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Chapter 302 - The Shaken Underground World

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 302: The Shaken Underground World

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    Olga stood in the fire as orange tongues of flames licked her skin. Her eyes were the color of blood and even her hair that got tousled in the heatwave looked like dancing flames. As an infamous fire bender of the underground world, Olga had not been this scared for her life for a good three decades. The last time she had the same feeling was when she was just a lost and helpless teenager who had a run-in with the law and got tortured behind bars.

    Ever since then, her flame talent was awakened and she became the renowned Crimson Lady in the underground world. No one even dared to raise voice at her and fearing to be burnt by her belligerent flames.

    However, there and then, Olga was shaking like a little girl.

    She had never thought that such power could have existed in the world. Thunder King Zoro, Diamond Buck, and Park Kyung-hwan presided over their territories and each one of them was as deadly as an entire squad of a Law enforcement unit. However, Chen Fan had killed them as if killing helpless chicks.

    Even Theseus, the Super Overlord of the dark underworld, the king of assassins was killed by Chen Fan with a twist of the neck. The power at Chen Fan’s disposal had far exceeded her imagination. She realized that this was not a job for just a few Grandmasters such as her. Without the involvement of an Immortal State cultivator or a large army, no one could even scratch this monster.

    “You are Olga, the Crimson Lady?”

    Chen Fan walked over to her. As soon as the venomous flame came in contact with Chen Fan, it turned into a trickle of tame and harmless flow of energy that surrounded Chen Fan. It was as if the flames had a change of heart and decided to aid Chen Fan.

    “Yes, that’s me.”

    Olga pushed her curvy chest out slightly and managed a smile.

    Ever since she had awakened her power, she never had to use her body again in order to survive, but now it was time to pull out the old trick. Olga had a gorgeous face and looked like she was in her thirties, however, she was much older than her appearance. She used her power to reshape her flesh and enhance her appearance. She had paid particular attention to enhancing her breasts, and as a result, they were a least a few cup sizes larger than an average Asian woman. Her waist was so thin that a large man could wrap their hands around it. Under her lean waist, two breathtaking curves traced out her round and full ass. She was wearing a red dress that had a high split, revealing her long and elegant thighs and porcelain-like skin.

    What a tantalizing spinner body.

    “Mr. Chen Beixuan, you are the most powerful man I have ever seen and I am willing to serve you for the rest of my life” Olga’s voice had a sultry cadence. She spoke as she waggled her way toward Chen Beixuan.

    However, Chen Fan was not interested at all.

    “Go back and tell the Hong Sect not to mess with me again. If they do, I will come to find them, and erase them from this planet.” Chen Fan waved a hand and shot out a powerful force. The invisible force landed on Olga, blew her a few dozen meters out and thudded back to the ground right before the young couple still watching the fight.

    The sudden action startled the couple, and they screamed.

    “Damn you!”

    Olga struggled to her feet; her heart was filled with anger.

    Chen Fan’s disregard of her sexual power was even more irritating to her than Chen Fan’s superior strength. She glared at the young man as she imagined how she would rip his face open. However, as soon as she pulled herself together, she was scared by Chen Fan’s threat. She knew that Chen Fan was not just uttering empty threats.

    “I hope our leader would learn a lesson from this.”

    Olga thought to herself.

    The Hong Sect would have lost four of seven underbosses in total if she also falls. Lei Qianjue was dead at first and now two of his peers had gone to meet with him. The Sect Leader was definitely going to feel the pain.

    As soon as Chen Fan finished the fight, the battle at the Serum production plant had also came to an end.

    Samsung’s Covert Operation Unit and the Dark Moon from the Hong Sect were able to breach the Cang Dragon units defense line. However, the sudden appearance of a mysterious yet powerful fighter had completely crushed the attack. If not because of the modern weapons they carried, none of the attackers would have been able to get out of the plant alive.

    “Tsk, tsk… They even brought laser cannons. If not for my foresight, I might not be able to turn the tables around. ”

    The man slapped his hand and tutted.

    Across from him stood a woman in a suit of leather. Like Olga, she was also surrounded by a conflagration. The conflagration around her burnt more intensely than that around Olga. The white-hot flames swirled around her, making her look like an even more breathtaking goddess than Olga ever was.

    “What’s going on with Chen Beixuan?” The woman asked.

    Dark Moon of Hong Sect and the Samsung’s Covert Operation Unit were small fishe compared to what Chen Fan had to deal with. He had to stand up against six overlords and one of them was Theseus, a super overlord. She was convinced Chen Fan would be lucky if he could escape unscathed.

    “Maybe he had already ran away. There is no way he could stand up against that many powerful foes.” The man shrugged and said. Suddenly, someone spoke into his earpiece and he was stunned by the news. “Hey little bird, guess what boss just told me.”

    “What is it?”

    “Chen Beixuan won.” The man spoke slowly. “He killed four of them, including Theseus.”

    “What?” The woman in the leather suit’s face turned cold.

