you under his wing for the sake of the Vitality Serum for a while, but he can’t protect you forever. Sooner or later, you will regret your arrogance and recklessness.”

    After she had said that, she turned around and walked off with her victory.

    Red Sparrow’s action and words didn’t please Tang Yifei. She complained under her breath:

    “Mr. Chen, do you know her? What is this Special Case Departments? Is that a real thing? If I were you, I would throw her into the Jin City River to cool her head first.”

    Tang Yifei was a strong woman, and of course, she couldn’t stomach the presence of another strident woman.

    Two tigers cannot share one mountain, and two strong women can not share one conversation.

    Tang Yuanqin pulled a long face and then refuted her: “Silence. A lady like you should not prattle about Mr. Chen’s personal matter. Plus, that woman was clearly a powerful force to be reckoned with. She can’t fake that decisiveness in her.”

    After he had said that, he turned around and bow to Chen Fan: “Mr. Chen Fan, what do you think of it?”

    “She didn’t lie to me about where she came from. If she didn’t work for any clandestine organization, her ability to control fire should have already made her famous.” Chen Fan shook his head and asked: “Yanqin, do you know anything about this department?”

    “Special Case Departments? It sounded familiar, but it is clearly above my paygrade.” Tang Yuanqin let out a wry smile. “To be very frank with you, Mr. Chen. Even though I have also reached the peak of Internal Force cultivation, I must be worth less than an insect in their eyes. They only deal with much more important matters, such as national security and whatnot. They must have gotten involved because of Theseus.”

    “That makes sense.” Chen Beixuan nodded and thought to himself: “How dare you look down on me. Do you really think I need anyone’s protection?”

    “Little girl, you have thought too lightly of me. However, powerful and influential you are, you are no match against me.”

    Three days later, the CIA updated their Dark Roll.

    The name on the third place has changed, and it was a Chinese name.

    “Beixuan, Chen.”

    What a shocking news to the international underground world, or the so-called “Dark World.”