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Chapter 298 - A Mysterious Overlord

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 298: A Mysterious Overlord

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    Chen Fan’s interest wasn’t piqued until he saw Theseus.

    Of all the five foreign fighters, only Theseus was worth his time. Chen Fan regarded the dark Shadow Force that surrounded Theseus and realized that he was the most powerful Extraordinary One he had ever met by far. The way Theseus walked out of the shadow resembled the Art of Concealment practiced by Immortal Cultivators. Despite its visual similarities, the Art of Concealment was a high-level Dharmic power that can only be used by Connate level Cultivators, while Theseus had only played a few visual tricks to create the illusion that he had emerged from nothing.

    Theseus the Phantom, Zoro the Thunder King, Park Kyung-hwan of the True Teaching Sect, Olga the Crimson Lady and Buck the Diamond.

    Three of them were the underbosses of Hong Sect, one was the leader of the Dark Totem while the last one was the benefactor of Lee Family of the Samsung Group. They were obviously after Chen Fan. No one, other than Chen Beixuan could have stirred up so many mighty figures to gang-up on him. Theseus was considered a deadly assassin and a Super Overlord everywhere around the globe and he was more powerful than most ordinary grandmasters.

    “Since when did the Samsung group and the Hong Sect work together?”

    Despite being besieged by five super fighters, Chen Fan was unfazed. So he asked unhurriedly.

    “I am the benefactor the Lee Family, not their servant.”

    Park Kyung-hwan grunted.

    The belligerence that came off from his body was forged in countless deadly battles. As the Head sergeant of Korean Special Force, Park Kyung-hwan to Korean military was as important as Ye Nantian to the Chinese military. He was such an influential figure in Korea that not even the Lee Family dared to command him.

    “I can negotiate on behalf of Korea with other countries, the Lee Family has no control over me.” Park Kyung-hwan said proudly. He carried the signature pride and dignity in those who had reached the Grandmaster level.

    Grandmasters were true dragons. That saying went far beyond China.

    Park Kyung-hwan, Zoro and Olga, they were powerful forces. Although they might not be able to hold themselves before an entire army, it wouldn’t be too difficult for them to run away from such engagement. Once they were safe, they could simply assassinate whoever was in charge of the army. They could easily wreak havoc in a country and destroy the rule of law. Theseus and Chen Fan were even more powerful and were genuinely feared by most countries.

    That being said, not all nations were helpless during the attack of these deadly fighters. Cang Dragon unit used to be in charge of eliminating these powerful fighters in China. These Grandmasters were mortal after all, and could not survive a surprise attack of modern weapons in capable hands.

    “Mr. Chen, we are not here to duke it out with you. At our level, we are all content with what we have and do not lack money nor power. There is no need to resort to violent means.”

    The young man was wrapped around in the darkness, revealing only a pair of glinting eyes.

    “Oh? Do you mean you don’t want to avenge the death of Jason?” Chen Fan faked a surprised look and then asked.

    “Jason had offended a Grandmaster, and therefore his death is warranted,” Theseus said slowly. “Back to our topic, we need the real recipe for the Vitality Serum. Hand it over and we will be done. I promise that we will never gang up on you.”

    After hearing Theseus’s words, Park Kyung-hwan and Zoro both pulled a taut face.

    Although there were five of them, the combined might of the other four could barely match that of Theseus. As a Super Overlord, his Shadow Force was a top Art of Concealment in the world. He was wanted in over a dozen countries, but he was not only alive but also striving.

    “Are you hired by Aid International?” Chen Fan asked.

    “What does Aid International mean to me? No.” Theseus shook his head. “They tried to hire me with three billion dollars, but I turned them down. The Vitality Serum was priceless especially its effect of awakening Extraordinary Ones. Mr. Chen, you will not be able to hold on to Vitality Serum by yourself. The entire circle of Extraordinary Ones would come after you in droves.”

    “Oh?” Chen Fan flicked a finger and said lightly: “If they dare to mess with me, I will kill all of them, until the river runs red. Sooner or later, they would learn their lesson.”

    “I wager that Mr. Chen is going to turn our proposal down then?” Theseus asked with furrowed brows.

    “Humph! Why should I agree to it? Even if you gang up on me, I can still easily defeat all of you.” Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and cracked a smile.

    If Olga heard anyone else other than Chen Fan say those words, she would be laughing. However, she was not laughing then. Those words came out of Chen Fan, the most powerful Grandmaster in China. His seemingly arrogant claim was backed by his illustrious achievements.

    “We might not be able to kill you, but we are enough to slow you down.”

    Olga blew out the dancing flame on his fingertip and said.


    Chen Fan was taken aback. “Your real target is not me?”

    “You are just part of the operation. We know the immense difficulties in killing a Super Overlord such as you and so we never set it as our goal. Our goal here is to simply slow you down.” Zoro lifted his eyebrows and shrugged. “We should slow you down enough to allow the Covert Operation Units from the Lee Family and the Dark Moon to infiltrate into the Manufacturing plant and take your secret.”

