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Chapter 300 - Grandmasters Killing Streak

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 300: Grandmasters Killing Streak

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    “I said, all of you will die.”

    Chen Fan’s face looked indifferent and cold. Without wasting any movement, he spun around to face Park Kyung-hwan.

    Zoro’s powerful Thunder attack had caught his attention and didn’t have time to react to Park Kyung-hwan’s backstab. After he finally gathered himself, he was ready to deal with the Korean. How dare he stab the North Mystic Celestial Lord in the back?

    Seeing Chen Fan’s cold and indifferent eyes, Park Kyung-hwan was suddenly seized by a pang of desperation and a sense of crisis.

    He had never felt more scared even when he was standing point-blank from a loaded cannon aiming at him. Park Kyung-hwan shouted out something and pulled out a whip that had been hanging from his waist. The whip suddenly turned into countless shadows and shot at Chen Fan. Although Korean martial arts were not well known for its usage of whips, since Park Kyung-hwan was well versed in nearly all kinds of martial arts, he was quite an expert in using such an unconventional weapon. Weapons like whips came in handy nowadays where it was inconvenient to carry longer arms.

    This whip was made out of stips of Rhino’s skin that was enforced by countless thin strands of steel wires. As it whirled through the air, it created a small tornado and pull all the plants and grass around it closer and shred them into pieces. In the hands of Park Kyung-hwan, the whip turned into a dragon and came after Chen Fan.

    “One down.”

    Chen Fan lowered his head slightly and said.

    Suddenly, his body turned into a blurry shadow as he darted toward Park Kyung-hwan with lightning speed. Meanwhile, he shot out both hands into the whirling whip and gripped the whip with ease, then he yanked at it hard.

    Suddenly, Park Kyung-hwan felt an overwhelming power rush into him through the handle of the whip. He reacted quickly and let go of the whip right away; nonetheless, his movement slowed down as he staggered slightly. Chen Fan seized the opportunity and closed in to him. In a blink, he was already right in front of Park Kyung-hwan and extended his left hand to reach him.


    Park Kyung-hwan panicked. He stamped the ground to push himself backward. As his feet left two deep depressions on the ground, his body backed away in lightning speed and put a ten-meter distance between him and Chen Fan in a blink.

    “I am dead if I didn’t react quickly.”

    After he was out of harm’s way, Park Kyung-hwan still didn’t let his guard down. It had been a near escape from a deadly engagement with someone as powerful as Chen Fan.

    “Uh? Why did he stop chasing me?”

    To Park Kyung-hwan’s surprise, Chen Fan didn’t catch up with him. Even as Park Kyung-hwan was about to celebrate his escape, he noticed a gloating smile on Chen Fan’s face. He looked down and finally realized that Chen Fan had stolen his heart—literally—without him even noticing it. Everything happened so fast that the pain seemed to have escaped Park Kyung-hwan’s brain.

    Suddenly, a pang of excruciating pain seized the Korean man.

    “I can’t believe….”

    Sudden, Park Kyung-hwan’s vision turned dark and collapsed onto the ground in death.

    The mighty Head Sergeant of Korean Military, a deadly Overlord, was killed by Chen Fan. His heart was ripped out from his chest by the Chinese Teenager with bare hands.

    “Let’s move together!”

    Theseus pulled a taut face and ordered everyone to attack with him.

    Seeing that Park Kyung-hwan couldn’t even last one attack from Chen Fan, Theseus knew that he needed to finish this off as soon as possible before Chen Fan picked his teammates off one after another. Chen Fan’s power had completely taken him by surprise and he was shocked to see how easily he had killed Park Kyung-hwan.

    “Arhhh, Arhhh, Arhh!!!”

    The first who came after Chen Fan was Diamond Buck.

    His vascular muscles were covered with blood veins and he stared at Chen Fan with those wild bloody eyes of a beast. Every step Buck took would send a tremor down to the earth. That young couple who was still watching the fight thought there was an earthquake and panicked.

    Olga fanged out both of her arms.

    Suddenly, the grass around her caught fire. She moved her arms again, channeling the flames into a large fireball. The fireball has three layers, the exterior of the fireball was dark red in color, the middle was orange and the core was white, the color of molten steel.


    Olga pushed gently and sent the fireball wheezing in the air.

    The fireball hovered about a meter above the air and all the grass underneath it in its path were scorched by its incredible temperature.

    Zoro fang out both arms as electrical energy flowed through his body. His hair on ends and his skins were suffused with blue electrical energy. In the end, he channeled all the sizzling energy into a lightning ball.

    “Ball Lightning!”

    It was the most powerful form of naturally occurring lightning. The power in this lightning strike could kill at least a dozen people. The spell obviously was taking a toll on Zoro’s system. His forehead was covered with sweat and his chest heaved up and down as he breathed laboriously.

    The power of lightning was more deadly than that of fire, however, it was also extremely difficult to control. Therefore, Zoro would have to spent nearly half of his true energy to cast the lightning ball while Olga could cast the fireball without a sweat.

    These two balls flew at Chen Fan with incredible speed.

    Theseus took a step back and blended his body with the shadow around him and disappeared.

    As Diamond Buck rushed toward Chen Fan, Chen Fan lifted a hand with great measure of casualness.

