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Chapter 295 - Kendo Grandmaster

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 295: Kendo Grandmaster

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    “Isn’t Qi Wangsun’s fiance is called Yukishiro Sa?”

    Chen Fan left the room with mindful of questions. In his last life, Qi Wangsun had one too many during a party and told Chen Fan about his life before he entered college. Although he had mentioned the name: Yukishiro Sa, he refused to acknowledge that he had spoken that word after the fact. The name remained in Chen Fan’s mind nonetheless.

    Chen Fan had always thought she was a Chinese girl in his past life, but she turned out to be Japanese. No wonder Qi Wangsun wouldn’t come to terms with their arranged engagement.

    Chen Fan didn’t have to wait long before he was told that all his requests to the military had been approved. It was finally time to kick off the mass production of the Vitality Serum.

    Chen Fan had the Jin City City treasury pool a lump sum of investment and registered a firm called Azure Talisman Pharmaceutical for the manufacturing of the Vitality Serum. Chen Fan and the city both owned 50% of the joint venture. City employees made up most of the workers and managers in the company while Chen Fan was the CEO, overseeing the direction of the cooperation.

    Despite being surrounded by people from city hall, Chen Fan was not concerned that he would become a puppet.

    The secrets in producing the Vitality Serum was in his firm grasp and the company was simply a disguise and was dispensable. However, Jin City took their responsibility seriously and assigned many capable workers and managers to the company to kick off the production of the serum as soon as possible.

    On the opening day of the firm, Qin Hua led the entire Jin City’s leaders to attend the opening ceremony. Many tycoons and magnates also arrived at the behest of Qin Hua.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan stood in the middle of the manufacturing plant of the Vitality Serum.

    The plant was built at the foothills of the East Mountain, right beside the Green Dragon Lake. Due to its proximity to the lake, Chen Fan was able to readily tap into the lake’s Spirit Qi. This plant was under special zoning and took a few top construction groups a few months of working round the clock to finish.

    “Looks like you guys have very good security measures.”

    Chen Fan scanned the few security guards in black uniform and cracked a smile.

    These security guards looked just like any ordinary security guards, however, each one of them were equipped with firearms. They were not from commercial security companies, instead, they were elite soldiers from the military.

    “No security measure is over the top when we are dealing with Vitality Serum.” Yu Qin stood beside him and said proudly. “We have conducted a thorough background check on all the workers of the plant to make sure none of them are foreign agents. We also have stationed an entire unit of the Cang Dragon not far from here and could be called to aid in case of emergency.”

    “From the entrance to the manufacturing space, there are over five security checks and not even a bird would get in unnoticed.”

    A smug smile surfaced on Yu Qin’s face as she explained her master design.

    She was the architect of the impenetrable compound.

    However, Chen Fan shook his head and smiled. “These measures are only effective against ordinary humans and were useless against a Martial arts Grandmaster, Perfected Cultivator or an elite Extraordinary One. It wouldn’t be hard for them to enter the compound unnoticed. Theseus for example, he even has the ability to bend shadows, much less getting across a few checkpoints. ”

    Chen Fan’s words hit the mark. Yu Qin suddenly put on a troubled look.

    She was an experienced veteran and was well connected in the society, however, she had never seen the terrifying power of those people Chen Fan had mentioned. Therefore, it was easy for her to forget about their existence altogether while designing the security layout of the plant.

    “However, even if they were able to make it into the plant, they will only discover some idling machines. This is not going to be the real manufacturing plant.” Chen Fan smiled lightly.

    Despite her curiosity, Yu Qin had kept her questions unspoken.

    The secrets of the Vitality Serum was Chen Fan’s bargaining chip while he negotiated with the military. Therefore, he would never disclose such information to her. ,

    “Let’s go, I will show you the real deal.” Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and walked deeper into the compound.

    Yu Qin tailed behind him and arrived at a room filled with large reactors that were filled with blue liquid. The liquid was very light in color at first but as time went by, they became as deep and rich as sapphire.

    “There are so many Vitality Serums! No wonder Aid International and other tycoons would fall head over heels for this stuff.”

    Yu Qin looked down at the reactors and was shocked.

    Little did she know that the Vitality Serum here was only the tip of the iceberg. Majority of the Vitality Serum was stored securely inside the Green Dragon Grand Array. Even as they spoke, Tong Shan was working industriously irrigating the Spirit Herbs with the blue liquid.

    Under the triple effects of the Catalyst Essence Serum, Dharma Array, and the Spirit Mist, these spirit herbs grew at an incredible rate.

    As soon as these saplings mature, Chen Fan would consume them to boost his cultivation.

    Meanwhile, inside the Green Vines Club, a pair of women sat face to face by a table.

    Tang Yifei wore her hair in a ponytail. Her body was wrapped in a flowy shirt and below that she wore tight leggings. A string of rosewood beads wrapped around her elegant wrist that bent slightly to hold the weight of the teacup. She looked lazy, relaxed and inevitably attractive.

    A girl in a white outfit had half kneeled and half sat across her.