    “Aren’t you afraid of the ire of the Chinese government?”

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows and asked.

    Chen Fan wagered that his opponent should have figured out by then that the Chinese military was in direct charge of the production plant. If they attack the plant directly, the Chinse government was bound to take the gloves off.

    Olga and the others smiled in silence. In the end, Park Kyung-hwan put in: “China is a superpower, but not the most powerful force in the world.”

    “The Vitality Serum is too precious to be left in peace. The combined might and wealth of all the Pharmaceutical companies in the world was enough to wage a war on China. The operation against the production plant was nothing compared to what they are really capable of.” Theseus said as he shook his head.

    Chen Fan stood still and didn’t say a thing.

    The fact that Theseus had disclosed their plan to him so openly meant that their actions against the production plant might have already succeeded.

    There were many ways that they could move the machines out of the country. Chen Fan wouldn’t be surprised that at this very moment, there were submarines lurking in the Chinese waters, ready to load the shipment on board. As for those powerful fighters, they would leave China by exiting from any point on the tens of thousands of miles of Chinse border. Once they are out of China, the Chinse military would be of no concern to them.

    “So? What do you think Mr. Chen? Are we still fighting?” Zoro said as he shrugged his shoulders.

    “Of course.” Chen Fan suddenly lifted his head and let out a broad smile. “I don’t care what is going to happen at the plant, but I know that all of you have to die today.”

    As soon as he finished saying his words, he tapped the ground lightly with one foot and darted out like a phantom.

    Meanwhile, not far from the University park where Chen Fan was, a man wearing a camouflage vest sat against a tree trunk and said.

    “Hey, little bird, who do you think will be the victor?”

    “Chen Beixuan is a force to be reckoned with, but he might not be able to survive the combined force of five S class overlords, not even our boss can do that. Plus, these five deadly Overlords have a good team composition. There were martial artists, Extraordinary Ones and also an assassin. If they can work as a team, their power would be more than the sum of the parts. Plus, did I mention Theseus yet?”

    A girl perched over a large branch of the tree replied.

    She wore her hair short was in a skin-tight leather suit and pants, accentuating her tight and fit body, and changed her appearance with sexual energy. Her face was cold and hard and looked surprisingly similar to Yu Qin. However, she was slightly older than Yu Qin, about thirty or so.

    “Based on what I know, Theseus was a super overlord on the Dark Roll. Our boss had a run-in with him in Europe but the bugger escaped in the end. I was surprised that he dared to set foot in China again,” The man in camouflage vest shook his head and said: “Tsk tsk… what did Chen Beixuan do to piss off this many overlords? Not even Ye Nantian was this reckless.”

    “Lu family of Lin City, Hong Sect, Medicine God Valley Sect, Ghost Witch Sect, Feng Shui sects, Gong Tau Masters, and the Dark Totem. Those are just some of the people he has already pissed off. Not to mention the Diamond Temple, Xin Yi Sect, and even my own family.” So saying, the man pouted slightly and continued: “If not because our minister and the Li Family of Jin City’s protection over him, I would have gone to teach him lesson long ago.”

    “You think you can even make a scratch on that guy?” The women in leather suit snorted.

    “Well.. of course, I …. can’t!” The man in vest looked up indignantly but had to face the reality

    “Our old man had published the Heaven roll and placed him on the top spot. I am only at the tail end of the top ten list. Although I have since improved a lot, my power was at most on par with Lei Qianjue. That still was not enough to counter this guy’s hypersonic punch. I think only boss or that dip shit Ye Nantian can stand up against him.”

    “Ok, shut up now. The show is about to start.”

    The woman in leather cut the man short and said.

    “Are they really going to fight inside the university park?” The man in vest grunted under his breath as he jumped high up into the air like a loaded spring. He landed gracefully on the branch where the woman was, without even disturbing a single leaf.

    “If things get out of control, we might not be able to contain the situation.” The man in vest furrowed his brows and complained.

    “Don’t worry, Theseus has been under Boss’s radar ever since he arrived in China. I wager the boss is somewhere near us even now.” The woman in the leather suit said.

    “Great, now I feel relieved. ” The man in best cracked a smile.

    Suddenly, the woman covered her ear as someone spoke into the earpiece. Her face darkened and said: “Shit! The Hong Sect’s Dark Moon and the Lee Family’s Covert units had breached into the production plant. They are in a heated battle with the Cang Dragon as we speak. Boss what about to go there and help out.”

    “Are they serious? These guys are away too ballsy.” The man in vest cursed. “What about the battle here?”

    “Leave it to Boss and Chen Beixuan.”

    The woman looked into the distance for a moment and hopped off from the tree. She got onto a Harley-Davidson, revved up the engine and then disappeared.

    The man in vest shook his head and heaved a sigh before he started to catch up with her.