    The unmarred smooth skin on his hand scintillated like porcelain. It was more refined and delicate than even the hands of hand models. Every aspect of it was in such perfect harmony with each other from its length to the curve of the fingers. It was sublime.


    Chen Fan was shaken slightly by the impact, but he gathered himself before anyone could have noticed it.

    Meanwhile, as Buck rammed into Chen Fan’s arm, he was stopped cold in his tracks and froze in action. A hint of disbelief surfaced in his eyes. Then an imprint of a palm appeared in the middle of his chest.

    It started as a barely noticeable discoloring of his skin, and then the depression became deeper as if an invisible palm was pressing on his chest.

    one inch, two inches, three…

    The palm pressed through Buck’s chest severed his spine and came out from Buck’s back, making a palm-shaped hole.

    “Two down.”

    Chen Fan pulled his hand back and said calmly.

    Then and only then, the lightning attack finally arrived. The air around Chen Fan was suddenly compressed into a white expanding ring that surrounded him in a perfect circle. As the ring expended, it pressed down on the grass and bent the bushes, making a booming noise that shook the earth.

    “Hypersonic Sate?”

    Olga and Zoro were both shocked by the scene.

    Chen Fan had used this exact same move to kill Lei Qianjue and made a name for himself. Half a year later, they had finally seen it in action. Buck’s body was incredibly strong and could rival that of a Physique Refinement Grandmaster. Even the Azure Wood Qi Blade might even just make a small scratch on his body, and would never be able to punch a hole in his chest.

    Bloodline Extraordinary Ones such as Buck were extremely enduring during a battle. Any injury would only make his temper flare and entice his battle will. Therefore, Chen Fan had decided to use the powerful Hypersonic technique to deal with him once and for all.

    What was so amazing about Chen Fan’s move was not how strong his body was, instead it was his unimaginable speed.

    If a truck was barely moving, it would never hurt anyone. However, if it was traveling at 1000 kilometer per hour, it could smash anyone it a pulp.

    The faster the speed, the more energy the attack packed. When the speed was nearing the speed of light, one punch would have finished an entire planet.

    Although Buck had awakened his Bloodline and gained a nearly indestructible body, his body would not withstand an attack with hypersonic speed. However, unlike when Chen Fan killed Lei Qianjue, he didn’t even commit one hundred percent of his energy in the strike and therefore could use the same technique a few more times with ease.

    Meanwhile, a man of Chinese descendant hiding behind a tree not far away from the battlefield was shocked by what he saw.

    “Is this the true power of Chen Beixuan?”

    “Old man often told me that he was the most powerful man in China under the level of Immortal State. I always thought that was crazy talk. Now I finally believe.”

    The man lowered his head as he grappled with the shock and disbelief.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan turned around to look at Olga and Zoro after he had done away with Buck

    Zoro and Olga were startled by the young man’s gaze. They felt they were facing an ancient dragon that was unleashed on to the earth by the gods to punish them. Their minds were overtaken by fear and a sense of danger.

    “Shit, we need to get out of here”

    Before Olga come to a decision as to what she should do, Zoro had made the decision for her. He shifted and backed away, putting distance between him and Chen Fan. By then the fireball and the lightning ball had finally made their way to Chen Fan. Despite their slow speed, they packed enough deadly energy to kill hundreds of people.

    “The third.”

    Chen Fan said slowly.

    Before Olga realized what was going on, Chen Fan had already acted. He shot out both arms to grab the two energy balls

    Under Olga’s incredulous stare, the two deadly packets of energy didn’t explode to harm Chen Fan as she expected, instead, they slow down, hovering above Chen Fan’s palm like two tamed pets.

    “Your control of energy is pathetic.”

    Chen Fan brought both hands slightly closer to each other and liquid fire started to spill out from the fireball. Meanwhile, the lightning ball also seemed to have turned into a hot liquid and trickled toward Chen Fan’s palm. In the end, the red and white energy converged and formed a light with red and white stripes. It was a fusion of red hot flames and sparkling tendrils of lightning.

    This bright light of red and white became longer as Chen Fan fang out both arms, and eventually turned into a bolt.

    The bolt was forged by flames that were hot enough to melt metal and ten thousand volt electricity. Once the power was unleashed, each of them was as deadly as a cannon shot at point-blank. However, Chen Fan had merged the two energy together seamlessly. Olga was stunned by what she saw, as Chen Fan’s technique had flaunted all the rules of elements she had learned.

    How could anyone take control of other people’s energy? How could anyone use fire and lightning simultaneously?

    Such power was the stuff of legends.

    Maybe Chen Fan was a mighty god from the legends?

    Chen Fan had reached Ethereal Enlightenment, and therefore, Olga and Zoro’s superpowers were child’s play to him. They might look powerful, but useless when used against him.


    Chen Fan hurled the bolt toward his target.

    The energy bolt shot out at Zoro and traced a red line in the air that extended from Chen Fan’s hand to Zoro’s chest. Zoro’s flesh melted from the impact with the bolt and the latter easily bore through his body and came out from the other end.

    A mighty underboss of Hong Sect that dominated Europe was gone.

    In a blink, Chen Fan had killed three Grandmaster Overlords. The alliance of the five deadly fighters disintegrated in a flash.