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Chapter 291 - Green Dragon Array

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 291: Green Dragon Array

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    After Lee Hyun-bin left, Fang Qiong paused a second and then said: “Yaoyao, I think you should stay away from Lee Hyun-bin. He feels… dangerous.”

    Chen Fan gave Fang Qiong an approving look. From the beginning to the end, Lee Hyun-bin had been acting like a true gentleman, however, Fang Qiong was able to see through his mask of culture and benevolence and registered that hint of elusive animosity. It appeared that the Jade Marrow Dharma Artifact had taken effect on her and made her more aware of other’s intentions. That way, she would no longer be so easily fooled.

    “Take it easy, I know he is just playing games with me. I won’t let him take advantage of me.” Zhong Yaoyao waved a hand and said impatiently. Even as she said so, she gave Chen Fan a surreptitious glance.

    “Ok, you take care of yourself then.” Fang Qiong lamented.

    This BFF of hers had always been very opinionated. Although she had many boyfriends in the past, never once did she let them break her heart. However, Lee Hyun-bin made her worry for Zhong Yaoyao. Her gullible BFF looked like an innocent little bird that was about to fall prey to the big bad wolf.

    Even as Fang Qiong worried about her friend, Chen Fan squeezed her hand and gave her a look that reads: “Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone harm her.” Fang Qiong felt immediately relieved after seeing Chen Fan’s look. Although Chen Fan was only been an ordinary college student before her, she felt an inexplicable conviction in him.

    The meeting with Lee Hyun-bin was only the beginning of a much larger struggle.

    Although Lee Hyun-bin was after the Vitality Serum and had possessed unimaginable power, Chen Fan didn’t care about his presence at all. He wouldn’t even be threatened by the Samsung group, much less a singular member of the group. He would simply crush those who dared to oppose him with brute force. However cunning and talented Lee Hyun-bin was, he was no match against an Immortal Cultivator.

    After realizing how trivial the Samsung group’s threat was, Chen Fan conceded that he could spend more time on the construction of the Green Dragon Grand Array.

    “Tonight, the Green Dragon Grand Array is finally going to be completed.”

    The moon was high and the stars dim; the wind came up in a fearsome whim.

    Chen Fan stood at the peak of the East Mountain and looked down at the East Mountain Meadow. Vitality Serum was nothing but the bait he used to lure attention and money to the project, his real intention was the Spirit Herb Cultivation Plant to be built in the meadow.

    Upon the completion of the project, Chen Fan would have a near-limitless source of Spirit Medicine. He could create any kind of elixir that was necessary to push his cultivation to the Divine Sea level. By then, he would be truly invincible on earth.

    “Green Dragon Grand Array was based on the wood element. Seventy-two Dharma Artifacts stabilized the energy inside while they kept on drawing Spirit Qi from the Green Dragon Lake. It aligned perfectly with the correct constellation and matched the direction of flow deep under the earth. This ought to be the most powerful Dharma Array I ever created in this life.”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and exclaimed.

    To kick start the Green Dragon Grand Array, he had spent over a few billion and purchased tens of thousands of hundred-year-old trees. He also picked out many materials he acquired from Hong Kong and refined them into seventy-two Dharma Artifacts. Each and every one of these seventy-two dharma artifacts had their own effects. Some were used for attack, some for defense, some to confuse the intruders and some created illusions. The Misty Mountain Array simply couldn’t compare with the Green Dragon Grand Array in terms of comprehensiveness and scale.

    Chen Fan fished out a scintillating jade plate from the yellow-skinned gourd.

    The Jade plate was made from a piece of jadeite. It glowed softly with an emerald green light and after True Essence was channeled into the plate, it started to hum. Suddenly, it flew into the air and cast down to the ground in a beam of light.

    It was within the light that a miniature model of the East Mountain Meadow appeared as a flickering 3-D shadow. Seventy-two dim lights flashed across the landscape.

    “Spirit Gathering Array, arise!”

    Chen Fan started the art and stomped the ground.

    Suddenly, nine of the dim lights became brighter and turned into nine columns of light that lanced upwards. In real-life, the nine dharma artifacts that made out of supreme-grade jade started to quiver and hum. The nine beams of light quickly merged together to cover the entire East Mountain Meadow, forming a giant Spirit Gathering Array.

    Each of the nine Dharma Artifacts were created from jade that weighed over a few dozen kilograms and was worth a few hundred million. Chen Fan had spared no expense in order to create the Spirit Gathering Array that could cover over a few thousand acres of area. He had scoured the entire Chind and finally gathered these nine remaining pieces of natural jade stones that were of such large size. A good chunk of his investment for this array went straight to the purchase of these nine Jade Stones.

    As soon as the Spirit Gathering Array was completed, a wild gale came up and swept through the entire valley. A faint azure light rose above the East Mountain Meadow and was locked in place in the air just below the emerald light.

    “I was right in choosing this area! Just the Spirit Gathering Array alone could gather as much Spirit Qi as the entire Misty Mountain Array.”

    “Spirit Channeling Array, arise!”

    Chen Fan stomped the ground once again.

    Another nine dots turning into bright columns of light in the projection of the Jade plate.

