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Chapter 296 - Yukishiro Sa

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 296: Yukishiro Sa

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    After Yukishiro Sa left the Green Vines, she got into the backseat of a Toyota Land Rover. Her face was cold as ice and eyes glinting. Kawakami Gensai felt embarrassed by what had happened. He thought his fame and power would be enough to scare the little Chinese girl, but he ended up shooting himself in the foot.

    “Kawakami san, do you really believe that woman’s words?” Yukishiro Sa asked slowly.

    “I think they are all bluffs.” Kawakami Gensai hugged his wakizashi in his chest and said with furrowed brows.

    “Grandmaster Chen Beixuan is the most powerful Grandmaster in China, and even my teacher revered his power and skills. Why would someone so powerful go to a college in Jin City? Can you believe it? A Kendo Grandmaster carrying a backpack to university?”

    “My lady, I am convinced that this Chinese woman is bluffing. She had mentioned the name of Master Chen so scare us, making us believe that she, somehow, was related to Master Chen.” Kawakami Gensai snorted and said: “The Tang family is only a small clan in the small Jin City, it was no match against our mighty Yukishiro family who lorded over the entire Kyushu Island.”

    Yukishiro Sa remained silent, as a smile found her face.

    “Kawakami san, you are not a woman and therefore lack a woman’s intuition. When Tang Yifei spoke Chen Beixuan’s name, she clenched her fist ever so slightly, and I can see a light came up in her eyes. It was obvious that she had seen Chen Beixuan and I am convinced that they are on very complicated terms. The way she talked about him was as if she was talking about her ex.”

    “Soga!” Kawakami Gensai nodded.

    He was a powerful Kendo master but lacked skills in reading people’s mind. That particular skill in the girl was what made him respect Yukishiro Sa. She didn’t claim the seat of power just by birthright and had to face countless challenges. However, all those who opposed her were now dead in the pacific ocean. The girl had such keen observation skills that could see through anyone’s mind. Kawakami Gensai often felt naked in front of the girl since he constantly felt that the girl knew all of his thoughts, including the thought that hasn’t come to him yet.

    “She was nothing but an unwanted woman, discarded and pathetic. The Tang family was bound to go downhill if she continues to be in charge.” Yukishiro Sa shook her head.

    She had expected much more from Tang Yifei. She had expected her to be just like her: calm, shrewd and rational. However, she was very disappointed. “Now I really want to meet this Chen Beixuan, I wonder what kind of man could have charmed Tang Yifei?”

    Yukishiro Sa cracked a light smile.

    Kawakami Gensai suddenly pulled a taut face and said: “My lady, please be careful what you wish for. Chen Beixuan is the deadliest Grandmaster in China and to be near him is as dangerous as being near a tiger.”

    “I have you, don’t I?” Yukishiro Sa finally let out a smile.

    She usually kept an indifferent and cold face, and that had made the rare smile on her face even more alluring. Her beauty was a Devil’s snare, tantalizing but poisonous. Kawakami Gensai had trained in Kendo for thirty years, but still, found his thoughts gravitate towards her will. He quickly lowered his head to avoid the sight of this dangerous beauty.

    “My Kendo couldn’t compare with the might of Master Chen. I think only my teacher could ward him off”

    “Grandmaster Kitaniwakawa?” Yukishiro Sa furrowed her brows as her smile evaporated.

    If there was anyone in the Yukishiro family that Yukishiro Sa still feared, it was not her useless father, not her vicious uncle, and neither was her dying Grandfather who had made her an official heir, it was an old man who wore one plain Kendo suit and a Wakizashi year-round. His name is Kitaniwakawa.

    This Kendo Grandmaster looked like a mendicant monk, but he was a household name in Kyushu and Shikoku region. Even the leaders of the local county would have to talk to him with great measure of respect.

    A county in Japan was equivalent to a province in China. Any County Minister was as important as the Major of Tokyo. The only level of administration above a country minister was the prime minister of Japan and his cabinet ministers. Although the politics of Japan was largely driven by large corporations, and the status of government officials was not as high as those in China, it spoke loudly of Kitaniwakawa’s fame and influence. As a matter of fact, without Kitaniwakawa’s support, Yukishiro Sa would never have become the current lord of the Yukishiro family.

    Although Yukishiro Sa prided herself for being able to see through people’s minds, she could never read the mind of Kitaniwakawa. To her, his mind was as still as a deep pond of water, when she looked into it, she only saw own reflection.

    “Chen Beixuan is powerful, but so is my teacher.” Kawakami Gensai looked up as a flame danced in his eyes. In his mind, Kitaniwakawa was a godly existence and could easily bring down the most powerful Grandmaster in China.

    Yukishiro Sa didn’t offer a reply, however, the strange light in her eyes became even brighter.

    She had thought that it would be a relaxing trip but never had she thought that there might be a True Dragon hidden in plain sight in the small city of China. Although the Chinese’s girl’s information about Chen Beixuan was yet to be proven, she was already getting agitated.

    Chen Fan was not aware of what had happened at the Green Vines club.

