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Chapter 299 - A Deadly Alliance

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 299: A Deadly Alliance

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    No one in the current world had ever had the treatment of being attacked by five Overlords at the same time. Theseus was convinced that Chen Fan would back down. Although the other four overlords were not nearly as powerful as Theseus, they were not weak by any stretch of the imagination and ranked somewhere in the middle among all Grandmaster level Overlords.

    To his surprise, Chen Fan didn’t even flinch and met their attacks head-on.

    “Chen Beixuan, you are too arrogant.”

    Park Kyung-hwan pulled a tight face and then launched his body up into the air like a grasshopper, while in the air, he whirled around and delivered a spin kick at Chen Fan. The kick came at such lightning speed that it has created air pockets that collapsed in an explosion. If any Taekwondo fighter has seen this spinning kick, they would kneel down on the ground in utter admiration for the skill and power. Park Kyung-hwan’s level of attainment had long since surpassed that of kickboxing. Every punch and kick was infused with deadly explosive energy that could crush his target’s skull.


    Chen Fan snorted and delivered a punch almost lazily.

    Chen Fan had the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, so any physical attack would be quelled by his superhuman strength. However, Park Kyung-hwan had done his homework and knew Chen Fan’s strength well. His body suddenly spun along the other direction in the air with a sudden twist, and he spread out both legs to clamp down on Chen Fan’s neck.


    The muscles on his thighs suddenly burgeoned and tore open his dress pants at the seems. The Wind of Four True Righteousness suddenly came up all around him. It was evident by then that Park Kyung-hwan was an expert in both internal forces as well as physique refinement. He had not only mastered the usage of internal energy but also learned a trick or two from Ancient Muay Thai and Ancient Yoga.

    Even as Park Kyung-hwan changed his attack technique in the air, Diamond Buck stomped the ground and stormed at Chen Fan like an unstoppable tank.

    This black man was about two meters tall with a frame that was nearly as large as Tong Shan. The muscles on his body looked so hard that it was as if they were pumped with iron. While he was fighting in Northern Africa, soldiers on the other side of the battlefield used to shoot him with a machine gun at point-blank, but only to find out that his muscles had stopped the bullets from entering his body.

    Worse, he was born this way and never tempered his body with Physique Refinement arts, yet, he was as deadly as a Physique Refinement Grandmaster.

    If he had spent some time in cultivation, he would become a headache even for Lei Qianjue. Even at this level, Diamond Buck was the perfect tank role for the team.

    “Courting death!”

    Chen Fan was unfazed by the attacks coming from both fronts. He yanked an arm up and summoned an azure-colored blade aura.

    Park Kyung-hwan let out a panicked shriek and changed his attack once again. So flexible was his body that he was able to straighten his body and seemingly took a few large strides in the air past Chen Fan, turned around, and pulled out a bayonet which he used to stab at Chen Fan in the back.

    Suddenly, Chen Fan was facing attacks from both sides. The ramming Diamond Buck in front of him and the backstabbing Park Kyung-hwan behind him.

    Chen Fan was suddenly in grave danger.

    However, Olga and the others didn’t lower their guard even in the slightest. They knew that Chen Fan wouldn’t so quickly defeated by Park Kyung-hwan and Buck.

    Olga flicked a finger and shot out a flame-red like a ruby from the tip of her finger.

    This flame was bright and scintillating, its orange and red fingers melted the air, making turning it into flowing liquid. These flames converged into one and lanced at Chen Fan.

    Olga the Crimson Lady was well known for her fire elemental superpowers. She was able to compress the flames until they were dense and sharp enough to cut through steel. Even armor-plated vehicles could be cut open by her deadly flames.

    Zoro the Thunder King quickly followed suit and attacked as well.

    Zoro was the rising star among the seven underbosses of Hong Sect. His ability to control lightning was rare even among the Extraordinary Ones. Flash of lightning appeared in his eyes as his golden hair rose up and stood on end. In between his palms, a tendril of cracking lightning appeared.

    The charged electricity sparked between one palm to the other but was confined by Zoro’s immense will power. Then with a gentle push, Zoro unleashed the ball of sizzling energy toward Chen Fan.


    The pulse of electricity pierced through the air and shot at Chen Fan as sparkles danced around it in agitation.

    In a blink, four of the five fighters had made a move on Chen Fan. Years of training and cultivation had given them a perfect sense of timing in their team attack. Zoro’s lightning was the last to be unleashed, but it was also the fastest. It was about to land on Chen Fan before Park Kyung-hwan did.


    Chen Fan was staggered slightly by the impact from the lightning.

    This lightning attack was different than that of the Arcane Bulwark of Thunder and neither was it same as the Dharma Spells of Thunder Rock used by the Grand Elder of Medicine God Valley Sect. It was pure electrical energy and was able to arc through the air due to its extremely high voltage. However, Chen Fan had Azure Thearch Longevity Body at his disposal, therefore was practically an insulator. He only staggered slightly despite the extremely dangerous attack.

    That being said, Chen Fan’s slight staggering had given Park Kyung-hwan and Buck enough time to double down on their attack.


    The tip of Park Kyung-hwan’s bayonet pierced into Chen Fan’s back. The deadly tip was so sharp that it was able to pierce through a ten-centimeter thick steel plate. That was not all, Park Kyung-hwan’s hand suddenly started to vibrate, agitating the deadly bayonet so that it’s even easier for it to penetrate deeper. Park Kyung-hwan had used this technique and killed a driver of an armored vehicle from outside.

