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Chapter 290 - Transfer Studen

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 290: Transfer Student

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    Chen Fan met up with Fang Qiong at the cafeteria of the Jin City University as they had planned.

    However, to his surprise, Zhong Yaoyao didn’t tag along with Fang Qiong. Since the first time Zhong Yaoyao learned about Chen Fan’s identity, she was terrified and stayed away from the couple, however, after seeing Chen Fan was benign and harmless, she became emboldened and started to intrude on the couple’s private time once again.

    “Where is Zhong Yaoyao?” Chen Fan asked curiously.”I thought she would come with you.”

    “There is a new transfer student from Korea who looked very handsome. Yaoyao is totally infatuated with him and has no time for anything else.” Fang Qiong said with a sigh.

    “A transfer student from Korea?” Chen Fan was taken by surprise.

    The first semester was almost over; why would there be a transfer student?

    “Indeed. I have seen him and I have to agree with Yaoyao. He looked as cute as those male-leads in the Korean drama. You know how much Yaoyao loves K-pop.” Fang Qiong shook her head. “Rumor has it that this new transfer student is from the Lee Family that founded the Samsung Group.”

    “Lee Family of the Samsung Group?”

    Chen Fan was taken aback by the revelation.

    As the biggest corporation in Korea, the Samsung group had a finger in nearly every aspect of Korean’s life. There was a saying in Korea and it went like this: Samsung and Taxes are the two things a Korean can never avoid.

    Samsung group was involved in many industries such as hospital, energy, arms, bio-tech, communication, and even fashion. The electronics department was just a small branch of Samsung group at that time.

    The heyday of the Samsung group’s electronics department wouldn’t come until the age of smart cell phones and computers.

    However, Samsung group was already a heavyweight player in the world stage of concerns. The Lee Family that controlled it also seemed to be able to exert their political will from behind the scenes. A member of such a prestigious family ought to be a shining example of the elite in Korea.

    “I heard that he was from a branch of the family that was in charge of biotech sector. I am not too sure though, I got all my information from Yaoyao.” Fang Qiong looked up and said, Then she looked down at the notebook and started typing. The cosmetic company she was spear-heading was about to start its first day of business. Fang Qiong had been so busy with preparing for the opening day that sometimes she had to miss lunches.

    “Oh well.” Chen Fan shrugged.

    The Lee Family of the Samsung Group was a force to be reckoned with. They were usually alluded to as the real owners of Korea, who had control over even the president. It’s collective might is as powerful as the Hong Sect and had far surpassed that of the Zheng family and the Loong family. However, Chen Fan was unfazed by the new transfer student’s powerful background. Chen Fan could have defeated the entire Lee Family, much less a member of its branch family.

    Suddenly, a wave of girl’s excited shrieks came up from downstairs.

    It wasn’t before long before Chen Fan saw a couple came up the stairs. The man was tall and handsome and wore his hair with a typical Korean style. He had long and skinny legs and the earring he wore made him look slightly feminine. In addition, he also carried a cloud of gloominess about him.

    The girl was wearing a black short skirt that accentuated her thin waist and exposed her long and elegant legs. She was wearing heavy makeup, with dark eye-liner that brought out the seductiveness in her. She was Zhong Yaoyao.

    “Let me introduce him to you. He is my boyfriend, Lee Hyun-bin.” Zhong Yaoyao said with a proud smile. “He is the new exchange student from Korea and he is also the CEO of the Samsung Biotech division. He has just turned twenty and already has over a few dozen billion in assets.”

    “Hi everyone, my name is Lee Hyun-bin.” The tall skinny young man extended a soft hand.

    Lee Hyun-bin’s Chinese was very fluent and didn’t have any accent.

    “I am Fang Qiong, Yaoyao’s BFF. This is my friend Chen Fan.” Fang Qiong introduced herself and Chen Fan. She threaded her arm through the loop of Chen Fan’s elbow and didn’t mind exposing their relationship.

    Over the three months, the two’s relationship had been heating up significantly as they became more and more comfortable with each other like when they were children.


    Zhong Yaoyao snorted lightly at Chen Fan and gave him an indignant glance.

    Ever since she got hooked up with Lee Hyun-bin, she felt she had a powerful benefactor who was even more powerful than Chen Fan and therefore, she finally wouldn’t have to be afraid of him.

    Chen Fan cracked a light smile and then moved his attention to Lee Hyun-bin.

    There was something off about Lee Hyun-bin that Chen Fan couldn’t put his finger on. He had felt the same strangeness in the Tree Herder, Jason. However, Lee Hyun-bin seemed to carry an even heavier unsettling air about him.

    Meanwhile, Zhong Yaoyao was busy bragging about her boyfriend.

    “Hyun-bin is not only a CEO of the Samsung group but also a student of the Biology department from the University of Seoul. He was going to attend Huaqin University but in the end, he chose Jin City University.”

    Zhong Yaoyao said as her face bloomed like a flower.

    Huaqin University was the top university in China, and its Life Science faculty was one of the best of its kind in the world. Jin City University was much inferior to Huaqin University.

    “Compared to Yan Jin City, I enjoy the green view of the Jiang Nan Province much better.” Lee Hyun-bin said. “Plus, the internationally renowned professor just joined the Jin City University’s Biology department, whom I really wish to meet.”

    “Are you talking about Professor Chen, Chen Beixuan?” Fang Qiong asked in surprise.

    “Indeed.” Lee Hyun-bin nodded.

    Chen Fan registered a light glinted in his eyes as the Korean student mentioned his name. That subtle movement of face alerted Chen Fan and made him connect the sudden appearance of the Korean student with the development of the Vitality Serum.

    “Could he be here for me?”

    As the leader of the world pharmaceutical companies, Samsung Biotech wouldn’t just sit around while Aid International took the lead in the Vitality Serum.