    The girl’s face was cold and her skin as white as the first snow in winter. She wore a kimono that fit loosely over the arms and was tight around the waist. A red rose petal shaped dot in the middle of her eyebrows completed her dreamy look.

    “Miss Yukishiro, please enjoy your tea.”

    Tang Yifei held out a cup of tea with the color of amber in front of the girl and set it on the table. “This Da Hong Pao tea was not from the mother trees on the Wu Yi mountain, but it was from an older cultivar nonetheless. I was lucky enough to obtain it from one of my good friends. It is saved for the most honored guest of my outfit here.”

    “I appreciated it, Tang San.”

    Yukishiro Sa bowed lightly and lifted the cup of tea and took a sip.

    Every movement of her muscles screamed etiquette and her upper class upbringing.

    “What brings you to China, Miss Yukishiro.”

    Tang Yifei locked her eyes on the girl in white kimono.

    Tang family was well connected with their Japanese partners through business, and one of their partners was the Yukishiro family from Kyushu. Therefore, Tang Yifei knew that the Yukishiro family’s supremacy in the Kyushu region. They owned more wealth and resources than the Tang family. Despite her young age, Yukishiro Sa had become the family lord of the Yukishiro family and impressed everyone with her incredible talents and ruthless methods.

    “I have a fiance currently studying at Jin City University. I came here to make sure that our engagement is still valid.”

    Yukishiro Sa put down her tea and said in a cold voice. Her Chinese was fluent and didn’t have any accent.

    “Your fiance is studying at Jin City University?”

    Tang Yifei was taken aback by the answer. She didn’t expect this business conversation to turn into a love story.

    Tang Yifei paused a second and then said: “Jin City is not quite safe nowadays, please be careful. Our sources have warned us about the presence of many agents of foreign forces in the city.”

    As soon as Tang Yifei finished her words, a middle-aged man wearing a wakizashi gave her a disdainful look as he mumbled something under his breath.

    Yukishiro Sa explained unhurriedly

    “This is my guard Kawakami Gensai. He said no one in the Jin City would dare to mess with us, because he will chop their heads off with his katana.”

    Tang Yifei’s smile remained on her face, however, she knitted her brows.

    Kawakami Gensai’s arrogant words rubbed her the wrong way. Did he think the Tang family was also a pushover? A light came up in Tang Yifei’s eyes, she quickly gathered herself and asked with a smile.

    “May I ask who is Kawakami Gensai San’s teacher?”

    The Japanese man seemed to have understood Tang Yifei’s words, he replied with an arrogant grunt.

    Yukishiro Sa remained calm and continued: “Kawakami san was the disciple of the Grandmaster Kitaniwakawa. Grandmaster Kitaniwakawa was one of the four greatest Grandmasters of Japanese Kendo. He was able to sever the flow of a waterfall with a katana. I have been cornered by a dozen armed thugs in the past and it was Kitaniwakawa san who had saved me.”

    Even as Yukishiro Sa spoke, a proud light lit up in her eyes.

    Kendo masters were revered in Japanese society and Kitaniwakawa was a household name in Kyushu and Shikoku region. Even the Yukishiro family respected him greatly. Without the backing of the mighty Kitaniwakawa, Yukishiro clan would never be able to claim the seat of power at the Kyushu. The fact that Yukishiro Sa had one of the Grandmaster’s disciples as her personal guard spoke loudly of the Yukishiro family’s influence and their tie with the Kendo master.

    “Is that so?”

    Tang Yifei cracked a smile and asked: “I wonder how does Kawakami san compare to the Martial arts Grandmasters in China?” Grandmasters Kawakami Gensai’s face darkened a little but he tilted his head to one side and uttered something in Japanese that sounded harsh and rude. Yukishiro Sa paused a second and said: “He said the Grandmasters are on par with Kendo Grandmasters, and he believed that in ten years he should be as powerful as any Grandmaster in China.”

    “Well then, Kawakami san, have you ever heard of the name Chen Beixuan?” Tang Yifei pressed on.

    “Chen Beixuan!”

    This time Tang Yifei was able to make out what Kawakami Gensai was saying without Yukishiro Sa’s translation.

    Kawakami Gensai pulled a taut face and then uttered something in Japanese. Yukishiro Sa furrowed her brows and paused a moment before she continued: “Kawakami san said that he had heard of the name even in Japan. He had heard that Mr. Chen is the most powerful fighter in China, and even his teacher, Grandmaster Kitaniwakawa respected him greatly. His teacher believed that Chen Beixuan was not a mortal and shouldn’t be challenged.”

    Even as Yukishiro Sa translated the Japanese warrior’s remark, a hint of surprise crept onto her face.

    She had never expected the usually arrogant and cocky Kawakami Gensai San would respect, if not fear a Chinese fighter. Even his teacher, the mighty Kitaniwakawa seemed to admire Chen Beixuan. Who exactly was Chen Beixuan?

    “I wager that Yukishiro san and Kawakami san might not be aware that Mr. Chen Beixuan is also studying at the Jin City University at this moment. “Tang Yifei sniffed a tea after she had delivered the final blow.

    Kawakami Gensai and Yukishiro Sa both turned pale after hearing the news.