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Chapter 303 - Special Case Departmen

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 303: Special Case Department

    Although the battle at Jin City University was over, its implication were just starting to be felt. However, Chen Fan was already back to his calm and uneventful life as a student. It was as if killing Theseus was such a trivial matter that deserved no reflection afterward.

    Theseus and Zoro might have been infamous fighters in the international underground world,they were not even as big of a threat to Chen Fan as Lei Qianjue had been.

    Lei Qianjue had reached the peak of all three aspects of cultivation: Martial arts, soul energy, and physique refinement. Zoro and his cohorts didn’t even reach the peak of their Dharma Cultivation much less Physique Refinement. Even Theseus who was considered a Super Overlord had nothing to show for other than his ability of Shadow Jumping.

    However, after Chen Fan had seen through his trick, Theseus was not any more powerful than an ordinary Overlord, such as Blacksnake.

    However, in the eyes of the public, killing four out of five Overlords while being attacked from all sides sounded like an incredible feat. There hasn’t been such a powerful Overlord for many years even in China.

    It wasn’t long before Chen Fan was visited by strangers.

    “Nice to meet you Mr. Chen Beixuan. My name is Red Sparrow and I am from the Special Case Departments. We are in charge of collecting information on spell casters and Martial Artist in China.” The woman wore a suit of leather and her short hair reached the shoulder. She barged into the room directly without asking for permission.

    “I saw you yesterday while I was fighting. There was someone else besides you if I remember correctly.”

    Chen Fan said slowly.

    Chen Fan was sitting with Tang Yifei and Tang Yuanqin in the Tang family’s manor, enjoying a cup of steaming supreme-grade Big Red Robe Tea

    When Red Sparrow saw Chen Fan’s arrogance, she snorted at first, but her contemptuous quickly turned into a cold gasp as she said: “You mean you knew that we were there with you?”

    “Not just you two, I also sensed the presence of another elusive power. Try as he might in avoiding my detection, he couldn’t slip through my radar.” Chen Fan sipped his tea and said: “I can sense his power and I have to say that whoever he was, he was even more powerful than Lei Qianjue, much less Zoro or Theseus, including you.”

    “He is our boss, Azure Dragon.” The woman said with a flash of embarrassment on her face. Deep down, strong emotions roiled inside of her.

    While embattled by five Overlords, Chen Fan still was able to afford the energy to detect the three observers in the distance. This spoke loudly of his immense power and was a telltale sign that the five Overlords were no match against him. She wondered how powerful exactly Chen Fan was.

    Red Sparrow had walked into the room with pride if not disdain, but they were gone now.

    As an Overlord in the Special Case Departments, she had the backing of China. However daring and powerful Chen Beixuan was, he wouldn’t dare to mess with the government. However, she soon realized that she had underestimated this teenage boy.

    “Azure dragon?” Chen Fan paused a second and cracked a smile: “I had thought that there was only Ye Nantian who might be my worthy opponent, but I didn’t expect there to be an azure dragon.”

    “His presence, internal energy, and Dharmic powers blended so perfectly well and his soul energy was also so incredibly strong that it could rival that of Zhou Daoji or Kunloon. His body was also tempered by the Physique Refinement arts and was near the level of Grandmaster. With such power, I wager he must be close to the Immortal State if not already there.” Chen Fan said calmly.

    As Red Sparrow listened to Chen Fan’s words, she started to become increasingly shocked.

    The power of her boss, the azure dragon was an S class secret in China. No one, other than her and her peers knew that Azure Dragon practiced Martial-Dharma Dual Cultivation. He was a peak level Grandmaster, as well as a Perfected Cultivator. He had reached the Transcendent state both in physical and in soul energy. He was only half a step away from reaching Immortal State and was a rare talent around the globe.

    Chen Fan was a few miles away from the azure dragon and he had not only sensed his presence but also knew his abilities clearly.

    That was indeed a terrifying ability!

    “Could he really be an immortal state cultivator?” Red Sparrow asked herself in disbelief. However, she had to come to terms with reality and the reality was that there and then, Chen Fan knew exactly what she was capable of and what she was thinking. She had never felt so helpless other than when she was with the Old man

    “What do you want from me?” Chen Fan rested his hand on the armrest and asked casually.

    “OH… nothing… I just want to warn you that you have made too many enemies of late. After you have uprooted the Sheng family and the Zheng family, a lot of people want you dead. Make sure you dial it down a notch.” Red Sparrow managed to remain calm.

    However, the more she spoke, the more she felt how lacking of confidence she was.

    Chen Fan’s power was boundless, so much so that Chen Fan was almost beyond the law.

    Red Sparrow conceded that other than mobilizing a large amount of troops, she lacked any means to contain Chen Fan. She doubted that even azure dragon could effectively keep Chen Fan under his thumb.

    “You are called Red Sparrow, and you said your boss is Azure dragon, does that mean that there is a White Tiger and Black Tortoise?” Chen Fan asked mischievously.