    He had other matters to focus on.

    “This was the fourth time this week they were trying to infiltrate the plant. Samsung’s Covert Operation Unit is getting bold. The furthest they got was the fourth checkpoint and we even had to alert the Cang Dragon unit stationed nearby.”

    Inside a quiet garden, Chen Fan’s attractive strategist Yu Qin complained while hanging a long face.

    Chen Fan sat across the table, sipping his tea. He didn’t seem to be disturbed by the news at all. Instead, he asked curiously. “Are those guys idiots? They know we are guarded by the military, yet they still kept on coming.”

    Suddenly, a hint of embarrassment flashed across Yu Qin’s face.

    “You know that our recent foreign policy was to cozy up to Korea in order to suppress the power of Japan. The Lee Family had many supporters in China, and—”

    Before Yu Qin could finish, Chen Fan cut her short with a nod.

    It wasn’t the first time politicians colluded with foreign powers. The recent boom of Samsung group inside of China must have filled many Chinese official’s pockets as well, including those inside the military headquarters. That must be the reason behind the recklessness of Samsung’s Covert Operation Unit.

    “Lee Hyun-bin must be desperate. From the dismissal of the lab to the establishment of the Azure Talisman Pharmaceutical, everything pointed to our success in our research. Plus, the mass production of Vitality Serum was already underway and soon it will hit the market, yet they still haven’t gotten any sales rights. They might have realized that the Samsung Biotech was disenfranchised by us and their competitors. The Lee Family of the Samsung Group would not sit around and accept that.”

    Yu Qin analyzed the situation calmly.

    “The Pharmaceutical industry is a dog-eat-dog world and one less competitor in the game meant one more share for everyone involved.” Chen Fan shook his head and cracked a smile.

    Samsung Biotech was an inexperienced and small company compared to Aid International and its alliance. Even the entire might of the Samsung group would not be able to shake the old alliance forged out of the fierce competition.

    “However, since Aid International had hired Theseus, they have already forfeited their sale rights.” Chen Fan said coldly.

    “Mr. Chen, should we issue a direct warning to Lee Hyun-bin and tell him to bug off?” Yu Qin asked.

    “No, he has done what he has done, and he should be ready to pay the price. No one takes my stuff for free.” Chen Fan smiled and then rose to his feet. “Thank you for the tea, miss Yu.”

    Then, Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and sauntered away, leaving Yu Qin worried about the continuing escalation of the situation.

    While Chen Fan was brimming was confidence, Yu Qin was much less optimistic about the future. Samsung’s Covert Operation Unit was just a tip of the iceberg, and there was much more where that was coming. Hong Sect’s Dark Moon and Theseus, the Phantom had been lurking in the darkness ever since the beginning, biding their time. Chen Fan was powerful, but was he powerful enough to ward off so many deadly forces?

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan was walking to the last public class he offered for this semester.

    He had been a visiting professor at the Jin City University’s biology department under the persona of Chen Beixuan. He offered an elective class every week. The classroom was always packed with students who wanted to either soak up his knowledge or his godly presence. Many students from other universities in Jin City also traveled to the Jin City University and attended the class.

    “… today, I am going to extrapolate a theory about genes and evolution.”

    Chen Fan announced confidently.

    The front rows were taken by his royal fans such as Zhong Yaoyao. However, Zhong Yaoyao was not accompanied by Fang Qiong as she usually was, instead, it was a feminine-looking young man: Lee Hyun-bin.

    Once the class was over and most students had left the room, Lee Hyun-bin walked over to Chen Fan and shot out a hand.

    “Professor Chen, I am so glad to see you in person.”

    Zhong Yaoyao trailed behind him, beaming from side to side.

    “Professor Chen, this is an exchange student from Korea, and his name is Lee Hyun-bin. He is the CEO of the Samsung Bio-tech.”

    “Oh, really?” Chen Fan replied stoically.”What do you need, Mr. Lee?”

    “I want to ask a few questions, on behalf of Samsung Biotech, about Vitality Serum.” Lee Hyun-bin plastered on a smile.

    Chen Fan refused right away: “I am sorry, information about the Vitality Serum is classified. It’s sale rights have been awarded to Aid International and other pharmaceutical companies. If you want to know more, I suggest you ask Aid International.”

    Lee Hyun-bin’s gaze turned cold as soon as he heard that.

    If he was able to get the sales right so easily, he would never have to come to China. Even if he could get his hands on the sales quota, the Samsung group would still not be satisfied. He wanted more; he wanted the recipe.

    With that thought in mind, Lee Hyun-bin put on a fake smile and then locked his glinting eyes onto Chen Fan.

    “Mr. Chen, would you like to reconsider your decision?”

    Two dark swirls appeared in his eyes, tempting and deadly. It gravitated the consciousness of people around him toward him. Already, Zhong Yaoyao’s mind turned sluggish and dull. It was as if her soul had been sucked into the black holes in the Korean young man’s eyes.

    Chen Fan furrowed brows and let out a half-smile.

    “How dare you show off Dharma Spells in front of me. You are preaching to the choir.”