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Chapter 297 - he Real Trap

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 297: The Real Trap

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    The dark light inside of Lee Hyun-bin’s eyes came from the power that was awakened when he was only seven. The Lee family was elated by the addition of an Extraordinary One in their family. The Lees were a commerce dynasty, so rarely did they produce any heirs who had obtained such personal strength. The Lee Family’s lord had even hired an elite soul energy master to show Lee Hyun-bin the ropes.

    When Lee Hyun-bin finally turned sixteen, he was also already a powerful A class Extraordinary One.

    He excelled in Soul Energy Dharmic powers and was well known for his unpredictability. He could hypnotize his unwitting victims without even showing any sign of using the power. Plus, he was a master of deceit and knew how to use his charming appearance, high social status to lower his victim’s guard. In Korea, he had ruined the reputation of many young starlets and daughters of decent families. Zhong Yaoyao quickly fell prey to his charm as soon as he arrived in China.

    “You would rather have it the hard way, wouldn’t you. You are just a university professor, how are you planning to hold on to such a valuable secret?”

    Lee Hyun-bin snorted as the dark light started to gain more intensity.

    The otherworldly soul energy was reshaped by secrets arts into invisible energy waves that rushed into Chen Fan’s eyes, trying to gain control of Chen Fan’s conscious. Lee Hyun-bin had used this art to pin many rich and powerful people under his thumb.

    Although the Consciousness Override could only last a short period of time, it should be enough time for him to squeeze the recipe of the Vitality Serum from Chen Fan’s mouth.

    To his surprise, Chen Fan was unaffected by his art. An azure light came up in his eyes as Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    Suddenly, Lee Hyun-bin felt a tsunami of soul energy that was more powerful and vast than that of his teacher came at him. The energy felt as vast and deep as the ocean but as tough and hard as steel. Before such unimaginable presence, Lee Hyun-bin’s soul energy looked like a small fishing boat before a rogue wave that was crashing down on it with all its weight.


    An invisible force wave swept across the room.

    The young man felt a heavy blow land on his mind and it staggered him, knocking him down to the ground. Blood poured out from all holes on his face, making him look like a bloody demon.

    “Hyun-bin, what’s happening?”

    Zhong Yaoyao panicked and hurried to steady Lee Hyun-bin.

    “How? How did you break my secret art?”

    Lee Hyun-bin didn’t spare an appreciative moment for Zhong Yaoyao. Despite the blood spilling out all over his face, he locked his eyes onto Chen Fan and asked incredulously.

    The match of soul energy was much more deadly than that of martial arts. The one who was defeated might suffer soul injury permanently which would strip one of an Extraordinary One’s power.

    Lee Hyun-bin’s soul energy was shattered by Chen Fan’s Divine Will. The secret arts which he had been perfecting over the decade were countered by Chen Fan utterly. If not because Chen Fan had held back his power, his brain might as well have already exploded.

    “Take this as a lesson for the importance of humbleness.” Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and said lightly. “If you dare to offend me again, I will kill you.”

    As soon as he finished his words, Chen Fan didn’t waste one more second on the Korean young man. He whirled around and walked off

    Lee Hyun-bin might have been a powerful figure in the Lee Family of the Samsung Group, but in the eyes Chen Fan, he was nothing but an ant.

    “He countered my art! My secret art!”

    Lee Hyun-bin slumped on the ground; his bloody face that was half-covered by the hair. However, he didn’t seem to care about his appearance but kept on murmuring to himself stupidly. This secret art of Soul Energy was what helped him claim supremacy inside the Lee Family. As a dashing young lord of the mighty Lee Family, he had never thought that he would be defeated by a university professor.

    His fragile ego was shattered, and he wouldn’t come to terms with the reality

    “Damn that Lee Hyeok-Gyu! His intelligence is all wrong! Chen Fan is a Soul Energy Grandmaster!”

    “Damn you Aid International! They must know the power of Chen Fan and had been waiting to see my defeat. No wonder none of the other forces had made a move yet.”

    “And Curse you Chen Beixuan! You have countered by secret art and destroyed my soul energy, I will never forgive you.”

    A venomous flame came up in Lee Hyun-bin’s eyes.

    He hated Lee Hyeok-Gyu for failing to find out Chen Fan’s real power. However, he knew the fault was not with him. Lee Hyeok-Gyu was just a manager of a company, who might have resources at his disposal in Korea, but in China, he was helpless.

    He loathed Aid International’s purposeful reticents about Chen Fan’s true identity. They must be gloating at him now.

    The person Lee Hyun-bin hated the most was Chen Fan. He had chosen to ignore the power of Lee Family behind Lee Hyun-bin and utterly defeated him. Worse, he had robbed him of all the precious soul energy he had harnessed over the decades, it would take him a few years to recuperate and start his cultivation from scratch.

    “Someone help! Someone, please!”

    A passer-by finally discovered the bloody face of the Korean young man. He shouted out for help.

    Everyone rushed toward Lee Hyun-bin and carried him to the school nurse’s office. Even as he was being carried, Lee Hyun-bin struggled to break free and shouted out at the top of his lungs: “Chen Beixuan, I will kill you! I will kill you!”

    It wasn’t until Lee Hyun-bin was carried away by others, Zhong Yaoyao’s body shivered a little.

    It was as if someone had splashed her with cold water, her mind suddenly became clear and was aware of the situation.

    “Shit! I thought I was just playing along with his game. Did I just fall for him for real?”

    “What did Professor Chen say? Why can’t I remember any of it? Why did Lee Hyun-bin start to bleed for no reason?”