    Although the existence of the Vitality Serum was yet to be made public, Samsung Biotech must have already heard about the serum and knew how revolutionary it would be.

    The four of them chatted for a while. Although Lee Family of the Samsung Group had remained polite, his voice was laced with disdain and contempt. He sounded like a city person talking to a bunch of backward bumpkins. China at that time was less developed than Korea, and her prestigious family background didn’t help to quell his condensation and contempt. Not even top elites of China were worthy of being his equal, much less a few college students of relatively wealthy upbringing.

    “I have heard that Miss Fang is going to start up a cosmetic company?” Lee Hyun-bin said curiously. “I have a friend who happened to be the heir of Amorepacific. I can introduce her to Miss Fang one day.”

    Amorepacific was the biggest cosmetic company in Korea. There were many famous brands under the company such as HERA and Sulwhasoo.

    Lee Hyun-bin seemed to be very interested in Fang Qiong, and spent most of his time talking to her. On the other hand, he outright ignored Chen Fan.


    Before Fang Qiong could say more, Zhong Yaoyao’s eyes lit up with glee. “I used quite a few lines of Products under Amorepacific. Xiao Qiong had been contacting Lancome but hasn’t got any reply from them yet. It would be terrific if she could get the support of Amorepacific.”

    “I have a recommendation if I may disclose. To start a cosmetic line, the easiest way is to start as a sales agent of other brands. Amorepacific is creating a new kind of face cream that no one in China has gotten the sale rights to yet. I would recommend you to apply for the exclusive rights of the sale in China.”

    Lee Hyun-bin said confidently.

    His calm demeanor and wide knowledge gained many people’s approval.

    “Good to know. Thanks for the tip, Mr. Lee.” Fang Qiong appreciated Lee Hyun-bin’s suggestion although she already had her own plan. However, she also registered a strangeness in Lee Hyun-bin’s gaze that was borderline lewd in intent. Uneasy and slightly scared, she inched closer towards Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan remained calm, but a cold light had already appeared in his eyes.

    “So what is your story, Mr. Chen?”

    Seeing the girl backed away from him toward Chen Fan, Lee Hyun-bin finally took notice of Chen Fan.

    “Me? I am just a student.” Chen Fan shrugged.

    “If you want, you can come work at Samsung once you graduate. The representative of the Samsung group in Jin City, Lee Hyeok-Gyu is my Uncle.” Lee Hyun-bin said lightly.

    A pang of embarrassment appeared on Zhong Yaoyao’s face.

    She had forgotten to tell Lee Hyun-bin about Chen Fan’s background.

    As the Master Chen of Jiang Bei, he definitely didn’t need to work for anyone, not even Samsung. Zhong Yaoyao quickly diverted the topic back to cosmetic. “Hyun-bin, can you really connect her with the CEO of Amorepacific?”

    “Why of course! We have known each other ever since childhood.” Lee Hyun-bin said with a smile. “Plus, he will be visiting Jin City in a few days.”


    Zhong Yaoyao’s eyes lit up with excitement and even Fang Qiong’s interest was piqued.

    The Amorepacific of Korea, Lancome of France, Estée Lauder of America dominated the global market. Fang Qiong’s cosmetic company simply couldn’t compare.

    “Of course.”

    Lee Hyun-bin nodded.

    The four chatted a bit more and Lee Hyun-bin rose to his feet and was about to leave. Zhong Yaoyao pleased him to stay longer, but Lee Hyun-bin refused with a warm smile.

    After he exited the cafeteria, he entered a Mercedes-Benz G series. A stately looking middle-aged man in the front passenger’s seat handed over a folder to the young man and said: “Boss Lee, here is all the information we could gather.”

    Any Samsung group employee would be surprised to see the middle-aged man in person. He was none other than Lee Hyeok-Gyu, the representative of the Samsung group at Jin City. He was the one calling the shots in China on behalf of the Samsung group and was a frequent guest of the rich and the powerful.

    Lee Hyun-bin took the folder and started reading its contents. With every page he flipped, his brows knitted tighter.

    “This information is too superficial. Who exactly is Chen Beixuan? Where does he live? Which family did he come from? Where does he usually frequent? I need answers!”

    “I am here under the direct order of the family to find out the recipe of Vitality Serum. How am I going to do that with this bullshit?” Lee Hyun-bin slapped the stack of papers on Lee Hyeok-Gyu’s face and said hotly.

    Although Lee Hyeok-Gyu was supposed to be Lee Hyun-bin’s uncle, the middle-age man hurried to apologize.

    “Joesonghabnida! I am so sorry! We are in China, so our intelligence capability is… limited. I have tried as much as I could to get these.”

    “Then try harder! Use all of our connections in China to investigate the heck out of Chen Beixuan!”

    “Vitality Serum is the utmost importance to us. Based on the intel gathered from our source in Aid International, this product is going to squeeze many kinds of supplements out of the market. It’s even going to threaten the sales of many cosmetics. Whoever controls the Vitality Serum controls the future of the biotech.” Lee Hyun-bin said.

    Seeing a dark light in the young man’s eyes, Lee Hyeok-Gyu lowered his head as cold sweat glided down his back.

    As the leader of the Samsung group in China, Lee Family of the Samsung Group knew how important Lee Hyun-bin was to the Lee Family. He had mystical power at his disposal and was in charge of the intelligence and covert operation units of the Samsung group.

    “What are we going to do with Miss. Zhong?”

    Suddenly, Lee Hyeok-Gyu thought of something, so he asked cautiously.

    “She is just a plaything while I stay in China. ”

    Lee Hyun-bin let out a cold smile and the thought of the other more attractive girl he met at the cafeteria made the dark light shine even brighter.