    Nine beams of light, that were carefully placed in the mountain according to the rise and fall of the mountain range started to glow as bright as azure-colored fire. These nine pillars were made out of a combination of Jadestone and other kinds of wood. Countless inscriptions were carved into them with yin crystals and water energy crystals embedded here and there. The last pillar that rose up was driven deep into the bottom of the Green Dragon Lake.

    Chen Fan doubled down on his art.

    With a booming explosion, the Spirit Qi of the vast Green Dragon Lake poured into the Green Dragon Lake like a great deluge. Touched by water, tens of thousands of hundred-year-old trees that were moved into the valley started to glow a faint green light. The water and wood elements had worked in lockstep to amplify the effect of the Spirit Qi. Suddenly, a deep rumbling thunder sounded out in the sky.

    The clamor had woken up the residents in the mansions at the foothill of the mountain. They wondered why would they hear thunder high up in the mountain?

    After the Spirit Qi of two different elements converged, a light drizzle started to fall onto the East Mountain Meadow. The water was green in color since they were infused by Spirit Qi. Once it landed on the soil, they quickly turned into a puff of azure-colored clouds and rose into the air.

    In a blink, the Spirit Qi around the East Mountain Meadow had gotten so condensed that they had formed Spirit Qi Water.

    However, Chen Fan knew that the high concentration wasn’t meant to last since it always happened at the onset of the blending of Wood and Water Element Spirit Qi. After the two energies stabilized, the concentration of Spirit Qi would only allow the formation of Spirit Qi Mist, however, it was still a huge improvement compared to the Misty Cloud Array.

    “Mist Array, arise!”

    Chen Fan started another art and summoned seven more bright lights to flash into view in the projection.

    The seven giant Yin Crystals buried under the seven peaks of the East Mountain were suddenly charged up with energy and let out a thick mist that spread out throughout the mountain. Anyone looking from under the mountain would notice the sudden addition of a thick mist covering the mountain. The mist was so thick that even satellites’ sensors wouldn’t be able to penetrate through.

    Chen Fan had cast the Misty Cloud Array even when he was only a the late-stage of the Foundation Establishment level, so by now, it was a walk in the park. If he had enough Yin Crystals, he could have covered the array over the entire city.

    Once the Mist Array was initiated, the East Mountain Meadow was permanently under the cover of a thick misty cloud. Although the mist could invite questions from the more inquisitive citizens, no one would be interested enough to brave the mountain. Plus, mountains were supposed to have mist and even if anyone stumbled into the misty array, they would be confused by the lack of clear sight and being led back to where they started by the misty array.

    “Once the Dharma Array is completed, I can pretty much claim the East Mountain Meadow for myself.” Chen Fan thought to himself as his hands moved industriously to cast many Dharmatic arts and poured True Essence into the jade plate.

    “Illusion Array, arise!”

    This time there was no more glowing dharma artifacts. Instead, the seven thousand-year-old pine trees that were planted at the seven peaks of the mountain started to shake its branches, making a deep rustling sound.

    Then, an invisible force wave rose from the seven old pine trees and covered the entire East Mountain Meadow.

    The space above the East Mountain Meadow appeared to have bent slightly, and then quickly it unbent itself. If one observed the East Mountain Meadow from above, they would notice that the mist and the cloud had suddenly disappeared. However, if one were to walk close up, they would be greeted by a layer of thick mist.

    The Illusion Array was used to put on a disguise to avert curious eyes.

    After four Dharma Arrays were activated, Chen Fan continued on.

    “Giant Wood Array, arise!”

    As soon as he finished his words, tens of thousands of ancient trees glowed a green light. These lights shot upward and formed a film of light in the sky that nearly blotted out any light.

    Although this film of light appeared thin, it was extremely robust. Not even a direct shot from the tank could have penetrated it, much less gun bullets. This was why Chen Fan had replanted so many ancient trees on the mountain. The Giant Wood Array would provide an impeccable defense to the East Mountain Meadow, a perfect choice for the Guardian Array.

    “Living Vitality Array, arise!”

    Chen Fan stamped the ground and activated the sixth array. Suddenly, countless green dots fell from the sky like rain droplets. As soon as they hit the ground, grass and trees started to grow with incredible speed.

    The Living Vitality Array was mainly used to cultivate Spirit herbs and boost their growth. However, it also had a beneficial effect on the mortals. If one remained in the array for a long time, even the deadliest disease would be cured.

    Chen Fan activated eight arrays in one go and there was one more to go. Only after all nine arrays were activated, should the real Green Dragon Grand Array be completed.

    “The last one, Green Dragon Array!”

    Chen Fan stood still as sweat started to roll down from his forehead.

    It would be a challenging task after he had spent so much energy despite the incredible power of his Azure Thearch Longevity Body. A potent array formation such as the Green Dragon Array would normally require a Divine Sea level of attainment to cast.

    Chen Fan drew a large gulp of air and shouted: “Tong Shan!”

    A silent but large frame rose behind him. Tong Shan stepped forward, holding a large piece of jade stone.

    Inside the jade stone was a long writhing snake made out of misty air. It was the Array Spirit from the Yun Wu Mountain. Chen Fan had ordered Tong Shan to bring it all the way from Chu Zhou City here.

    Chen Fan closed his fingers and snatched the large misty snake out of the stone, then he hurled it into the Dharma Array. Almost simultaneously, he started an art and shouted: “Green Dragon Array, arise!”