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Chapter 292 - The Value of the Vitality Serum

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 292: The Value of the Vitality Serum

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    As soon as the Misty snake was cast into the Dharma Array, the array suddenly became alive.


    Many azure-colored claps of thunder crackled in the air and the Yin Snake’s previous misty body suddenly became more substantial after it twisted and rolled its body in the Green Dragon Grand Array. In the end, it flipped its tail and launched out of the array, turning into a real Azure Dragon.

    This azure dragon was over a hundred meters long and had horns on its head and talons on its feet. Its long beard flowed in the air as it let out a series of long deep growls. It soared into the sky before a backdrop of mist and azure light. Powerful Wood and Water Element Spirit Qi converged under its tail, as wisps of azure-colored mist arose.

    The azure dragon spat out a white light that hit a giant boulder at the top of the mountain. The bolder suddenly exploded and turned into dust.

    “At this level, it was only one step away from taking a physical form outside of the Dharma Array.”

    Chen Fan swept sweat off his forehead and lamented.

    This Array Spirit was the Soul of the Yin Snake. It had been cultivating in the Misty Cloud Array for over a year and had doubled its size. After it was dropped into the Green Dragon Grand Array, it absorbed even more Spirit Qi and had grown to a few hundred meters in length. If it leveled up once more, it should be able to survive outside of Dharma Array. Its power by then would be no less than that of Connate Spirit Beings.

    The snake would also be one of the reasons behind the Green Dragon Grand Array’s deadly power.

    The Array Spirit inside the Green Dragon Grand Array had the energy of the entire Green Dragon Lake and countless ancient wood at its disposal, therefore, not even half a dozen Immortal State Cultivators would be able to tame it. Such a mighty Dharma Array was what made Chen Fan the overlord of the world. The Seven Malice Poison Array at the Medicine God Valley Sect was a simple usage of the Power of Heaven and Earth and therefore, it paled in comparison with the Green Dragon Grand Array in terms of scale and potency.

    “The Green Dragon Array is finally done. Next, I can focus on the production of the Vitality Serum.”

    Chen Fan thought to himself as his eyes glinted.

    He was very well aware of the value of the Vitality Serum. As soon as this product was introduced to the market, it would change the course of human history. It would completely revitalize the Spirit Qi on earth and make it more abundant, making cultivation much more accessible to mortals.

    Although the effect of the vitality serum was only one-hundredth of the Yun Wu Spirit Water, the Essence Qi was very beneficial to mortals if it was used over a long period. It could not only strengthen a mortal’s body but also prolong life. Even if it could only give a mortal a few months or, at most, a year of extra life, it would still be incredible.

    Such a revolutionary product should never be treated lightly.

    Its inception in the moral world carried the same if not more weight than that of the steam engine, Penicillin or the first computer. It would open many doors for the mortals on earth and speed up their evolution. Once more and the more people that use the Vitality Serum over a long period of time, there would be more Martial arts geniuses, Spellcasters, the “Awakened” or the Extraordinary

    Although that wouldn’t in ten or twenty years, by then, Chen Fan should have already reached the Connate Spirit if not Golden Core and should have left earth and ventured deeper into the universe. Right now, none of the government officials nor their think tank advisers had seen the real impact of the Vitality Serum. They only considered it a supplement that could strengthen one’s body, boost the immune system and prolong life span. However, even with its most superficial effects on the human race would be enough to drive people crazy for it.

    Therefore, ever since Chen Fan had created the first batch of stock solution, he halted the production altogether until he completed the Green Dragon Grand Array.

    Without the Green Dragon Grand Array, he did not have enough bargaining rights while negotiating with other powerful international powers who were interested in the serum.

    The thought of the recent information he had gathered made him snort.

    “Samsung group, Aid International, Hong Sect and Dark Totem are all onto something? Seems like the Vitality Serum has been keeping you guys on the edge of your seats.”

    He looked at the soaring Azure dragon and cracked a thoughtful smile.

    The completion of the Green Dragon Grand Array didn’t catch a lot of people’s attention. Only a couple residents at the foothills were disturbed by the thunder in the middle of the night. With the Illusion Array, the mountain looked the same as usual and only when one ventured deep enough into the mountain would they realize that the path to the East Mountain Meadow had already been obscured by heavy mist.

    Chen Fan left East Mountain and returned to school.

    In addition to his normal school life, he had one more task: establish a pharmaceutical firm to carry out the production of the Vitality Serum.

    “Excuse me everyone, please stop what you are doing and come over here.”

    In the Laboratory For Future Life Science, Chen Fan clapped his hands, willing everyone to pay attention to him. Xue Jiao and the others paused their work and walked over to him. They looked at the black-haired young man with a great measure of respect. Under his leadership, the research team had finally invented the revolutionary product: Vitality Serum.

    The more they understood the effects of Vitality Serum, the more impressed they were.