    Even if the woman had confidence in Chen Fan’s power, she would be stunned by the outcome.

    Zoro and the others were not just any ordinary Extraordinary Ones, they were the underbosses of Hong Sect, the godfather of Korean Martial arts community, and one of them was even the King of Assassins in the underground world. The combined forces of the five deadly fighters were going to pose a threat to even Ye Nantian much less anyone else. However, they were easily dealt with by Chen Fan. How powerful exactly was Chen Fan?

    “The old man was right, he really is worthy of the number one title in China.”

    The man let out a wry smile.

    The woman didn’t speak a word, as she was still incredulous about what had happened. If today’s event was heard by the international underground world, it would be a piece of sensational news. It had been a while since the last time a Super Overlord such as Chen Fan appeared.

    “I wager there is going to be one more name on the Dark Roll,” The woman said thoughtfully.

    The man also nodded in agreement.

    As she had expected, as soon as the news reached the underground world, people instantly got excited.

    “Thunder King Zoro, Diamond Buck, Park Kyung-hwan including Theseus were all dead. Only one of the deadly alliance was spared to deliver a warning to the Hong Sect?”

    Many people couldn’t believe their ears after they heard what had happened.

    Zoro dominated western Europe, Buck Northern Africa while Park Kyung-hwan was the founder of modern Korean Martial arts. Not to mention Theseus, who was on the most wanted list of over a dozen different countries. However, they were all dead, killed by the same person. This was unimaginable!

    The quiet place called Jin City in the Jiang Nan Province of China suddenly caught everyone’s attention.

    The name of Chen Beixuan was heard all over the globe as he was the center of the whirlwind event.

    Everyone was already aware of Chen Fan’s power by his place on the top spot of the Heavenly roll. However, the global community was still unfamiliar with Chen Fan. Yes, he had killed Lei Qianjue, and Blacksnake, that was nowhere near enough to prove his spot on the global stage.

    However, things had changed now. Chen Fan had killed four deadly world-renowned fighters with ease and proved himself. The international underground world had never heard of such a shocking event in decades. Its implication was huge and could be felt far and wide beyond China.

    The event had rendered the Korean Martial Arts community rudderless and even the Japanese Kendo masters couldn’t resist keeping a close eye on China. The powerful fighters in South East Asia were shocked to the core while Hong Sect was outright furious.


    The sect leader of the Hong Sect slammed the table forcefully. Rage had overtaken him and made him tremble uncontrollably.

    There were seven underbosses in Hong Sect. After Chen Fan had killed one of the seven, Lei Qianjue, Romon had replaced his teacher. However, even as Romon was still learning the ropes, Chen Fan had killed two more underbosses. He had practically eliminated half of the sect’s underbosses: a huge blow to the Hong Sect.

    Worse, the Hong Sect’s Dark Moon had also sustained heavy losses but gained nothing to show for.

    The Hong Sect had loaded a gun and shot itself in the foot.

    The remaining underbosses were quiet. A few days ago, some of them had been touting the idea of waging a full-on war against China and Chen Beixuan as a show of strength. Now, all of them were quiet and scarcely dared to moan their losses. Even though each one of them was a powerful fighter in their own rights, they feared Chen Fan as much as everyone else did.

    “What should we do next boss?”

    Someone asked

    “What can we do other than cleaning up Zoro’s mess first!” The sect leader heaved a sigh and despite his loathing toward Chen Fan, he had to face the reality and tried to contain the damage to a minimum.

    Already, he had gotten reports about the increasing restlessness of their rivals in Western Europe and Northern Africa.

    Despite the increasingly unstable condition in those regions, the Hong Sect lacked the manpower to quell the unrest. Each of the remaining five underbosses were busy with their own territory. The situation in Canada was still uncertain, and might even draw more resources from the sect much less offering any help.

    “Damn this Chen Beixuan!”

    For the first time in the Sect leader’s life, he doubted his judgment.

    Before Lei Qianjue and Chen Fan took their gloves off, they both signed legally binding waivers. However, Hong Sect was adamant in avenging Lei Qianjue. That contributed directly to the death of two more underbosses. If not because of Chen Fan’s mercy, even Olga would have already been dead, tallying the death toll to four. Hong Sect would never be able to recover from such damage.

    “What kind of freak is he? How could anyone under twenty be so powerful?”

    The sect leader’s confusion was shared by everyone else at the table.

    Such conversation was carried out not only in Hong Sect but in practically all groups around the world.

    The Dark Totem was gripped by deep sadness. Theseus the Phantom was the main reason for their success. The fall of Theseus reduced the number of Overlords in the Dark Totem to just one. Worse yet, the remaining Overlord was of below-average strength and would never be able to restore the Dark Totem to its former glory.

    They hated Chen Fan, but Chen Fan was not their biggest trouble; it was their rivals and enemies who were swimming around them like sharks, eager to take a bite.

    “I think he must be one of the most powerful Overlords on this planet.”

    Many people marveled in their minds.