    However, as soon as Park Kyung-hwan’s blow landed on Chen Fan, his face darkened.

    He watched as an azure light flashed across Chen Fan’s body and then he felt the bayonet seemed to have landed on a piece of diamond slab.

    “What kind of body is this? Is he the Terminator T-1000? The blade should have already pierced him through even if he is made out of steel.”

    Park Kyung-hwan was suddenly seized by terror.

    He thought he had taken Chen Fan seriously and prepared as much as he could. All of the information he had collected, let it be reports from Korean intelligence service or letters of Hong Sect, had mentioned Chen Fan’s incredible physique. Despite the warning, Park Kyung-hwan was confident in the deadliness of the bayonet. It was made for piercing military-grade armors and was created from a special tungsten alloy.

    However, such a deadly weapon couldn’t even make a scratch on Chen Fan’s skin.

    Before Park Kyung-hwan had time to shout out a warning, Buck was already right in front of Chen Fan.

    He had dominated Africa as a Tank Class Extraordinary One. His body and physical strength could rival that of a Physique Refinement Master. He had picked up some speed to build up more momentum. He ducked down slightly and pushed one shoulder forward to ram into Chen Fan. At this speed, he could have knocked a Jeep to its side or letting his shoulder ram through the body of an elephant.

    A cold light came up in Chen Fan’s eyes. He stomped the ground lightly and tilted his shoulder to take the impact.

    It was a clash of two indestructible bodies; shoulder to shoulder, flesh against flesh.

    Chen Fan’s posture looked like the famous technique from Ba Ji Fist called Mounted on Mountain. However, the way he challenged his force and energy was very different than Mounted on Mountain. Chen Fan was going to take the brunt of the impact using only his body.


    Everyone was stunned by what happened next.

    After the impact, it wasn’t the larger of the two who remained standing, instead, it was Chen Fan with a much smaller built. Buck’s bones, hard as they were, were crushed by the impact. His shoulder caved in and formed a large depression all the way into his chest.

    Buck scrambled back and covered his injury with one hand as he let out a painful howl.

    Ever since Buck’s talent was awakened, he had dominated Northern Africa and never sustained such an injury. Even when he was only a boy he was already wrestling with lions and elephants. When he was a little older, he flipped a tank upside down. Buck was convinced that he was the most physically strong man on earth and never had he thought that a wimpy Chinese teenager could have defeated him.

    “You have a Bloodline Talent, isn’t it?”

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows and gave Buck a curious look,

    Olga, Zoro, and Theseus had unlocked their Elemental Talent. They have trained to align themselves with a particular element in nature in order to achieve awakening. However, Buck was different. He had never undergone any training nor cultivation, his body was born this way. There would be only one explanation for this. He had awakened a Bloodline.

    The human race was not alone and genes of other races or even Spirit Beasts sometimes made their way into human’s gene pool. This happened to all races in the galaxy, and humans were not unique. If anyone had inherited a bloodline of supernatural background, he could unlock those abilities by awakening the bloodline. Although Chen Fan was not sure what kind of Bloodline Buck had inherited, he guessed it was something of bestial in nature, which explained his incredible physical prowess.

    Without the beast body, the man would have already been dead after the impact.

    “What kind of freak is he?”

    After Zoro, Park Kyung-hwan and Buck’s attack all fell through, Olga panicked and shouted.

    Finally, her flame attack reached Chen Fan. However, Chen Fan sucked the burning flame right into his mouth and fed it to his Li Fire Golden Eyes. Everyone’s faces darkened after seeing the development and even Theseus started to look troubled.

    He just realized that the young man before him was the strongest opponent he ever met.

    Worse yet, Chen Fan hadn’t made a move yet, and his incredible body alone had already shaken his opponent to the core. If none of their attacks would work, how are they going to win the battle?

    “You are really worthy of your number one title.”

    Theseus lamented.

    Zoro’s golden pupils shrank as he upped his defense.

    When he called upon the other four overlords, he was quite confident in their victory. However, by now, his sense of confidence was gone. If Lei Qianjue was able to hold himself before such a strong enemy, the old man must also be mighty powerful as well. Zoro realized how wrong he had been to assume that he was as powerful as Lei Qianjue.

    Meanwhile, the young couple sitting not far away were stunned by what they saw.

    Fire, lightning, shadows, a beast like black fighter, an assassin with the body as flexible as a snake. These were all things out of Hollywood movies. What impressed them, even more, was the young man who stood amidst all the chaos, smiled as if nothing strange was happening.

    No one spared any attention to the young couple, as all of them fixed their gaze on Chen Fan. They knew that they needed to work together and give all they got to finish the job.

    Diamond Buck shouted and stomped the ground. He ripped the shirt off his body with his good arm, blood vessels burgeoned under his skin and a few popped in his eyes. He was turning into a wild beast

    “The big guy is going to lose it again.”

    Olga said as the crimson flame in her eyes shone brighter.

    Flames came up around her, and its dancing fingers brushed against the grass by her feet and eventually lit them on fire.

    She stood still while surrounded by a conflagration, looking like the Goddess of Fire.