    As reality set in, Zhong Yaoyao felt a chill down her spine.

    “Am I… possessed?”

    Lee Hyun-bin was a handsome playboy, but Zhong Yaoyao was also an equally experienced player on the stage of teenage drama. She had broken many hearts but never allowed herself to get serious even in the slightest. So her near fall for Lee Hyun-bin had scared her and made her feel lucky that Lee Hyun-bin’s run-in with Chen Fan had given her a wake-up call.

    After he had dealt with Lee Hyun-bin, Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and took a stroll around the campus.

    Jin City University took up a huge swath of land. Inside, the university was filled with scenic gardens and resting places which were frequent visiting spots of love birds after dark. Dusk had just broke, so most students were at the cafeteria for dinner, even the love birds were absent in the gardens.

    Chen Fan made his way to a small path that led deeper into the park, suddenly, he stopped in his tracks and said.

    “Come out now, I know you are there.”

    A couple who sat not far from the path overheard Chen Fan. The young man was light-hearted after seeing Chen Fan talking to himself.

    “That dude is such a weirdo. Did you see him talking to himself?”

    The girl covered her mouth to stifle her giggle. Her eyes were fixed on Chen Fan’s handsome face.

    Chen Fan waited for a moment and got no reply. So he said lightly.

    “I am on this path only once a week and this is the last week I will ever pass here. Plus, aren’t you afraid of Lee Family’s ire by encouraging Lee Hyun-bin to come after me?”

    “Lee Family of the Samsung Group is not worthy of our concern.”

    A refined voice finally came up.

    A blond young man emerged from behind a pavilion. His tall frame was encased in a white Italian bespoke suit. Below his waist, he wore a pair of matching white dress pants and white dress shoes. He looked scintillating despite the low light around him. His features were chiseled into his face and looked as handsome as that of Chen Fan. A silvery light with the color of lightning flashed with fits and starts. The moment his eyes met with Chen Fan, he bowed slightly.

    “I am Zoro, nice to meet you, Mr. Chen. ”

    The blond young man spoke perfect Chinese with a smile on his face. He was the underboss of Hong Sect, Zoro the Thunder King.

    “Oh shit! There really is someone there.”

    The couple was shocked by the sudden appearance of a blond foreigner.

    “I am sure Mr. Park wouldn’t mind using Lee Hyun-bin as the bait to lure you out.” Zoro shrugged.

    An Asian man emerged from behind a large tree. This Asian man was thin and scrawny. He had high cheekbones and a pair of slant eyes. His skin was the color of wax, however, in his eyes, a sharp light glinted.

    “He is just the heir of the Lee family, no big deal. Even his family lord has to speak to me respectfully, much less Lee Hyun-bin. ”

    The Asian man snorted and spoke with broken Chinese.

    “I am Park Kyung-hwan of the True Teaching Sect, it is my honor to meet you, Master Chen.”

    The Asian man bowed slightly and perfunctorily without any sense of respect. His deadly gaze never left Chen Fan’s face.

    “Mr. Park Kyung-hwan was a Mixed Martial Arts Master in Korea, the head sergeant of the Korean national special forces. He is also the benefactor of the Lee Family. He had wanted to meet you for a long time, Mr.Chen.” Zoro put in.

    Even without Zoro’s introduction, Chen Fan could feel the belligerence coming off from Park Kyung-hwan. He must be as deadly as Blacksnake. His energy seemed to converge around his legs, and his kick packed enough force to snap a steel bar.

    “Just you two?”

    Chen Fan cracked a smile and asked contemptuously.

    Although Zoro and Park Kyung-hwan were both renowned mighty figures, their combined might was still a far cry from that of Chen Fan. It had only taken Chen Fan one move to finish most of his opponents, including a few Grandmasters and Blacksnake. These two men wouldn’t last longer than two moves.

    “Master Chen is the number one Grandmaster in China, of course, we had to be prepared.”

    Zoro shook his head and cracked a smile.

    Two more shadows appeared from a corner seemingly out of thin air.

    One was a beautiful middle-aged woman in her forties. She was dressed entirely in red with red hair. Even her eyes were crimson red in color. A mesmerizing smile hung on her face lazily, masking her true feelings. Small flames danced at the tip of her red fingernails.

    The other one was a tall brawny black man of about two meters in height. His shiny black skin looked at hard as iron. Despite the cool temperature of October, he only wore a white tank top that wrapped tightly around his impressive pecs. Each step he took seemed to carry enough weight to crush the paved path. He looked much more menacing and intimidating than the strongest boxer in the world. His appearance alone would scare a child and make him cry.

    Crimson Lady, Olga

    Buck, the Diamond

    They were the two other underbosses of the Hong Sect.

    “OMG, why are they so many people here?”

    The couple was stunned by the development. They had never thought that there were so many strange-looking foreigners hiding in the bush at this hour. What were they doing anyway?

    “Not enough.”

    Chen Fan saw the two more powerful Awakened Extraordinary Ones and then said with a smile.

    “And me.”

    A cold voice drifted toward Chen Fan.

    Then Chen Fan finally saw him in the shadow of the bushes. The shadow twisted and turned and transformed into the shape vaguely resembling a human. First was the head, then the chest, belly, thighs, legs and then feet. The man was suddenly standing right in front of everyone as if the shadow had just given birth to him.

    The couple was so terrified by the development that they felt their heart throbbed in their chest and even their cry was caught in their throat.

    He was Theseus, the Phantom. The leader of the Dark Totem and a Super Overlord of the underground world.

    Suddenly, five deadly fighters appeared in the small park, surrounding Chen Fan.