    Vitality Serum was a catalyst for growth in all living beings on a revolutionary level. It was as if it had direct access to the secret code of genes in human. Those voluntary test subjects who had been using Vitality Serum for over three months saw an improvement in all aspects of health. Although those improvements were small, they were exciting nonetheless.

    Most supplements do absolutely nothing. The Golden Brain Solution, for example, that had swept throughout China was nothing but a sugary drink. Therefore, since Vitality Serum could actually improve the human’s physical condition and had zero side effects, it was as incredible as a god’s miracle.

    These test subjects had only taken the serum for three months, what if they took it for three or thirty years?

    Does that mean every ordinary man and woman would have the perfect physique and could live a very long life?

    The thought elated everyone.

    “Our production of the Vitality Serum was set in stone after the first stock solution was produced. Today, we will finally kick off the mass production of the serum. We need to produce them in a larger factory, sell them to the public and cash in on our hard work.”

    Chen Fan said slowly.

    He scanned around the researchers in the room.

    Over the last few months, he rarely spent any time in the lab and therefore, most of the faces were unfamiliar to him. However, as Chen Fan scanned everyone with Divine Sense, he started to see more than what he could with his eyes.

    Among the researchers, there were Japanese and American spies, top dogs from the Aid International and other Pharmaceutical giants, expert biologists from all over the world, and a researcher from the military headquarters. Ironically, there were only very few students from the Jin City University present.

    Chen Fan also noticed that Xue Jiao had long since been turned into a puppet, and she often met up with someone afterword in secret.

    However, Chen Fan didn’t care about any of this. The production of the Vitality Serum required the stock solution, and the recipe for the stock solution was only in Chen Fan’s hands. Since the Vitality Serum required both science and Cultivation Arts to produce, only Chen Fan had access to the small Dharma array he used to create the stock solution. Without it, no one would be even able to reproduce the stock solution, much less mass-produce the Vitality Serum.

    “The lab will be dismissed effective today. Everyone can get your last bonus checks. “Chen Fan continued.

    Lo and behold, many researchers eyes lit up with glee after they heard the announcement.

    They had already get their hands on the recipe and couldn’t wait to report back to their real employees. There, the serum would be mass-produced before Chen Fan got the chance to do so.

    However, Xue Jiao was taken aback by the announcement. She gave Chen Fan a worried look and was about to say something, but Chen Fan was impervious to her silent protest.

    People left the lab after they had gotten their check, leaving only Xue Jiao and Chen Fan. Xue Jiao rushed to Chen Fan and shouted: “Professor Chen, how could you let them leave?”

    “Why not? The employment terms are laid out in the contract. Once they helped me produce the Vitality Serum, I will offer them a bonus check.” Chen Fan pretended to be clueless.

    “But… but you know how important the Vitality Serum is, don’t you?” Xue Jiao asked. “Many of those researchers had questionable backgrounds, I suspect that some are even spies from a foreign country. They have been locked up in the lab and couldn’t get in touch with their bosses, but now you have let them loose. What about the recipe of the Vitality Serum?”

    “What about it?”

    Chen Fan suddenly gave the girls a mischievous smirk.


    Xue Jiao was taken by surprise by Chen Fan’s reaction and then she was even more confused.

    Chen Fan waved a hand and deactivated the dharma artifacts he had hidden in the lab. He then turned around to Xue Jiao and said: “Try your experiment again and see for yourself if you can reproduce the serum.”

    Confused, Xue Jiao went on with the experiment. She had done it many times so it didn’t take her long to produce another vial of stock solution

    However, she suddenly realized that the solution lacked the blue sheen as the previous one. After running it through some tests, she reckoned that the solution contained only yeast but nothing else. It was not the Vitality Serum at all.

    “How is that possible?”

    Xue Jiao was dumbfounded.

    The recipe was the same, and so were the materials and procedures. How could the end result differ so much?

    “I told you that the Vitality Serum was not created only by science. It also relied on Dharma Spells.” Chen Fan said lightly.

    Without Chen Fan’s array disk, those researchers would never get the correct end produce. All they would get their hands on was a few bottles of yeast, but not the magical Vitality Serum.

    Xue Jiao was rendered speechless. She finally realized that all her worries and concern was unnecessary. Chen Fan had taken measures to prevent other companies from stealing his work from the very beginning.

    “Have you been handing out with Yu Qin recently?” Chen Fan suddenly asked.

    “What… how… how do you know?” Xue Jiao suddenly turned into a bundle of nerves and stammered.

    Chen Fan cracked a light smile and didn’t reply. After a while, a light flashed in his eyes.

    “That is none of your business, now, take me to her.”

    The Vitality Serum had been produced so he figured that it was about time to sit down and negotiate the terms with the Military again. Right now, he had even more bargaining chips in his hands than before.