    Red Sparrow’s pulled a taut face and said: “That’s right.”

    “Hold on, let me guess..” Chen Fan shot out a hand and narrowed his eyes. “I can sense the fire energy in you was even more potent than Olga. You are one of the most powerful Extraordinary Ones in the world and not even Theseus is your worthy opponent. You are a Fire Elemental Extraordinary One.”

    “Azure dragon must have reached a peak in all aspects, Martial arts, Physique Refinement, Dharma Spells and even Soul Energy. That’s what made him your boss.”

    “As for White Tiger, he represents Seventh Gold in the west and must be a paragon of martial spirit. So I guess the other belligerent presence I sensed while I was fighting must be him, the White Tiger.”

    “The last one, Black Tortoise, is a combination of snake and tortoise, so he must be an expert in both Dharma Spell and Martial Arts”

    As Chen Fan went on, Red Sparrow became so terrified that she nearly jumped out of her chair.

    “How do you know?” She stammered.

    The information regarding the four of them was top-secret of her department. They reported directly to the Military headquarters and other than the top dogs in the military, no one even knew their names. Plus, they always operated clandestinely and had never met Chen Fan even once. Could there be a mole inside the department?

    “Azure Dragon is a semi-immoral state cultivator, Red Sparrow was an elite Extraordinary One who mastered the art of fire bending, White Tiger had reached the late-stage of Transcendent State, and Black Tortoise was an expert of Martial-Dharma Dual Cultivation. Haha! It seems like your department is a force to be reckoned with.” Chen Fan cracked a smile and pointed at Red Sparrow.

    Despite his words, even Tang Yifei could see the disdain on his face.

    Although Tang Yuanqin stood aside and was quiet all the while, he was shocked nonetheless.

    Each one of the four deadly Overlords could have made it to the Heaven Roll’s five list. White Tiger might have been the weakest of the four, but he was also a peak Transcendent State Grandmaster and was not any weaker than Lei Qianjue or Hua Yunfeng. The Azure Dragon was the most powerful of the four and had already reached semi Immortal state. The combined might of the four deadly fighters was enough to keep all the martial artists and cultivators in check.

    Only someone as powerful as Chen Fan could have held himself before their might.

    The contempt on Chen Fans face didn’t sit well with her, so she snorted and said: “Chen Beixuan, I know you are powerful, but remember, there is always someone better than you. You have reached Immortal State at the most, and I would like to remind you that our department has killed immortal state cultivators before.”

    “Oh? You have killed an Immortal State Cultivator?” Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and let out a half-smile.

    “Humph! Never underestimate the power of a superpower.” Red Sparrow looked up and said coldly. “Why do you think these Immortal State cultivators hide deep in the mountains for six decades? Don’t they want to know what is going on? They are simply too afraid of making an appearance. ”

    “With modern technology, even Immortal State Cultivator could be killed with ease.”

    Red Sparrow said stridently and with a great measure of conviction.

    Her words were backed by a superpower ranked top five if not top three in the world. China had over two million enlisted soldiers and possessed missiles, hydrogen bombs and nuclear bombs. It was one of the five Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council.

    Even if Chen Fan had reached Immortal State, he should think twice before ruffling the feathers of such a powerful force.


    Chen Fan cracked a smile and didn’t reply.

    Although he had already reached Ethereal Enlightenment state and gained Divine powers and Azure Thearch Longevity Body, he wouldn’t escape a bombardment unharmed.

    He was as powerful as a top-level Immortal State cultivator on earth and therefore he still needed to be careful around the threat of modern military attack. However, Chen Fan’s caution did not amount to fear.

    “I admit that modern technology would pose a threat to me, but it wouldn’t be difficult for me to avoid direct confrontation with an army.” Chen Fan smiled slightly and said: “Even Osama bin Laden could deliver such a heavy blow to America without using Dharmic powers, what do you think I am capable of?”

    “Can you imagine how many innocent lives would be lost in order for the country to subjugate a rogue Transcendent Grandmaster? Is the nation prepared to fight a prolonged Urban warfare in the most developed cities? Have you thought of the economic implications of such a war? Even if the nation was committed, how many cities is it willing to sacrifice?”

    Chen Fan said with an unswerving conviction in his voice.

    An Immortal State Cultivator was no match against the modern army, that was true. But if the Immortal State cultivator went rouge and turned to terrorism attacks, he could become a painful thorn in the side fo powerful nations such as America, much less China.

    The color drained from Red Sparrow’s face as Chen Fan went on, in the end, she had to agree with him as she let out a wry smile.

    What Chen Fan said was exactly what she feared the most.

    Neither Immortal State Overlord or a Transcendent Grandmaster, they could be eliminated with an army of a thousand strong. However, such a large scale destructive battle was unwanted in any modern country.

    “You are right.” Red Sparrow grinned and said: “That is the purpose of the Dark Roll, to warn the leaders of all nations in the world.”

    ‘Dark Roll?”

    Chen Fan furrowed his brow and had no idea what it was.